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Subscription Price Is ?1.00 Per Year
Payable In Adrunce.
Published by
Laurens, S. C.
Sec. and Treas.
Advertising Rales on Application.
Obituaries and Card of Thanks: One
rent a word.
fOntered at tho postofllce at Laurons,
8. C, as second class mall matter.
LAURKNH, S. p., NOV. 2?;, 1018.
The Advertiser will be glad to
receive the local news of all the
communities in the county. Cor
respondents are requested to
sign their names to tho contri
butions.. Letters should not be
mailed later than Monday morn
Tomorrow wo will all battle with
tl <? turks.
* * ?
Wo have heard a number of rumors
as to differences between the city ad
ministration and the Reedy River
Tower Company. The differences are
ol a technical nature! and should be
given out In writing tor publication.
? ? ?
The people of this county have a|
right to he very thankful at this sea
son. Their grain and forage crops,.
genorally speaking, have been far
above the average in quantity and
finality, the cottou crop, while not,
large, Is larger than last year and Is j
bringing a good price, our county has
been fairly peaceful, our institutions
have prospered, no epidemics of <lis-1
ease have visited us ami in general \
we have fared well. We could have
done better; wo could have done
worse. We should feel satislied with j
our lot and Rive thanks tor the Rood
things that have come to us and the,
bad things that have passed us by.
* * *
As each year passes the movement
to distribute the voluuio of labor In
cident to the Christinas holidays
grows more and more in popular fav
or. Begun al Hrsl by n few possibly
flippant paragraphers in the llOWSpa-1
pi is the slogan "Shop Early" has been
taken up by SO many and Used with
such telling effect that the salespeo
ple and public cat t iers all over the
country have found the burden ofi
Christmas work greatly lessened. The
national govcrniincul Itself has given
tho weight of its Influence to tho
movement and has assisted in lessen
ing the burden of its own employees j
!>y providing for delayed delivery of
postal packages at Christmas lime.
Oifts sent through the mails, if so di
rected, will he held at the point of des
tination until Christmas eve before de
livery is made. Merchants will do tho
same thin:; for their customers, hold
ing gifts until the time wished for
delivery. In fact everything has been
done to encourage the movement for
early shopping and tho,,- who really
have ;i desire to make tin- coming
weeks easier upon overworked clerks
ami other employes should begin to
preparo for Lie holidays now.
* ? *
The governor inlgl t be sincere in
his desire to free one hundred state
convicts at Thanksgiving time that
they maj eal ?Thanksgiving Dinner"I
at home. It may he that he has a real
ly soft place in his heart for these
unfortunates and that he has no ul
terior motive in giving executive
'clemency to so many, It may be. But,
upholding and maintaining the majes
ty of the law is not and should not
bo a matter of sentiment. There is
too much at stake. The lives ami
fortunes of our people, the virtue of
our women ami our progress and ad
vancement along every line are all
dependent. Upon the stability of the
government and to recklessly let
down the bars of Justice by a whole
sale delivery of crfctlinals is to under
mine and to destroy its foundations.
We sympathize with criminal; our
SOlVOS and we sympathize as wi ll with
those against whom the crimes were
committed. But the criminal himself
nor bis victim are to be solely consid
ered In moting out Justice The re
sults of crime upon the people gen
erally Is the question at stake ami.
right or wrong, punishment Is accept
ed now as the one method of preven
tion. If we are to go to great lalior
and expense to carry out our idea as
to the prevention of crime ami thon
if we are to have the results of our
Labors nullified by the sweep of the
pen of ono man, then we might as
well not have courts and law at all.
Union Meeting.
Tho :Jrd and Uli divisions or the
LaurOOS Baptist Association will meet
with tho 2nd Laurons liaptist church
next Saturday night and Sunday.
Saturday Night.
7-.:o Organization.
8:00 Why Slate Missions? M. L.
0:00 Why Soorol Prayer? C. B, Bobo.
9:30 Dovotioual services by the Mod
10:00 Christian Stewardship, w. A.
