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Prof. W. K. Tate's Name Found Among
the New Professors Wanted for 4ho
Penbody College for Teachers.
Nashville, Tonn., March 5,- At the
last meeting of the Trustees and Presl
doent il ( iorg Pul'iuy COIIege for,
Teachers, just adjourned. ltine new
nimes w ere mdded to the faculty list,
as follows: Crter Alexander, Ph.).,
Professor of School Administration;
lula 0. .\ndrews, A. M., Associate Pro
lessor o' :l0ngliah; .ohn Lee Coulter,
Ph.)., Professor of Rural F0conomics;
Nary C. Iavis, Ph.l)., Professor of Ag
rieulture; Fletcher I. )resslar, Ph.D.,
Professor of School Achiteeture and
lygiene: Charles 'l. 'Little, 'Ph.D.,
l'rofeSso' of 1,atin; 'tobert W. Set
%idge, A. M., 'rofersor of Manual and
Inlustris l Art: hldward K. Strong,
Ir., Ph.l)., Professor of Psychology
aui the Ps'iychology of E7ducation;
William K. Tate. 'A. i., Professor of
Itt-al 'l''tnention.
Sot11 h (atroliia cittlls, incii iiug
0l. edlucators aint teac'her.:. willl be
1p:r ticulall)' interested in Seeing on
the list the namte of Professor William
F:. Tat '. of Oo~luwbila, S. C., who has
ho 1"n so snleefuHsiil1 as t'oP State Super
i of Rural Thoola of South Caro
lin:i. In this posi lion he has made a
1 I1ne for tilmself as well a h for the
' te, I&cause of the thoroughness
add elliciecly of li vol k he has lone
in building up the rural schools of the
Professor 'Tate is recognized as the
Rural $ool spec ial.st tin the South,
and this means tih best in the entire
country, if not in the whole world.
Professor Tate was commhnisslont(e( by
,he National Bureau of Education to
aike it special study or the schools in
Sw itzt'lanl. Ills rep'lort has attracted
wile attention nl(\.'ise of the wisdom
witai w\illen t e dliscriiminated between
(he goodI and the tu.d points founad in
the SwitS'rland sclools. The recot
lendattion4 of hlis report have caused
n1!h1(11 lit.:ussi(1l o me'ng Amev'rienn i ed
nLe'ato's everywheltre, aidl will cause
mita ny of the best. fealures of the Swit
zerland system to he used in our
A merica n schools.
1'rofessor Tate's other writings have
been of a special cha'acter closely re
lated to his special fled of work. Some
of these ire "Stiugested Solut ions for
Somle IlualiI chool 'roblets In South
'a rol na," ''"'eachteri' Manual for the
A. (tSH 11'hL1 1imD)'ll:
We are g
your Grocery Bj
Our Business wi
give our customi
V We are g
Sbooks will range
$1.00 and so on
Elementary Schools in South Caro
lina," "Farm Aritimetic for the Rural
Schbols in South Carolina."
Tribute to Miss Poole.
1. G. (loot, special agent for the
United States Guaranty and Trust
company, who frequently visits the of
fice of the probate Judge on olicial
business, while in the city yesterday
paid a beautiful tribute to Miss Nina
Poole, the late secretary in this ollice.
Mr. Goot was shocked when he was
told of Miss Poole's death and he felt
a great sympathy for Judge Burnett
in the loss of his faithful and eflcient
assistant. Mr. Goot among other
things said that the late Miss Poole
was one of the most pleasant, acecom
modating and emfelent clerks in her
capacity that it was his pleasure to be
associated with. Mr. Coot travels sev
eral states in the south.--Spartanburg
Jonos, Marche 9.-D-lr. V. 'I'. .lones is
grateful to Drs. V. Townes .lones,
Workman and Varlton, for their kind
ness in looking after his practice dur
ing his absence in Columbia.
IRev. 1R. F. Morris, of Princeton. i At
his appointment last night and gave
us a splendii sermon. lie will be here
again the Second Sunany night in April
and we cordially invite everyone to
come and hear him.
W'' recently had the pleasure of
meeting our friend and schoolmate.
Col. Jas. Tompkins. of Edgelield.
Our school is progressing nicely un
der the eflicient 5tperintendency of
our teacher Mrs. (.. L. Grahaim. Sev
eral new pupils have enrolled and all
others who may come met with a cor
dial reception.
M. Thomas O'dell and daugaheris re
e'ntly went to ('olu mbia to get a 'iiano
t'.at Miss O'dell had won in tilee nian o
We recently met our good frie'nds.
Messrs. P. W. Sullivan and W. .1. Mc
Gee of Ilonea Path.
We cordially welcome Ml r. Ml ac Mor
risoni who las iovel into our midst..
We are grateful to ot' wlnds.
