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Iubseription Price Is $1.00 Per Year
Payable in Advanue.
Published by
iTINH Piltl NT'l\'NO OMP('4 NY
,tur ens, S. V.
Asierdsby+~l .%ft a n! t1+hlition,
* ien,..-': .. , 'thankis: One
.n. mi a hV? Iaa) .oL(:o at Laurenst,
^. , a, ; ') nd C iak.s U1ail mw tter.
l \ l' it l N, 1', l'., DEC, 1;, 1911;.
W\I-:1.COMMii 1!O\I!.!
After all interval of nearly six
1i:onths oiur sodieler boys are (I tic to ar
: Pt heal today. They Lave been in
((o:1hunbia since 'T'hanksgiving. The in
di(entions are lhtl they will reach here
this after toon. lortunately they are
all coming back vigorous and sound
though tanned and doubtless weary of
the life they have led. None were left
on battlelields and none are wounded.
3ut they are returned soldiers, never
theless, and they went out to fight.
They offered their lives and their ser
v'ices to their country In the hour of
need and though they return uin
scratched they are eone the less to he
honored. Laurens is proud of the colt
duct of her soldie-s, for none were
:.iore willing to go to: the front. They
Jave acquitted themselves well and
the folks at home are glad to welcolme
thieni back.
* * .
''he AdIvertiser (oes not often bur
den its columns with talks about its
own affairs. hiowever there has been
such a rapid advance in the cost of
publication during the past few
months that we feel that we are justi
(ied In speaking of it here. Although
the cost of other papers began to ad
\anlce soon after the war started, news
paper didc not advance a great deal
tintil last spring. 'Since that time it
has gone tip ralpidiy until now it costs
nearly three times as much as it did
in 9 11. To partly offset this in
creased cost we inreased our adver
Iising rate the Ist of October, but have
not yet decided to increase the sutb
scription rate. We may do so at an
early late. Subscrib ers will .i(l its
materially In bridging the era of high
p ices by renewing pro:n 1tly and sav
, us the expen:;e of postage, sta
tionery and labor ini sending state
*" * *
In another e(ttimnli of Ihis ilier will
be found a clipping from The P'rog;res
sive Farmer qiuoting a letter written
by .\lr. .I. .1. .\le;wain, of Gireenlvillo.
to tenants oi his pilache. We a!l know
tha:t .\ r. .1. .1. . - i ,of G;re .;ville,
is of the Cross Iill family of .\le
AleSwain ia wuc (esfl fit lawye bult
he is a si udentt oft atrm prtoblemis n'
wvell anid takes; no little itntetrt't itn
agricI ultaII trolem Chs.
Doubhtless the dietai ledl ad vice giv~en
by MtI. .\le~wain to1 his tenatnts is very3
much alotng t he lines that. ot her h tind
owners give thir t tenants, butt adv'ice
which miost ofteti falls on dlea' ear1s,
s. The ren ter', like mnany' who occiupy
their own lands, atre ptrone to Ilut ofl
fot' totmorrtow what. could~ be dione to
day and the land they occutpy and thei
crops that gtrow on t hem suff'ler ther'e
by. These pele~~ are seldom ont thec
same piece of land long at a titne;
they ar'e her'e this yeatr atnd gonie tnext,
the. land having sitffered by thteir O('
The niotieeablle thiing abhoiut M\r. .\l
Swain's letter to hIs tenants is that he
seems to contemplate a long tenancy.
He tolls them to bild til the lanid one
year, so that it will be miore prtottulc
live the next. Ividently lie expects
those who bu11( ildt the landt to proflt
by their labor's. They are not to he
tiurnedl out at thie end( of a year's oc
citpancy and thle land which they have
cont ributted t heir labor' to tu rnedl over'
to sonme otne else who Is tiaybe will
ing to pay a little mnotre rental. Work
ing In thIiis coopetatlive siiit, both thet
landowner andt tetnant oitght to pros
S Ly'ceuml 'fThomrroiw Night.
"Ye Oldo New 10ngland Choir," the
second niutbert on the Oper'a iouse
lyceitm cout'se, will be the attr'action
at the Oper'a I louse tomnort'ow tight.
This ttrtaction comes10 hIghly r'ecotm
menctdedI and wvill doutless give a deC
lightful entot'taitnment. .\tanager Swit -
Zer announces that, on account of the
meetings beitng cotndiuctedl in the Prtes
bytet'ian church, he wvill1 hold t he curt
- tamn untIl 9 o'clock so that those tvho
care to may ,attend both.. Season
tickets may still be scure'd. General
admission tb thIs attraction will be
75 nnnts.
(Contiued from Page One.)