11:00 Mission Sermon. B. P. Mitchell
Adjournment for dinner.
2:00 Christian Loyalty. J. O. M irtin.
3:00 Christian Literature. B. P.
Miscellaneous business.
ll. I.. Baggott,
For Conwnlttec.
Spelling hoe a "Hummer."
According lo all reports, tho spell
ing bCO pulled off at the graded school
auditorium last Friday evening was
a 1)00 among boos. Although the old
maids and bachelors did not show up
as promised in the advance notices,
Hlllllclent age and beauty were on hand
to lend considerable color to tho oc
casion. The age. of course, was rep
resented among tile men and the beau
ty -. Nuf said. It was there al
right. The occasion was a success in
every way, the spoll-iblndors doing
some extra, fancy contortions in or
thography, the door keepers being
very successful In the hold-up game
and the audience joining in with due
appreciation of tho occasion, About
twenty-five dollars was realized Trom
the evening's entertainment, the money
to bo applied to some of tho school
Thanksgiving Services,
There will be special services at the |
Episcopal church on Thanksgiving
day. The services will be at 11 o'clock
in the morning w Ith preaching by the
rector. Itov. Guignard.
Mcaih of Aged Lady.
News was received here Saturday of
the deatll of Mrs. Carlisle, the mother
of Mrs. I.. B. Clardy. At the time of
her death Mrs. 'Carlisle was in Atlan
ta where she was taking special treat
ment at a sanitarium. Mrs. Clardy
was witli hot* mother at tle> last and;
was Joined Saturday by Mr. Clardy.
The new.; of tho death of this estima
ble lady was received here with great
sorrow, whore 'many friends join in
dee;> sympathy with the family.
II. II. O'Shirhls a Suicide.
II. I'.. O'Shlolds, formerly manager
of tho Watts Mills store at this place,
committed suicide at his home at Fort
Lawn, in Chester county. Saturday
morning. Mr. O'Shlolds nave up his
position hero several years ago ami
was succeeded by Mr. .1. Leo Lang
slOU. lie made numerous friends while
here who will regret to hear of tho
sad tregedy.
Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid,
or bilious and constipated, take a dose
of Chamberlain's Tablets and you will
feel all right tomorrow. For sale by
all dealers.
Big sale of < it> Property.
On snlosdny in December, the prop
erty of 0ray and Shoaly. including the
lumber plant and one and one-half
acres of laud will he sold at public
aiiition for purposes of partition. The |
same parties will also sell about IS
acres located around and near the
coal chute. Tili.; will he divided into
00 lots and will he sold separately or
as a whole. Both pieces of property
arc excellently located for some man
ufacturing plant, having connection
with both roads and close to the bus
iness section of the town.
Private Joe Wood. Fulled Stales Arillj
Killed In Mexico.
Private ,Ioc Wood, a member of one
of the cavalry companies in the United
Slates Army, was killed last Friday
while ongngod in scout duty on the
Mexican I.order. His father. Mr. Na
poleon Wool, who lives near Prince
ton, received a telegram Saturday
morning stating the sad news of the
1'OUng soldier's death. The body has
been sent home for.burial and will
c today or tomorrow,
h< fui.al s.-. vices to take place at
P. Bethel cemetery. The friends of
the family throughout the county deep
ly sympathise with the family In their
berea vemont.
Xenons and Sick Headaches.
Torpid liver, constipated bowels
and disordered stomach are the causes
of these headaches. Take Dr. King's
NOW Life Pills, you will h0 surprised
how quickly yon win get relief Thoy
stimulate the different organs' to do
their work properly. No better regu
lator for liver ami bowels. Take 25c.
and invest in a box to-day. At "all
druggist or by mail.
11. B. BUtklln & Co. Philadelphia and
St. 1 otiis.
To Ho Ohen at the School Auditorium
Friday Kvenlng, Hcginnlug Prompt
ly at 8:15.
