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The McCord Studio
Formerly Run in')he Old Bank
of Laurens Building, Has
Been Moved to New
Quarters in Front of
New Post Office.
In our new place we have a bet
ter light and more .onvenitnes,
ivieh enables u, to give the puluic
better service than before, and shall
be glad to have you call and inspect
our'Ilinos of Photographs and Por
traits, whether you'want anything
done at. the present or not.
Our Photographs are made on
the yery best of materials, and fin.
Ished by the methods that insure
their lasting qualities.
We make high-grade enlara-ed
Portraits from our Negatives at Re
duced prices. Also, we make Por
traits in Crayon, Pastel and Oil from
any Photograph, Tin , Type or
Kodak Finishing done promptly
and neatly by the litest methods.
TIt best possible 0e6|Inits guaran
teed. Get price list.
The McCord Studio
Laurens, S. C.
Over J. C. Shell Company's Store
Buy Your;Flour At The
Henry' Clay Flour, Cupids
High Patent Flour, Cupids
Twins Self Rising Flour,
Colonial Superlative Patent
Flour, White Satin Patent
Flour, Washington Patent
Flour, Standard A. Patent
Flour, Harvest Queen Flour.
All good first class Flours.
Give us your Flour Trade.
Trade at the Big Store and
get value for your money.
Laurens, S. C.
.To Loan
One, Two and Three
Years. /
Gibbon Traynham
Laurens, S. C.
Asthma! Asthma!
gives instant relief and 4n absolute cure
in all cases of Asthhtaj Bronchitis, and
Hay Fever. Sold by 2Ifuggists ; mail on
reep fprice $ moo.- -
Trfa Package by mali 10 cents.
LAI INS D$t 0 (..$
, Lanrens. M.'t#
Brother of Union Patricide Writes .If.
ter Long Absence.
'Union, S. C., ,Dec. 5.-A lotter was
received last week by ai prominent
.onesville citizen fromi Rtoland Cole
mn , brother of iiarry Coleman who
was c'on victed of killing his father at
the last term of court, giving instruc
tionis as to his father's estate. 'ThIs
son left honrinany yeirs ago, and
had not beeti heard from for several
years. Those who have seen the let
ter express the firn convietion that it
was written by iRoland Col 'man. This
gentleman who received the letter is
satisfied it was written by Roland
(loleman. The letter, omitting the
name of the fiddressee, is as follows:
"Denver, Colorado, Nov. 17, 1913.
."Dear Mr. -As you are
the last man I saw from .Jonesville,
S. C., I will write you a few lines.
This, leaves 'me well but. not satisfied,
since seeing what I have in the na
hers. I want Cousin John Kendrick
to take charge of my part of the
land and my part of the money and
take care of it for me and pay him
self for his trouble. Mi'. , myself
and two other fellows will start on a
trip to Australia in two or 'three days
and we will be gone at least three
years. Tell John Kendrick if he
doesn't hoar from me in four years
that lie can have my land and money
to do as he pleaces with. I don't
want Harry to have any of my part
after doing like the has. When I left
home, .Tohn Kendrick did something
for me that I never will forget. It
was something that my own folks
would not do for ine.. ir. -- T
left Roanoke, Va. and went to Ohio.
I have been in several states sin: e
that. I would conie home if it was
not for this trip. The boys that I am
going with :have got a bunch of mion
ey. It will not cost me anything to
take the trip Tell John that I may
draw on hit for some money some
time. Iir. 1 do not, think I will
over see the old home again ut.t I will
write again if I live. I would like to
have a letter from you but I cannot
tell where we will stop, so I will close.
"Yours truly.
"Roland Coleman."
* "
" "
Watts \lill, Dec. 8.-We are very glad
to welcome Rev. W. Ii. Lewis ba('lc
again in our midist as pastor of the
1.\ . church. lie began his new yea's
work Sunday and IPreached a very ii:n
pressive sermon on the Iligher Life.
Iev. . C. Iledgepetli filled his reg
ular appointmient Rtanday night, and
preached from the subject. "I.ove,
Courtship and .\larriage''. W' are
very glad to say that our Sunday
schools alr moviig along nicely and
increasing in both number and finance.
Our Situuday School children are an
t.lippting a very pleasant tIme atlie
C'hristmnas entlertaiineint which will
be( held at this placen on ('hrist mas
eve nii. htDc. ' lih.
We are gladl It) se Nllsa .\lar'vie
lIrowniiiee, w ho hiax b een sick for sev
eral dnays, able' to he out. aga in.