Mr. and .\rs. I. A. Monroe and lit
tle daughter. Ioi 11 of ltonea Pati,
spent Sunday with Alr. A. .J. Monroe.
e.'-:rs \\. 1i. .\lonroe and J. Al. C'ol
lins5 ;teni . aturdlay inl lIaurens9.
11 \LS NEWS.
)ials. Dec. I.--Thanksg' inug Da)'
luume:;d off' tInlietly here, with no ex
resionsof 1n11(ue hitarity nor neglect
I(f ,ns ls fortunl:tte, everyone
seelligly 'on;aratulatin; themnselvs';
Ithat. If any nat 1.a'i c ltilne ca:e
f'or thanksgiving; it wait- ours, for at
peace with all the worl, and enjoyiner
a petriod of n prece(de'nted butsiness
prtoslpitity. it was no wonder tha'
''htank: ir ing Day this year was not a
matter of tuere feasts and fortns, but
a1 genuine thank.,.iving1 of gratitulde
and praise.
.\lisses ('eil Owings and l'ileen;Curi'
Sry, the (eacher's at hiillside, spent the
week-end with their parents.
Miss Ruth Switzer has returned
from an extended visit with her sis
ter, 'Mrs. Fate IIendersoni, of tl"
Friendship community.
A large crowd of our young people
attended the joint debate between p1
pils of Shiloh and Eden sh(ools, at the
I'den school building on the evening
of the 29th. A good crowd was pres
ent. The subject tider discussion was
"Womai Suffrage". lden having the
aIllirmhtive and Shiloh upholding the
noeative side of the (luestion.
The judges who were the teacher:;
o! iiek'hory Taver-n. Greenpond and
Dials, decided in favor of the negative.
The members of the Woman Foreign
.\lissionary society and ladies' AM of
this place enjoyed and participated in
the lovely miscellaneous shower giv
en by .lMrs. i"estus Curry and .\Mrs. Al
vin Curry last Tuesday afternoon in
honor of .lMrs. T. W. Munnerlyn, wife
of the retiring pastor of this charge.
The afternoon proved a pleasant one
to the lifty-two ladies present.
A very enjoyable drawing contest
was engaged in, each guest was given
a card and pencil and asked to draw
from imagination the future home of
.\Irs. Miunnerlyn. The guest of honor
then read a deseriptIon of the future
pastor of this charge. 't'hen came the
'shower" which proved a "shower"' in
deed. of lovely and useful gifts. The
tuost noticeable perhaps being the
hantlsome shopping hag and cameo
hrom h prest'eitd by the members of
the Gray f'oulrt society. A delicious
salird tours('. wviIh tea Was' serIved by
\lesdmnit's l'estus Curry. llu Roepp
tani .1. A. ('uiry.
1Mrs. Laou .Jones and little Eleanor
of Greenwood. visited at the homte of
.\rs. 11. Y. Siminons last week.
M.\rs. I). I). IIairis. Miss E'mma liar
ris and Messrs lierce Hiarris and lien
('ntuill't were v\i;iors in Lanrens
I" r iday.
g tl' i l S. .\ i i'e urry lespent
st'.eral day last wtek w ith' 'het
'ra ldtither. \ irs. tZack ;Iray.
R1ev. T. W. Mniineirlyin and family:.
'mioved tI lioni(a l'athI W~eniesdlay, ha v
'ing beenl sent to that hilace at tile r'e
('enlt sess51in of Itie 'pper' Sourth (Cari
ol ina conflfernce. Duiring the four
years Mi'. Munniei'lyn has servedl this
('harge lie end~ear'edtI himsel f not only
to the membe)(rs of his own congrega
tion but the ipeoplie gerier'ally of thle
The iiew least or, \Mr. G. IT. IIirley
anrd famil11y a rrived in (Gray Court dulr
lng tihe Past week. ie will illl hIs first
appo1)1illtmentt at this place next Sunday
mornIig at Iti o'clo0ck.
Miss 141lly [hormasoan has returlnedl
from a iileasan rvI.~isitI to r'elat ives in
Miss Kate Cutrry of I'ork Shoals,
sipent thle week-end withi her learenits,
Mr a. and Mr's. I,. D. 'Curry.'
Miss Emma I ar'ris had as lier guest
Saturday night Miss IAily Walsh.
Miss Annie Wright spent, the
Tharnksgivingr holiday it Tyler'svlille,
tile guest of hier'r pa r'ents.
.Mr. and Mr's. Le'ander Owirngs,
Miss (celil Owings, arnd Mr'. I. M. Ow
igs, Mi's. Fliorecnce Ropp)1 and1 Miss
Olivia Curry weire fihe guests of Mr's.
iLttIe Qwirig. and family Thaniksgiv
ing day.