What promises to be a corn ort of
unusual merit will In- .given at tin
graded school auditorium Friday ?v
oning when several prominent musi
cian.; from this and other cities will
assist In a varied program directed
by Mrs. Cora Lucas. Tho concert
is to he given for charitable purposes,
the proceeds to go to the school and
to the Episcopal organ fund. Tho
concert Is made possible largely bo
cause of the fortunate presence In the
city of several musicians of talent and
artistic temperament. Mrs. Horace
L. Rotnar, of Spartanburg, a real mas
ter of the violin, has a place on the
program and will give several selec
tions. Miss Julia Crouch, of Salis
bury, X. C, a student under William
Sherwood, whoso performance on the
plpo organ at the Prosbytorlan church
several weeks ago attracted such fav
orable attention, will play several
numbers on the piano. Miss Leila
Thompson, a guest of Mrs. Lucas, who
Is already favorably known here, will
play several pieces on the piano and
will probably sing too. Mr. S. It.
Lapsley, who has made such a favor
able impression as a soloist since
Coming to Laurens several months
ago, Is on the program. Mrs. IL K.
Alken, who always delights her audi
ences with her mellow contralto voice,
will sing several selections. Mrs. Lu
cas will play the accompaniments be
sides doing a part of the solo work.
This will probably be one of the
most finished performances that a
Laurens audience has had the pleas
ure of listening to in a long time, so
a largo audience is anticipated. A
relatively small admission feo has
been settled upon, so that the concert
may ho in reach of all music lovers.
Tin- admission charges will he twen
ty-live and thirty-live cents. The con
cert will begin promptly at 8:15
A Night of Terror.
Few nights are more terrible than
that of a mother looking on her child
choking and gasping for breath dur
ing an attack of croup, and nothing
in the house to relieve it. Many moth
ers have passed nights of terror in
this situation. A little forethought
will enable you to avoid all this. Cham
borlnln's Cough Remedy is a certain
cure for croup and hns never been
known to fail. Keep it at hand. For
sale by all dealers.
Indians in Insurrection.
Washington. Nov. IS.?In the hope
that the excited Navajo Indians who
are defying the government authori
ties at Beautiful mountain, N. M? may
be induced to surrender tho eight
renegades sought, the war department
today ordered ten. Hugh L. Scott,
commanding the Second cavalry bri
gade at Fort Bliss, Texas, to proceed
in haste to the Navajo agency to
confer with the Indian chiefs. Con.
Scotl is singularly Influential with the
Navajos. whose language lie speaks,
lie has always been regarded by them
as their best friend, and it is be
lieved that he win be able to placate
them. To hack his mission with a
show of force, orders wore also sent
to Fort Robertson, Neb., to entrain
and dispatch to the Navajo agency a
full squadron of the Twelfth cavalry
to serve as Cen. Scott's escort.
Declare War on Colds,
A crusade of education which aims
"that common colds may become un
common within the next generation"
has been begun by prominent New
York Physicians. Hero is a list of
the "don't" which tue doctors say
will prevent the annual visitation of
tho cold:
"Don't sit in a draughty ear."
"Don't sleep in hot rooms."
"Don't avoid the fresh air.'
"Don't stuff yourself at meal times.
Over-eating reduces your resistance."
To which we would add -when you
take a cold get rid of It as quickly
as possible, To accomplish that J'OU
will And Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
most excellent. Sold by till dealers.
Richards Makes Denial.
Columbia, Nov. 21.?(Donlal of any
combination with the Please forces
was made by Major .lohn G. Richards
chairman of tho railroad commission,
and a candidate for governor. (I<
says that he will make the tace or.
bis own responsibility ami without
interference on his part with the
candidates of other people.
Saved His Foot.
11. D. Ely, of Bantam, 0., suffered
from horrible ulcer on his foot for
four years. Doctor advised amputa
tion, but he refused and reluctantly
tried Bucklln'S Arnica Salve as a last
resort. He then wrote: "I used your
salve and my foot, was soon complete*
ly cured." Dost remedy for burns,
cuts, bruises and eczema. Got a box
today. Only 2.",e. All druggists or by
mlal. H. F. Bucklin &. Co.. Philadel
phia or St. Jjouls.
