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Wax Department Recommends Thej be
Mustered Out. Blease to Sate Them*
Columbia. November 22.?All Feder
al aid has been withdrawn from tho
military companies at Chesterfield,
Bennettsville, Barnwell, Conway and
Bamberg, and the war department r?>c
oinmends thai they be mustered oul of
tho National Guard of South Carolina
a:.d disbanded, according to o letter re
ceived by Governor Blease from Secre
tary of War Lindley M. Garrison. This
reoommoudatlou and withdrawal of all
Federal aid follows the rciuspection o;'
the thirteen companies found deficient
at the spring examinations.
Governor Blease will not muster out
ih* companies, but will put the whole
matter up to the coming session of tho
General Assembly, so ho stated this
?ting. The governor will call a con
ference of the ranking officers of the
Nationul Guard to lay tho matter he
fore them, and tili? conference will bo
participated In by Brig. Gen. Wilie
Jones, Col, W. W. Lewis, of the 1st reg
iment; Col. C. T. Lipscomb, of the 2nd
regiment; Col. Julius K. Cogswell, of
the 3d regiment: Assistant Adjt. Gen.
O. "W. Babb and the captains or officers
in charge of tho five companies recom
mended to ht? dismissed.
Improved Since Spring.
The companies at Liberty, two in Co
lumbia, Darlington. Llloree, Walter
boTO and Lancaster companies, are
found to have Improved since the
spring examination and will bo retain
ed, some changes and improvements
being suggested by Secretary Garri
The governor states that ho hopes
to get the five companies from which
Federal aid has been withdrawn to re
organize, and come up to the standard
required so that they can retain their
membership In the National Guard of
the State.
It was known some days ago that
Secretary Garrison had written a let
ter to Governor Blease on the South
Carolina militia, and on his return
from Jacksonville this morning, on be
ing asked about such a letter, said:
Governor's Statement.
Yes: I found the letter here upon
my return from Jacksonville. The let
ter bears date November 10, but It
reached this office only on November
I am very much pleased with the
?outcome of the rciuspection. As a mat
ter of course, 1 would have been very
much. V ittor pleased If all the com
panies had been able to make good.
However, when I was requested loj
muster out thirteen companies it is
?voll remembered that I absolutely re
fused to do so and requested that ro
i;,.-pection. which now has been held
and completed, and as a result eight
Companies are saved. Five. I regret to
say. it seems will have to he mustered
out. But 1 presume I will be given a
? little credit for saving the remainder
of the companies. It Is much better
to lose only five than it would have
boon to lose thirteen, and had 1 done
as l was requested to d<> at flrsl these
thirteen companies would have been
mustered out and we would not have
been able to have saved those which
tho war department now recognizes as
all right.
Feels Well Repaid.
'1 regret very much that the com
panies at ?Chesterfield, Henncttsville,
Barnwell, Conway and Bamberg failed
to present themselves In such condi
tion as that they could.be retained.
However. I fool thoroughly well paid
Kir my light In having saved the com
panies at Liberty Hill, tho two Colum
bia companies and the Darlington. 131
>rco, Wnltorboro and Lancaster com
panies. It will be noticed, too, that
among the companies which I have
saved are the two very important com
panies of l311oree ami Wnltorboro. Of
course, the Others arc not less impor
tant fro 'mono standpoint, but condi
tions may arise which would make
these two very necessary to the pro
tection of the white people of their
< ommunitlcs.
"I do not care to give the letter out
In full as I th ik it would bo a mis
take just at this time. I shall, how
ever address a letter to the captain
ol each of these companies, stating
to him the conditions as reported by
tho war department, and asking him to
make one more attempt to get him
self and his company in shape, f shall
then make final report of the entire
matter to the legislature, after con
sultation with some military oftlcers,
and ask the Legislature to take what
? vor action is necessary and I hope, at
?he latest, by the first of March or
\prll; to have all these companies back
.n position to remain members of the
National Guard of South Carolina."
If your food gives you distress after
eating, it Is a sign that your stomach
is weak, and needs help. The best
help you can give it is Dr. M. A. Sim
mons' Vegetable Liver Medicine. It
?purifies the stomach and bowels,
strengthens digestion and restores a
hue feeling of vigor and cheerfulness.
?Buy only the genuine put up In a litho
graphed titi. box. Price 2.1c. Sold by
ul! druggists.
Jones, Nov. 25.?We are Indebted to
the following friends for recent kind
favors. Messrs. Thos. and Jeter O'dell.
Tbos. Woods, J. A. Johnson, das.
Chandler, Krank Langston, .lohn Free
man. J. C. Mahry, W. n. 11111, ami s. C.
Though a little lato we wish to ox
tend our eongratulatlons to Mi-<s Em
ailc Culbertson and Mr. .lohn Frank
Hill, who were recently ainrriod.
Wo recently had the pleasure of
mooting the following friends, Co!. .1.
II. Whartotl and son. Carl, of Water
loo, .lohn McDlll of Due West, Hon.
Melvtn Ashley and Robert Monroe of
Honea Path and Mr. Barmore Dunn
of shoals Junction,
Dr. Ft. 11. Kpting. of Greenwood, was
here professionally last week.
