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Tuft Thinks Wilson Jh Oeing Too Fust.
TalkH of 1?H Hun.
New York, Nov. lit. -Speaking on
"Holding tho Phlllioplnos' before, tho
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and science
tonight, ex-l'rosldcnl William II. Taft
attacked tino policy of the Wilson ad
ministration as demonstrated In lio
nets of Oovornor General Francis
Hurton Harrison slnco he took over
the rains of govornmout of tho Islands
early last month.
Mr. Taft spoke al length on the
history of the American occupation
with which he bad boon connected as
governor general, secretary of war ami
as president almost continuously from
Hint) to 1013, ending this pan of his
discourse with the statement that
in his belief the great uneducated ;
mass of the IMilllplnos, which must bo
protected, was not ready for self
gOVOrnmeilt and would not he ready
for another generation.
He took exception to the policies of
President Wilson in grunting more
powers In tie- government and legis
lation to the Filipino "politicians."
"Are wo to t It'll those islands over
to an oligarchy of orators who be
lieve in aristocracy, have no real con
ception of lud Vidual liberty aiol no
capacity for successful popular gov
ernment"? Mr. Taft asked. Continu
ing, he declared that the "minute the
strong background of a powerful gov
ernment is withdrawn the difficulties
between the Moros, who have a racial
hatred for the Phlllplnos, will at once
develop. The Moros have notified us
that they will not stand Filipino gov
"The declaration of the administra
tion,'' contlntued the spdaker, "that
they are looking forward to ultimate
Independence has been accepted by
the Filipino politicians as a great
boon, although Mr. McKinley. Mr.
Iloosovell and I promised it from the
first, hut wo were a little more definite
in saying we did not think it was
Coming for a generation or more. The
present administration llxos no time
but their attitude heretofore has !.u
such that the mere declaration of
their intention to furnish ultimate In
dependence is accepted by the Fili
pinos as a promise of early Independ
Fear I be Put lire.
"When tlie Filipinos Und they are
no nearer independence under Demo
cratic than they were under Republi
can administration they will think
themselves deceived, 'ibis may lead
to disturbances which will have to bo
put down with a strong hand.
"Upon the arrival of Mr. Harrison,
he called for ti e resignation of the
heads of important bureaus in the
islands and announced his Intention
of appointing Filipinos to some of
those places and American from th ?
United states to others. These bu
reaus require a thorough knowledge'
of the Islands ami a technical famil
iarity with especial statutes and bu
reau regulation. I hope this removal
of competent officers is not the rasull
of a tendency towards the spoils sys
He Hull! 11.
"Word conies that advice from Fil
ipinos was sought by Mr. Harrison,
but none from Americans. It is re
ported that this attitude and the sud
den removals, together with rumors
of reductions of salaries of American
officials, created a panic among the
American civil servants so widespread
that Mr. Harrison in the Moro coun
try found it necessary to send a re
assuring dispatch back to Manila on
the subject. If tin- American civil
service in the Islands breaks down,
disaster certainly will follow.
"When, by whatever hard knocks,!
his representatives shall learn tho
truth as to the conditions in the Is
lands and communicates it to Presi
dent Wilson, I have confidence that
he will direct them to retrace any
steps which have led them away from
the COUl'SO marked out a decade ago
by McKinley and Hoot and success
fully followed down to March I. 1013.
My Confidence is based on the lan
guage used by President Wilson In bis
work on constitutional government in
respect :>) our duty in the Philiplues." |
Premixe IPs for One Thing Only, and
I.aureus People .ipprcclutc This,
Nothing em ho good for everything,
Doing one thing well brings suc
Donn's Kidney Pills are for one
thing only.
For weak or disordered kidneys
Here Is reliable evidence of their
Mrs. C. Todd, Broad St.. Clinton. S.