On Salesday In December, being
Monday the 1st, during legal hours for
sales, I will sell at public outcry 1
house and lot in city of Laurens,
known as Harriett Mills home place.
Terms of sale, cash, purchaser to pay
for papers.
C. II. Roper, Executor.
Madden, Nov. 21.?We've had a show
out our way. There was "Council"
the dog with a human mind. Hi
"stunts" consisted in picking out a
block with ti lett< . ,on it, that the
astute manager heated by a lamp he
fore he put it down. Tin n there was
?.Mid-Night Frank', a wlso old eat
that did the wondorful trick of going
up a ladder, perhaps si:; fool ligh,
and jumping into a Back! The most
wonderful fiat however v. .is accom
plished by th?- six little dove.-,, better
known, so the handbills said, as little
"sugar lumps". They too, cli'nibed a
ladder again. Tin? manager assisted
them by tapping them on the legs.
This thrilling act was to he closed
by ono of the "sugar lumps" dying for
his country and being wrapped in th<
stars and stripes. He disappointed
his audience, however, for instead of
dying like it good soldier should "ho
picked up his little wings and flew
softly away"!- and the show was ov
Mrs. Grace Goldfinch, after a pleas
ant visit to her relatives and friends
hero, left for Greenville and Greors
where she will visit her sisters Mes
dames Agnew and Hughes. From
there she will go to Columbia where
she will be joined by Mr. Goldfinch,
who Is attending the Methodist Con
ference at Rook Hill. After a short
visit to her father, Dr. Langston, they
will return to their homo at Conway.
Misses Maggie Ion and Mary Mar
tin visited their grand parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. It. Flnley, recently.
Miss Julia Cunningham was the
guest of Miss Aiken Sunday.
Miss Ft It el 11 ry son came out to
preaching at Prospect and while hero
was the guest of her grandmother,
Mrs. H. C. Cunningham.
Miss .losle Martin, of Clinton, spent
the week end here with her grandmo
ther. Mrs. M. T. Allison.
Misses Hettie Cunningham and Ma
mie Langston attended the funeral of
Mrs. Ixnibollo Hendrix at Mt. Pleas
ant Friday.
The friends of Mr. Douglass Bryson
will be glad to know that he has de
cide,! to stay with home folks here in
stead of accepting a position in Au
Mr. Anderson Abercromhie Is on a
visit to his sister Mis. Betsy Motes.
Mrs. .1. Dennis Culberson has re
turned from a pleasant clsit to her pa
rents in Anderson.
Dr. A. P. Langston will address the
Missionary Society of Prospect Tues
day afternoon.
There was profound sorrow in tho
hearts of all here when news came
that Mrs. Um Pell,. Hendrix was dead.
Put yesterday, it seems, she was with
us. a beautiful young school girl! To
day she is gone. Death is always sad
but peculiarly so when a wife and
mother goes down into the valley and
shadow and thro the gate called Death
to give life to a little one. To the ba
by girls left motherless, so soon our
hearts go out. May all who loved bet
so well and whose hearts today tire
crushed he comforted by the words of
a compassionate Father'- I'll never
leave thee nor forsake thee."
* ?
? ?
Watts Mill. Nov. 2\. -On Sunday
morning Rev. G. C, (Icdgopcth had the
pleasure of worshiping at the first
church in Laurens and enjoyed a
lino sermon preached by Rev, M. L.
Rev. Mr. McLIn could not fill his
appointment here Sunday on account
of illness.
The Sunday schools at this place
have decided to have a nice Christmas
tree for which the programme is now
boing arranged.
Mr. .1. T. Brownlce, who has been
In business at this place for some
time has recently moved into his new
store house which litis just been com
Mr. and Mrs. W. RJ. Purns visited
relatives in Clinton Saturday and
Du last Thursday Rev. <in<l Mrs. C.
