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Hlorrilho Crime Stirs Abbeville Coun.
ty. Special Tem of Court Ordered.
Abbeville, March 17.-Mrs. M. E.
Scott, a widow 80 years of age, was
attacked by a negro in her hlome nar
Lowndesville early yesterday morning,
suffering injuries from which she died
this afternoon. Charles Logan, cou
fessing to the crime, was arrested and
taken to the jail at Abbeville, frovn
Which he was removed to Greenwood
to be taken1 to the penitentiary at
Columbia for safekeeping. Logan is
a young negro who has recently comi
to South Carolina from Georgia.
Mus. Scott lived alone with her
granddaughter, a girl of 1.1 or, 15
years of age. .Slie had been accus
tomed .to arise during the night to
smoke a pipe and the negro is said
t. have waitched the house and known
o? this practice.
rarlv yesterday morning Logan is
said to have entered the house while
Mrs. Scott was smoking her nightly
11,e and after striking her in the he:td
mi'h.1 a hammer to have attellptel to
enter the room of tile granddaughter.
The girl, however, escaped by a win
dow and ran to a nearby house.
Logan was arrested today by Mag
istrate Mosley I-uckttbee, who suc
ceeded in getting his prisoner away
from a crowd of angry Lowndesville
citizens who seemed disposed to vio
lence. With Jesse Cann and the two
Harper brothers the magistrate
brought tho negro to the Abbeville
Sheriff Lyon took no chances on a
lynching here and at once removed
L6ganl to tile Greenwood jail pending
his further removal to the peniten
tiary. A negro, Tom Murray, was
convicted of manslaughter recently
an(] sentenced to serve flve years and
as the feeling against this negro had
[,(tn ligh when lie was tried on the
charge of murder, the sheriff decided
that it would be well to take him to
Columbia with Logan. Ti sheriff was
sure that if a mob succeeded in en
tering the Jail to lynch Logan it
-would lynch Murray also.
A negro nameid Matthews was
brought here tonight charged with be
ing implicated in tile affair at
Lowndesville. He declares, however,
that lie can prove an alibi, having
spelit the night in Anderson.
Abbeville citizens have communi
eated with Gov. Manning and urged
him to call a speielal term1 of court to
try Logan.
irs. Peott was well kiiowin in
Lowndesville. She was a sister of
Kingleton S. 11oles who has made the
gover'nment estimates oil crops for
this section for a mnu1litber of years.
Lowndesville is in the upper0 Corner(01
of Alheville County, oil the Savan nail
valley line of the Charleston & West
torn Carolina rail way, het'een MeCor
miek .Iand Andersion. It is about six
nilies east of the Savannah river anid
is 25 miles northwest of Abbeville.
Will (Call Speelal Termi.
C.olumbln, Mlarch l8.-"'l will ('all
ai siechil ternm of court for early next
wee'k,"' said Gov. Manninag last nlighit,
.after' he had Clcfee by3 te'lephlione
with Solicitor 11. A. Cooper', who wvas
at Newberryv, r'egariniig thle killing of
the agedl Mr's. .\l. E. Scott in her' home
near' Lownditesvill Tc'uesday afternoon.
Charles Logan, the young negro ac
('used( of the murder, wvas brought to
tile State peniltenltiary' for safekeeping
last nlighit by P. T1. Siproulse, depu~lty
sheriff of Greenw"oodl county. "He con1
fossed to me that he did( it," Mr.
Sprouse said, on arrivinig in Columbia.
Tow Murriay, unader' senltenice of fly'e
years for' manslaughter, at the sug
gestion of the Abbeville county sher'
1ff, was brought along with Logan al
so, out of abundance of precaution.
Tile dlepuity (1d1idlot knowv whlat dispo
sition had been mfadle of another negro,
WVill Johnson, who was said to have
been arrested in. company with Logan.
He had hleardl, lie said, that Johnson
had been released. On tile train fromn
Greenwood to Columbia, Logan, un
dier questioning by a passenger, told
a story substantially as follows:
Tuesday afternoon a negro named
Will Johnson came out from Lowndos
ville with a pint of whiskey. They
drank thle liquor together, Johnson
saidl, "Let's go get old -Mrs. Scott's
money." .When they reached the
h1ous8 JTohnson climbed ini thlrough a
window. Logan had a r'ock in hils
hland. Mr's. Scott was sitting before
the fireplace. Somewhier0 inside John
'ion hlad picked up a hammer. 'Logan
saw nothing of the young wom'an.
Johnson said1, "Now keel) still, I'm
going to make a noise." Johnson at
tracted the attention of Mrs. Scott
and when she came toward tile room
in which lie was 110 threw tile hiammei'
and she Tell.,Logan fled. After some
minutes lie was joinedl by Johnson,
They gpent thie night at Logan's 110111
and wore captured In the morning.
