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Wednesday, April 23, 1913, at 10:30
This is the property of J. I. & T. D. Copeland in the Eastern part of town on the S. A. L. and C. N. & L.
Railroads, East of Adair Street, Florida Street runs entirely through the property. More new residences
built in this section than in any other inline City in the past ten years. A good portion of this property
on sewer line and in sight of and onlV/uie-fourth mile from Presbyterian College and only 200 yards
from Presbyterian Church, a handsome granite building costing about $30,000.
Clinton is a live, healthy, progressing, growing city,with its water works, sewerage, electric lights,
graded schools, numerous churches, Thornwell Orphanage, the largest Presbyterian Orphanage in
America, and the site of the Presbyterian College of South Carolina, and with its railroad facilities and
many advantages, make it one among the most inviting and attractive places to buy lots, either for
homes or for investment. This is an opportunity that comes seldom in a lifetime, to buy such valuable
property as this at auction as we sell to the highest bidder. This property is bound to increase rapidly
in value, located as it is in this growing city, so come out and buy lots at your own price. We make
the terms but you make the price, and the terms are easy, only one=fourth cash, balance in six, twelve
Iand eighteen months, with interest on deferred payments. Sale made Rain or Shine.
Brass Band Concert. Don't forget the date, Wednesday, April 23, 1913, and time 10:30
c Southern Realty and Auction Company
* Dispensary Reduces Drinking.
To the Editor of The Abbeville Me
I thank you for giving space to my
communication upon the dispensary
question, and ask your readers to go
a Ht?e more Into detail in the matter.
I have shown the three arguments
made in favor of re-establishing the
dispensary are:
1. That it will promote trade;
2. That It) will stop violation of the
3. That It will reduce drinking;
4. That It will bring a protlt to the
I have given an answer to each of
theae arguments, save the third which
I desire to consider In this communi
In answer to the tlrst, I have shown
that It is an effort to exploit drinking
men for the profit of few promoters
of the dispensary institution.
To the second, my answer was, that
the claim Is a fallacy.
To the fourth, in answer I display
ed its Inconsistency.
Now, In order to give positive ro
?dy to the argument that "more whis
key is drunk under prohibition than
under the dispensary," I desire to sub
mit facts and figures from the official
"ecords. The dispensary was retained
'n Abbeville for several years after
it had been voted out of neighboring
eountico. Its last two years In Abbe
ville were 1908 and 1909.
The records In the city clerk's of
*ee for the month of February. 1908
nnd 1909 and for the last four years
jnder prohibition show the following
number of arrests for drunkenness:
1908 . .29 (I)lBpensnry.)
1909 .37 (Dispensary.)
1910.6 (Prohibition.)
1*11.15 (Prohibition.)
1912.3 (Prohibition.)
1913 ........ 4 (Prohibition.)
'Please notice, for the month
February during the two last years of
tbe dispensary, there were 66 arrests
'or dunkenness, while for the same
months during the whole four years
ander prohibition, there were only 26
If we will take the two last years
4>f prohibition and contrast the record
with the two last years of dispensary,
tho figures will be
Dispensary tiwo years.66
Prohibition two years.7
Regarding Express Shipments.
/jet us also go Into the question of
express shipments for the yenrs tin-'
der prohibition, and see whether the
advocates of dispensary fairly repre
sent the case.
The records of the Southern Ex
press company for the Abbeville
agency show for the month of Febru
ary during the last three years, un
der the prohibition law, the number
of packages received approximately
were as follows:
Now, what conclusion is to be
reached from these figures? There,
can be only one, namely: There la
less drunkenness under present con
ditions than under the dispensary;
and there Is less whiskey shipped In
now than formerly, the amount Grow
ing much loss year by year.
Nor are we left only with the rec
ords of the city court and the ex
press office. There is the indisputable
record of the criminal court of the
county. For the last two years, crime
has been so greatly decreased, there
has been no need of a summer term
of the court.
Facts are stubborn things; but wise
men recognize them as unanswerable.
Voters of Abbc.ille county, ponder
these things. These utterances are
not mere theories, they are facts
facts taken from official records.
Of course, I have not touched the
moral and civic questions involved
These will bo treated In other com.
munlcatlons. Rex.
