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Laurens Musi have on her Gala Attire when the Young
People Take the Town Friday. Everything
Expected to be Spick and Span.
Mr. W. R. McCuen made a personal
canvas of the city yesterday and se
cured the hearty co-operntion of the
merchants in the movement to have
the stores decorated Friday and to
have the streets and sidewalks spick
and span in honor of the young folks
of the county. Every unsightly tin
*can, bucket, garbage recepticle, paper
bag or trash of any kind is to bo con
sidered an enemy to the town Friday,
and Thursday evening it is expected
that all such will bo cleared away.
Qar^bage cans are expected to be tnken
In Friday morning and returned to
their places the next day. Lawns are
expected to 'be mowed, hedges trimmed
and avenues raked clean. The gen.
oral cleaning up and decorating of
premises is expected to take place
from one end of the city to the other,
both in the residence and* "business
districts. A large numbor of visitors
will be here not only from within the
county but from without and Lau
renn is expected to put on her best
attire to make a favorable impression.
Special Coaches Provided.
Mr. F. J. Nelson has been in com
munication with the officials of the
C, N. & L. and C. & W. C. railroads
for several days making provision to
accommodate the crowds expected
here Friday. The morning train from
Columbia, which is scheduled usually
to reach here about seven o'clock will
be held at Newiberry until n later hour
in order to make it convenient for
people along that line to come to Lau
rens that morning. The train will
pass Kinards at 7:35, Goldville at
7:40 and Clinton at 8:00 o'clock,
reaching Laurens about 8:25. Visi
tors returning will be able to take the
usual afternoon trains at 2:07 and
While there will be no schedule
changes,from other directions, extra
coaches will be provided on all the
trains to take care of the crowds.
Interesting F.vent is Held In Connec
tion with the Work on the People's
Welfare Building. a
Ware 3boals, April 9.?Saturday af
ternoon, April *>, Ware Shoaia held
high holiday in honor of a very notable
event, the laying of the cornerstone of
the new People's Welfare building.
A splendid procession preceded the
services consisting of several hundred
children all dressed in white, while
the Masons, Woodmen and Red Men
mustered a fine body of men who pre
sented a beautiful and inspiring sight
as the procession wended its way
around the handsome square. The
lodges were all decorated in their
many colored regalia and carried the
banners (t their different orders.
The master of ceremonies was B. D.
Riegel, treasurer of the Ware Shoals
Manufacturing company, to whom Is
flue more than any othei man the cred
it for this magnificent building for
the good of the people. The prayer
of dedication was said by the Rev. J.
M. Dallas. The children of the public
schools and the Smith Sunshine mis
sion band sang some very appropriate
hymns In a very happy manner.
The handsome cornerstone was de
clared well and truly Is Id by the pretty
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. D.
Riegel, who tapped the stone three
times with a hammer and laid a bou
quet of flowers on it. The institution
is to he known as Katherine hall in
honor of this dear little child. The
orator of the day was R. A. Cooper
of I.aureus, who delivered an excellent
address on the value of education. He
pictured the advantages of such nn
Institution to the future welfare of
the hoys and girls and expressed the
hope that the wishes of the founders
might be realized and that the build
ing may be a centre of light and hap
piness to old and young.
The very interesting exercises were
brought to a close by the children
singing "Divio" and the benediction.
In the cornerstone were placed
many Interesting documents concern
ing the history of the village and mill
since Its foundation some years ago.
The new structure Is a splendid
nildlng three stories high, built of
i( '"vressed brick with white stone trim.
ihlhgs. In the basement are located
the gymnasium, tub and shower baths,
boys' play room, and other utilities.
On the second floor are located the
fine assembly' hall, reading room, li
brary and men's amusement rooms.
On the third floor will be found a fine
hall for the use of the secret orders,
all lodges to have equal rights as to
its use. On this floor are also to be
found utility rooms f?r the use of the
different societies, a'n>o a hnndsome
Sapper room. On the whole the build,
ing Is one of the best of Its kind to
be found in any mill village and will
be a conspicuous ornament in one of
the prettiest and most up-to-date com
munities In the Piedmont.?The State.
Miss Vlrgina BarkHdale Won Coveted
Prise Offered for the Best Essay
from the City School for Education
al Edition of The Advertiser.
