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Pine Gro?e School.
About ????::>-::? >?.-.?.-.- ago Mr. J.
C ItcGown gave an acre of land to
the public fcr the benefit of the chil
dren of the community. The patrons
of the school built the bouse. Mr.
John Travi* Hill was the firsl teach
er. This school house af:er s:ar : r.s
?bout twelve rears, *as burned on
the night of October 12. 1901. Miss
Minnie Wallace was then teacher.
Ia the next spring the patrons cf
the school rebuilt a much alcer be ise
About six years ago our schoe! ob
tained a r.ir* library with fifty-two
stood books The next year a beauti.
ful flower garden was started by Mlsi
Cora Culbertson but ha? aim :.-: been
destroyed by cattle in the '.a-: f.ve
The number of pupils have gradual
ly Increased until no* we ha-.- thlr-'
ty-flve, the largest number ever en
rolled at Pine Grove school. Miss
Lucia B. Hill Is our present teaches.
We have cine grades and a term ofi
eight months S James Hill is the
cr'y y ? . r to ?'.:* corn c'.ub
Five chilir^n take the School Journ
al. The school obtained it? name
from the groves cf pin- surrounding
it. We thank Mr McOowan for his
tnany benefits to the youths of our
Mary C. Jon^-s.
Ninth Grata
>>a<ie v-hool.
a rude log house, after this the pa.
tron* put u-> a building very little
better than the firs*., which was use!
for about five years The present
building. .1 .-ry cotnf -a:'.- ne. ?as
boll: by the public Miss Qenle B.
Athen Is our present teacher. She
has tweoty-three pupils enrolled and
from the firs: to the seventh grade
The entire l hfl I takes :ae School
Journal Only Sarah Gogcan* and
Carrie Ixju lusti will get the perfect
attendance but: .ins Great improve
Ecats has- h-^n made on the grounds
and equipm->n: of the school this
year. A box party was had and
S22.7."' cleared with which was pur
chased a teacher's chair and desk,
and blackboards. About two months
ago a Soboo! Improvement associa
tion was organised. Its officers ar*:
Miss Oenie B. Alken, president Mrs
William Atcbtson, vice-president and
Mrs. j r? Hill, secretary
Since org.tr::zation they had a Wash,
ington Party and clearei $11 which
will be used to enlarge library. The
school is now better equipped than
ever before It has accomplished
much and is now ready to achieve
still greater success.
Mrs. J. D. Hill. See .
, of Improvement Association.
Old MonntTllle ScheoL
About eighteen yea-s ago. there be
ing no school for several mile*
around, some of the parents decided
to build a school house. This deci
sion once being made, they began to
worst U> carry it out. The place se
lected was about two miles south of
Cold Point The building was put up
about the year !5i>5. with Miss Lizzie
Hunter aa the first teacher. Messrs
Tom Cole. P B Richardson, and W.
Coleman being the first trustees No
name was ever given the school, but
as It *w off the road in some pines.
Mr. Coleman called it "The Ixmesome
Dove". This little school progressed
very weft, with about :5 pupils, for
two year*. At the end of this time it
was decided that It would be better
to mote the school where it would be
Bearer the center of the patrons, so
accordingly it was moved to IU pfwsr
e<at location, about two miles west
of Mountvllle. It was given the name
of Old Moun.vllle. because it is in
fhe section where the town of Mount
wllle use to be. Abou: this time Mr.
Cole resigned as trustee and Mr.
Frank Fuller was elected in his place.
This school progressed rapidly until
About seven years ago. when the pa
trots began to mcve out leaving the
school very small. The building has
only one room and up to a few years
ago had only rough benches to sit on,
but now we have very nice patent
desks V.'e h^d a box supper etc.. and
raised enough money to get a nice
library We have not done anything
towards improvement for the last
year or two as we have not had over
12 or 1C pupils and have been think
ing of combining this school with che
jne at Mountvllle. But this year so
many families have moved in that we
r.ow have cn roll 31 pupils and the
idea of changing the school has teen
i.--?-:ed and are now making plans to
bull i a new building. Last year all
the Children came to school what
time they could, but after they would
have to stop to help their parents,
thii le.r.g the case cur school ran on
ly sii months There will be about
?-- t :< :-: enrollment But
tons this yetr Our present :-acher
- M:ss Louise Richarlson and the
trustees sre Messrs. T. J. t"-.ieman.
I V. Benjamin, and W. C. Cunning-;
ham. The present prospects are. -*e
will have a nice new building by this I
time next year and tben we can tell I
"?cu of cur Improvements. At present
we are very busy preparing for the j
John W. Colemsn.
Vardi" School.
One hundred years ago Dr. Thomas
Wier gave f ur acr-:s o! lanl cn which
to build a - i house, the land to
r. g to the school so Ions as a
- )1 was there. Fifteen years ago
the or:g::.:.. s .. 1 house was rc.led
away and the old church converted in.
to a school building, bast year the
residents of the community decided to
build a modern house and move It to
Rer.no. By this removal the p-esent
lot was forfeited, but a new four-acre
one given by Mr. J. F. Bell. A splen
did two.story, brick-veneer building
is now being constructed.
