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* I).IS NEWS, *
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Dials, Feb. 8.-The many friends of
Rev. .1. K. McCain were pained to hear
of his death Thursday at his home in
in Cray Court. Uncle "Mack" as he
wn fa:nillarly called was beloved by
all, havIng served this church as pas.
tor from 1900 to 1903 and alI here
Were sorry to hear of hils an s 1wering
th" final roll call.
\lr. Toml .\rmstrong had the misfor
tune to lose his harn early Wed n.sday
evening by fire. Fo'r mules and all
his feed stuff were destroyed. The
loss is heavy on \1 Armstrong,
all hiough'u it Is Understood le tarried
some insmurantce. The orig n of the Iire
is uinlknown.
.\Miss Ostell Wi!1!s spent several days
1ast. w'ek in Ga Court, as the guest
of .\Miss I Rah Riddle.
Ir. -ani 'u rry wais a business visi
tor in Colunbia last w.'ek.
.\Mr. :n1( l 's. IIasla!l (ray were the
week(-tnd guests of Ir. .1ulius Curry
ved !amiti v.
Mlss lime Curry of Clinton spent
hee week-end witi 1- hparents.
.\1r. !iat.n howice' of the War
rio:r uoinnuniit Y, was the guest of Ir.
I). I) ! i;!(' ' 8mlo ayut .
.\Nh. I.n i .e \ r(er(1b' :1 r'otlh
t'r ClIarence(', spen'lt 11..11 with .ls
('!,rt: , !" !.I
\li: IFan'l l rownlii wvas:hi ''ue'st
el'' he(r io ..r .W . -. liolt o: ilenr
\1 r. "Tot Wood.- 4f . I\ l so ,e, sjenit
last w '! w: '1i :'i iamily of l X.
Fra ely.
Ii the ';ah ing rh 'in Iotiit file
state o: \Ir. \'al'i ne. anti the e+
forts of .\NIssis .\NI 'ioitoh an(! Ale
MTah:tl to1 intro',dtuc( t: \'.i w a in suit
f"ragte hill 111 e s'itgib ct nf w mantil Siff
ftrail is bieim;i greatly agitateld. Al
New FL
We are install
Burr Flour Mil
bushels per day
Ready for o
Th se lcet hd
vault for afel prtci
colTheire plone tohie wel
it in OUR BANK, then y
'Nhen you want it.
Make OUR ba
Enterprise Natiom
N. . DIAL, Pres.
though no one would like better than
I to "dab" in politics, and so ardently
support, (with my tongue) imly party,
even if on the losing side, I'm not yet
convinced that South Carolina is ready
for woman suffrage. True none in our
state are debarred from the ballot but
the idiot, the lunatic And the criminal
aind the negro, and most assuredly our
women come under neither head. My
opinion however, is that South Caro
lina as a whole is not prepared for
woman suffrage. I may be old fash
ioned, and I confess I am old fashioned
enlough never to want a klivorce law
introduced in our grand old state.
Now don't think I believe in all that
"Losh," (because I am an anti) of the
holme and hearthstone being women's
sphere and her inability to cope with
so weighty a problem as poiitics, for
wVOllanl is certainly man's equal and
,an talk politics too, and some of them
make shrewd electioneers for their
favorite, 'which is as it should be.
Granted that the ballot was ours.
would we make good? Take the statute
books of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and
\Wyomtlinig, where women have voted re
spectively from fifteen to forty years,
and it is astonishing how few laws
have been put upon those books for
the P rotet ion of h uman life. It is
ill to s:y in rebuttal of this fact that
w 1Iln stufillrage has not existed long
'no:Uihin tih e states. for the enact
Imenit of uitch laws.