In the haste of getting out the
special edition of The Advertiser
last week the author of Uie letter
from the Laurens Chy Schools was
Inadvertently omitted. Universal In.
terest was attached to this special
letter because of the exciting contest
held at the school to decide who should
have the honor of sending in this
history of the school. Supt. .tones of
fered a prize to that pupil who should
write the best short history of the
school and in addition promised a
half-holiday to that grade to which
the winner of the prize belonged.
Intense rivalry was aroused in the
contest and the interest was at fever,
heat. The contest closed Tuesday
morning with the announcement that
Virginia Rarkosdale, of the eighth
grade, had been the successful con
testant. Elizabeth Moseley, of the
ninth grade, came second and CJussie
Miller of the tenth, third. A large
number of papers were handed In, to
the judges and considerable time
elapsed before a decision could be
made. Miss Virginia was llnnlly
awarded the honor of sending her
essay. The letter Is a clear and con
cise statement of the history of the
school in recent years.
Ranks of the Old Command are ThIn*
nlng and only F.iirlil were Present
The veriest few of the old company
were present at the annual reunion
of the Laurens Briars in the grove at
BarksdalO Station Saturday. With
the ranks becoming thinner every year
and some of those remaining being
hardly strong enough to stand the trip
to the meeting place of the company,
Just about eight of the old soldiers
were able to present themselves at
Muster. Though their numbers were
few, the day was greatly enjoyed by
the old veterans. The ladles of the
vicinity had prepared a sumptuous
dinner for them and alter the spread
the soldiers enjoyed the day In the
customary way.
Col. J. N. Brown, as Is his custom,
was present at the reunion and made
an address to his comrades. His ad
dress was the principal event of the
day and was closely listened to and
greatly enjoyed by the soldiers and
others present. Col. Brown always
makes a point of being present on
these occasions, when it is possible
for him to make the trip.
The reunion will be held next year
at Owings Station.
School Election.
The voters of Laurens school dis
trict No. 1 will vote next Saturday, the
19th of April on the question of Issti.
Ing bonds to improve the Trinity
Ridge school.
What the People of Laurens County are Doing Worthy
of Note?Interesting Items About Those Things
Which Affect the Every Day Life of a
Sociable People.
Shiloh, April 14.?The Shiloh pupils
are. getting ready fur the fair, the l?i',.
Miss Le'ola Hellams spent the week
end with Miss Edna Owens, of Rahun
Mr. and Mrs. ('. E. Wasson and M -.
and Mrs. Claude Wasson Bpent Sun
day with Mrs. R. A. Owens of Rahun.
Mr. .1. L, W?lfl was In Laurens Wed
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mahaffey spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hel
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gray spent the
week end in this community.
Mr. Hrownlee and Simmons of Dials
wore visiting in Ware Shoals Saturday
and Sunday.
Dr. R. Puller sold a lady in this
community a pig at C21-2 cents a
pound, weighing 4 pounds. If anybody
has a pig that can beat that please let
it be known.
Dials, April.?The farmers put in
some much needed farm work here
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Z. Gray, spent Sun
day with Mr. Floyd Curry and family.
Mr. J. R. Hellams of Spartan/burg,
was a welcome visitor here last week.
Misses Ruth Rarksdalc of BarKs
daie, and Nell McCall. were the gue*t"
of Miss Ruth Curry Saturday night.
Mr. C. F. Brooks returned to I>au.
rens Monday, a?ter a short visit with
his mother.
Messrs John Simmons, and Joe
Brownlee visited Mr. Joe Simons and
family of Poplar Springs Sunday.
Miss Nell McCall had as her guest
Sunday, Misses Ruth Curry and Ruth
Mrs. J. S. Rrooks spent Wednesday
with her sister, Mrs. D. D. Harris.
Miss Mattie McFadden, left Saturday
for her home In ('bester, after com
pleting a successful term as teacher.
Miss Cecil Owings of Chicora col
lege, spent the week-end with her par
Miss Nlta Hunter returned to Green
ville Monday, where she will resume
her studies at Chicora, after spend
ing the week with ' er parents.
