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President's Daughter Mar
ried Yesterday Afternoon.
The Bride Is (he Second of the Presi
dent's Three Daughters. Groom has
been in District Attorney Whitman's
Office, hut will he Connected with
Wiiiium? College.
Washington, I). C, Nov. 25.?Sur
rounded by dose friends, relatives and
numbers of Washington's official fam
ilies, the center of a scene of beauty
an'd brilliance characteristic of White
House weddings. Miss .losfcie Wilson,
daughter of the president and Francis
II. Sayre, of New York, were married
this afternoon. From the time of the
announcement of the engagement of
Miss Jessie Woodrow Wilson, second
of the president's three daughters,
and Francis 1!. Sayre the entire coun
try took the liveliest interest in the
arrangements for the wedding, and as
the (lay, Nov. 25, approached the in
terest increased apace. With the re-'
turn of Mis. Wilson and her daugh
ters to Washington about the middle \
of October the White House took on
an air of added activity, and the do-j
tails of the wedding were so varied
and numerous that Mrs. Wilson was
(diliged to call in another social sec
While Miss Wilson was the thir
teenth bride going forth from the
White House, her marriage was only
the fifth in which the bride was a
president's daughter. It was announc
ed that the company witnessing the
wedding would not he as large as that
assembled at the marriage of Miss
Alice Roosevelt and Nicholas lxmg
worth, for the president and his wife
desired to limit an official company to
about 400 guests. t
Selecting the Quests,
As a visit made by Miss Is; belle
llagncr, rs. Wilson's social : 'rota
ry, to the summer White House at
Cornish. N. II., there was made what
was believed to he a final revision of
the ' ..ielal guests and personal friends
to whom invitations were to he sent.
Following this final revision, however,
there were additions and subtractions
made from time to tlimc, hut the list
always was carefully guarded. It was
a delicate matter, this selection of the
guests, and Washington society par
ticularly awaited the names of the
highly favored ones.
The plans called for the wedding to
be held at 4:30 p. m. on Teusday, Nov.
2.r). Tile Rev. Sylvester W. Heach, the
president's pastor at Princeton, N. J.,
was selected to perform the ceremony.
The Official Details.
When the official details of the wed
ding were announced it was seen that
the bride would be attended by her el
der sister, Margaret, as maid of honor
and her younger sister, Eleanor; Miss
Mary Q. White of Baltimore, Miss A.
Qoucher, a college friend of the bride;
Miss Adeline Mitchell Scott, daughter
of Professor William B. Scott of
Princeton, and Miss Marjorie Brown,
daughter of Mrs. Wilson's cousin. Colo
nel F. t. Brown, of Atlanta, Ca., as
Dr. Wilfred t. Grenfell, with whom
Mr. Sayi'e worked in Labrador, was
selected as the best man, and the ush
ers were named as follows: Benjamin
R. Burton of New York, a graduate of
Williams college. 1912; Dr. Scoville
Clark of Salem, Mass., Whom Mr.
Sayre knew in Labrador and with
whom he trailed northern Newfound
land; Dr. Gilbort H. flora* of Mont
olalr, N. .1., classmate of the bride
groom at Williams, das?; of 1909, now
at Johns Hopkins, medical school, and
Charles 0. Hughes, Jr., son of Justice
Hughes of the United States supreme
court, who was a classmate of Mr.
Sayre at Harvard law school.
Elegance and Simplicity.
Invitations to the wedding WGI'C in a
Stylo of simple elegance, engraved on
ivory tinted'heavy paper, double fold,
about !? by 10 Inches, with the United
States coat of arms embossed heavily
in white at the top. They read in mod
est serlbt:
"The President and Mrs. Wilson re
quest the pleasure of the presence of
-(blank line for the name of guest
written skillfully with a pen to match
Miss Jessie Wilson, Br.de.
Eaat Room, White House.
Dr. Grenfell, Best Man.
Miss Margaret Wilson.
l'liotoKraphs copyrighted, 1U13. by Ameri
can Press Association.
Francis B. Sayre, Bridegroom.
Miss Eleanor Wilson.
the engraving exactly), at the inarlragc
of their daughter, Jessie Wood row, t<>
Mr. Krauels Howes .Sayn-, on Tuesday,
November the Twenty-fifth. Nineteen
Hundred and Thirteen, at half after 1
o'elock at the White House, Wash
ington, D. C"
Handsome nodding Gown.
