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Bubseriptio? Trice 1* $U* Per Tear
Payable In Adrancf.
Published by
Laurens & C
ALISON LEK President
W. G. LANCASTER vlce-Pre*.
ARTHUR I>KE S?c and Treas.
AdTertlsfa* Rat?? ?? Applicatioa.
Obttaauries ?od Card of Thankst One
e*mt a word.
Entered at the postoffice at Laurens,
8. C.( as second class mail matter.
I. A I'RE MS, 8, Cn APRIL 10, 1?1S.
The Advertiser will be glad to
receive Vit local news of all the
nimihln 1? the county. Cor
reacaoadeats are requested to
sip* their names to the eontri
kation?. Letters should aot be
naailed later thao Monday morn
Rah' Rah! Rah' Every school is*
expected to come fortified with a yell
next Friday. The boys, and the girls
too. are going to make things lively |
Kj r.'?:.???> ifti
The Advertiser prints today a num-;
her of picture* of new school houses
of Laurcns county We would have
been glad to print more of them if we
could have secured the photocraphs.!
There are many other school build
ings in the county as pretty and some
prettier than m.?ny shown today, but
we were not abie to secure photos :n
time to have cuts made of them.
? ? ?
The Advertiser wishes to thank all
those who have contributed in making
this special educational number a sue-;
cess. The contributions and special
articles in this paper are appreciated
by The Advertiser as well as its read
ers. Outside of their contributions,
to the columns of the paper itself. Mr.
Pitts and Miss Gray have rendered
us great service and to them we wish
publicly to express our thanks.
? ? ?
The Advertiser regrets that it R
forced this week to leave out ? uuna
her of the letters of its valued cor
respondents. Nearly every one of
them were set up in type when we
went to pre*?, but there was no Way
to pet then: in the paper without add
ing another section to the paper. A*
this would have required almost an
entire day. we did not feel willing
to delay the paper that much so the
letters had to be left out. We hope
that the letters from the schools w:!'.
take the places of the regular ecus
ty correspondence
? ? ?
9j -ak::.z >f Ike advancement along
educational line* a'.', ovt the state. Dr.
Sr.y?--r ; .-.; 1 :-. very pretty compliment
to the Laurena school system in his
lecture Friday evening. Dr. Snyder is
always careful of his words, so we
suppose he meant what he said. His
words wer* something to this effect:
"The well organize! school system,
the scope of the work being done, the
beautiful and well kept building and
the c^-op^ra'ian among the teachers is
an example of what will be done by
the schools of South Carolina in the
future." Not this: -what Is being done
In Laurens now will be done in other
parts of the state in the fu'ure. Lau.
rens Is striking out and taking the
leadership in educational matters.
? ? ?
Now. why would Clinton and Foun
tain Inn and Woodruff et al want to
carve off piecea of laurens county to
make new and smaller counties when
euch progress Is being made in educa
tion in the county as it is. Would
either of these proposed new coun
ties be able to support such a school
system as is now supported in Lau
rens county? Would they be able to
j>ay a competent superintendent or
have a rural school supervisor at all?
One of the areumenta used during one
of the campaigns for a new county,
seat recently was that taxes coul?. be
Teduced by paying county officers less
and that a superintendent of educa
tion could be gotten for $200 a year.
Maybe so. but what kind The people
of l*aurens county do not care to have
a $2m0 per year superintendent of ed
ucation trifling with their children.
? ? ?
We suggest to The Fountain Ina
Tribune that It continue in its next
Issue the discussion of that phase of
the new county matter which deals
with the subject of the three mill
school tax and what would happen to
the school children of the present
?upper portion of Laurens county In
case that section should choose to go
Into a new county with Fountain Ian
as the county seat. Please do not
leave the subject hanging high In the
air on the pretense of lack of space,
but give it more space next week and
i at>> wer the questions that you have
I ask.-d. In the nieautlme. however, do
not compare conditions in the lower
part of Green>ille county with those
in the upper part of Laurens county,
for in case a n<?w county were formed
the results upon the schools would be
just opposite instead of the same,
in case the Tribune is correct as to
Greenville county.
? ? ?
