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At One Time to Sneoze Was Regarded
as a Death Warrant.
Sneezing fromn very reipote timles has
beens regarded wvithi supirtillon.
Our forefialthers wet to bed aglInt
if they sneezed while putting on t heir
shoes. A sleeze to tie right was
deenmed lucky; to Ili' left, tif evil por
tent. To sneeze near i buriat place
was v'ery 1unlucky.
Tradition ias It that snieezing was at
first a fatal sign-every huuaii heing
sneezed bull (liltnce a nd Iten died-but
Jacob peti ioned the 'reator to re
ItinOe the snit'ezing lan and si(.'t'e.lteed.
'1'Itence r)4t'2-e the onwe u tiversal rus
ton of la i al sIl itezer With "God
bless you:''' or "'May you live long!"
The cuso n still o11talls In sou:) pi its
of Europe.
In 1-ii;ad not o2'ly was a sneezer
blessed, buts friends rainel their haIs
to 1m1a 1as well. Inil bin I hook. "Tile
t'ode of Q'onduet," it is dI'ec'ted that
"if his lordship sneet'zes ye ire not to
'bawl out, '.(od bless you!:' but how to
hin handsoine.y." All over tihe world
the sneeze was rec-2iogniz.ed. 1hole nit.
toins Wt't uniid'r orders to ipke ex
e1:lmation2s wh2en Ileir kin;; sneczed.
Sneezing was tielieveil to Ibe a s'ure
cure for bicough nail was also looked
p1)o1 its a1 sign of sanity. 1f ancient
1and universal belief goes for anything
it Is good to sneeze. -- I.ondon02 Tele
The Secret of Contentment Is Found
In Proper Employment.
A philosoph1er on2c' said th:t "no
manh properly emiplotye:l was ever luis
etrable." \lit( t mnore truthful slate
mnent was never cuantle.
To be properly emnployed one must
be engaged in ai b 2usin'ss In which he
Ials faIlth anti coIntidenc(e 111d for wie-h
Ie has r'espect. Ifs ie (122ubts the lelt
i1na1y >f tile 111sl21ess, If It(h must re
solt to practices wh'iic1I ha feels pre
q)ue.stio)nabl'e. it' he isn't liou(d of his
(occutIjion, he is not p1roperly (employ
el. It' the wio'k lin Is l:ivtn2 to ler
1or22 pal s 2ti(0n hiil. If he fool-s that
he ou2gh1t to be 1' doiin soinethig: ele. if
lie en!ies t1e 2 h r elljt!22yee. his Iplacle
in the Sli2 (or factory, l the:1 the wNork
dlest1ens at2al (les boys, 2121.l ilisery ffl
The wrriters got1 thin;;s bailie''( atp
wIIw' they talked 'ab 2ut wort 2ut(
ply. 'Too gre:i at a1ditinction was
drani. IP1:1y wras pictu'ed 128 s01
Ihi:l:g th:tt gav' 1:21piness :1nti wvork as
seine1thn wthigh one1t perfornael only
beeanuse hek was hung1Lry.
The tr uth2 is, it is all 1'1.1y or ought 11
to lie, fur the 1112112 who is 11ro'; er'y emI)
11ayed1 1- o1y en2g:aell i:n playinig. lie
gets ats touch dleli.ht( Irin it ats he for"
Inely g18 ot frl' i'p the chih2lih I :t ne s 111
should. 'ertaitnly here <:un het no t1ais
ery whore at nalt h2ts 11102d his work.
- -1aytoni News.
Knew Just How.
.\lany year: ago in 'aris. at f1he first
presentaition1 of a tragcerly that had for.
its c1osing scene the 22' l rrier of at s,1we'd
ish klIg wil h hmd lk ielnuace n'arly
1ltf at tcentuiry earlier. all wVent well
till the 12lt1derI scene 'Iln tn on, when a
very ti gn i2'd1 old --enltlilin ill tlhe
stage box called out IlnL'rily:
"A.bIsur1d! They've I it i all wrong!"