The wedding gown was unade in
New York and was of soft ivory tint
ed satin with much rare old lace. The
lingerie portions of the trousseau were
all handmade and of the daintiest ami
most delicate construction and materi
als. It had been planned thai simplic
ity was to he the Keynote of the whole
affair and that while the wedding
company was to bo largo it was to be
more personal than official,
Naturally every one was interested
In the young man who had won the
'hand of the daughter of the president.
! Francis Howes Sayre. scion of the old
I and wealthy Sayre family of eastern
Pennsylvania, which built ami partly
owns the Lehigh Valley railroad, is a
graduate of Williams college and of
the Harvard law school. For the past
year Mr. Sayre has been connected
with the office of District utornoy
Charles S. Whitman in New York. Mr.
Sayro's mother, daughter of John Wil
liamson Nevin, president of Franklin
and Marshall collcgcf, Lancaster, Pa.,
is a descendant of Hugh Williamson
of North Carolina, one of the trainers
of the United States constitution. One
of her sons Is now a minister in China
Mr. Sayre is also Interested i" social
settlement work.
Something Ihoul the Bride.
Miss Jessie Wilson was born at
Gainesville, Gn. Her early education
was at home Under a German Rovcrn
, ess. After finishing her studies at the
Haltiinoro Woman's college who went
Into settlement work. She is the
youngest member of the national
.hoard of the Voting Woman'.. Chris
linn association, and she composed ;>
number of the prayers read at the V.
M, ('. A. convention at Richmond, Va.
lake her mother, she is a blond, with
a Greek profile, a delicate rose pink
complexion and large blue eyes, she
plays tennis, rides horseback, swims
and dances.
As this was to b chrysanthemum
wedding, it had been arranged to have :
great quaitics of this flower adorn
the White Mouse. The predominating!
color was lainuve, the bride's favorite
color, and there is no color which con
trasts and harmonizes more perfectly
with the newly decorated white House.
The Hone) moon IMuns.
Tentative plans for the honeymoon
Included a visit to Windsor Forges,
near ChurchtOWIl, Pa., the ho;::; Ol
Miss Ncvin, the bridegroom's aunt,
where Miss Wilson and Mr. Sayre
were visiting when they first no t. Mr.
Sayre will take his bride to William -
town, Mass., where their home, leased
from Professor William F. McICIfresll,
at 40 Grace street, has been put in
readiness for them.
Washington society folk were i:i
tensely interested in the trousseau,
and when it arrived at the White
House from New Vork. Baltimore and
Washington it was seen that the pre
dominating color was violet.
In addition to arranging the details
of the wedding Miss Wilson was btl >
dirt ctlng the furnishing and decoration
of hoi' future home in William-town.
I where they will live after January,
I when Mr. Sayre will sever his connec
tion with the office of District Attor
ney Whitman In New York ond lake
up his new duties as- iss-; ta'nt to Pros
(dent Harry A; Gar field of William
Meeting of V, i>. t.
The .1. B, Kershaw < in . I*. I?.
('.. will meet with Mrs. W. R, i; ey,
Jr., Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.
To Sell Kancj Work.
As has boon done on several occa
sions heretofore, the Indies of the
episcopal church will sell fancy ar
ticles and other things suitable for
['Christinas gilts at MInter Company's
Store Monday, December 2nd. One of
tlx Windows will he given over to the
display of these articles and the ladies
themselves will he present to show
and sell thetn.
(ilfts for the I'oor.
The children of the Laurcns made 1
school will this year continue a cus
tom begun several years ago at
Thanksgiving time by making a collec
tion of edibles and articles of cloth
ing to bo sent to the different denom
inational orphanages and tie- county
poor home. Yesterday the chlldr< n
began to bring in these things and
this morning still more will be col
lected. After all is in, the collection
Will 1).- e<|||;illy divided bei .Vein the
orphanages and the county home. The
children usually make a very substan
tial collection for these purposes.
Irrosled for Itobbcrj,
John Henry Aborcromble ami Jim
Dendy, colored, were lodged in th'
county jail last werk for fobbing an
other n< gro of about forty dollars dur
ing the negro fair held below Pros
pect church, it is charged that the
negro who lost the 'money was asleep
on the grounds when these two ne
groes rifled his H?ckels and secured
? lie money. Jim Dendy has been lei
out on bond, but John II nry A.!)or
'crombie Is still in jail.