M -s Lucile Turner is teacher of
thirty-three pupils, whose grades
range from first to ninth. For e.gh:
: months all the children of school age
nv.eud George E. Cope?and and 1.
Bluford Copeland have joined the
, Corn club while Lena Copeland. Alice
Copeland and Lo:s McMillan belong
{to the Tomato club. At each patron's
! home the children look forward to
' the School Journal.
The following are officers of the
School Improvement association: Mes
' dames J. C. McMTUan, president: J.
j M. Copeland. Vice-president: J R.
j Adalr, treasurer. Miss L-icile Turner,
'( secretary. Through the work of the
J association the lot has been graded
; and fifty-seven dollars raised from en
Miss Lucile Turner.
ML Gallagher SchooL
In a cabin near here Mr. L. T. H.
', Daniel taught our first school about
I 1-75 A comfortable building, as com.
: modious ?.s B?rens county then af
i forded for rural schools, was complet
' ed in ls7?J. From Mt. Gallagher school
i an average of about one student per
, session has entered college. For lack
: of space w e may not mention the s ic
, cessful business men. prominent d xr
! tors, efficient teachers, eminent law
yers. and excellent keepers at home,
who have gone out from our school.
In the fiV'.d now are two presiding
elders, one college professor and one
college president. These received
their instruction at Mt. Gallagher from
the following teachers: T. Daniel in
l4"": C Moore, 1>7?>: Dr. I^angston.
1877.7$; Jas. A. Madden. l>7?: Capt
Goggans, 1SS0; Capt. Goggans and
Hackett Daniel. 1881s J- B. Stalls
wonh, 1SS2: Rev. Wm. Gaines. 1883;
J. B. Wharton and Mrs. Washington.
1SS4: Wm. Johnson. 1S>">: Mc. Elroy.
1886-87: Sam Press'.ey. l>i>: perhaps
in the following order came these
teachers: H. A. Johnson. Ed. Hunter.
T. C. Daniel, Dr. Lyons. Miss Liazie
'lurter. Miss Fannie Henderson. Chai.
P. Brooks in 1 ?T*7; Jas. B. Hend.-rson.
1S98; Lawrence Pitts. 1899; John
Iriffin. 1900; Erory Washington. 11*01:
W. C. Jones. 190$; Miss Fannie Lang
stoa. 1 &03: Miss Myrtie Culbertson.
1904-05-06; Watkins. 1907; Mrs. Mary
Carter, 1908; Dr. J. O. Martin. 190?;
Miss Lurie Young. 1910; Miss Young
ind Miss Haskell Henderson. 1911.
The school then being reduced in
number by the establishment of an
j other school in this district, we em
ployed, for the next session on':y one
teacher. Mis* Myrtle Culhertson. who
still holds that position.
We have an S-months school with
an enrollment of ?*. Last session 4
were zerlm in attendance. Sven
have been present each day this ses-,
sion. The Schoo! Journal is in every
home. One of our pupils entered col-j
'.ege this session. We shall send two
next session. We are planning to re
model our building this summer. We
respectfully invite our neghboring
schools to be with us on the evening
y. May \Z to hear Prof. Tate's lecture.
Sara Mar::r..
Eighth Graie
Palmetto *><hooL
The Palmetto school was establish
ed in 1911 from a part of the Mt. Gal
lagher school district. The pztrons of
the new school gave land, labor, and
money, and In the month of August.
1911. erected a handsome building, The
first session was taught by Mr. W. C.
Jones, ar.d the second by Miss S.
Francis Culbertson.
The school, though young, has made
rapid progress and shows every indi
cation of becoming a r.-.'dem rural
school within a very short time. The
present session has as enrollment of
forty-two pupils in the seven grades.
About half of these are subscribers
to the School Journal, and some of
the boys have become members of the
Corn club. An Improvement associa
tion has not yet leen organized, but
much interest has been shown and it
is to be hoped that such an organiza
tion with all its benefits may be had.
The establishment of a school library
has been considered Tor some time,
and similar interest is being shown
(along other lines of improvement.
H. G. Culbertson.
MusvrroTe School.
Musgrove school is located in
ScufUetoa-n township three miles from
historic Musgrove Mill of Revolution
ary fame. The school is named in
honor o? Mary Musgrove. In 1SS* the
first school term was taught by Mr.
Machen in the old school building,
still standing about one-fourth of a
mile from the present new building.
For thirty-five years the school has
been located on land donated by Mr.
Byrd who has been a trustees for
twenty years. The present trustees
are Messrs G. A. Byrd. Downs Glenn
and W. M. Myers.
