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'MR. N. X. SULLrV.N. *
Grandma Sullivan lived her four
score years and passed away at Charl
ton Hall, in Laurens County, in Sep
tember, 1916.
I do not know the exact date of her
birth, of her marriage to my grand
father, nor have I now before me the
exact date of her death,
These, after all, are minor matters
birth, death and burial-these are only
worth while and important in so far
as they relate to life.
Life Is the thing of vital and tre
mendous importance and signillcance.
I shall, therefore, write of Grand
ma's life-her life here and that which
I know she is taking part in now.
She was my grandfather's second
wife and he was her second husband.
She first tmaririel a Prince. lier maid
en name was ('1unnuingham. She had
no children of her own, by either husw
When she married my grandfather.
lie was in the full vigor of life, with .
a house full of childrel-n- some of them
young, almost infants, aid some who
had reached adult. life.
Shc camne to preside over the home
of a itman of unusual strength of mind
and character-a man who was large
ly self-made, who had all of the push
and vim of men who have learned in
tle great sclool of experience - like
father, like children---they too had
mllnds of their own.
The establishment was a large one
.-servants in abudatce anid every
thing else in the same iprolortion1 --no
tile and no) place for idle hanis ori
In addition to ibis, the husbhand's
tintd was tilled with recolIt etions of
a sainted v:oman, 1ut mother of his
clildrell, who had g4onl to her reward.
and the childrti erievetd for their
sainted, C'hristian mother.
uch wvas the piace that (grandma
allivan er ine to ill and the noie ov- w
0which she was chosen to preside. s
Iniagine. if you can, the difliculties t'
hich con ronted her and the situna- A
on w\hi::h she '"ats called 111)011 to
feet! C
TO t: ,theit reqtiired strength of t
hartm ter, tact nid a great big heart. v
low vell she met them,--only a hu1s- i
and, v. ha has long since gone to his o
e1ward, ani telp-Childrenl atnd step- a
rantdlhid.elt, some living and somc f'
ead. nor testIfy to. 'To her- husband's e
bildren. . !e wvas a real mother, anid e
liey kneu her and loved her as such.
ntever kutw either of my own) grand- y
nohers. They both died beflore I was c
or11. I
Granduma Sullivan was to me, mly
in grait.motlheir. I never knew any
lifference. nor do I believe that the
tlers etwer did. She was nli ideal
vife atd : Pitiother in every partie- *
P-'mr worc than Thirty years (randmla t
:hallivan als\' a cripple and went about
it a rolli a chair --the result of r h uiit
natism. .te was a womtat of unutsual 1
lysical. a well as mental vigor. be- c
'ore hor ;"iltionsh came oil, and shte
-etaind !:^r mental vigor ttp to the
ry last.
8he hoe her atIlliellOtis with a Chris
inn fortitude that was heautiful to I
ehold. ;
One of her favorite hymns contained
ines like these:
.\flictions, though they se m severe,
.\re oft in mnercy sent."
Ono of her chief delights. was In
aving about ite hetr children and
randchildren. 'Vet- tip to4 Ilhe time
>I her deatl she kept up with and
nainlained a vital interest in every
hing. Sihe kn('w w\hat was going on -
tot ontly in her itnunedialte world, but
n th world at large. Ier vital inter
nst in the present enabled her to grow
(1d gaeftlly. She was "given to hos
litaly, at Scriptuaral in.itnectiont not
al w:ays fo4llowed inl these busy days.
Gra dnta was fortunate in her lat
er years in nav ing the loving, tender
..re or Ntrs. It 11 \\asson. her kins
-oman, and her .good husband and
,te delighted in the icompany of lit
e Margaret, her namesake, and little
I have saved the best for the last:
randma was a strong, happy, 'Chris
an. She knew how to pray and she
as a great student of the Bible. Pray
Ig people never left her home with
ut being asked to read the S'riptures
nd pray with her. ier old Bible is
Ill of pencil notes, indicating the
hapters read by those who had visit
dI In her home.
We burled her body in the church
ard of old Lebanon, in Greenville
ounty. by the side of her husband,
here to await the Resurrection morn..
C. C. Featherstone.
Ilickory T''avern, Nov. 27.-Old hog
illing time is here again. Several of
ur farmers have already killed and
re living fat now.
Messrs Felton IRoper, Devault League
nd Misses Maye Roper, and Cora
.eague visited relatives in Honea Path
4turday an(i Sunday.
The all-day singing that was held
It -hiloh sunday was well attended
(nd all had a nice time.