Mr. R. TR. Owinlgs arid fariily were
t he spenrd-ihc-dlay gutest s of Mr. Ralph11
Willis aind faily Sunrdaly.
Mrs. \Vilia . c nDaVis arnd little daulgh..
Icr,. Mary (Cathar'ine, of Greendlville,. ale
spenrding a while withl her par'ents, Mu'.
arid Mlrs. I iais Curry.
SThe many friends of Mi'. andi Mr's.
Fest.uas Cumrry are glatd to know their
lIttle datughrter' Mavis Clare is on the
t'oad to r'eco'er'y fr'om her1 seious' at
ta('k of Illness.
Misses Clara and Nannie Campbell
hadl as theIr week-end gurests Misses
IA'C r a nnlTn F'nin May Abheenm'in. 1
Special this week-good quality
>uting at 8c. J. C. Burnt & Co.
3Irs. Iary A. Workman.
Mrs. Mary A. Workt.an, widow of
the late J. J. WorkmiW, of the S. C.
Conference, (ied at the home of her
sonl-in-law, .\lr. D)eloaeh, near Camu
den, on the 21st of November. She was
buried at the cemettery in ('amdlen by
the side of her Itsbaind, who preced
ed lie r" some yearIs ago. .\Irs. \\'crkian
who Was the eldest. (laughter of D r.
.1 ames .\l. SuIiivan, of I reenvillc coutn
ty. was an ntiusually brihit ('hlristi anr,
dill SwVeet-'..tirilced, ~enitle p er:on, I -
loved Iy all wvho knew her. Iler on:'
::"n. Ite'. -1. Minms W\orkmlan, is ne
president of Ilenderson lIro.wn college,
.\radelphia, A\rkansas,. Ills eldest son
has been licensed to preach, recent
ly toi the great del1igh t of the griantd
ly i emother. She Wrote a friend in reg:t rd
to his preaching. "I do not re;gret all
the sacrikices .\lr. \\orknan and I
have made, the hardships and poor c'r
culits, now that our son and grandson
are preaching the Gospel." .\lrs. De
1..oach and ir,. J1. .\lims Workman are
the only surviving children.
.1 C. C.
Laurens. Dec. 1, 1916.
('ard of Thanks.
I thank all my friends and neigh
fors, white 11(1 black, for the kindness
dintig the slikness atd death of my
sister. A. .1. Coley.
Special tihis week on itunks and suit
cases. .1. ('. Ilurns & 'o.
SA 1,31 '-"II'O lODGE NO.'19, .A. F. M.
A regular comn l ieat ion
of Palmetto Lodge No. 19,
A. F. \l. Will be held Fri
day night, Dec. S, 1916,
at 7:311 o'clock. The mem
bers are trged to be present. There
Will be balloting, election and Installa
tion of oillcers. Visiting brethren wel
Ll. 0. Anderson, Thos. I. Swygert,
Secretary. W. M.
See our hand-painted China. Big
lot Just received.
S. M. & E. H. WILKES & CO.
('ough 3edicine for ('hildren.
Mirs. Ilugh Cook, Scottsville, N. Y.,
says: "Aboit five years ago when we
were living In Garbittt, N. Y., I loc
toned two of my children suffering
fromt cods with (ham berlain's Cough
lietnely and fouind it just as represent
ed in every way. It promptly checked
their cotighing and cured their colds
(l<ileker than anything I ever Used.''
Obtainable every where.
$* " * $ * $ . $ . $ s .
Setd ('oton---\\'e will b .'seed cot
lon at market prices. lchelbelrge.
-lros. 21-21-pd
Seed Wheat and nt .1.n ust reeiv
('( fift' bisltels of \'a. i tle Stei Se('d
Vheat and S. C. ilg Oats. K en
niedy IIros. 29-11..
For ent Two horse fartu near
(tray C'ourl. Good hbuild gs, astir'e,
e'tc. .\pply to Mrs. I f. ntbertson.
''1'; W illiains s (.. (Ir'en j r '. C.