The inanatger htitulself he:lrnl I his plain
s1pokenI corninent,. al.d2, Ibeing 1:2trIally
distur el bIy s,1 sw( eeplu22g a t.:tlenln:
tionr, lhe s2uh .2 ~it the122 2ritie and1( Ipo
12ad to 1find with itI.
wh'1ole groupInI2g ef 1the scene22 is 1incor.
kinto thle ri.1ht of I~o door122, whereat'~ s
Barbarous Tattooing.,
wok that1 1 it fte to2 ok 12n-arly3 sIX
wh le b ody - of .tl'(iin- ma'lesV wth er'2I iel
11rnitated( r'.1::b de2signs8, (Ire'Ies, ('urves.'
a12(2 122:12y 2h-2i2ns of2( 82inull wor21k, 12)
2:ludinlg ro2(r2al and(I1121nluIr spots, e'venl
to lle Wiln'lerW2 n Il ni) the11 to1 of; the
head.('I Thus,1 Ia!glning at1) ('iri)12ty,
Tihe a)d:iatio whlh'I 11(dh felt for
hIs A 1111t .\lrgarlet inc'Ilded all her2 1 at.
"'I don't (nre l'much14! for pla21in tee(th)
like 2211n12, Aun .\11 3:r2garetl,"' s12hl 1101h
'whlehl he2 had1 watched2 o her' In laugin~lg
conversation1(22 wIll) is1 12uother.2' "I wIsh
1 1had4 some14 ('opper' t(22.d 2)nes lIke
"What sort of (-bap1 laIs man8f)1t ShIn
L ner't"
"lIe's thiel sort of chap)1 wh'o w12ouln't
tinkl of olferin you~ (a2 mat2ch e to light
ou 02 c(Igar' unless8, he were' surIe y'ou
J had another2 2 ci1ga1r in) your1 piocket."
rtttsburgh Pre's's.
I1e-Yu use to aytherewa
.2 something about me you liked, She
Yes, bu1t you've spent It all now.
--Philade~lia Ledger.
"WVhy did you slap your baby sister's
~ aco?"
"'Cause th' rest uv 'er was wrapped
D :Uty is sddty, irrespective of its ro
90t~Nnfy Sontoka.
Wear and Tear Cause Statesmen
to Die Young.
Yalo Professor, After an Exhaustive
Study on Question of Vitality of Our
Public Men, Declares Quiet Life Is
the Long One.
New IlIaen. ('onn.--hat Ithe sitliple
life is the long one nitl that the con
vlviil solil life of the atiloni's rep
resettittves iI congress Is not iin(luI
caee to longevity, hut has, on the cn
I t'r, heedt the tmens of taking ofl' at
a too early age linntiy of the best mern
of the couintry, nire decltions made by
I'rofessor Ir vin. -'isher, one of the
best known politinl economists in the(
counitry, after iln exhaustive stud y.
"I 'i'esiils, vioe presilents and con
gressnen are a select groupt, endowed
at the outset. wvtih uniusual vitality.
The vitality of imi'ost of them is severe
ly ta xed and mlaleially r-edliced by tho
hieavy responlsthilities and had per~sont
aI hygiene in('ieilnt to a1 public vierer.
A minority eseinpe the worst of these
conilitins and retain the imalor poat of
their natural en mliwinent of vitality.
IUnd hygiene hais beet) n re destruc
tive Than the weilit of responsibility.
"'This sconclusi 11 Is suggested by tihe
fnct. thnt the vice presidents suffer a
greater curtaillment of life than tlt'
hI'Ioti by Amferi:tii fr,-, Assittion.
1'I' FFSSon 1II~ lN isillitt.
preshdents, althotighl Vier pre-shlents
haiive tar loss reslionililityr, lut piel'nd
tnutch Cayre time Iin \\'ntshingtoni sotril
lie' thun Ile ire ii ents. It Is also sug.
gest ed by I he fact tthat t le clvil war
perlou, w%-ith its greater wet"(1;1 of r"e
sl''insibuilit; ttt uire siniiple lIving,
shwrell :t owri iniertality- than the ple
rio,;is ptro)eding and foullowrin-, with
less weilIht il respolsbility blut less
situlel livin."'