F. 1*. Cnlcnck to Succeed Robert
Smalls, Colored.
Washington, April 12.?President
Wilson today sent to the Senate the
nomination of F. P. Colcock to be col
lector of customs at Reaufort, S. C. to
succeed Robert Smalls, colored, whose
term hns oxplrod. Smalls was reap
polnted by President Taft, but the
Sonate did not confirm the nomina
tion. Representative .Tas. F. Byrnes
convinced Secretary McAdoo that this
change was urgently needed and that
the Colcock nomination Is one of the
few which have been made outside the
army and navy since Congress con
vened In special session.
Mr. Francis II. Weston, of Columbia,
who Is endorsed by Senator Ed Smith
for the position of Federal district at
torney for South Carolina, came to
Washington today and saw Senators
Smith and Tlllman. and a number of
the South Carolina delegation in the,
House. He also called on Attorney]
General McRoynords, In company with
Senator Smith, and saw other mem.
bers of President Wilson's Cabinet.
The president nominated the follow
ing officers of the army for promotion:
Col. Hugh I,. Scott, 3rd cavalry, to
brigadier general: Capt. Algert G. Jen
kins, of the coast artillery, to be ma
jor; Major George O. Squire, of the
signnl corps, to be lieutenant colonel;
Lieut. Col. John S. Parke, of the In
fantry, to be colonel, and Col. Lansing
H. Reach, of the engineer corps, to
be a member of the Mississippi River
Watts Mill, April 14.?Sunday morn
ing Rev. J. W. Guy, of Spartanburg,
Asst. Supt. of the Anti-Saloon League
of Sounth Carolina, made a strong ad
dress against the liquor evil, using for
a text the words "Look not upon the
Rev. J. M. Trogdon has resigned his
work at the Lucas Avenue Baptist
church and accepted a call to Calvary
Baptist church Clinton. For over two
years Bro. Trogdon has made a faith
ful pastor. His many friends regret
to give him up, but wish him great
success in his future work and field.
A two weeks singing school Is In
progress at the church, conducted by
Rev. D. A. Morgan and Mr. J. M.
It Is with pleasure that we note the
progress of our schools. The day and
time has arrived when an education
Is wholly necessary to make a success
in this life and we are glad to see
Laurens county making such progres?
and fitting children up that they may
be useful men and women In the com
ing day*.
Little Bennle McKee, who has been
quite ill with rheumatism, is Improv
Rev. Reutlan Compton, of Ashvllle,
Is visiting relatives at Watts Mill and
Laurens this week. The people would
have been glad to hear him preach, but
on account of his throat and being
worn out by great toll he could not
Misses Carnelia and Hattle Patton,
of Green*lllc, are visiting friends and
relatives at Watts mills this week.
Now is the time to buy your Re
frlgorator so that you will have the
uso of it the entire summer. You will
he pleased with out Refrigerators f*nd
our prices.
8. M. St B. H. Wilkos St Co.
* ?
* Seventh Month. *
* Graded School Honor Roll.
* ?
* ???*?******?****?
Name of those pupils who have made
an average of 95 per cent on Deport
ment, Scholarship and Attendance:
First Grade, Miss Emily Meng,
Teacher?Robert Babb, Charles Barks
dale, Douglas Brown, Edmund Lake,
Tillman Miller, Harry Gglc-?b>. Car!
Thompson, Wyatt Wajdrep, J Bag
well, Fay Chaney, Nannie Franks,
Laura Hudgens, Margaret Knight.
Nora Langston, Katherine Meng. Flor
ide, Moore, Maintzle Richardson, Addle
Lou Sexton, Ruby Templeton.
Second Grado, Mrs. Jcannle S.
Blackwell, Teacher?William AVbright,
Richard Counts, Wiliam Dunlap
Strauss Smith, Frank Wade, Rebecca
Adams, Nelle Jones, Eula May Mar
tin, Marguerite Roper, Ixmise Smltjh,
Sara Eliza Swygert.
Third Grade, Miss Ella Roland,
Teacher?Eula Burns, Margaret Lake,
Eleanor Miller, Mary Owings, Emmie
I^ou Washington. Frank Colwell.
