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Stato of South Carolina,
County of Laurons.
The Scottish American Mtg. Co., plain
Martha ,ar'ey Knight, et al, iefnIdait.
Puirsuanlt to a Deere(' of the C'Qutrt
in the above state( case, I will sell at
~. ult .- outcry to the hiI !.est bidder, at
liaur l:'. C. It., S. C.., lSailay i
.bulte(1mbr text, linii, Mon ly the ' il
(ay of t he tuonrth, du tri II the I :
h u .or . nwh ;,ci , the oli r e:s d -
All that. pi'. parcel or W. t '
land in 1!auet anl 20DiIs T'a own. hips.
Larenl-ts C'olltney, Sitalte ot Faith C'aro
].lit, oetain i a: ; ." 1 'ht oled and nine
-t)-four (i'.it) nets, lutre o;" less.
bounded on north by lands o .r:,. .1.
'ii. ('annon. eat l y 1' atu:.1!I. o, (. Y.
Ciraddock ni.I olhcis, outh hy T. A.
vi)C auley land aril pi 1t( by lands o:
c. t. Haing tlelsvei; a ad:e on- rart
d7eedel to .\es. M1artha C. light blyd
o.l. o.l yo.;phti.e Ca n non aili \lr l. h.ilary
C. K'ni:.tht, April 1%:~.', :at(d d1eed bitum,
* !cordted in Itooka :.', Page 272. :;aid
land being so!d nai a whole and then']
in the following tracts, the most fav
orale bii beig ac e t iedl:
')Tract No. .-a eing on the Green
ville and Laurens public road 6I1 feet,
containing 10fty-seven and one-quarter
(57 11) acres, more or less, bounded
on north by Mrs. tr. . Cannon land,
on the east by tract No. , the Q. and
L. public road, being the line, south
by tract No. 2, and west by Mirs. Min
nie Patterso n, forteiriy W. -. IH 1lan
hlms land.
TIrac't No. S.-lacin g on Grer-nville
and L1aurens public road 1812 feet,
containing forty-five and three -ar
2ate res i m:r-) acres, more or less,
bounded on north by tract No. 1, oln
east by tracts Nos. , and -1, the pub
i road being .h line, south by Gar
rest tract- and west by firs. Mlinnie
I attersonl, formelrly W. It. llellantls
Tract No. i.-Facing on Greenville
and Laurens pic road 1212 feet,
containing one hiundred and twenty
(120) acres, more or less, bounded on
north by tract No. 4, on east by lands
of Austin Bramiet. and Mrs. .\. C.
Garrett, south by Garrett land: and
west by tract -No. 2, the publi road
being the iinl
Tract No. "i.-Facing on Greenville
and Laurens public road I:201 feet,
containing sixty-eight and three
fourths (68 3-4) acres, nore or less,
bounded on north by lands of ars. ..l
C. Cannon, cast by lands )tf C. Y.
Craddock and . . Tiodi, routh i by
,tract No. 3, and Wrest by tracts Nos. I
and 2,th ;:liei r'oad being tihe line.
A plat showing the sub-division of
this property being on ile in ooi e of
the Clerik of Court for inspection.
T!ermes of Sales;: One-half ensh, bal
ance to be paid twelve months from
date of sale; the credit porti(,n to be
secu red by bond and mortgage of the
'purchas'er over the said premilses.
bearing legal interest from dlate, with
leave to purchaser to pay his entire
hid in cash. P'urchaar to pay for pa
pers. If the tersi of sale are not
er-" 1 wpht, the 1 11 fo be reo-v"'
"n' .'ame( er somel ' iin :til it F .wn
0-. na m t t h ,, d i:.l: c i:. c r11 1 J)1: -
C. A. POW\''IR,
C. C. C. P. and (i. S., Lauren';, S. C.
Dated, this :;ov. I4 ltJt6. 17-31
'tate of 'out a rolna,
(ouny of Laurens.
IN ('R11T 01' 'OM.1ON i'iPhlAS.