C, says: "I had kidney trouble and
when I heard about Donn's Kidney
Pills. I began using them. They soon
cured me and I have not boon bother
ed since. I strongly recommend Donn's
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The above is not an isolated case,
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ter Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Made ail Address before Teachers In
Which He Laid Stress on Benefits of
County School Journals.
Supt. of Education Geo. L. Pitts was
tho Ktiost of tho teachers of Sumtor
county at a electing held In the city
of Suinter last week. Mr. Pitts was
on the program foi' an address ami
spoke on tho benefit a of having a
school journal edited by the children
of the county. The Suinter Watchman
and Southron, a semi-weekly paper of
that County, made a report on i\
mooting, which was, in part, as fol
"The feature of the Thursday after
noon session were ihe talks by Supt.
fJco. I*. Pitta of Laurens county on
the PenofltS Derived from a County
School Journal; by Miss Mary Lom
iniiii, who outlined her plans of
school work for the year, and by Miss
Mary 10. Fiayser of the department of
economics of Winthrop College, on
The lOnrlchmeut ami Vltallzatlon of
School 'Course hy the Addition of Do
mestic Science and Manual Training.
Thursday evening Prof. W. K, T?te
gave ti imost Interesting lecture with
kiaotoscoplc views of schools, showing
what they had been and what they
? Mr. Pitts in his talk told or the
many benefits derived by the teach
ers and schools of Laurons county
from having a school journal and ad
vised the teachers of this county to
organize for the publishing of such a.
journal here. Ho told of the work
Which was necessary in preparing the
journal and gave a very interesting
story of how the work was done in
his coutny."
< ********* ********
? Princeton Locals.
?Princeton, Nov. 22.?Miss Vlnnye
Poosor has returned to her home horo
after ii visit to relatives In Anderson.
Mrs. Speake of Anderson spent last
week-end here with Capt. ami Mrs. .1
P.. Humbert.
Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Monroe and
daughters lOugonia, and Grace, spent
Tuesday in llonea Path shopping.
Capt. ami Mrs. .1. II. Humbert tue
visiting in Grcenvlllo this weok tin
guesl of their daughter, Mrs. a. .1.
Itov. ami Mrs. K. P. Morris ha>
returned home alter a visit to friends
in Greonvlllo.
Mr. H. B. Arnold spent Wedliosdnj
in llonea Path.
iDr. H. M. Bahb of llonea Path wai
a visitor here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. Davis spent Mon
day in I Ionen Path shopping.
Mr. Robert W. Arnold has returned
home after a visit to relatives in
Messrs Jamison, Jim Arnold, Joel
lllgby and Jones Washington wore
Sunday visitors here.
Mr. and Mrs. Broad US Rldgcway vis
ited relatives in llonea Path Satur
Mrs. Jao. P. Brltl spent Saturday In
llonea Path.
Mr. an.I Mrs. .1. 10, Allen and daugh
ter. Helen of llonea Path, visited Mr.
and Mrs. T. II. Carter Friday.
Mrs. !?]. I.. Rldgoway and daughter,
Nellie spent Saturday In llonea Path
with relatives.
Mrs. 10. S. Reaves of llonea Path
attended preaching service here Sun
Mr. William visited ,n llonea Path
Sat it rday.
Words of Praise
For H/Bayr's Wonderful
Stomach Remedy
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8hi! did. On.- more of those
paroxysm pains sin? was
/ having would have U.n >d
A her without a doubt. N?>w
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T 4 free from heart trouble i nu
free ti tin that disturbing
\ Neural [la*-all il?. result!
., . , . , . <" live treatments nnd
the expulsion of five ..r six hundred Gall Stones.
....w she is able i.i eat anything she wants and
her nnlwtlie la good and l>.,We taking your
mcillc uc Mie hail no npttctitc lind when rhe .
ni< in.ii.: ?he would suffer df.ith for ?> do
.m! louli] not Bleep at night/since takaic your
lre;<lment she sleeps well nil hi?jht long. T. A.