Mles.ira John L iawso" ;Sate' Treasurer
(;arter, Mr. and; M1rs. (.. W1. .lenlkins
a:.l1 other iienlls for kin:i favors
she--; us in Colunmbia.
per ce
oing to offer you an
11 can be saved by si
11 be Strictly Cash tc
ers the entire benefil
aing to sell Books co:
in price from $2.O0
with the others. M
The friends .of Dr. W." W. Daniel,
president of Columbia College and
Rev. W. B. Wharton superintendent of
Elpworth Orphanage will be glad to
hear that they are filling their respec
tive pogitions with conspiclous ability
and success. They were both reared
in our midst and we rejoice in their
Mr. Walter Jones wishes to hire a
good hand to work on the farm.
Mrs. G. L. Graham and. Miss Dorcas
Graham of Ware Shoals, were the re
cent guests of Mrs. T. N. Gralhaih, at
Coronaca. The, many friends of Mrs.
13. L. Hlenderson will be pained to
learn that she passed away last nigi't
(Sunday) at the home of her daugh
ter Mrs. Wil'mot Smith. She was the
oldest child of the. late .Jns. Clardy
and was a most estimable lady. We
tenderly sympathize with the bereaved
We extend congratulation to Miss
Olivia Jones and Mr. Walter Herring
who were married at Gakton last
Sunday. Mr. Hlerring is to be con
gratulated on winning such a charm
ing bride. .\liss .lones is a young lady
of charming personalities. She will
he greatly missed by her friends,
310,11l1.11lt! is 'l L 'S
S'Tl0 II('JE 501'I, SICK.
I f tongue Is conted or if cross, fei ter
ish, constipated ghe "California
Syrup-1) of Figs."
Don't scold your fretInl, peviAl
child. See If olguo is coated; this Is
a sure sign its little stom ach. liver and
howels are clogged with sour waste.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, -throat sore, loesn't
eat, sleep or act naturally, has stomach
ache, indigestion, diarrhoea, gave a
teaspoonluI' of "California Syrup of
Figs," and in a few hours all the foul
'vast e. the sour bile and fernenting
food passes out of the lowels and0 you
hare Ia well and playful child again.
('hildrlen love I' - har.nless "fruit lax
at iv.'," a1n(1 imothe's can rest easy af
ter giving it, because it never fails to
lmale their little ''insides'' ('lean and
sw et.
Keep it handy, !f'other! A. little giv
eIn today saves a sick ch'!"iul tomorrow,
but get the genuine. Ask your dr ug
gist for a .O-ee'ti bottle of "C:l ifo'nIa
Syrup r ; i,..s'', which has direction
Ioir liles. chiihiren of all ages and
for grown-ips plainly on the bottle.
Itenmelbcr there are counlnterfeits sold
here, so surely look and see that yours
is made by the "California Fig Syrup
Company." 1land back with contimpt
anly other fig syrup.
tD. On Al
excellent opportuni1
mply buying from u
t 0
Everybody. This :
t by giving a discour
ntaining Coupons th
to $20.00. For ina
hy not save 5 per ci
What Will the Suffragettes 'Do
After They Stop Plying Torch?
:r , ." ;.;} , ."
Photo ny Americnn Press Association.
V'1ltY day almost one reads of arsonette outrages in England. Only
the other- day the arson sqfund of the. militant suffragettes burned
down liallikinrnin castle, In Sentland, at half a million 100) .room man
sion, unoccupied at the time. Ilefore thuft they had burned down the
grandstand at the lBurst park race traek. The ruins-of this fire are here pie
tured. Fighting for the vote by the firebrand stems to be the present status
of thie Woman mouvement in England. Amerieans wo'nder when the "wild
women" will take up (he rifle. That seems to be the nest logieal step since
they have previously tried the bomb.
A OlAI ..R
G roceniesy
tytpeueth Hg ot fLvn.
s fo C S .
phoob mril 'r' A~o1 t .,
at wl bea jukia: I st as i geood 11 I u a cahi t linlt o
grstane on thrtli me20 c. Bookrnns ofhstr Couhrepn
n.baigcas atris COMPA
)MAN .vN
Some Doing!
Irish Cobbler and lied Bliss Seed
Potitoes now ready for you to plant.
We have several varieties of fine
Seed Corn to dell.
Plant a patch of Spring Beardless
Barley. We have the seed.
Sow some German Millet and buy
the seed from us.
Fresh stock of Wood's Garden Seed.
Also some tine Sweet Peas and Na
turthin Seed for your flower garden.
Buy a kit of lake fish for the morn.
lug appetiser.
Headquarters in the Flour trade.
hy your next sack or barrel of Flour
from us and be pleased.
Buy a Blount 'Middle Buster or
Blount Tjrn Plow and farm with ease.
He progressive and keel up with the
10 pounds of fireen Cofee for $1.00.
See it. before you buy. Go -to ll,-"Got
son Steve." Trade at the Big Store.
J. H. Sullivan
Laurens, S. C.
Ofsfce i Simmons building
Phone: Ofhe No. 86; Residence 219.
Simpson, Cooper & Babb,
Attorneys at Law.
Will 'practice in all State Courts.
prompt attention givento all businees.
Engineering and Contracting
I .and Surveys a Specialty
,ancrete Work Skillfully done or In
Drawings and e'timates of all Kind.
Telephone No. 346
Laurens, S. C.
Five per cent of
we are going to
ir store. These
you will save

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