I' for1'ic-iillsheir :ulhl I iht hilstorlenlly
theire lhis bieien ai iprogressive' doc-vese
10Ilihsie enu1ses of diathI i'onsistling of
chiiily ait tlii- iarlier agesl', bt ai prio
grocssive io eiige for thei worisie in thsse
i'asis whlii'h iIlI Ihelr iIthois ichleily at
thle later'i year is.
ginertivle iiseises woiubl xpilalii the
Iimpoineniiiit in liortIalIty ut t he eiiitier
grinduntoI s, ievien positivye retrI;mreion5l~l
In thle mor taiility iof Ithe~ slilci inYes.
(eeptiuinality of' thei ibler nges In the
elvii war pierid. For If' It w'as plnin
livliig wib lviixplainiel the low mor
tai ty ofr tiat erliid we shlonl expect
lie moriie ina rkwil iiillueinci of t hat fac
liir toi appiear Just asX It dlies, at the
(llri iages at, whle~h thle wear' nieil tear
mtlit IIty is iielly registered.
"Th'le thanage to vItalIty whieh w
tfi ini liublic lIfe s nmot , thierefore, put
forwari id lis an a rgumient 1 nin lst niteir
lng piubllie ser'vice, nor will a k:nowvl
Ied Ige o f thle fa its probably13 ten (11li inta
diirect ion, certaily 1noht a iiolig t hose
5onal lot eres5ts, as e'very~' pul ici man
shioubl(. 1 ut kniowle'dge ls Ipower', ainil
u kiiowledge oif thle fa i-s shuouihI eniabb.o
us to prolee our 01 lul ic mn 1 or1 enabhil le
Ithlemu to pr'oteoct them'iiselvyes anrd to do.
14o in thle pubIlie hiteii'st. Th'1is enn heit
coriilitions1 in the cuntiryi noil its eap
lIIt by3 betteri hieaIth li ustoms al halb.
Its, by' better Ideals anad by3 a iioire sys.
temiat Ie apjilient lon of I lhe per'fect Ideals
already3 e'xisthbig."'
niionei't Ion wIth th le lIves of the
preslenits oIf the Uniited Staites, Prlo
fessor' FIsher says:
"fThe longevity of each presidenit Is
reckconed from the date of inaugurn
I ion-that isi, from ,hle time of his first
being president. Titus WashIngton be
came president at the age of fifty.
seven, when the 'expectation' of life,
accordIng to the American experience
table, was sixteen years. He actually
Ilived, however, only eleven years in
stead of' the sixteen. John Adams, on
Ithe other hand, lived after inaugura
Ition twenty-nIne years, which was two
and three timne. his expectton~ of thie.
tean Yars
Clardy & Wilson I Clardy i
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(15 ), That Src . 8. . . th mot.elaleree75or
Belated fromrtheibloodve
Lauren . s -o -~~r'eto o osn ~6 k
Fte odtat s Younablssn Shyl~ourclyd
4S(() hat ifteas lThe resul nofar dorderh clndi
(2)' my t when ab o ret the ud i esore c nti
(3) That tht s n n te bloodistecrero poon thrg
(4)Tat trom naticessfully trta dieaset ointingl
hand bark teache bnow o a s pu the tisus es.pt
liar medial vaue. aThe ms Inrelisable. emedy for
S i ontsrom ine nd. acnabn-o.S .S adno
*s.ss.icis n elperyithentu. fbei to- osn cdfeelsk
50 dy, t s atucessueyr whtherrm gldlfgv specod
Y cae oblood ttbl has ne of hesoslaIn dietyt
toan thosans of Reautrers for abt the 'troubre g1
tanha, chknow fo is plecu- the4tissue pata,
4z Wilson | Clardy & Wilson
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n Sale Closes
n and to get it we are making
pis store closes Saturday night we will
most successful sale in our history.
ale has been appreciated has been
istrated by the crowds of buyers who
d and takenadvantageof the wonder
eople today feel thankful for the
tions made on goods they purchased
e would like to make you feel the
fore Saturday night.
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ke way for them this week. Help
ie room and at the same time you
bargains we offer.
plenty of good bargains and
values yet to be had, so
>und The Last.Call
This One More Opportunity
setter Values"
kr Wilson.
- - S. Carolina
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