The friends of Mr. .las. Graham of
Hodges, regret to learn of his Illness
and wish for him a speedy recovery.
Mis. Dr. W. T. Jones ami daughter
were the recent quests of Mrs. Win.
Henry Moore.
Mi-. Johnnie Mahry recently pur
chased a very line horse.
Those wishing to purchase beauti
ful partridge wyandottcs" can write
Mr. Wilmot Smith, of Ware Shoals.
Hon. and Mrs. .1. F. Morrison are
visiting their sons Wesley and Mack,
in Anderson.
Rev. das. M. Dallas is making con
siderable Improvements on his farm.
Mrewerton Ixulge 183, A. F. M., will
meet on Saturday, 27th of December,
In a. in. There will be work in the
10. A. and F. ('. degrees; also election
and installation of officers. Members
are urged to attend and visitors will
be cordiaaly welcomed.
u. v. Wm. Bughnrdt of I lodges,
preached a splendid sermon lo re Sun
day afternoon.
We extend congratulations to Miss
Melon A. Coleman. a former teacher of
Jones high school, who was married
to Mr. Laurence'Clewing of Summer
ton on the 19th. Miss Coleinan is the
accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. 1). Coleman of Coronaea. She is a
very charming young lady and will he
greatly missed in society.
HI,Ai l Ii IT. II Mit!
What a pleasant thing to have said
to you! And why shouldn't it be? Von
who envy oth< I their lovely hair, and
are ashamed f the dull. lifeless,
stringy apppoaranco of your own use
Harmony Hair Bcnutifler, and let oth
ers envy you.
This delightful liquid seems 10 pol
ish and brighten the hair, giving it
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up and "stay put" making it more
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It overcomes the unpleasant, oily smell
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those around you. Very easy to ap
ply simply sprinkle a little on your
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tains no oil; will not change the color
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To keep hair ami scalp dandruff
free and clean, use Harmony Sham
poo. This pure liquid shampoo f.ivos
1111 instantaneous rich lather that lm
modtatoly penetrates to every part of
hair an ' scalp, insuring a quick, thor
oueh cleansing. Washed off just as
qul ly. the entire operation lakes on
ly .. lew (moments. Can't harm the
hair: loaves no harshness or stickiness
- just a sweet cleanliness.
Roth preparations come in o ld shap
ed, very ornamental bottles, with
sprinkler lops. Harmony Hair Benu
tlllor, $1.0". Harmony Shampoo, ??e.
Moth guaranteed to satisfy you in ev
ory way, or your money back. Sohl in
this community only at our store
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than 7.000 leading drug stores of the
United states, Canada ami Groat Brit
ain, which own the big Harmony lab
oratories in Boston, where the many
celebrated Harmony Perfumes and
Toilet Preparations are made, Lau
rens Drug Co.. lo:: W. Main St.. Todd
Block, I.aureus, S. '\
To the Junk Heap
With Calomel
lie lion lib y,
happy, nnd you
will b?', if you
cut out danger
ous Calomel ami
ako the. famous
H \ '?Springs
ij1 v Buttons
Zroi Arkansas,
?ost on oart h for
clogged Ii vor, loss
of appetite, di/.
ttincss, initial , headache and fal
low skin. The, aroawonderful bi dy
?ionic. 25 cents, nil dealers.
Prcc sample MVKR IJUTTONSnud booklet
about tWO Lenne; I lot SprhiR? Rheumatism
Remedy and Hol Kprhi? : ninod Remedy lion*
Hol Sprin??* Clicmical Co., Mot Spi inns. Ar It.
Laurens, S. C,
Jmo. W. Forgu?on C. C. Feotherstone
W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C,
Prompt and careful attention given
tottJl buahMM.
Office Over Palmetto Bank.
Warrior Creek, Nov. 2?. Rev. U S
Shealy filloii Iiis appointment Satur
day and Sunday. He also resigned as
pastor on Saturday. Wo regret very
l lUCli to give him Up but, wish for him
much success jn his new field of work.
Miss Edna Entrekln was at home toi
a number of her young friends Satur
day evening from seven 'till ten in
honor of our efficient school teacher,
Miss Irene Clayton, of North Carolina
Misses Btta ami Lillian Drownlee
spent the week-end in Greenville
Mrs. Nannie Martin and daughter,
Until, visited Mrs. Adams in Konntain
Inn the first of the week
Misses Robin Patterson and Caro
line Fowler of Lanford was the woek
end guest of Mrs. M. W. \V. Fowler.
Mrs. Calvin Knight and sou. J. K
are visiting relatives In Greenville.
Misses Hohin Patterson und Caroline
Fowler spent Saturday with Miss
Krllht llrowuloc
Mr. and Mr* \V M Steven* of Ort?)
Court at tended ehureh here Sunday. |
Miss Anna Rhodes was the guest or
Miss Clara Uarrctt Sunday.
Mrs. O. F. Fowler of l.antord spent
Sunday with Mr. J. A. Fowler and fam
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Slftudmd iteiiprid MrettRthtnttti tonic,
lUOVH'S TAK'l'KI I thill I > 1 n to. drive* oul
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?tuiiure Apt* on i. I'im iu\ulU?udchlliltca. Sec.