20- -11
House 'or ale - Se'ven-roOll hou.,
harne at ier 11an idht l oe-ha l i're
iand ton ofry ('onut, klsnwAlt
pyari to ot.s. .\pply 2()-'ti,
Iotor Stray-hie --In'dl let' se
hlog.r t to fwee. .\'larch lli hachrlo a
fori w ll hieI b~ghr leng'adll pure1
Ilurey. .tr, t an2-0-Ia . l .
myildr homuen Itut 10 acr;.o l2n-d
god (wle---n 2eten-t m housewt
releni ty treIIainsd an3 ingof trepaiR,
new- barn.0 ofHinae watino 'R dt
in 1to1wn of Gray Cort; godscn.oAp
l o . ilt.nbenae ay 20
nec. ner to A(' 'asnamGe" e en", . C.s
bri'g Salndo ul one milkt,./n oin
forainhy wl of 1113'varedi by W'. R.
goodu dwellingood conntiouse. w.ith
otherK IoutbuI'ildtites lent ofSt-mber
gooid pagturnst weltln watred ithin
ens 1-8-St-pDakdaeSttonad
F: r mileof GaCr t; good nlschootlt
tean chotches. oflemdferet dnomina
gin. form cal e madRes. A-I
toy to . MtC. 18snGenwoStC
Fory- aeTor sales 2onso minkow,
teine hay,~l aloyAs 1,000n bmple
(ts: of fine'.W good onIgtio. J. -I.
King,5 foarn, JIRut-e5. 19-'gt-ous
n oth- Haperstreet All moernb
en11 18-nes ppy o r.t-pdK
of aur'ens oi' to public rVoads. Two
totic. to 311n -oigter.m 1-5t~
Hetat- have Imovae farmos at flne,1
dapsof foddr. W.1. It. ightl. 16-St
House for aRent- ileexlage fors
on Soul ttrey stret A mdeile
.Conenece.17-l o fr. t.K
Humprie our to I .c3o . Wol'y ffAt.'
netathed fo Ci'masovedfrsnt 7pe
far an. TErm reasonable. J. C .
It Will Pay -Yo1- We Are Showing
To See The Val-- NIl E All Kinds Of
ies We A1re Of- Heavy Cotton
tering in Gootds At loney
dies' Coat Su\its. Savng Prices
The store that has unusual values for early Christ nas
trade. . We have mad _ preparations to make i': to
your interest to do your Christmas shopping bh are.
" We are offering in every department of our store val
ues that can't be reproduced at the prices that we are
offering them to our friends and customers.
We Have the Values That Back This Statement
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Suits and Overcoats
Coats Attractive values in Men's and oy 's
In traorldinary values. If you have"cn 't Suits and Overcoats. We are show1ing the
bougltht your Coat it will do yout good and newe"st anld best styles at prices that will
save you mner to see what we are1 Show- (1 yot good to see.
ing. .lust ree ived 90 new Coats that we Special values in lBoy's Suits from $3.00
m'e Olfe ring at barga in prices. special Val to- . . .... .... .... .... .... .. $10.00
ues at .... .... .... ..$1.50 to $25.00 Spedlal values in Men's Suits from $7.50
o- - - - - - - -......... ... .... .... .... $21.00
Dress Goods tSiteial values in Overcoats front $3.50
Dress aGoods . ... .... .... .... .... ... $1'3.50
We are offering manlly Values inl piece
goods of all kinds at prices that we cannot.
reproduce. It will do you good and save Shoes
you money- to come and let us show you Shoes of all kinds at prices that we an
what we have to offer. not reproluee. Leather has ladvanced but
we aoe gi'ing our trade the advantage of
Secial aues in Wood Dress goods at 25c I.w ...$ices that 1 we paid for our pre ent
35c, 50c, 6F, 75c andt.... .........$1.00 stock. Give us a showing and we enni
We are showing lots of Cotton Piece " ve you money.
Goods that have not felt the 20e price on
cotton. It will do you good an save you Visit the New Store---Minter Compan s
moiy to see what we are showini Bleach
ig ('tnmbries. Sheeting. Out in lannel- Annex
etts, I'ereals. tinghails ad Cha nbrays at
1h1 price, special Values 10c, 1 1-2 , 15c, Men's Clothing ExclusIvely
20c and .... .... ........ .. ..25c NECW NlCKW IR-11n all the riost
Ieeatiful qwality in Ilin lkerehiefs, uip-to-(late shapes id colors.
Gloves, anti IIlosierv in att rae e values, llEN. ' I E SS (ilOV EC --l.ight \'ay1
specially prei'ed for his(tuuit I iltte. dark gray, t1toi, brown, white $1.00, $1.25,
Blhikets, Comforts and W hi e Quilts in $1.50 and .... .... .... .... .... $.1.75
soie of the hest Valtes to he f( Idt. Cote - 1N.8' WORK (iiOVIS-50c, $1.00,
and let ts show you wthere y it can save $1.2 t id .... .... .... .... .... ..$1.50
mOnt'. .LlEN'S 1I131IW) UNION SUITS lit
- - stoti s, longs a1d regullirs; heavy, let 1m11t
Table Linens and light weight $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $,.00,
W e have some untusual valle- in the ne - a .... .... .... ..... .... .... $ .50
es.t designs. Come and see t} e value. we We have a full line of ltn's In tial
are showing ................Sc to 1.50 lltnkelliirchis in 1,inen~ and Cambri.