.\r. ilillie ltuirns fromu Cliniton visit
Pd relatIives hiere Saturdayik andii Sunii
NIrs. .l. N. Word and liiiren. whom
hiave been xein ig a wveek with relai
tiv'es in ('lintoni, retuirned hiomin Sun
day a fteri a ve ry Idea san v is it.
.\lr. W. I'.X irns wvenit to Wood ruff
Nhr. .Iohn .\iartin, froni this place,
who hias rcen ty3 tundiergonie an opera -
lion at thle 'i ty I los pital , is getting onu
NI rs. TL. II. Ivy is now speninlg a
while w'ithi relatives ini 1noree.
Ni r. and1( .\Irs. W. I I. llllamis antd
lI ttl e dauighiter, 10di th, from Lanurens
.\III, visited at the honie of .\Ir. 11. II.
D~onaldson last week.
The infant. son of Mir. and Airs. .1. A.
.\arlor, who has beeni right sick is
Niri. It. II. ILamiibert is nowa on thle
sick list.
Nlr. .1. 1". D~avls and famuily will *:uovu
to Lydia mill today.
NI r. .Inek ('othIrani will miove* to
Wooditiff xooni.
$100) htewaird, $1100
Thlie readers of, th is pa per wvill be
Ileasedl to learn Lthat thei re is at least
Oi ne dIread~ed dlisease that science hias
been a ble to enure in all its stages, and1(
(liat Is Catarrhi. hlall's Catarrh C ur ie
Is (lie only lposltive cnro now known
to (he medIcal fraterujity. Catarirh he
ing a constitutional Idisease, irefuiires
a constItutional ti' at uent. I lall's Ca
tarr'h Cuire is take nternally, actiing
dlirectly uploni the No and 01( mutcouis
surfaces of (lie systei,' thier'eby de
stroying (lie fotindation or the disease,
andI giving thie patient strength by
buildin lg up Lihe constlituition and as
sisting natui'e in dloinig its woi'k. The
proprietors have so much faith ini its
curative powers (lint they offer QO
I lundred D~ollar's for any ease (lint It
fails to cure. Send for list of testl
Address: F. J. Chenny & Co., Tole
do, OhIo.
tS'old hv) all liraggittt, 7cr
* t
t "
* * * * * * +* * * * ** * S * S S
Jones, S. C., )ec. 8.-M rs. C.. L.
Grahanm and daughter little Miss Lau
ra Daniel, were in Greenwood Satur
M ir. C. l.. Sniith, of Abbeville, spent
several (lays In our muidst recently
with his unany friends.
The friends of Mirs. J. A. Hill will
be pleased to know that she is grad
ually convalescing.
\Ve acknowledge recent kind favors
froin the following friends: J. C. Mar
tin, Asbury Davis, \V. I'. Algary, .1. M.
Onlla and Billy Cochrane.
There will be a Christmas tree here
on Ohristinas (ay at 2 p. in. andi a cor
dial invitation is extended to every
one to attend.
'Dr. and Mrk. W. T. Jones were in
Greenwood Thursday.
All's. J. C. Sus and (aughter, Miss
Grace, of Waterloo, were the recent
guests of Mrs. W. T. Jones, Jr.
''he announi canlient of the return
of the tev. H. I'. Morris to the Prince
ton circuit was very gratifying news
to all of his friends.
The friends of .Johnnie Jackson will
be pleased to learn that he has re
turned to Ware Shoals.
'Mr. W. Sanford Knight will repre
sent lrewerton Lodge in the Grand
Lodge at 'Charleston this week.
Mr. Jones Culbertson of Mt. Olive
was in our midst last Friday.
* *
Mt. Olive. Dec. 9.-Rev. .Jno. Cul
bertson, of M;:riain, visited relatives
here last week.
.\irs. .hlinerva 11111 spent last week
with her son, Mr. .1. ilroadus 11111, of
Ware Shoals.
Mr. A. 1:. 11111, of Cold Point, visited
in this section last week.
Mr. andi Mis. .1. C. Wells spent Sun
day at the home of Mir. Wylie Wells,
of the Fork sect ion.
Mr. W. IHarold Washington left Sat
urday for Dillon. where lie has ac
edited a position, teaching.
Mr. Joel W. Moore visited his daugh
Ser,M rs. W. L. Cooper, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. C. Maartin spent
Sunday at Mr. W. \V. Cooper's.
Alr. U. W. W. Washington visited his
sister-in-law, Mis. .)ino. 11. \Washing
ton, Tuesday, at Piedmont, who has
been sick for some time.