The school was called Byrd school
until two years ago the name was
changed to Musgrove. In 1910 the
present building was erected, which is
a credit to any community. Daring
the present term a School Improve
ment association was organized, which
has raised $10.90 to put in Hyloplate
blackboards, globe, set of eight maps
in case, teacher's desk and chair,
rubber tipped pointers and dustless
chalk, cooler and individual drinking
Thirty-two pupils have been enroll
ed during the term. Including eight
grades. Six families subscribe to the
School Journal.
You Can't Be Too Careful
when you buy paint. Buying impurities may bring down the
first cost but in a short time they are sure to prove expensive.
Iterated paint orac'.ts and
s.-.i?s off long before rrtxl ^fc^
?v bite load paint shows cny
5 pis of wear. Bo sur<_ *.bat
your painter u:cs
Ccme to us for
your paint supplies and
Ask for our Painting Points
tair.mc ceW ?cb*rr<* and miny
Brooks Hi JwaY?
Be Happy!
Happy the girt, or woman, who has never suffered from
any of the diseases of womanhood! Or, If she has been a
sufferer, happy is she if she has learned oi the wonderful
benefits of Cardui, the woman's tcnlcl
Cardui is a gentle, tonic remedy, for women's ailments.
It is a natural medicine?safe, harmless, purely vegetable.
It has been in successful use for more than 50 years. It
has cured thousands. It should do the same for you,
Cardu i WomanlTohk
\ 7
Mrs. Mary Neely, of Denver, Tenn., savs, T think
there is no tonic on earth, as good as Cardut. I used it
with the very best results, I had backache and nearly
everything a woman could suffer with, until 1 took Cardui.
Now, I feel better than I have for two years. I shall
always recommend Cardui to other suffering women. I
can't praise it too highly. As a medicine for weak, tired,
worn-out women, Cardui is safe and reliable. Try it, today.
Writt tc: Liiw" Aivisorr De?*_ ChsttasOOt* Medidae Ca. Chsttasooio, Teca.
' ilor Sf+Cial liutrmctcn*. tad U-ftgt bock. ?'Home Trtatmcct lor Woceea." test fr?. J ?
Offke la Slmmou Building
Phone: Office No. 86: Residence 219.
Simpson, Cooper & Babb,
Attorneys at Law.
Wifl practice ia all State Courts,
prompt attention given to all btsatnees.
State of South Carolina,
Count? of Laurens.
Whereas, petitions s'gned by a legal
number of the qualified electors and
free-holders residing In .lacks School
District No. 3, Laurens County, South
Carolina, asking for an election upon
the question of voting a five (5) mill
:ax upon the property in said school
listrlct to he used for school purpos
es have been filed with the County
Board of Education, an election is
hereby ordered upon said question,
said election to be held at Benno on
the ICth day of April, 1913, under
the management of the school trus
tees of said district.
Only such electors as return real
or personal property for taxation and
who exhibit their tax receipts and
registration certificates as required in
the general election shall be allowed
to vote.
Those favoring the five mill special
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
word "YKxS'" written or printed there
on. Those against the said tax shall
vote a ballot containing the word
"NO" written or printed thereon. Polls
shall open at the hour of 8 o'clock in
the forenoon and shall remain open
until the hour of 4 o'clock in the af
ternoon when they shall close and
the ballots counted.
The trusteeiitfall report the results
of the election to the County Super
intendent and to the County Auditor
within ten days thereafter.
By order of the County Board.
1 Jno. W. Ferguson C C. Feotberstone
W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
/ Laareas.S. C.
Prompt and careful attention gvvsm
fcoall Wowmets.
Office Over Palmetto Back.
Condensed Fassenger Schedale?.
Between Greenville. Andereon and
Traip* leave and arrive Greenville?
corner Main and Washington Streets.
Effective Sunday. January 12, 1913, ac
No. Time
1 ? 5! 5 5 a. m.
3? 7:45 a. m.
5?10:00 a. m.
7?11: 4g a. m.
9? 1:45?. m.
11? C :40 p. m.
15? 4:55 p. eh.
17? 6:35 p. m.
19? ?:10 p. m.
?21?11:00 p. m.
?Saturdays only
Tickets on sale at G. S. & A. Termi
nal Main Street.
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt
No. Time.
2? 8:20 a. m.
4?10:35 a. m.
6?12 :35 p. m.
? ? 2:15 p. m.
10? 4 :15 p. m.
12? 6:00 p. m.
16? 6:35 p. m.
IS? 7:35 p. m.
20?10:35 p. m.
Merchants' Credit Company
Are Arranging for the Publication of
For This District As a Basis of Credit
?Y THIS SYSTEM each individual is
placed on record, showing how many
places they secure credit and with what
degree of promptness they pay their bills.
The book will show, not the financial stand
ing, but the CREDIT STANDING, of
everybody, man or woman, who trades on
time, and as it is not a financial rating the
poor man who pays his bills promptly will
secure a higher rating than the man of
means who does not.

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