--. - -- AlIEN'S SllitT85in all thet 1ost up-to
LadiEs' and Mises' Suits . dat( patterns: are guarantleel to please at
In the newest stles aind best materials, $1.00. $1.25. $1.50, $2.00 ild ......$3.00
tsave mloney' aind get 'lthe newi'st styles -1 A .l.\8-<.lade of eav oi';Vuting . .. .$1.00
ene and llt let ils shotw you what wte aret oh- WeVt have ii special t~m'ihi~g ftor thli niext
It' ing. at $10.00. $12.50. $15.00 andtt $20.00 It wo weteks in 'le's5 a Alt'-t .( ra (a -o it
Millinery Departmenert Li-on Brand Coliar's Are the Best
I iatdi es', Mlisse's' andit ClhiIt lens IInts of ti ~
S alIl~ kinds. Wet art' shotwin~g styltes t hat will ( ( MI l'~l'ETI Li1NIC l' 1"ATII l~ EM,00
-I plast you lit moneyl~ sainiig picest'. SW\'IEATI ERS A NI) H A IN(10AT'S.
This is one season that we have had our foresights
in the right place and placed our contracts far ahead
and we feel sure that we can give you some of the
most attractive merchandise at prices that will be
hard to match.-..
AS4SESS~it'S NOTrICE 1917.
The Auditor's ofilce will be open
from the 1st day of January to the
20th of February, 1917 to make returns
of all personal property for taxation.
For the convenience of taxpayers
the Auditor or his deputy will attend
the following named places to receive
returns for said year to wit:
Monday, Jan. 15, Scuffletown town
ship, .1. S.. Craig's store.
Monday, Jan. 15, Jacks township, S.
W. Dean's.
Monday, Jan. 15, Jacks township,
Monday, .Jan. 15, Ilunter township,
Monday, Jan. 15, Cross 11111 town
ship, Cross 11111.
Monday, .lan. 15, Waterloo township,
Monday, .an. 15, Waterloo township,
.J. I. Madden's.
Monday, Jan. 15, Waterloo township,
Jerry C. Mayrtin's store.
Monday, Jan. 15, Dials township, 11.
B. Mahon's store.
Monday, Jan. 15, Youngs tovnship,
Stewart's store.
Monday, Jan. 15, Youngs township,
Monday, Jan. 15, Seufiletown ,town
ship, Ora, 9 a. in. to 2 p. n.
Monday. .Jan. 15, Laurens township,
Watts Mill, 2:30 p. m. to 6:30 p. n.
Tuesday, Jan. 16, ilunter township,
'T11esday .Jan. 16. S'ullivan township,
T. T. Wood's.
Tuesday, Jan. 10, Dials township, 1).
D. Harris.
Tuesday, Jan. 16, Youngs township,
Cook's store.
Wednesday, .Jnn 17, hlunter town
ship, Clinton Cotton Mill.
Wednesday, Jan. 17, Sullivan town
ship Princeton.
Wednesday, .Jan. 17, Dials township,
V. A. White.
Wednesday, Jan. 17, Youngs town
ship, W. P. Harris.
Thursday. Jan. .8, liunter township,
Lydia Cotton Mill.
Thursday, .lan. 18, Sullivan town
shilp, W. D. Sullivan, Sr.
Thursday Jan. 18, Dials township,
Gray Court.
Thursday, Jan. 18, Youngs township,
Pleasant Mound.
Friday, .Jan. 19 IHunter townshilp,
Please make note that the appolt
ments will be filled just as ndvertlited
and to please come out and make ro
turns. One mar. usually makes the
whole round and some may not under
stand the notice this time, as I have
riivided up the territory in the several
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years on the 1st of .an
uary except those who are incapable
of earning a support from being
maimed or from other causes, are
deemed polls, Confederate veterans
Also all male citizens between the
ages of 18 and 50 on the Ist day of
January, 1918, are liable to a road tax
of $1.50 and are required to make
their return of same to the Auditor
[luring the time above specified and
shall pay to the County Treasurer at
the same time other taxes are paid in
lieu of working the road.
All taxpayers are required to give
township and number of school dis
tricts; also state whether property is
situated in town or country. JMach lot,
tract, or parcel of land must be en
tered separately.
After the 20th of February 50 per
cent penalty will be attached for fall
ure to make returns.
County Auditor.

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