N' t'her can one finid on the hooks
of the wotlat Sutfrage states any of
tin Ue nwastres that. should be there
a; a protection thrown around the
chill. the growing girl, the young wo
man. the mother, anti the aged woman.
li the women who have been given th
hallt could show wherein they used
it, first and effectively for the greater
"'1eetiou anad preservation of life,
enn anyone imagine a ian or woman
whvoild not work his and her hard
ur MillI
ing a French
, capacity 125
peration by
oney is where they have
Sit. Every week we see
~ople having been robbed.
der the carpet, behind pic
r places where people con
known to burglars. Hide
ou know you can get it
nik YOUR bank.
LI Banik of Laurens
C. H. ROPER, Cashier
est to see that the ballot for woman
should be made universal. It is true
that woman suffrage has caused a fewt
good laws, but it is a bewildering fact,
iudged on any ground, but in 'these
facts lies the reason why, in the minds
of many men and women-woman suf
rage has been weighed in the balance
and found wanting.
We would be glad to show you how
ens- they ar to operate.
S. M. & 1:. H. WiLKES & CO.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Harmony, Feb. 8.-Uncle Jesse Tay
lor as he was familiarly called, died
very suddenly last Sunday (morning .
his home near Nir. .1. 1-. Pitt's. He was
burie in the cemetery at the colored
church at Princeton Monday evening.
Uncle Jesse was one of the old-time
slave darkies and was' well thought
of by the white people. I have often
heard hi mtalk about how he -worked
throwing up breastwords for his ob
nmaster during the Civil War. lie was
said to he 96 years of age at the time
of his death. Ile leaves an aged wife
who has been blind for years and some
children to mourn his departure.
A great cal of sickness in this coin
naitlity at this time-- mostly colds.
.ir. .1. ii. ilalentine, .r., has a little
boy real si(k at this writing. We hope
E:nette will soon he well again.
.\r. Olin Carlisle has a sick daugh or.
One of the teachers of the school
was asked hr v they were getting
along With th<r : school and she replied
that nearly all were sick, but with
this exception they were getting along
Acoerding to the saying of the
ground hog, we will have some more
had weather before grass grows.
ir. and Mrs. G. It. 'T'aylor visited
the former's brother, ir. .John1 W.
Taylor at 1Princeton Sunday.
M r. J. U. Cook, aIter visiting in
this ('0nuinlty for Iwo or three weeks
retilIrnel to his 110111 at Ianirens Sat
Our Adver'h ise' failed to snake its
appeloarance wXek before last. The olIII
hlay 1okd''! right fatniliar and good
wi c ie' ('amei in i:lat week anld was
:1 \\elcome visitor.
.\ p1'' :t cnccn c of us jcoplecj up 11 ( r(
:ccc inl t':vor of tih' compul'ory" echur
lion Iaw, bul thcer i 'onclo'' Iat ri' tha:
weo 1''tl tic ovcI erlook 11:11 t!k is s :t(
of 11h ni:in eic s ot 01' en notlch illiter
1'' todacv mO moany of u o imol' l'opl
!,or wt1"ilu of 1wan':4s to oily dclotinge.
books. cte.. to l1 u ch1 ' o i illdron to r o
to .(chool. lion't yol r -'ckon inetilc o1
us will Itol s'clclmewhccat ' mba1crr-ccc'1:.sd
wlon ow :- chibicrni c i. w - c !wir only old
rcigcl scits, start. off to school w ih
(1r t. anv Ibooks cc. e'e'pt anc alml ance
Sh lull Ih('' h sh ct c.iceS, 0'
SVIi(tlh ('arolina 111 should ihl. lo';;
latur a s thcis bill, thelrle a1ut11 ic lcl ie'
sornc' a r111 o1)'r-ictini for th!s elissc.
Thin f r brm, a. com' poor wi(cwc ,
Icmm 1.h1-ndin upon hrli nly cc.iS (II
erf. Wiwc- i th reordyc i~? 1c isc vt'y
cciccccctuncc'c ihcit so) manyl of usc dcc'
co tcoccr. lcc'\erthiclic' ii is trulc tic:1
w~i wc i 1 cc he true. forc ('Christ ::alId.
.i cr. ciit Mc's. .ins. Wi. Simpcsocn,
.1. I I. 1: O i c cu icbly.