C. ITodgopeth and little daughter,
Mary Frames, visited at the home of
.1. M. Moore.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. .1. Cheney ft Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F
.1. Clieno^v for the last IB years, an I
hol love him perfectly honorable, Li all
husi'iess transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by his llritt.
National Pank of Counmei'CC,
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price ?."> cents
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies W'.n t Cure.
The worst cases, no matter of how lo.ig standing,
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter'? Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves
I ain and Heals at the same time. 25c, 50c. $1.00
Ml. 'Olive. Nov. 24.?The farmers of
this section are about through gather
ing their eroos
Rev. w. H. Waters (tiled bis regular
appointment her?; Saturday afternoon ?
and Sunday.
Hon. R. A. Cooper, of Laurons, was
a business visitor here last week.
Misses Mary Donnon and Grace
Simmons and Messrs Henry Wood and
Archie Simmons, of Poplar Springs
sei ton. spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. N. 10. Cooper.
Messrs Albert Martin and Furman
O'Dell visited friends at Piedmont last
Miss Mamie and Mr. Jones Miller, of
the Center Point section, spent Sun
day with their aunt, Mrs. .1. O. C. Mar
Mrs. W. E. Washington is visiting
her brother, Rev, Jno. H. Washing
ton, at Piedmont.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Hill visited Mrs.
Jno. Smith, at Cross Hill, last week.
Mr. B. E. Pitts, of the Broworton
section, spent Thursday night with
l Mr. .1. C. Wells.
Messrs. lEUlc Lee Martin and Milton
Stiawhorn, or Laurens, spent Sunday
with Mr. Martin's parents, Mr. and
' Mrs. .1. O. C. Martin.
Messrs. .1. N. Jones and A. R. Wash
ington attended the big circus at
Greenwood last week.
Mr. Robert R. Baldwin recently
moved to the place where Mr. W. E.
' Bishop lived, in the Palmetto section.
Mr. Bishop moved to Piedmont some
I time ago.
A Consumptive Cough
A cough that bothers you continu
ally is one of the danger signals which
warns of oonsuni|><t.1on. Dr. King's
N( A' Discovery stop the COugh, loos
en the chest, banish fever and let you
sleep peacefully .The first dose checks
the symptoms ami gives prompt re
lief. Mrs. A. F. Mertz. of Clou Bllyn,
Iowa, writes: "Dr. King's New. Discov
ery cured a stubborn cough after six
weeks' doctoring failed to help." Try
it, as it will do the same for you.
Best medicine for coughs, colds, thoat
ami lung troubles. Money back it" it
fials. Price 50c. & $1.00. All druggist,
by mall, 11. E. Bucklin & Co.. Phila
delphia or St. Louis.
Notice to Fanners.
1 invite the farmers to call at tin
lilldgens old foundry and examine a
subsoil plow we make. It is different
front anything you ever saw and my
belief is that it is the host that can
bo made. Mr. Q. .1. lioko, the inventor,
will show ami explain it to you.
w. A. Breckenridgo,
1S-H Laurens Machine Shop.
Notice is hereby given that the drug
business in Laurens, S. C. under the
name of Powe Drug 'Co., and owned
by the Geor Drug Co.. branch of Spar
tnnburg, s. c, has been sold to J. 11.
Powe, and said Goer Drug Co., Branch,
is no longer responsible for tho obli
gations of the Powe Drug Company.
This 10th day of Nov.. 1913. 18-21
Piles! Piles! Pries!
vVHIlams' Indian Pilo Ointment will euro
Blip ?, Bleeding and Itching Piles. It ab
sortis the tumors, allays Itching at once,
nets as a poultice, gives instant relief.
Wllllnms' Indian File Omlment is pre
pare,i for Piles ami Itching of (bo private
part... Ormfuists. mail 60o and ft.00.