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:'i 'i' '.nl and cit.irrlml arcrctions allowing
? i. ? il.dels into the Stomach and otherwise
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u Miomach Keiucdy painlessly removes these
r-Uo'h ihotii .. surgical o|>crntlon and pun
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n biomach Ailments ..ml many grateful letters
iu.il people who have been restored.
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for rabbit skins, to keep the
baby warm. He is less roman
tic, but more practical
He buys a
and all during the cold Fall and Winter months his
house is kept warm and cozy for his wife and babies.
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there are children in the home. Every home has uses
for it
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Washington, D. C.
Richmond, Va.
Norfolk, Va.
(New Jersey)
Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
Slate of South Carolina,
County <>f Laurons?
in Court of Common Pl?ns
INGS. Individually and ;?s Adminis
trator, Plaintiff,
AND JAN 113 HARRIS, Defendants.
Pursuant to a decree of the court
in th^'above stated case. I will sell at
public outcry to tho highest bidder,
at Laurens ('. II.. S. C, on Salesday
In December next, being Monday the
1st day of the month, during the legal
hours for such sales, the following
described property, to wit:
Lot No. I. All that piece, lot and
parcel of land situate, lying and be
ing in the City of Laurens. in Laurens
county S. <.'.. with a dwelling house
thereon containing one-half of an
acre, more or less, being thirty six
(:'.('>) feet wide on the front and run
ning bach ninety nine feet and being
forty ( 10) feet wide in hack, said lot
fronts thirty six (36) feet on North
Harper street and is bounded on the
north by lot of Mrs. Lou P. Jones,
on the east by North Harper street,
on the south by lot of (i. lt. Franklin
ami on the west by lot of C. 10. Ken
Lot No. All that ple?e, lot or
parcel of land situate, lying and be
ing in the City of Laurens in Laurens
county, S. ('.. containing two (2) acres
more or loss and hounded on the north
by Laurens C?lUotory on tl e east by
lot of S. 1). Chtldress' estate, south by
lot of Dr. Rolfe G. Hughes, and on
west by North Harper street.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, bal
ance to be paid twelve months from
date of sale, the credit portion to be
secured by bond and mortgage of tho
purchaser over the said premises,
bearing legal Interest from date, with
leave to purchaser to pay his entire
bid in cash. Purchaser to pay for
papers. If the terms of sale are not
Complied with, the land to be re-sold
on same or some subsequent Salesday
on same terms, at risk of former pur
C.V.. C. P. and (',. St, Laurens, S. C.
Dated, this Nov. t'.. 1913. 16-3t
Take notice that on the l'.Hh day of
December, l will render a Until ac
count of my acts and doings as Ad
ministrator of tho estate of W. F.
Lawson, deceased, in the office of the
.lodge of Probate of Laurel.s county
at 11 o'clock, a. in., and on the same
day Will apply for a Hnal discharge
from my trusts as Administrator,
Any persons Indebted to said estate
are notified and required to make pay
ment on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven, or he forever barred.
November 10, 1013.-1 mo.
N. B. Dial A. C. Todd
Attorneys at Law
F.nterprlsc Bank Building, Lauren?, S. C.
Money to loan on Real Estate?Long
Between Greenville, Anderson and
Greenwood. Effectlyo Sunday. Scn-j
torn be r 7th, 1913. Trains leave and
arrive Main Street Terminal.
Leave Arrive
No. Time No. Time
;10 0:30 a. M. 31 7:35 a. M.
32 8:26 a. M. 33 9:35 a. M.
34 io::ir> A. m. 35 11:45 a. m.
36 12:05 P. M. 37 1:20 P. M.
:'.s L>:15 P. M. 39 3:2.") P. M.
?10 4:20 P. M. 41 r>:30 P. M.
12 5:40 P. M. 43 6:40 P. M.
44 6:45 P. M. 45 7:50 P. M.
40 9:10 P. M. 17 10:15 P. M.