Rev. G. W. Munn. a filled his regu.
lar appointment Su iday morning. His
sermon was forceful and to the point.
Rahun April 14.?Believe we're going
to haul up some more fire wood as
winter is here with us.
The fanners' grain is in a flourishing
Mrs. Emma Roper and little son
Bob of Eden section spent Thursday
with Mr. T. F. Babb and family.
Miss Lool-a Heliums of Shiloh sec
tion spent Saturday night with .Miss
Edna Owens.
Mr. Ellie Babb spent last week in
Laurens visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Babb were visi
tors of Mr. and Mrs. Bclton Owens of
Eden section Sunday.
Miss Cora Armstrong spent Satur
day night with her sister. Mrs. Brooks (
Nash of Mema section.
Miss Estelle Babb of Eden section
Spent last week wHh Mrs. Stewart Ma.
The women's missionary society met
with Mrs. Brooks Nash Saturday even
Mrs. Nesbltt Mahon was in Laurens
Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives
and friends.
Hillside. April 14. James M. Snt
tles, of Dials, was in this community,
Clarence Weathers, of Fork Shoals,
was the guest of W. Y. Weathers,
Sunday night.
Constable I^en Campbell, of Ihinklin,
accompanied by several other men,
came over Into Hillside, Sunday night,
to capture Henry Young, a negro,
charged with selling whirikey. The
officers searched over Hillside, and
while they were Reaching, they acci
dentally met up with two young men,
in a body of woods. It was dark and of
course the officers did not know whom
they were meeting. The two young
men had been out "s|>orting."' The
officers hailed at one of the boys and
asked him "who he was," well?It
scared the young man so bad that
he had to think for a long while be.
fore he could tell whnl his name was.
It seared him bo bad that he forgot It.
The above is the testimony of the
young man in question. The criminal
for whom the officers wore searching,
was finally captured on the outskirts
of Hillside.
W. Y. and P. L. Weathers visited
W. H. SuttloB, of Dials Sunday.
Robert Thomason, of Bubbtown,
was In this community, Friday.
Master Frank Tolli.son, Is very
sick at this time. Frank has pneumo
nia. Let us hope that he will soon be
well again.
W. Y. Weathers is critically ill at
this writing. It is not known from
what diesasc he Is suffering.
(iround has been tremendously bard,
here. But the steady downpour of
rain Friday made the earth rather soft
again. Our fanners' are "going In"
for potatoes and tomatoes. The writer
ventures the assertion that there will
be 5,000 bushels of potatoes produced
In this locality, and 15,000 cans of to
matoes. That means some extra mon
ey besides the usual cotton crop. The
tomato and potato crop, alone, of Hill,
side will represent a production with
a value of $0.375.00.
Mr. and Mrs, Mllledge Melton of
Dunklin were the guests of Mrs. Alice
Tollison, Friday.
Messers. J. O. and Talmage Sinn of
Dabbtown were visitors In Hillside,
W. V. Tollison has just returned
from Greenville, where he has, for the
last week, been serving as jurlor.
MeBsscrs. W. C. and S. C. Weathers
of Fork Shoals were the guests of W.
Y. Weathers, Saturday night.
James Ridgeway and Barnes! Babh
of Dunkiln and Wares, were in our
section, Sunday.
.1. Walter Woods and Earl Smith
business visitors, from Hillside, in
Fountain Inn, Tuesday.
The Greenville County Association
will meet with Hillside Baptist Church,
the 3rd and fth of May, or the first
Saturday and Sunday. The good folks
of Hillside (and the bad ones, too)
urgently rejucsl your presence. These
people up here will endeavor to make
your visit a pleasant one. Now just
come along and you'll find out who the
writer is that hails from the garden
spot of the world?Hillside.
Robert Abercromble and Floyd
Weathers were In Dials community,
Monday on important business.
C .C. Weathers and sister Alma,
were shopping in Fountain Inn, Mon
Clarence Chapman and sister. Miss
Nell, attended preaching services at
Fork Shonis. Sunday
Mrs.Tallthin Sumcrol is the guest of
her daughter, Mis. VV, A. Nelson, of
Fair view.
special Services Being Conducted.
Death of an Inianl.