1itginlia-Ca;rolit:at (Cemical Company.
lan1 andCI (ole b,. e llase, lefend
li'ratl:tn: to a I)'erne of the ('ourt
(1t La urien a Couri ttitose, Futh( Caro'0
Si na, on Sa'. e.A.'iy in 'I )eieltulher n x t.
beIng .\onday thie 4thi day tof tile
(monith ui. l'ng thle le:.al hours for' Pub
31c sales, tile following described pro
(berty to wit:
Aiilla ha cer'tain ii ra'iCt, piece or' par1
cci of iand situnat e, lying andt beIng in
"Hunter Tiownship, TtLrens County, In
tsaid Slate, known as thle land of G.
/Wash Hinuter, contaIning 827 acres,
.more or less, atnd bounded by lands
of Mrs. .John Hf. Ilunter, the Phinney
of Guy 7optelanid, the Illalock -lands,
aInd lands of llayine H. Workman, and
-others. Said) tract of land pursuant
to the dlecree of the Court has been
number of ci
Ah d the
it does r
after yoi
tions, tel
money lt
out a qu
sub-divided into parcels of separate
tracts as follows, to wit:
Tract 'No. 1-Containing 80 acres,
more or less, bounded by lands of Guy
Copeland, the Blalock Place, lands of
' Iayne 11. Workman and Blush River;
Tract No. 2-Containing 127 acres,
Io re or less, bounded by lands of Mrs.
.1ohn 11. Hunter, layne 13. Workman,
public il ghway leading to Laurens;
'T'ravt :o. : ---Containing ('- 1-2 acres,
more or less, bounded by Tract No. 2,
h:Ll:c ligiuwaty leading to la:urteis,
.r. No. -1 and i3;h liver;
TatNo. 4-i- 'onltainiing 10 iIC -
. ' , c or ler , h :uild by public
hway;)1 le:uding; to Lauren1.;, Tra1 t No.
d ef 1 G ( (uy C(ope\';lnl aid Tfract
morec ("r $o . bolei id iy' sald
b hi.-hwa"cy leadlin to i!turens,
TraI t .No. ,;1:,h1 Iiicr lndi Triact No.
'Trac No. C. ( Cont ininn 12a acres,
: ': : ! .. l:oundedl by pu blic high
way le'adin: to I.aurenii, th(e in'neyic'2
land. Iu1sh I'tiver and 1'ract No. r;
Tirac t No. 7--?ontainlug 101, aeres,
!iore o,' less, b;ouldcd by 'T'ract No. 5,
land of ii. 11. Young. Guy L. Copeland
and Ruch River. A more complete
description of the Oaid lands will ap
pear by reterence to the plat made by
BI. R. Todd, surveyor, dated No. 1st,
191:" a copy of which may be seen at
the Clerk of Court's oIlce, at Laurens,
or by application to the undersigned
The aforesaid lands, except tract No.
1 will be sold first in separate parcels
and then as a whole, the highest and
hest b(1 to be accepted. Tract No. 4
will be sold separately.
Terms of Sale: One-half (1-2) cash,
balance on a credit of twelve months
from date of sale, with Interest there
on from date of sale at the rate of
eight. () per cent per annum, the
credit portion to be secured by bond
of tho purchaser and mortgage of the
preml;es sold, which shall provide for
the payment of ten (10) percent. at
torney's fees in case of suit or collec
t ie n by attorney. Purchaser to pay
for all papers. itf the terms of sale are
not complied with the land shall be
re-sold on the same or some subse
quent Salesday upon the name terms,
at the risk of the former purchaser
or purchasers. A deposit of a reason
able sum shall be required of each suc
cessful bidder or bidders, as a guar
1ntee of compliance with their bid or
bids, and the terms of sale.
17i-:;t Receivers.
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
1. A. Riddle, et al, plaintiff,
R. L. Gray, defendant.
Pursuant to a Decree of The Court
In the above stated case, I will sell at
public outcry to the highest bidder, at
I Laurens, C. II., S. C., on Salesday in
I)ecember next, being Monday, the 4th.
d"v of the month, (urinnt the legal
1 :-.; for such sales, the following de
wrihed property, to wit:
All (bat tract, piece or parcel of land,
lying, being and situate in the County
of Laurens, in the State of South Caro
lina, containing fifty-four (54) acres,
mdre or less, hounded by lands of the
estate of George Little, C. W. Benson,
II. P. Garrett and the iolcombe place.
Terms or sale: cash. Purchaser to
,Pay for papers. If the terms of sale
are not complied with, the land to be
re-sold on same or soie subsequent
Salesday on same terms, at risk of
foer purichaser.