'l Di11b'S OF1"G ETS. ~i'lT"
Y'1Oll make goio-go' ('y'es at. your
fcI. t', ('ter youl uisei '' " ''TS- 'T", and
youi'll findl~ the places wherIe thlose
"How Wide is a 'CETS-IT' Smile ? Well a
Cood Deal Over 2 Feet I"
blankety cornts used to be, just acs
sm~oothl as your check, Thlere's no0 COrn
01' callus among the millions of feet
ini the world thlat "GETS-IT" -will nIot
reliove-thereO's 110 escape. "GETS-IT"
1s thie ne0w waly, the simple, com~mon
801nse, sure' way. It does awvay with
greasy olntmenlts, salves, pads, cot
ton ings, harnesses50, knives, scissors,
razor.0Is, fies, and the i liplng an~d the
inful pigeon-tine walk of so many
cor'n-posteredi ieople. All you do is
put.I 2 dro'cps of "'G-1iTS-iT"'' on-the corni
shr'iveis tiip-andi goodl bye.C Nothiing
(else in the0 wor0ild Ilike "G(MT~iS-IT"'.
Mllkilns are us ing it, ThereC'ts noI pain1,
n10 trleOlii , 110 chanlgi ng shoes because
of corns,
"G(i'TSi-IT'' ig sold Icy dru'tggists ev
cry where', 25c. a bcottlie, or' senllt dlirlect
bcy :, Iccawrence & Co. (Cctego. Sold
wor'ld's best ('crn eure bCiy Liaurlens
Pow'cVing .\iachinue Nec'dl~cc to fit. al
makes of rncinil !s.
'. M & F:. iw 11 umIIE & ,'
* ** * * * * *" * * * *" # "
Cold Point, Fob 8.-The grain is
looking very well considering the
continued rains.
Mr. S. Y. lIamby was a business vis
itor for several days last week in our
Mr. Clifton Madden of Spartanburg,
is visiting relatives in Cold Point.
Miss Blettie Lou Duncan has return
e' to her home in Greenwood after
spending several weeks with her cous
in Miss Nina Duncan.
Mr. H. E. Brownlee of Laurens, was
in our commuinty Saturday.
ir. Will Cunningham visited rela
tives in Fountain inn Sunday.
A number of -friends and relatives
enjoyed a turkey dinner in the home
of Miss Dora Madden Sunday.
Our school is progressing nicely
vilh the efilcient service of Prof. S.
We are grateful to Mr. Taylor, our
rural mail carrier for his faithful ser
vl.ce during the bad weather.
Trout Streams in Rockies.
Nearly all of the Recky mountain for
ests contain splendid tr'ut streams,
and, as most of these are kept well
stocked, they will doubtless furnish
sport for many generations. Game Is
also to be found in most of the forests,
and in some of them is abundant; but
the big game is rapidly disappearing,
and may of the species are doomed.
Thus the Olympic forest is the last
Stand of the Roosevelt elk, and the
mountain sheep is found only in a few
forests. On the other hand. (leer and
bear are still abundant in many of
the forests, and especially in the
lilackfcet, Kootenai, Kanisku, Coeur
d'Alene and Flathead of Montana. In
the Southwest there is still good hunt
ing on the Apache, the Sigreaves and
the Tonto of Arizona and in the Mo
gollon and Gila country of New Mex
R(coglnized Ad vantages.
You will find that Chamberlain's
Cough itemedy has recognized advan
tages over most medicines in use for
coughs aad colds. It does not suppress
a cough but. loosens and relieves it.
It aids Oxpec'torationt and opens the
secret.ions, w lih enables tihe system
to Iii row off a cold. I1 00untt'racts
alny tenlency of a cold to. result in
Inneumtonia. It. contains no opium orI
t(ther urat'colI, and may be given to a
'11hil(1 as contfidently as to an adult.
I"or sale by all dealers.