Rev. W. M. Whitesides began a spe.
cinl series of services in the Second
Maptlst church last Sunday. The
meetings have been well attended and
Mr. Whitesides lias made a fine im
pression with his excellent sermons.
The services will continue for some
Mme, there being preaching at ?, p. in.
and 8 p. in. every day.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
'}. P, Smith ympathize most deeply
't.h them in the loss of their infant
'^nghter. The young one was buried
Sunday at the Mill Cemetery, the ser
vices being conducted by Mr. I). A.
Mr. Will Tinsley has resigned as
overseer of carpenter work and ac
cepted a position at Watts. He was
succeeded at Laurens mills by Mr I).
V. Morgan.
FontoKt Postponed.
The Piedmont Oratorical contest
which was to have been held in Green,
vllle Friday night and where Hugh
Aiken was to represent the schools of
this city, was postponed one week
because of the weather conditions.
The contest is expected to be held
Friday night, the 18th.
??Auto Bandit?'' Take Iiis Ford Machine
and Rrhe It out in the Country
Whore They Leave it in a Ditch. It
Was Later Recovered.
Mr. J. Shepard, who drives an
auto.tronsfer in the city, had Ids an
! tomobllo stolon from him while In
Greenville Sunday. The machine, was
later recovered, though considerably
the worse for rough treatment. Mr
Shopard intended to return to Laurens
Monday evening but be was delayed
In Qreenvlllo until some repairs could
be made on the car. The Greenville
Daily News in its Monday Morning
edition gave a full account of the in
cident as follows:
"The pilfering of a touring car in
broad daylight yesterday- from the
corner of Main and Washington
streets gave the members of the ik>
lice department and the sheriff's of
fice an absonblng mystery for un
raveling throughout the whole of
tho delightful quiet Sunday after,
noon. And not until several hours
after the mysterious disappearance
of the car was any ray of light shed
upon the affnir. This was when the
police picked up off the streets one
.1. Ii. Campbell of colored persuasicn,
who was bonstlng of hlH participo
tion In the "Joke" and extracted
from him a statement that he and
four other negroes had taken the
j automobile and rode In it to a point
about two miles below Gantt station,
where It turned turtle. There the
negroes abandoned the. machine and
took to the woods. Campbell boarded
an incoming train and arrived in the
city about four o'clock.
Looking for the Ringleader.
"According to the police, Campbell
is not the ringleader In the affair.
They have his name, however, as
well as the names of the other mem
bers of the party, and it Is thought
that the whole gang will be bagged
within a short while. Campbell is
some 20 or 21 years of age, the other
members of the party being about
the sann? age.
The touring ear. a Ford holongcd
to a Mr. Shopard of Laurens. Yes
terday that gentleman drove to Green
ville and stopped his car at the curb
near the intersection of Main and
Washington street, where he left it
while he went to his hotel to write a
letter. Returning to the street within
a fow minutes to take a spin, lie found,
to his astonishment, that his ear had
disappeared. And, what was more
puzzling, Mr. Shopard could Und no
one who had sen bis ear driven away.
Police on Trail.
"The theft of the car was immedi
ately reported to the police, and at
once they took up the search for the
missing machine. The sheriff was
notified of the matter, and he too in.
Stitlltcd a search for the auto "ban
dits." Roth departments worked
without results, until the police heard
of the boasting of Campbell on the
streets after four o'clock yesterday
afternon. An officer got on his trail
at once and soon bad him rounded up
and in the city jail, whore he was made
to yield up the desired information.
Lisi hi Pel if Jurors.
Tin' following is a list of the Jurors
drawn for the April term of the Coin:
Of Common Pleas, which will com
mence on the 2?sl of this month:
Laurens Township?-Clyde T. Franks,
I. .1. Adams. .1. W. llellams. C. C. Rus.
by, B, 0. Anderson, B. II. Crows, .1. A.
Marler. 0. S. Klugh. I). M. Scan.
Hunter?W. T. Nabors, T. P. P. Car
son, R. L. Ruiley, II. I). Rantin, W. L.
Lynn, 10. W. Ferguson, L R. Dillard,
I). 'I'. Codfrey.
Cross HUI?J. C. Chandler, T. B.
Spearman. J. I>. Black. J. I). HUI, S. A.