?VILLIA.Via MFG. CO.. P'ons.. Cleveland, Ohle
L?M*ens- C
For Saile-?Four good mules.' sound
and In good condition. I). I). Arm
strong, Gray Coifrt, S. ('. l8-2t?pd
For Kent?Four hors? farai, with
buildings and other improvements. D.
I). Armstrong, Gray Court, is\ C.
18-2t-p 1
For Sale Lemon spotted pointer
dog, just begun training. Bieren
months old. Have more than I need.
Price $7..*>n. p. i,. Brown, Laurens, B.
C, lit. 3. 18-lt-pd
Wanted $150.00 Prize.. year old
boy needs 115 subscriptions to Lau
rens Advertiser at $1.00 a year to win.
John Richard on, Laurens, S. C.
Strayed from my house last Monday
night a red cow with strap around
horns, any information appreciated.
Fletcher Hunter at Martin's Stable.
Trespass Notice- All persons are
hereby forbidden to tl'CSSpass on the
property of Mrs. K. .1. Carllngton.
Tresspassors will he prosecuted to
full extent of the law. .lohn C. Hoyd.
Lessee. 18-lt-pd
Notice All .persons are .hereby
warned against hunting, fishing or in
any Other manner trespassing upon
our lands on Madden Station Road. B.
W. Martin, John F. Holt, Ambrose
Hudgens. 17-3t
No Tresspassing -All persons are
hereby warned against hunting or any
form of trespassing on any of my
property. Those not heeding this
warning will be punished to the full
extent of tho law. Mrs. Mollio I. Nash,
Route 1. Laurens, S. C. 17-2t
Wanted -A single man to attend to
*ny farm between Milton and Gold
ville. W. D. Boyd, Mountville, S. C.
Notice to Trespassers?All persons
are hereby warned under penalty of
tho lav against hunting, fishing or
otherv respasslng upon my land
located near Mountville. R. T. Dunlap,
For Sale or Rent 203 acres of
farming land :? 1-2 miles south of
Laurens, within 1-2 mile of school
house and 1 1-2 miles of church. Hood
.sturage and outbuildings. W. J I.
jiludgens, Laurens, S. C. 17-2t
For Sale?I will sell at public out
cry on the 24th day of December, 1913,
on public square of Laurens, one mov
ing picture machine. Can bo seen at
store of John A. Franks, or write T.
J. Duckett, Clinton. S. C. 17-5t
Furnished Rooms -Two furnished
rooms nicely located near business dis
trict. Ready for occupancy now. Mrs.
M. S. Tucker. 320 South Harper St.
For Rent -Cemetery cottage on
North Harper street. All modern con
veniences. Apply to Mrs. II. W. Rail.
Notice?Teachers with certificates,
wanted Immediately for following po
sitions: 7 at $60; 8 at $50; II at $40;
5 at $:;.">. Direct from school officials.
(Special enrollment. Ask immediate
ly. W. II. .lones. Mgr.. Columbia, s. C.
! For Sale?Splendid 8-room home
with water and lights on 1-2 aero lot,
well and conveniently located at Lau
rens. For further information and
terms apply Dr. W. 11. Dial, Laurens.
S. C. 11-tf
For Sale -A choice one-acre lot on
South Harper St. A combination
store-room and house at Oakland
Heights. About 10 acres on Main St.
near Mr. Howard's store. All of these
properties at a bargain. Call on K). 1'.
Mlnter, Laurens. S. C. 9-tf
For Sale?52 acres, 2 1-3 miles north
of Laurens on two public roads, about
35 acres In cultivation, one four-room
house, one tenant house, good well
and spring. Apply to Oakland Heights
Realty Co., or B. P. Minter. 9-tf
Child's Name .^.
You may Bend in many of those coupons as you can got.
Each one Will count twenty-five votes for your favorite.
!><;!< ;; !<?>! >< >t !< >! .< :< X it :<
Desserts for
Should be flavored with the best
Extracts. Ours are made of the
purest ingredients carefully com
pounded and you'll find that we
have the flavor you want.
On the Square

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