Th~ey lhad agreed not to confess, but
Johnson after his ari'est accused hima
of striking Mrs. Scott, so lie hind to
'tnlk in snlf-defnsn. Johnson is 23
years of age, Logan says, and had
lived near Mrs. Scott's place, Logan
says he hiinself is 17'years of age. He
Insists that he and Johnson "went for
Governor 3aning' Order ioes to Ev.
ery Legal Liquor Sel'1er in the Coun.
Columbia, NIarch 19.-All the dis
pelnsarles in Barnwell county were
closed this afternoon by order of Gov
ernor 11anning, and will remain closed
indefinit6ly. This order was issued
in a letter sent to each dispenser in
the county and was made public here
tonight. The letter' follows:
"Under authority of Section 856,
Criminal Code of 1912', you are here
by, immediately on receipt of this or
der, required to close the dispenshry
at -, Barnwell County, and to keep
said dispensary closed until furthe or
der from Inc."
The letter was addressed to the fol
lowing dispensers: B. A. Best, at Ul
mer; C. D. NicClendon, at Fairfax: W.
P. Walsh, at Williston; 1). E. Rtice, at
Allendale; R. M. Wise, at Blackville;
M. C. Lee, at KlIne; F. N.. Cave, at
Barnwell; S. J. Ilutto, at Elko; F. Hi.
Gault, at Baldock, and E. G. iolen, at
luformation was receievd today that
the Biarnwell county grand Jiur-y had
been authorized by the court to em
ploy an expert accountant to examine
the books of the Barnwell county dis
pensary board which was recently re
moved from ofllce by the governor.
This audit will cover the dispensary
from the timle it was inaugiurated un
til the present date. W. I. Johns, of
Baldock, is the foreman of the grand
They love to take it and it doesn't
harm the tender 'little stomaeh, liv
er anid bowvels.
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don't walt; give the littl_ stpiach, liv
er antd bowels a gentle, thorough
cleansing at. once. Whenl cross, Pecv
ish, listless, pale, doesi't si(el, eat
or act naturally; if breatli is bad,
stomach sour, give a tispooniful of
"alifornIa Syrup of Figs, anId In a
few hours all the clogged-up, (onsti
pated waste, sour bile aid tiundigested'
tood will gent ly iove out of the how
els, an1d you1 IIaVO a welL, playfil child
If your child Cotiglis, siu fIles anid
has caught. cold or is feverIsh or has
a sore throat give a good doso ot
"Callforni'l Syrutp 11 r igs" to (vaCti
ate the bowels no ff rene what olh
er. trevatimicit is g Wo.
ick CIhIirn A edi't coaxed to
take this h ,'press "fru t Ixat lye.''
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cause they ullow Its aellont oi the
stomacht, li v antd owels is prompt
antd sure. They also know a little giv
en loday saves a sick child tolorrow.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent . bot
tie or "CalifoniIa Sy rup of ,igs,"
whlh contais directiIons fot habIles,
chitd ren1 of all ages and for gr wown A(
tuts plaitnly onl the('bhttie. Hotwarie of1
ultne, tmade by "Ca':lifornila lFIg Syrup,
Tihe L~auirenis County13 TIeacherts ass~o
'lnt ion at its latst meeting, passed reso
iution as follows: lDe it resolved,
That the t eachter's of ILaiuens ('ountyI
are lieari' ly In favor of recenit law,
r'egarduIig compu~tlsor'y school attend
ance, as enaeced by our' taw-mnaklng
body; andl that tIls body of teacher's
eai'testly requests thtat each schoolI(
district ini Lauriens couty begin a
movement to have tIs law enlfor'ced
in the sep)arate school dlistricts of thte
State cf Ohio, City ot Toledo, as an1(
Lucas County, {"- live
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is i
senior partner of the firm of I". J. Cheney a'
& Co., doing business in the city of To- M
lodo, County and State aforesaid and or1'
that said firm will pmay the sum of ONEF fuil
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each andov
ery case of Catarrhi that cannot be curedi itls
by the use of HIALL'S. CATAR1RH CURE. cab
Sworn to beforo me andl subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December, mo10
A. D. 188, feel
(Seal) A. W. GL1EASON
Notary Public, iing
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally you
and acts directly upon the bleed and mu- els
coums surfaces of the system. Send forla
testimonials, free. n
F. 3. C~HENEYfl & CO. Toledo, O.. and
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Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneys at Law.
i'roml't .\ttetiion Given .All Iluiniies:
Wbjl i'lrnellee( In all State Courts
N. B. DIAL A. C. Toni
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