Ilox Slipper for Warrior Creek.
cordially In
in lite enti
old rvrcoY house
gutted by flames
House Occupied b) K. F. Sexton Pound
Mire Thursday Morning und ?ns So
riousl) Damaged.
Tho old Dr. McCoy bouse, occupied
by Mr. K. F Sexton and now owned
by Mrs. Douglns Gray, was damaged to
a very large extent by lire early Th?rs
ihi\ morning. The blaze was not dts
covered until uettrlj the whole top of
the roof was on lire ami hail reached
such proportions that it was with dlf
lleulty thai the lire department saved
the building front total loss. As it was
the roof was a total loss, the second
story is very much charred and nth
erwise damaged and the ground lloor
with the furniture is considerably
damaged by smoke ami water. lie
cause of the heat and danger from
falling timber, the lire lighters were
able to take out hut little of the furni
ture, The inmates escaped from the
house without any injuries though
several had to have in their night
npparrcl The tire department was
on the scene soon alter the alarm was
given and rendered effective work In
extinguishing the blaze,
it i- not known definitely how the
tire originated, hut Chief Crown has.
advanced the theory that the roof was
set on hj spar Us living from the
the chimneys ulna lire- wen- ma l. by
some of t.e glass blowers roturnini
from work. Mr, SeMou runs a board
lug house and a number of the gbtsi
worker stay there. However, i.hh
only a surhtlso and the lire might have
been caused i>> rats striking match. '
Thi' building had an insnram e poll
i v of $:i.(H)U on it and the furniture
a policy; for $.S(I(). Tbl? will probably
cover the losses, with the possible c.\
('option of a piano.
This residence formally st.I win re
the post olllee now j. and faced mi
Main hired. It was moved several
years ago lo its present location in
the tear ot the post office. Repair
will he undertaken on it at an earl',
It KD < KOKS SI] \ I. IGKM'l KS.
Preparations now being Made for tue
Sale of lied Cross Seals for t hrist.
Columbia, s. ('., Nov. HI. The lo ad
quarters of the Ited Cross Seal Coin
mission of South Carolina has hoch a
busy seen, for the last two week
The Secretary, Iteed S.nith. reports
that r..'. agents have been secured thus
far. Full supplies of seals and ad
vertising material have been shipped
to the fololwing towns and oillo! in
the state:
Abbeville, Hrlghtsvlllo, Choraw, Car
lisle. Darlington, (laffney, llartsville,
Lancaster. Ml, Pleasant, Orangeburg,
Society Hill,, Slimier, Walhalla. Alken,
Batcshurg, Clinton, Cnlhoun Falls,
Rdgefleld, Greenwood, Itnnan, Little
Mountain. Marion. Pinopolis, St.
Oeorge, Scotia. Whitinire, Adrian. Cam
cron, Charleston, Cnmden, Knoree,
Greenville, Johnston, Little Hordt,
Moore, Howesvollle, Sprlngfb Id, Sei
lors, Hraneh ville, Chester, Conway,
Cordesville, Grnnlteville, lloneu Path,
Jefferson, Leesville, Nowborry Itidge
j Spring, Spartanburg, St. Matthew s
Shipments are being made up tu
rapidly ris possible for the agents in
other localities, and will go out In the
next few days, as follows:
Columbia, Landrum, Vorkville. Cros
Hill. Union, Mullins, Renn fort', Hock
Hill. Surninervllle, Wililamdon, New
ry. MoCorinlck.
An idea of Ho- magnitude of tin work
may he gained from the fact I hat Co
Iota's of all these shipment) con i t
of ::oo,o(io Red Cross Christmas FV'tils,
1200 large display cards, ll.OOO blot
tors. COO envelops for seals, and ',.(.
special advertising folder., inside
slides for moving picture shows and
s| eclnl newspaper cuts.
I f your town i hot on tin list, giv
en above write ?<? tie secretary, Co
lumbla, S. C, and secure the agency.
May he Special Term.
Solicitor It A. Coope r Is In Newber
ry holding court this week, but Clerk
of Court Rower staled yesterday that
. . >l made a reeiiii I '<
? in of court duing Jnnu
l! fit ito h.'IS heel) !:? I
no! hue,.vii whether or
i fa! term will he h< Id,
Itox Su|iper at Sliiloli.
Will he- a box Up
i ' poi building on Tl ank
100 Others Paroled or Par
doned > estenlay.
Papers ?III In? Delivered at I lie IVui
leilthirj und Com it I t amps (his
Morning (thing freedom (o One
II ii n (I red ('outlet*, ss*j since Iniin
i* in nl ion.