C. C. C. P. and 0. S..,Laurens, 8.. C'.
Dated, this Nov. 11, 1910. 1 7-3t
Take notice thait Onl the I tth daiy of
Dicembu er, 191 i, I wilt rendoer a final
aciounlt of my acts and dlointgs as Ad
minist rator of the estate of 1). G.
IRhodes, dleceased, in the otllce of the
JTudge of P'robaite, of L~aurensi County,
at 11 o'clock ai ml and on the same day
will apply for a flinal discharge fronm
my trusts as Administrator.
Any person indlebtedl to saidl estate
is notlifled andt requIred to make pay
ment on that dlate; andl all perslons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duily proven or lbe forever barred.
Adm inist rato r.
Nov. 15, 1916.-I mo.
ups in apound
est coffe
ra tee that for uzianne. If
o prove o on both points
ave u d the entire con
ne c according to direc
th grocer you want your
and he'll return it with
estion. Buy this better coffee
Write for premium catalog.
iylor Co. New Orleans
.' 4
D Day of Days
T HIS is the day of all our days
When we in crowded cities sigh
For one sweet breath cf old time
That once we pas:ed so heedless by.
How romance clothes the stubbled mead I
What glory crowns the bare brows
hill I
How sounds afar the ancient creed,
"Oh, if we could be children stil!"
A million roofs its echoes send:
The lonely street gives back its cry=
Its message stirs the city's end:
Its vision cheers the longing eye.
We mount the charger of desire :
He wings us through November haze
And drops us by the farmhouse fire
With childhood friends of childhooc
How rose the turkey mountain high
And how we sighed with cough anc
As plate on plate went passing by.
Lest aunts and mncles eat it att I
How blazed the logs while tales were
And apples roasted russet brown
How fancy filled the grate with gold
And chimney ghosts came tumbling
down I
Well, well I I'd better rub my eyes.
I must have turned a hidden page
Back to the realm where memory tries
. To bribe us with forgotten age.
Thanksgiving? Why. 'tis everywhere.
Youth may not claim it for its own
'Tis just a litt e joy to spare
Out of the harvest we have sown.
-Percy Shaw in New York American
Tian ukfuiiless is ttole of the miost fra
grant of the' gran'cs. It is an, .notio
Whtilh lust nomt on;ly bec ex ler'ientlced
but als~o ghutilyI andim ful ly 'xp ressed
aicity for felinug it.
Vi 1LIEAD)Y all over the land n
IV fragrant cloudl of' lcense tJ
Vi peculhar to thme great national
Vi feast day is risIg. Already in
Vi the high temple of Tihanksglv
Vi lng, the homes ot the Ameriean
Vi l)eople, the prhmhtesses are care. t
Vi ftally and1( lovingly engaged on
Vi the multifarIous mysteries that i
Vi fIgure in the rites ofr- this great
i dlay.
i 'Their activities ill broadlen I
IV and deepen ups until the very
Vi hour of the great ceremony, and I
Vi until then; mere men; are kept I
I' jealously' heyond the pale and Il
3M may only sniff andI suuiff and hutn- I
Vi grlly guess what is goinig on in I
Vi the kitchen.
V 'A man's part may be played, I
%i however. Th'le fruits of the field I
Vi andl thme chase are to bo provid- I
Vi ed, either with sweat of thme I
IV brow., or bought with; a price, I
Vi and this muclh a mian may (d0 1
Vi and most Ameriean men gladly I
Vi do. Biut, having purovided these, I
Ni m;an's r'espon;sibllities cnd. IIe I
IV has ten but to p.ossess hIs soul I
Vi with patience, carefully nu'rse a I
Vi trenmendous appetite for the ap. I
Vi pointed1 time, and tihe;), careless I
Vi and with a heart ror any fate, I
IV thoughtful ontly of th~e glorious I
IV reality of brown, juicy, g'listeun- I
IV lng turkey and goldens pushpkin I
Vi pie, E A'1T ON.
Vi But, after all, thue most impor- I
Vi tant thing is not thie dinnter,. but I
Vi thue Th'Ianklsgiing day13 atmos.
Vi iphere, the goldlen colors antd d(- .