Tickets on sale G. S. & A. Terminal
104 North Main street.
E. Thomason,
Gen. Mgr.
C. S. Allen,
Oen. Pass. Agent.
cW^/r?TUB DIAMOND it it \ Mt. ~
*/~?>iS?\L I.n.llret AkU your Dranfllt tot /j\
f. <( C?va*i t'bl.che4vl*ri DiamondTtrnnii//Y\
fc^iii'^K^ >*???? i? n??i "? i o..i,i i,,.t,ii,Av/
T^v^?T\>33 '""<"?. scilf l with Ulna Kil ton. \/
?*^VWl '?'???? ii"> ,ith- r. iliijr of your *
ri - fif nruguM. Mk f.r< ll|.OIIi:s.TK|{ H
C W DIAMOND lilt\.NI> eil.l.h, r.,r B5
V"0? Jh year*l;nowt>a?B?st,S?fejt,Alw?y$KelUb)?,
Some More of These Leak Bargains in Real Estate Houses and Lots
iu.~> iacres of land, six room dwell
ing. OHO tenant house, two b.'irns,
bounded by lands of s. M. Ball, W. '/..
Hall. S. M. Cook and Others Price
$1,750. Terms, $1,000 cash, remainder
live equal payments, Interest at< S
per cent.
2(11 1-1* acres of land, in Youngs
township, hounded by Rnoi'00 river,
near Aliens bridge. Dwelling and two
tenant houses and outbuildings. Terms
made easy.
lit; acres, in one m!!e of Ware
Shoals, three dwolllngs, six. live and
three rooms respectively. Bounded by
lands of Auk. Huff, .1. W. Peeks and
others. $6,500, Terms: one-half cash
balance in one year with interest.
1 l-l acres of land, a six room house,
with two barns and other buildings,
at the Watts Mills. Price $l,S00.
227 acres, near Ware Shoals, good
Improvement, known as tho Rivera
land. Prices made right.
60 acres of land, with two dwellings,
bound by hinds of Franks Grlllln, Live
ly Hunter and others. Price $3,000.
66 acres of land, four roottn dwell
ing and good outbuilding, in Sullivan
township, houmied by lands of C.
Thompson, estate of W. V. Bagwell,
M. Ii. Cheek and .1. C. Mil ford. Price
The outfit of the barber shop at. the
King Hotel, consisting of two chairs,
beautiful mirror, including till other
furniture and fixture. Price $3f>0.
10 acres of land, hound by lands of
Homer Armstrong, J, A. MePraerty and
others. Price $1,800.
Eight room dwelling, good improved
out-building, in the town of Gray
Court, $2,r.00.
Tbreo lots at the Watts Mills, nice
ly located, fronting North Harper
street. See mo for prices.
One four room cottage, in town of
dray Court, built 1912, finished com
plete, with a half aero lot. $C00.
If you do not find what you want
in tho list, call on me for further in
formation. I am always in touch with
parties wanting to sell or buy.
I Can Secure Loans and Make Advances on Real Estate
The Man That Divides the Earth to Suit Your Purse."
County Treasurer
The Books of the (flinty Treasuror
will be opened for the collection of
State. County and Cc nimutation Road
Taxes for fiscal yesi, 1313, at the
Treasurer's Olllce from October 15th.
to December 31st, 1912. After Decem
ber 31st, one per cent will be added.
After January ?lst, two per cent will
be added, and after February 28th.
seven per cent, will be added till the
16th day of March, 1914, when the
books will be closed.
All persons owning property In more
than one Township are requested to
call for receipts in each of the several
Townships in which the property Is
located. This is Important, as addition
al cost and penalty may be attached.
All able-bodied male citizens be
tween the ages of 21 and CO years of
age are liable to pay s. poll tax of $1.00
except old soldiers, who are exoinpt at
f)0 years of age. Commutation Road
Tax $1.50 In lieu of road duty.