.\liss TIhelma \Wells .returned home
last Thursday frot Coroiaea, where
she has 'ein Visiting her grand-i-pai
ents, .\I-. and M.\;. .Ino. \V'ells.
- ill Ilis (ase Exnictly
"When father was sick about. six
years ago be re:ad an adivertisernent
of ('hainberlain's Tablets in the pa
pers that lit I is ease exactly," writes
miss Margaret 'anipbell of Ft.. Smiith,
Ark. "Ile 11mnrc)lased a box of Lheiin
amd he has not been sick sinee. My
sister had stoniiach trouble and was
also beneilted by them." ior sal' by
all De(alers.
,i F~uaiie asou
thle late \\'itlha in a iiil't-pweia You ng,
1S77 and iniovedl with) heri Iarenits to
1551.- She was iuiieiri it Q. (. \Viins
iiow 0of Kenitiuky, .laii. 25th, 1 s'7. She
OSnow, ofah iinel asu hth f~ioilwing m
\W. Yonnig, of 14ittlIe .\oun t a ir, S. C.X
I ieri fatheri diled Ia years aigo.
WOMEN N'41ilJEt "l''TO
I bmeg to say that I ihave bsein a con
stant suiff'erer withi severe! pa is ini iny3
back and1( was1 on the veige ofi niervouis
Swampi i--Ioot as a sur ie cuen foir ' thiese
trouiibies. Acting upion heri !iiivice I
bieganii taklng Swaiiip-iot and biegani
to imiprove before' I hadl liaiishedi te
Iirist. bot tle. I 'oni tiued its use iiitil
inuiedi to iPi'move ut ii I was ('om1
yeiar's, thai k.u to l)r. Eilmier's Swamip..
hloot, anad I ci eeinllm y irecommendi it
to~ all whoi su ffri from kin ey trloublIes.
V'ery truly.
. AllS. AIA'A lI.AN'ii,
107 Cypr'ess St., Or'ange, Tex'cas.
Sub lscr ibedi' andi 5worp' to bedfori mie
this 21st day of .\ilarchl, 19u12.
.iohin .1. IHali,
Notary13 Publi.1.
ILE'iTT EUl TO ID i. k 11,31 E Il & ('.,
Prote Whnit Swamp-iilinot Will Do Foi'
Send teni c!ents to Dri. Kilimer & Co.,
llinghamton, N. V., for' a sampile size
bottle. It will conivinci' anyone. You
whIll also r'eceivye a hook let of vailutable
infor'maition, tellliig abioui the kidneys
and~ men tioni the lAaur iens Weekly Ad
vertiser'. llegula liiI ty-cenit and iiione
(d01lar' size bottle for sale at all dru'g
* ,~*
Rot~~~~A iJx Aai f MONWi t o it be
Ad a
n., ,i 11i it
$2.00 Colo Filled No. 7179 $1. (:old Filled No. 7171
f R~~~~~foinn F~iih I(1ne I tel llhmnts Rs iih ieSphr.Dult
f L II - i
(72.75 I-1114"4
to1 n1.1 Fiis
7 1n5 N. 7377 1$ 0n No.aF
75 Cents No. 761 il i iillied
(,old~~~ ~ ~ ~ Fillet Engis mid'Iiiin tn "'li~
Ro a 1PIuitlue 1. hus h ChtFinott I O (ihur aln
Rotna l.in , yi. , , ''-4N .nlet h
75Cft 10.110 ub Noitl6:Ilrlr4 i n 1r Ia t nliiiinAnd S9afety 111.1l 1
f ~ 1 $27 Cold( F!lld No' 7 3
And Whole ti nan l'eal Noh 71ih
Reliable Jeweler Laurens, S. C.
(.AS11 IS lING FOl DECE31BEt IS .A 01A11 l II
EnElEs Finis
Dece beret Specials
Christmas Goodies!
50 doz. Women's Black Hose, genuine Ramine Heel
and Toe. Special December Price, 13c
per pair ...-C
50 doz. Women's genuine lisle thread Hose, double
heel and toe, soft smooth high-grade hose, 1
all sizes, black only. Special for December iC.
New Christmas Goods!
Furs .Hose
Rugs Gloves
Vanity Cases Umbrellas
Leather Bags Bath Rugs
Handkerchiefs Mesh Bags
Fancy Linen Towels Linen Center Pieces
25 per cent Off on All Coat Suits
1Davis-Roper Company
Laurens' Best Store n .
FilAR Oeeth Lock Etc. STAA. Office in Simmons Building
Gel our eireular befor~ vou buy. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWH ERE Phone: Office No. 86; Reakdence 219.

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