Fourth Grade, Miss Bessie Barnett,
Teacher, Thomas Barksdale, Marshall
Maddox, Annie Wade, Mar^ Roper,
Emmie Sullivan.
Fifth Grade, Miss Annette Stover,
Teacher,?Mary Blackwell.
Fifth Grade. Miss Annie Davis
Teacher?Dorroh Halrston, Charles
_ i
Hughes, Nash Philpot.
Sixth Grade, Miss Dorcas Calmes,
Teacher?Robert Lucas, Annie Barks,
?dale, Mildred Counts, Virginia Gray,
Kathleen McGee, Lola McPhall, Ber.
nice Meng, Lydia Oglesby, Hattle Wat
Seventh Grade, Miss May Dell Barre,
teacher?Rebecca Lake, Strlckler Ran
kle Charles Thompson, Elizabeth
Young, Virginia Sullivan, Amy Wolff.
High School.
Teachers: Mr. W. A. Barton. Jr.
Miss Laura Barksdale, Miss Fannlf
Eighth Grade?Hattie Sullivan, Mary
Ninth Grade?Herbert Sullivan.
Tenth Grade?Guasle Miller.
Mill School.
First Grade, Miss Lila Hart, teach
er?James Carter, Willie Hill. Clyde
Jones, Thomas Earl l^ewis, J. B. Pow
ers, Helen Boj;d, Addle May Darnell,
Mary IXivis, Sarah Glynn, Clara Delle
Mott, IiOla Snoddy, Ruth Stewart.
Second Grade. Miss Irene Ray
toacher?'Ren Lewis, Virgil Hnietoii,
Effle Cook, Cora Lee Abercrombie, I,a
la Mae Jamleson, Lillian Lewis, Bcr.
tha Knlghton, David PowerB, Marscell
Cook. Clara Bell Nelson, Allle Gosnell
Carrie Mae Vanhoy.
Third Grade, Miss Mary P. Simpson,
teacher?Roy Jones, Lila Hill.
Fourth Grade, Miss Mary P. Simp
son, teacher?Albert Powers, Donnle
Barton, Mollie Powers.
Will Visit District Before Making
More Recommendations.
Spartanburg, April 12.?A letter
from Congressman Joseph T. Johnson,
conveys the tidings that he will make
no further recommendations for the
appointment of postmastors until he
has visited the district and sounded
the sentiment of the towns for which
postmasters are to bo appointed. There
has been much opposition to the men
whom he recommended for appoint
ment as postmasters in Spartanburg
and JoncBvllle.
Blease Names Sara J. Nichols of "Dic
tagraph Farne.**
Columbia, April 11,?Gov. Blease
today appointed 8am J. Nichols* of
Spartanburg, to the aupreme court
bench as special associate justice in
the Barnard B. Evans case brought by
1, Fr?ser Lyon,- former attorney gen
ial. Chief Justice Eugene B. Gary is
I llsquallfled to sit In the hearing.
Should be rewarded with j
a present of some kind.
There is nothing more
pleasing- or more lasting
than Jewelry. And there
is no better stock to select
from than ours.
Are You Going
To Give a Medal?
If so we can furnish you
with the better kind, gold
or silver and can do the
engraving in the desirable
style and promptly.
Try /HMO; Ski nTroubles Vanish
Buy ,t 25c bottle today and prove It
Glory! A remedy for skin torture*
that makes everybody smile and say
" Hooray!" If yA>u have that terrible
fiery, unreachable itching, scorching,
raw ?zema,yt?rlckly heat, rash, tetter,
irritated oj inflamed skin, blotches.
plmplesVo/ blackheads, you will mar
vel at the results of ZEMO.
ZEMO is a clean, untlseptlcsolutlon,
not a greaso or olntmont. Itehing van
ishes at the first application. This Is
absolutely guaranteed or money re
funded. Use It on the baby, too, It
gives Immediate relief In nil skin tor
tures. Dandruff and scalp Itchng van.
"Suffered 23 years with eczema. Fin
ally tried ZBMO. It cured me sound
and well. That was 15 months ago.
ZWMO Is a blessing." Mrs. E. Enson.
Hope, Ark.
ZEMO 1? sold In 25c sealed bottles
and guaranteed in Lnurens by Lauren*
Drug Co.

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