The report of the rural school sup
ervisor shows that of 136 teachers in ?
the rural schools of the county this
year. 72 hold their present position
for the first time- Prof. T?te declares
as to the excellent school system in
Switzerland that its success largely
lien in the stability of the system. The
school teacher often remains in one.
place for a life term and becomes
one of the people themselves. He
keeps in touch with the life ot the
people and knows the children well
?lough to deal Intelligently with each
Of them as they come to him. He is ;
able to appreciate their weaknesses
and to cultivate their strong points,
dealing with them sympathetically and j
finally rounding them out as good
citizens able to make the best of the i
particular ability wbirt is theirs. The
schools of this state should be con-'
ducted In this manner as much as
possible. The one term teacher should
be madt? a thing of the past and each
school should endeavor to keep in its
esaploy as h'-ng as it can that teach
itr Who has done faithful service. This
can be accomplished largely by lib.
era'.ity in the payment o' salaries.
The teacher's salary should be regu
lated according to length of serv ice in
the particular school, thus providing
a stimulus for longer service
? ? ?
Laurens county should consider
herself fortunate and we are sure
that a large portion of it does, in bav- (
ing at the head of her educational ;
affairs two such capable people and'
undifatieab'.e worker* as Supt. Geo.
L Pitts and the rural school super
visor. Miss WJl Lou Gray. Through
incessant work on their own part and |
by their ability to enthuse others in ;
the work they are doing, they have j
succeeding in weaving together a j
school system in this county that is '
accomplishing great things now and
which eives promise of even more in
the future. -j
Peculiarly endowed with the gift
of Imparting to others the enthus
iasm in work which they themselves
ar- r> -? in. tr.ey are making
wonderful progress in advancing the
rause of education in Laurens coun
ty. Not only have they succeeded in
Injecting a spirit of proeress in :he
schools themselves but they have suc
ceeded in banding the parents of the!
children together into assfx?at!or.s
bent upon furthering the cause of i
Laurens county has taken wonder
ful strides in education within the
past few years. No other county in
the state can compare with her in the
total number of schools districts hav
ing voted special taxes for school
purposes. Possibly no other county
; in this state can point to so many new
and commodious school buildings.
Few counties anywhere in the South
hare su'h a well organized athletic
\ and oratorical association as Laurens
county ha? and certainly few have
( such a publication as the School
Jou-nal conducted and edited almost
entirely by the school children. With
Steadily increased efficiency in the
; schools and with more and more at
tention given to the educational ac
tivities incident to book-learning, the
children are being taught with more
telling effect in the elementary and
academic departments and at the
same time acquiring the ability to
express themselves in public and to
convey their thoughts In writing to
others in a bright and Interesting
The story of Individual advance
ment is told in the letters today from
the different schools and In the re
ports of the officers themselves. In
nearly every school letter Is recounted
some advance steps taken In the past
few years and even In those schools,
that are not represented today, the
spirit of progress prevails. With few
exceptions the schools tof Isiurens
. county are going forward with rapid
Let us hope that the progress and
advancement made within the past
, few years is an omen of the great
> improvement to be made in the few
years approaching.
Messrs. R. K. and Cre*.?well Fleniin?
Bought Untlre Tract of 7S."> Acre*.
The big farm of Mr. Jno. D. Mills
was sold yesterday to Messrs. R. F.
Fleming and Cresswell Fleming for
the sum of $81,760.00 The tract con
tains 763 acres, most of which is ex
cellent farming lands. The selling of
this fine piece of property by Mr.
Mills was due to his decision to move
west shortly.
Viyr Sale?Delivery Wagon In good'
?fape. at reasonable price. Call on
&:opas Sc Co. S7-2t
Warning?All persons are hereby
forbyfden from hiring or harboring
H/ary Carter or his wife and children
Urfey being under contract to work for,
me this year. J. F. Mitchell
ForylUat?Thr^e rooms fcr 1 ight
houA/Keeping. water, lights, garden
ana pasture, good barn. Apply to J.
F. RiKb. 727 W. Main street. 37-lt-pd,
For Sale?Eggs for hatching from
KillerjKrass strain White Orpington.
$1.5<Xper setting. Mrs. J. B. Young.
Laurens, 8. C. Rt. No. 6. 37-lt-pd;
For Sale?Shasta daisy plants, with
strong >TOOts. the most desirable of
suma/tr plants, 40c dozen; also Maid-;
en ?Blush Cannas. beautiful pink,
blooms constantly. 75c doien. Mrs. B.