The Tax levy Is as follows:
For State purposes.5V4 mills
For Constitutional School Tax 3 mills
For Ordinary County purposes 3 mills
For Interest on Railroad Bonds 1 mill
For Road and Rridga Roods 3 mills
For Court House Bonds .. ..IVj mills
For Special School Tax .. ..1 mill
Total.17% mills
Special Schools-Laurens Township.
Laurens No. 11.7 mills
Trinity Ridge No. 1.8 Vi mills
Maddens No. 2.4 mills
Narnio No. 3.5 mills
Baileys No. 1.2 mllle
Mills No. T>.2 mills
Oak drove No. 6.2 mills
Ora No. 12.4 mills
Special Schools?Youngs Township.
Youngs No. 3.2 mills
Youngs No. 2.4 mills
Youngs No. 4.4 mills
Youngs No. 5.4 mills
Fountain Inn No. 3R.11 mills
Lanford No. 10.6% mills
Ora No. 12.1 mills
Youngs No. 1.3 mills
Central No. 0.2 mills
Special Schools?Dills Township.
Green Cond No. l.\ mills
Dials No. 2.3 mills
Shiloh No. 3.1 mills
Gray Court-Owlngs No. " .. ..4 mille
Barksdale No. 6.5 mills
Dials Church No. 7.2 unills
Fountain Inn No. 3B.11 mills
Morna No. S.2 mills
Dials No. 4.1 mills
Special Schools?Sull van Township.
Mt. Bethel No. 2.3 mills
Princeton No. i.1 mills
Poplar Springs No. .I mills
Rabun No. I.8V6 mills
Hendersonviillo No. 5.SV:; mills
Friendship No. (i.7 mills
Browerton No. 7.:i mills
Sullivan Township R. It. Bonds 1 mills
Morna No. S.2 mills
Special Schools?Waterloo Township.
Waterloo No. II.I mills
Mt. Gallagher No. 1.:*. mills
Bethlchom No. 2.2 mills
Ekom No. .I mills
Contorpoint No. 1.2 mills
Onkvtllo No. 5.3 mills
Mt. Pleasant No. 0.2 mills
Mt. Olive No. 7.? mills
Reedy Grove No. S.2 mills
Special Schools?Cross Hill Township
Cross Hill No. 13.f> mills
Cross Hill No. 1.2 mills
Cross Hill No. 2.2 mills
Cross Hill No. 4..2 mills
Cross Hill No. 5.1 mills
Cross Hill No. 0.2 mills
Cross Hill No. 3.2 mills
Special Schools?Hunter Township.
Mount ville No. 16 . ..'.) mills
Hunter No. 2.I mills
Hunter No. 3.2 mills
Clinton No. ?.tj mills
Hunter No. S.I? mills
Wads worth No. I.2 mills
Hunter No. I.2 mills
Special Schools?.lac'ts Township.
Odells No. (i.mills
Hurricane No. 1 ?.II mills
Shady Grove No. 2 .. .:! mills
.lacks No. :t.? mills
>pccial Schools?Scuffle town Township
Langston Church No. .:i mills
Scufflctown No. 1 .2 mills
Lanford No. 10.6% mills
Ora No. 12.I mills
Scufflctown No. 2.t mills
Scufflotown No. 1.1 mills
Prompt attention will be given thoso
who wish to pay their Taxes through
the mall by check, money order, otc.
Persons sending in lists of names to
he taken off are requested to send
them early; and give tho Township of
each, as the Treasurer Is very busy
during the month of December.
County Treasurer,
September 17, 1013.?td.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
People's Bank Building
Phone 332.
Laurens, S. C.
When you feet?$^*
/ons, tired, worried or dosttondent it is a
?uro sign you need MOTT'i'. NERVERINFL
PILLS. They renew the normal vipor and
make lifo worth living. Da suro and ask tor
Matt's Nerveri^e Pills EJfogfiS
Wll MAMS MFG. CO.. Prop*., Cleveland. Ohio
Lauten j, S. C.

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