IV taIls of home, the exqiulile dIe- I
Vi light or imrely hig wit I.tthose I
IV whom we love m;or'e than;; 'il theo I
"a wvorld beuide, the interehanuge of I
IV hfippy, loving talk; the quick mu.. I
Vi 1ual underslan;.liio. Thlese' lmust, I
Vi all be supplied by the reader I
15 from the treaisure honso of per- I
3' sonal ex'peice~ andl sacred I
Vi memory. ,.4 ,.
Fotir Menus
Oyster Co cktails.
Consomme. Popped Cern.
Roast Stuffed Turkey, Brown Gravy.
Sweet Potatoes. Boiled Onions.
Turnip Croquettes, Cranberry Con
Drcrrcd Lettuce.
Apple Pudding. Mince Pie.
Nuts and Raisins. Fruit.
Cream of Corn Soup With Popcorn
Celery Sticka Stuffed With Seasoned
Cream Cheese.
Roast Turkey, Spiced Cranberries.
Parsnip Fritters.
Apple, Orange and White Grape
Mince Pie.
Dates Stuffed With Nuts.
Clear Tomato Souls.
Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.
Boiled Xlominy. Escaloped Onions.
Coleslaw. Pumpkin Pie.
Bread and Butter. Fruit.
Oyster Cocktail.
Consomme. Soup Sticks.
Olives. Celery. Salted Almonds.
Roast Turkey, Chestnut Filling,
Giblet Gravy.
Sweet Potato Puffs.
Escaloped Cauliflower.
Rolls. Grapefruit Salad.
Cheese and Crackers.
Pumpkin Pie.
Fruit or Maple Mousse.
Fruit. Nuts. Raisins.
After Dinner Mints.
Thanksgiving In Venezuela.
In a big armehalr In a large New
York hotel mit a tall. distinguiRhed
lookitg man.
"Thisl, is the het Thanksgiving I
ever had." he said. fairly glowing
with contlent met. "I' uakes me think
In contrast of the worst I ever spent.
I was In Il.a Guayra. Venezuela, sent
down by ia Now York newspaper to
walt for a war that never happened.
I Was forced to spend Thursday there.
and the prospect of a dinner at the ho
tel there was nauseatIng. I had been
there before. and I knew the meal
would be odds and111 ends Ilonting In
grease. Wit i such thoughts in my
mind I strolled down the main street
of the town. Ahead of me I saw a
man, tall. thIn. unuistakably Amerl.
can. lice vent Into a buIlding. I
quickened my pace and found it was
the Anerleinn eonsul:ate. I rapped.
The genitlemtn -opened the door1 hIm
sellf and1, seeIng I wats ani Amsierican,.
as~kedl mie toi comte in andi Itave Thalntks
givIng dIInner w*ithI hunmi.
'"The man11 was Th'lomas M tat , then
consul11. 'A box from lirooiklyni con
tauied t urkey, pumpkin pile. ilghtly
the wiorse for wear,. to he sure, ansd
eveni cranberry auee."-Newv York
Nearing the Year's Close.
A famous 10nmglishi novelIst tells of a
hillsIde Scotchi villago wvith no specIal
beauty, butt which on1Ce every' twenty.
four hours at the close of day b~ecomes,
transfIgured. rThe kIrk and cot stand
bathed ini sunset glory. So the year's
doIngs and1( haplpeninlgs, though com.
mnoniplace they seenm, find theIr trans
figuratIon. It Is when toll is requited.
harvests garnered and firesIde reuni.
ions are enjoyed anid memories record
Godfs unfallinig goodness in hIs house.
Such transfiguratIon i~s ThanksgivIng
The Modern
Breakfast Cup
is served to all the family
-no denying the children for fear of harming
-no hesitation on the housewife's part lest it
make her nervous.
-no doubt about the wisdom of a second cup for
fear of disturbing his digestion.
This snappy flavpfed table drink; so popu
lar nowadays, is
instant Postum
Well worth trying by those who value health
-"There's a Reason."
WANTED--Scrap Iron
SOf all ki di. We are paying
fo dollars per ton.
Ec eiberger. Bros.
/T ) time will come,
young ,4an,!for you to march
up th#\ isle with the dearest
girl in thie world beside you.
When You Marry
though, you will want to have on
hand a substantial bank account, for
there is no affinity between love
and poverty.
We Pay Iutgreat oniYour Savings4
The Enterprise National Bank
N. B. DIAL Presidcnt C. H. ROPER. Cashier

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