R. Martin. 1531 Main street, Newt>erry.
S. C. 37-lt-pd
For Sale?Wovinfefcon-Ttoole cotton
seed. Price $1.00 per bushel. Five to
ten bu?hels at &0c per bushel. Larger!
to"a%.nd fewer black seed than Toole
J. L- Power. Gray Court, Route 1. I
. 37-lt-pd
For Rent?65 acres of good '.and
near the. efcy. Will rent as a whole
or in ?arcels. Will accept a money
rent ?rr part of the crop. Six room
house, out-houses and well on the
premises. H. Y. Simpson. S7-2t
Lost Plain, gold bracelet, round and
withoutycame or other engraving
Lost fignday morning between home
and Baptist church. Finder will please
return to Advertiser office or to Miss
Dorothy Hudgens. S7-lt
Corsets?Graceful slender lines, per
fect cor#et comfort. Stout figures
made AJeautitu!. The Leading Lady
Corset?tailored to measure. Mrs.
Shepard, at Terry's store. 3<5-5t
For Sale?a McCormick binder in
good eafidition. Price $75. All ert
Teague. Laurens. S. C. 3?-2t-pd
Wanted^?To buy several copies of
The Adt^rtiser of date of March 19th.
For Sale?5-passenger Touring car.
fine runn/ng shape, good tires Will
sell foraf-'.O.Ov cash or on good nego
tiable papers. Bargain for quick
buyer. Address Box 20?>. Laurens. S.
C. 34-tf
Wanted /To Sell?or exchange for
other pra/eny, 50 colonies of bees in
S frame 'ives. W. D. Fowler, Glenn
Springs. S. C. 34-5t
Jack?SI large Tennessee Jack for
service. fCo'.ts to show. Colt guaran
teed. Fee $12.50. R G. Harris.-Wood
ruff, S. C. Route No. 2. 34-5t
For Sale^ Crystal White Orpington
and S. C.Jft'h'.te Leghorn eggs. Ring
let Barred Plymouth Rock eggs at
$1.50 per 15. Prize winners at coun
ty fair. Good hatch guaranteed. Mrs.
J. S. Bennett, Laurens, S. C. 34-5t
BjrdTiMe Dairy and Stock Farm
jack is/ready for service. See the
colts t?at won prizes at the County
Fair. W. D. Byrd & Son. R. F. D. 3,
Lelephone No. 10. Laurens, S. C.
/ 33-3mos
asy Peas, Peas?For sale, price
^sample sent on application.
Hattaway & Co., Spartanburg, S. C.
; 33-tf
Every Fanner sending his address
to Drawer 505 Columbia, S. C. will
receive information t;.it is valuable.
Writei at once. 33-5t-pd
Corjn For Sale??00 or 700 bush
els m the ear for sale. Good, round
corn. Apply to S. J. Davis. Laurens.
Information Wanted.
Were any of these men, citizens of
South Carolina and connected with
Robert Stephens and David Brown in
land speculations in Texas in the 40's?
W. N. Cox. James Rafferty. Oliver
C. Nelson, Georg* W. Brooks. Jos.
Ellexy. Henry MoPill. S. P. Bankston,
Elijah Hunter. Alfred Ellis. F. J.
Harrison. Mark/M. Bradley. D. C.
M->ntgomer>, Chirles A. Felder. Eiisha
Duncan. John /a. Duncan. John A.
Vickers. T. lLEHiot. Alexander Ham
ilton. Henry Bivens, Leman Lessley.
Stephen Stockton, Edward Miller. Wm.
D. Elaughter. Geo. P. Lawson. Geo.
Jamison. S. K. Yen Meter, L'riah Da
vidson. Thos. Spear.
Especial Information is desired of
Geo. W. Brooks, Henry Bivens, S. P.
Bankston and Henry McGill.
* Address,
Wm. D. Sullivan. Sr.,
37-lt-pd Ware Shoals. S. C.
Don't try to break up that bad cold
with dangerous stomach disturbing
drugs. Get directly to the inflamed
membrane by breathing Booth's HYO
MEI (pronounce it High-o-me). Get a
bottle for 50 cents at Laurens Drug
Co. and try the safe treatment that
thousands are using.
Into a bowl^f/boiling water pcur
a scant teaspooWiil of HYOMEI. cov
er head and bowl with a towel, and
breathe deep Into the lungs the heal
ing vapor that arises.