Browne, J. W. Koon
Waterloo?a. C. Philips, G. T.
O'Dell. ohn N. Golden, H. C. Sims.
Youngs?L. w. Hughes, a. g. Ed
wards, B. W. Patton, W. R. Sloan,
Frank A'bercromblo, T. J. Cooper.
Jacks?R, B, Glenn. J, H. Bonds.
Scufnetown- Ceo. H. Rlakely.
Delegates to Grand Lodge,
At a recent meeting of the local
lodge of the Knights of Pythias,
Messrs. J, a. Roland and Geo. L. Pitts
were elected delegates to the Grand
Lodge which meets In Alken May 27th
Messrs. Thos. Downey and ,1. F. Tol
bert were elected as alternates.
Court House and School
Building are being
With the Near Approach of tho Day
for llnldlnir (lie County School Fair,
Finns are about Completed for the
Entertainment of the Guests.
Everything Is now In readinoss for
tho county school fair Friday. Tho
court room has been a scone of activi
ty Boveral days while bolng decoratod
and otherwise arranged for tho ex
hibits. Several schools have already
sent in their displays and many, moro
are expected today and tomorrow.
There is not much preparation to
be made at the school house where thu
literary contest and elementary ath
letic events are to bo held, but by
Friday morning what is to be attend
e.d to there will have been done.
The athletic Held on West Main
street, next to the home of Mr. I>. H.
Counts, has been given rather sever*'
treatment by the recent rains, but by
Friday it is thought that the surface
will be dry and hard. Fleming
Brothers bus offered a silver loving
cup to the school matting the largcet
total svore In thutte eveuia.
?upt. i'ltts has announced that the
street parade win begin at 1:30 o'clock
instead of I o'clovk In the afternoon
as before announced. Following the
parade the athletic contests will tuku
Oratorical Contest.
Beginning at 8:.10 o'clock In the ev
ening, the high school oratorical con
test will be held at the graded school
auditorium. The Judges for the cou
tcst will be Rev. J, B. Oreon of Green,
wood, Dr. A. N, Young, of the Presby
terian college at Clinton, and Prof. R,
('. Hurts of Greenville.
The speakers and their subjects are
as follows:
Aaron Cannon, Cray Court-On ings
? The Character of Napoleon P.ona
Yates Waldrop, Nanford Sam Da.
vis, the Scout.
.lohn Holland Hunter, Clinton -
The Black Horse und hin Wider.
Eugene Mltieholl, Mountvitlc Tho
Confederate Girl Wife.
Dewey Nelson, Cms* Hill Death
of LaFayctte.
Randolph Little, I.tun cms Tho Now
Klbert Freeman, Princeton ?Hora
tio at the Bridge.
Robert Darnott, Trlnlty-Rldge?Tho
Murdor of White.
A gold medal Will he awarded the
young orator who succeeds In winning
lirst place in the contest. A ill vor
medal will be awarded to the ?econd
honor man.
\s a ilesilll of a DifiicilM) in loner
I'nrl of the ( onnlj In >iar< h. He Snl?
llvnn Bled Salurdnj Night.
Be sulllvan, colored, died at his
homo in tho llopowell section of tho
county Saturday night as a result Of
blood poison caused by a wound in
flicted by Lumuf Glider on March 22n'd<
according tO tllO testimony introduced
at tho Inquest held ov< r the negro's
body at his home Sunday morning by
Coroner Ilalrston, Lumus Gilder fled
the country soon after the difficulty
took place and his brother. Goo, Gilder,
left for parts unknown as 80011 a sho
heard of the serious COlAlltion of Be
Sullivan, it is charged thai George
Gilder held Be Sullivan while Lumus
Gilder did the shootinf.
Tho difficulty came about following
a dispute over a dog. The dispute was
renewed in a patch of woods belong
ing to Mr. .lessee Young where a
game or "skin" was in progress, The
negroes met here and in the difficulty
that followed (b o. Glider held Do Sul
livan while Lumus Oil lor shot htm, so
the testimony went. Be Sullivan did
not appear to he severely Injured at
the time but blood poisoning SCl in
later and Saturday morning he 'lied,
leaving an anti-mortum statement in
nccord with the facts set out above.

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