IT r v \ s 10 iti v
IN I. \| KI Ns.
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you may need in this Big Department Store: Clothing, Hats, Caps, Shoes, Dry Goods, Millinery, Rib
bons, Laces, Embroidery, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs,
Gloves, Pants, Overalls, Ladies' Dress Skirts, Shirtwaist, Underskirts, Corsets, Corset Covers, Long
Coats, Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Drugs, Stationery, Candy, Tobacco, Cigars, Trunks, Suit Cases, Um
brellas, Rugs, Oil Cloth, Window Shades, Wall Paper, Crockery, Tin, Glassand Enameled Ware, Lamps,
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I'or less money.
.'_?.-),? Table Oil Cloth .
25c Colgate's Talcum Powder .
$1.00 Watch, good timepiece .
$2.00 Solid Cold Hand Ring. . .
It) hoxos Matches (worth 50c
12 cakes Polo Soap.
S cakes (5c) Laundry Soap .
20c large Tin Rucket .
50c .Men's Heavy Underwear.
5c Good Callico.04 1 2
$3.00 ICighl Day Clock.1.98
1 Durham Duplex Razor, <_rii;ir
20c Tooth Brush.10
1 Table of big values in Crock
cry, each.10
50c set white Plates.39
50c sei Teacups and Snuccrs . . .39
Don't fail 1?' -.ur 5c. 10c. 15c
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$1.00 Alarm ('look, wake up . .
:> lbs Epsom Salts (30c) our
1 Hi Sulphur 10c) our price. .
All $l.tio bottle best Medicines
made for.
All 50C bullies, our ptiee ...
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WE HEAT I'lli: WORM) i?\
While Sen Island in lengths 10
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h pays to buy your goods til J,
C, Hums & Co., I tig I lopjirl
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sell same gOOtls for less |||oiio\
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al 08. 97. 2.95, 3.75, 0.39 up
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He on i ime i iiii<> is money
i hose il.iv s lnisi |e,
21 lbs Stand.ird (Ii'tlliulllled Sugar
for. 1.00
For evoi'.v bod.v from baby up to
grandJaddy. We will stive you from
10c, 25c tu 50c a pair on your full
bill of Siloes if Voll Will come to .1
('. Hunts ?V ('?? . the Iii? I Icpnrlni'iil
Store, and figure W? ll Us.
$2.50 large family I'.il.le.98
Special lot Ladies' <'olljirs.10'
10c Leiimu and Vanilla Hxlraets .08
25c pkg. Itlaek Draught.15
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W> e.in s;i\ ,? \ ,,ii I'rolii 15e In :!.?<?
oil yolll' plll'ellil <cS made here.
The proof of the pudding is oaling
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( 'ollle lm\ ,i loll a lid pill Us |n 1 lie
Rig < 'up value* going ni .15. .25.
S|.in I lu| Men's lints, hni.iuhl
ill house sanipb s and odd lols
going nl .08. .98 1 48
Fine Dress Ijats bi(cS| Ivies
$2 50 gua'raiilcod Hal foi . . 1 98
ST( >CK.
Soda. Soaps. Matches, Haking Pow
ders, Tobacco, Cigars, etc.
Hig slock heavy Winter Shoes nl money
saving prices as long as the stock
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You'll save money.
(!omo along John und
Lisi en to my song
And gc( your w inter g> qds
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1 good Lantern for.
Special bit good Sweet Cniulics, 111 ..
?lusi made a bi<_r deal in Men's !i :ts
going ;>i .48. .75. .98. $1.39 up to $1.98
Our bats cover I he head of i his Pied
mont .- (itioil like the (lew.
(inn Shells, loaded, rod hot prices.
i (i |l,s good Parched ColV.iou . . .$1.00
Job lot I.Males, le; .-ups and snuccrs
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Hosiery for I hi; whole family, wann
members .08c. ,10c. .13. .15 up to,
"We want your trade" i> v. by we soli
same goods for less money.
1 large 120c i Tin Hucket .
Hig values in Tinware, Crockery and
(.Slassware. down in the basement.
('onto and see,
Hunts is making Hie lire My. 1" boxes
Sciitvliliglil M.iL-lies Tor'.25
(Jood wann Cloves g<>inK at 25c. 39c.
48c. up to.98c
75c Corset, extra long.43
$1,25 (lorsel. extra long.98
bin ?
tnd Ties ami bows, beau
. .10. 15. .25 11.
U" cvi'i'vdav and Sun
.39. 45 un
$4 97
Standard (iiMiiulateil Suga
RED IRON RACKET CREW "Is Johnny On The Spot" and will wait on you. Messrs R. E. Thompson
R. L. Simpson, Carl A. Bramlett, Smith J. Martin, D. R. Simpson; L. E. Burns and Miss Florence Jones.
Six Special Bargain Days Each Week. Don't Spend a Red Cent Until You Get to
J. C. Burns
J. C. Burns
We are Located Completely out of the High-priced District 210 West Laurens St., Next to Bramlett's Shop

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