Breathe this vapor for five or ten
minutes until the head feels fine and
clear, then go to bed and sleep sound,
ly until morning. No cocaine or opi
um or harmful drugs in Booth's HYO
MEI. It is made of Australian Euca
lyptus and other antiseptics. It is
guaranteed to end Colds and Catarrh
or money back. Just breathe it?no
stomach dosing.
5h4ftlns, PuU.y?, Belts. Repairs and
FR?*, Teeth. Lacks. Etc
G*l eer clnmUt k*f?rt r*? htm.
Ebbing #tft?
Cherishes her Wedding Gifts
^ more than any Present she
receives during her life.
They are displayed for
the admiration of her closest
Let us show you a stock of t (jf^OOto?
that will be a credit to you
and a lasting source of satis
faction to the recipient.
^tlliam Solomon
The Reliable Jeweler
i Continued from Page Seventeen, i
ty Fair are more than sufficient to
meet all outstanding indebtedness and
the ladies anticipate a breathing spell
before entering on another undertak.
ing. There is a strong sentiment in
favor of a relic room and it will prob
ably be their next task to establish one.
Monday the merchants of Clinton,
wkh a very few exceptions, began
closing their stores at 6 o'clock in the
afternoon. This action is highly com
mended by all thoughtful shoppers,
even though it is sometimes a little
inconvenient for them.
Social and Personal item-.
Mrs. W. D. Copeland entertained the
Merry Wives last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Whitman Smith gave
a dinner party Saturday evening in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Jacobs'
guesU. Mr. sad Mrs. Gooli of New
Mrs. R. C. Fhilson of Abbeville!
visited the family of Mr. S. A. Philson
this week.
Dr. T. J. Peake has returned from a:
visit in North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Robertson and
Miss Emmie Robertson went to Clem
son Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. T. G.
I Robertson and attend the dedication of
the new Baptist church there.
Mrs. J. R. Copeland and Mrs. E.
H. Hall were summoned to Spartan
burg Sunday by the news of Mrs.
Arthur Shockley's critical Illness.
Her many friends are rejoiced to
know that she is past the alarming
stage of her illness. She is expected
In Clinton for an extended visit as
soo nas she can travel.
Mrs. T. O. Monk and Miss Edna
ShoCkley have returned to their homes
in Spartanburg after visiting Mrs. E.
H. Hall.
The Rev. Mr. Parkinson of Due
West made many friends during his
visit to the Rev. Mr. Hooter. last week.
Mrs. R. K. Wallace and little son.
Louis are expected this week to visit
friends in Clinton.
Notice to Pensioners.
The state pinslon money for Laur.
ens county Is now in the hands of the
Clerk of Court for distribution. Those
to whom pensions are due from this
fund can get the same by calline. The
list arrived too late for publication
this week but will be published next
C. A. Power. C. C. C. P.
Meetius of B. A. R,
The regular meeting of the Henry
Laorena chapter. Daughters of the
American Revolution, will be held
Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the
home of Miss Bessie Todd.
FLI'ID in the house and in the stable.
It Is as good for animal flesh as it is
for the human body lit heals sores,
cuts, ragged wound*, lollc, dysentery.
j galls. oh??f<??. scrafnyes. distemper,
bots and worms. Th?n-e ? hardly any
[ limit to Its usefulness about the home.
i Price SO cts per bottle. Sold by I^au
| rens Drug Co.
Smooth jSfrcrnt/eKS
money 13 Secure
A. hanker in Ohio in responsible for the
statement, that if till the money taken out of
his community by smooth strangers and "Get
Kich-Quick" schetnck had remained at home9 it
would pike every road in the county.
Why do you nod. put your money safely in
your home hank, Avhero it will help you and
everyI>ody else in your community, and whero
you can get it when YOU want it's
We pay interest in Snvfnifs Department.
Make OUR Hank YOU Ii Hank.
Enterprise Bank
Laurens, S. C.
X. Ii. DIAL, Pres.
C. H. ROPHK, C aside:
Railroad Rebate
If you will come to Laurens and buy $20.00
worth of Goods f^rm J. C. Burns & Company's
Big Departme\tf/Store, 210 West Laurens St.,
Laurens, S. C.. One Round Trip full Railroad Fare
Rebate with a $20.00 purchase this week.
Clip This Out and Bring it With Yon.
^ 210 West Laurens St. Laurens, South Carolina x

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