Mr. Halph League spent Saturday
light. with Messrs (illie and Culver
I1very body was shocked to hear of
lie death of Mrs. Louise Bolt, who died
ast Friday. Mrs. Bolt had been sick
for several weeks. She leaves a hus
)and and five boys to mourn her loss.
l'Iey all have our sympathy.
Our rural 1oliceman has bought a
ord car. Look out you law offenders,
ie is to run you down.
* 4.
S Gray CourMwIngs. **
* 0 0 0 * o *.* e. 40.* e 0 e, 0
kDon't forget that this is 'the day on
which you are -invited to the :school
building to attend' th liarvest. Party,
baZdar and oyster supper.- The doors
will be opened at 3 o'clock. Oysters
will be served in the afternoon and at
night. After supper you will bb en
tertained by: the children of the Pri
imiry Grades. Everybody is invited to
Warehouses ContainhinI. 3I1llions of
Eggs Itaided by Ofieers.
Chicago, Nov. 25.-In an atteipt to
smash an alleged "corner" in eggs, city
health ollicials today raided a ware
house and seized several millions of
eggs said to have been stored by James
1:. Wetz, alleged "egg king.".
Dr. .lohn Dill Robertson, commis
sioner of health, who .led the iraid, said
he was acting on an ordinance author
izinmg him to hold for investigation eggs
the quality of which is suspected.
Dr. Robertson said he would hold
all suspicious eggs for further inspec
tion and would destroy all bad eggs.
It improves the apeptfte, is an aid I
I *
to weak stomachs, and tonos up the
entire system. Sold only.-by us, $1.00.
I'ireka Drug 'Co., Iaurens and Watts
LINE : -:
Eiderdown. Extra
Heavy Cotton Flan
Snels. Uryderwear.
Cotton Hosiery.
W. G. Wilson & Co.
AHinttotheWise BIG NOVE MBER SALE -- -~
is sffiant.- - .YOUR CH AN,CE
15 to 40 Per Cent *
Red Iron Racket Stores are now chuck full up to the ceilings. Come to J. C. Burns & Co.
and buy your fall and winter goods. You will smile and be happy.
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latest styles, tailored coats, oial to any $15.00 coats Dia r
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I.000 .\len's tuits, fine 1t6ai 1n-d Suits, (:cr nm dyes, gan -e ill. . Salts and SIiltr. per l0
;mtiu ed f' a lt l o eeehees . . . . $8.39, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00 $17.50 . large size flask ('ast Or
One speceial lot of Suits raning in periee from $4.98 to $6.98 i lax Rod jay Tobueco.
onme lot o, .\lenu's Odl ('oats ............$2.98, $3.48. $4.98 Our Ibas and Caps elov r" the heads of the people of the ('ig rs ( igaiet atd Sit
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_______----------------- --~~~~- I )on 't fail to see thIe special vulites in the basement: Titnware, Laislitiit..............4ct 12
2,50t hairs \lten's 'ants. the greatest line of Men's Pant (class, Crockery, Ertatoeleel are, Lamps. Rugs, Window Ladie Skintst....s....
ever shown in Lau-ens. Pants for everyday, knockabout Shades, uitait Poles. Soap. Soda, Matches, luing, Lds Coats $4.9 to $
ool Sun day Iress Pa nts $5.39, $4.98, $4.48, $3.98, $3.39, Starhf' Bt(oos ttd Dotestics Notions trid Racked Ladies
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dolltr. $ . 0 bottle WVimpoles Cod Livel' Oil. ............ 84a
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nuirket I Is :md is ging wild, come and buy you- shoes $1.(10 bottI Mts. Joe Iear sot's reiie'l. . .... 75c Big litc ofTitiks, Stit
nolew u bih- ore es et stocks last. Shoes are f~eittg fat. $1.00 bottle Sifasot't Stuaw Vite ..84o Wtk Shirts Dress S
'uee ;udolit e ~t % it It 15 (eli y urt I intr i hll. 'e bottle M(dicinues ...42.........il uprevai...e unt g' presentu st k ae oldo t
When in Laurens follow the crowds; they are all going to the Red Ir
where they get their money's worth. l
Our Sales Force
James Donnon Carl Bramlett Rex Simnpson Miss Bessie Caldwell Mrs. Florence Simpson, Mn eEalTop n
Carl Roper Pitts Brown Mrs. Annie Simpson LEE BURNS, Manager.
PIron Racket St odre
No. 1 Stoe: 210 Wet Lauren St.next on' Bralt s ho paas iNo 2h bStren : SotTinwarei qiae et oLarn
LSurades, uran'os, mop Soda, MatchehCBruling

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