Itohort Law 'on. convicted of man
slaughter nl Hi" January 10111 term ol
the conn of general sessions for ihis
nunity, having Killed hin falhoi on
the :,tr?ets of Clinton Boveral months
I? fore, iia^ Upon paroled i>> (loveriuu
Please. Law son and ninety nine otli
or convicts wero frci>,| by the govnrtioi
in aeeordanee with hin eiiHtom of
granting pardons and paroles at
Thanksgiving Ihne. The following in
the name'; of the convicts from thi
county who received executive <?!? :n
onej :
I.auson. Itobei't, iwhitei convicted
al the January, l!H!t, ti rm ol eoui'l foi
Lauren: 'nunty, ol manslaughter, ami
npnti ?>< . ! lo ti \, \ ears' in u*li on noni
upon the public works ol Lahrons
ceii m > I 'a roh I. i' 11 Inj: gin I I 'ha vior,
Xoviml. r I'M:;.
11 tili. Itlehai I. i eoloi oil I ? on v i ed
a! Mi" Ma> . I'.iu?, t> rin ol emirl foi
l.aurius < oiiat \ ol in.mil i ivilll reeon
inendi'tion lo more,' ..ml itiMitoneed In
life Iniprisonmonl in the State I'mil
leutiary. I'pnii this showing llic de
lendanl was paroled dllring rood he
havior, Novoinhoi I11?1.
Sweet. Will, (colored) Convleled al
tin \pril, I'n::. lerm ofCourl foi l?au
. i ns COIinly, of as : nit am! Iialti |*>
with |n|i ii! to kill, and si lilenced t,
IIfteeit mouths' ImpriKonmeni upon tl
public works ol l,aurcii: eoiiuly, oi In
i lie State Pi nllonl lary. In view ol 11 ?
circumstances suiTniimliin Ulis case
I he I' i it on !: oil) ten ?,! | In \\> rot . .: ??
tin- petition fro in tin citiy.ens of I ?an
ion county, Co- defeiidanl has heen
granted a parole, dining good behavior
:ovi?nher 25, 1013,
Lenke. Vnndoir, (colored) Con ? ti>il
at the .lanuary, 1007, term of <ouit
tor Lnurens county, of murder, with
recommendation i<> mercy, ami sen
lenci'd to life Imprisonment in the
State Penitentiary, in ol lhin
endorsement 'Mid the strong pel ion
presented, w leli Is i Igned hy I 1
Copelaml, i. ii. Stone, i it. Copeland
.1. Y Addy, I > W Mai on. It I ><? lor
W. A. Shands, It. It Mllain, A. It
lllakeley, lt. I.. Ilallcy, ll L, Todd
TIlOS I Ilm K. tt. It I' Adair. W H
Templeton, <" M Ihilley, M, s. Iiailny,
It ll. Young, \V, ll. Shands, and otl
? r citizens of the county of l*auri n
the defeiidanl having served mot.
than sj\ year's Imprisonment, a pain''
has keen granted him, during rood lie
havior. Parole dated November 2a
I til 3.
Lark, Ooorgo, i< olorodj Convie,i t
at the September, P'L't, lerm of eie.
for Lauren comity, of violation ol
the dispensary law, ami sentenced lo
pay a line of $"30 or to serve ? i/i.i
iionlhs upon the public work rf.l
Laureus count). In vie \ of tin
oiuniondnlion, above i|uotod, from tin
board of pardon; . ti.< si nfence of I"
defendant wi.s ? nmmut! -i to a line ..?
$|2i"i, or eight months' iinprisoninoni
upon the public works of Ltiun i)
county, 'Hi November 1013,
Jones, Tom. (colored Convicted
tin- .lanuary. 1008, term of COU ? '
Laurons county, of manslaughter. ;
sentenced to ten years' Imprisonim-ii'
in the Sta'e Penitentiary In vh ? ?"
ib" petition presented, ami the lac1
that, the defendant ha: < r.ycd ?< n
than half of the sentence imposed uj
on him, he has thb day i>< ? n granted
a parole during good la ha> ?<"'? 1
Columbia, Novoinlx r 2'!. Pr< ?
pa ! 'Ion record w ere brok< 1
(,o: ernor I '?' a " ;' 111 ted ! ignat u i ?
t o pi;'' * r ?' '? ! 111111g i rei:o o m ' ?

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