Legal F,
The circumtlocution u. boIal "ocu
tmenits is the penalty of h(a'ving .1 bi.
linigual language anti deiscenls to us
Iriam these count ries wlhen the Eng
lish and the Nortmatns were slowl3
aniigan ating into one1 people So
the t wo races, in the market place or
in social converse, to make their
ameaning clearer, joined a French
word to an English or vice versa.
'T'hat is why in the prayer book words
so often run in C.tiples: "h1umble
and lowly." "acknowledge and con
ss." '"assetble and meet together."
The English was for the English, the
Nut manIrinch for the lrench.
'liaucer is a great uiser (If such bilin
'gual phrases: "'IIltinag a''d vener
eye,"' ''wright anad carpenter,'' "care
and hiee'l."' And thmat in whsee law
y'rs get :'uchn tal k as "aid andi abet,"
"w~vill andi~ te'stamen~gt" mt'.d "usel and
Proampi Aellontit Will Stoup Vour ('toughm.
Wh'len you first catch a 'ol (often
indenatted by3 a snieetze or' cotgh) ,breatk
t it p at tunct'. 'Thle ideai that. ''It dioes
ntu mtihtter" liftn lteads toI aeritus
imeduiaitely anid easily ientatest ' the'
lining of the throat. is the kind det
mantled, l)r. K ing's New I )lscovery'
sooths the lirr titat ion, loosens thie
phlegm. Yon feel bettecr at on1ce. ''It
secetd t) r'each thle vt'ry spot oIf myi
Couigh" is 0one (If lmainy honest test i
taonials, 50ic at your' .13rutggist,
Our indebtedness to Slaves,
To the emi~pertors andt j)opes of by
gone ages, writes M'rs. Ida llusted
Harper, the modern, ..'orld is dleeply in
debted for treasures of art and archi
teturn that withmiut thom~ never omid
have existed. It w'as only by the labor
of unpaid and underfed slaves that
the Coliseum, the magnifIcent arches,
the enormous baths, tho marvelous
palaces cotuld have been erected; and
it was only through grinding the faces
of the poor by taxes and enforced con
tributins thant the splendid chturches
could have been huillt ahd their match
less dlecorations madle possible. Popes,
emperors and tunforttunate victims
have long since passed alike into dust.
not all the pompj andI circumstance of
power beling able to avert this com
mon fate, and It matters not whether
this dtust has returnedl to the simple
elements of earth or been preserved
in gorgeotis tombs.
In a RussIan Church.
The interior of a Russian church is
outspokenly oriental, for it consists
merely of a gorgeous hall and a sane
tulary, withoutt any seats, as that is
the custtom in ether temples. There
Is neither an organ nor a pulpit in the
Russian chtirchm and the temple cere
monty is 011e mostly cf music, chant
ing and spectacular gesticulations,
which remind one of ancient Egyp
tians dancing in their temples. For
music there in a chm'r of b'oys and
men in nalln th msa ....ice.
Are You Interested
r in what you eat and what It costs. If so come and see us, we will
do the rest.
Fresh Goods-Prompt IDelivery--Best Prices-None Better
Flour this week only at $7.60 and $8.00 per barrel; also buy your
Lard and Sugar for it is going higher.
J. C. Shell & Company
Phone 183 The Corner Grocer
Of Values
After taking inventory of stock find we
have too many Winter Goods on hand.
While it is possible the most severe weath
er is yet to come an opportunity is offered
to those who are not provided to secure
Winterwear at much below market value.
Only a limited number of Blankets on
hand--these are offered at p -ime cost to
W.G.Wilson & Co
And ..ie greatest harm that invaria
bly com- .' to a person is self-inflicted
or fancied.
About "Times Being Hard" there is
more money in circulation than ever
before in the world's history.
If you are pessimistic, pay this
store a Visit during the -Great Give
Away Sale, and see what an utter
disregard we have for money.
All Fixtures, including Cash Reg
ister and Safe for sale. Make us a
WM. ORNDUFF, Proprietor

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