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8 Local and Personal 31ention. 8
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\Mrs. Ike Willis, of Owings, Is visit
Ing relatives in t1he city.
Nils,; lianotche Wason, of (Greenwood
Is visiting ars J. C. Bloyd.
lrs. .1. ii. Peterson and children, of
Darl Ing toll, are visiting thlie NI ls'ses
Petertson onl Sott Ir 1 arjtcr stet.
I1 iss .adge airris. of Ow Ings,
spent Sitndtfay In the city with .\iss
Wil Lou Gray.
MIs Mary I'tOir.on, of Ne'whterr
spenit the wvei-end with t O .\li ees
Petel'on on t-oiit llariwr sr
lis e l-Ir ice .\1ln" and \ign
Iltarksai l are vis il: I micIls in
Cren I .wod1 thi. wvvl .
.\lis! I:va Shell IIleot A tlonday Imoit
ing for a viLsit of a few tiays in New
brry with friti(1 and relattives.
Alis. .\ . Todd anti dughte, Iir
1i1t0, hI .\lnday mornling for ln
ltreat. to remilain for some lilm .
Nir. and Mirs. Ailain 1 lellaims. of
Wc'hory Tavernl, were hppn inllh
City Mlonday.
.\itr. .1. W. AleNinch, 0' Ilobn!wn. N.
,1., i. visiting is Fathe'i'., NI. All .\i
minlch out inl the vountlry and .\lmlahy
was a visitor iln the city.
.\lrs. \\isl A. .\a rt in anud .\lis; li noz
Mlatutinl, of ("ireville ha,1ve been vis4it
Ing at the home of. Nlr. and M.i al . 1".
Ihtrns for s'veral days.
Dr. .1. ]1. Powve. Ahlerimtan Clydle
FowlerI and .\r. It. C'. Gr1ay mlotorevd
to 1ieletrsonville and .\shville for te
ir. and .\rts. 1". 0. Anderson htavt
gonle to 1larris Spring's to join Ihe
parly of uitrens people wio are
campifiig thelire.
.\Itr. and irs. If. C. tohr returned
last week from halitmore. New York
and other points Iin the north. where
they had been for at loth1 or mllore.
Miss Ilattie iheltelberger. las goneo
to ("olmiibia, wletre sthte has ancepled
a posilAtin as steographer wili a
larve conicern1.
. it's. WVster A. lartin antld Nliss Inez
i;rlin, of (reenville, have beenl visil
in Mr. and NIrs. I,. E, ihtins for xev
ral days.
M1r. and Mrs. W. .1. Itailev and Mr.
and .\rs. Cyris Itailey, of Clinton,
were visitoris Itl finth eily yester(day.
mlist; uielie Owens. of (Greenwood,
is visiting \iss Iila Sie Manley.
Mr. Thos. P. Rtay left .o toirday for
"somewher in Virglitnia" where Ie ex
pects to go linto goverinmenlt work of
some khind. eilther il Iwte sipply iltI
hasintl departments or probably i
munition olants".
irs. P.-Rk o utmanis and daughter.
'Mlss Elizithl(i. and .M\isses Katherine
and Estlert Williams. ileces of Airs.
Jas. II. Sullivan, all of Brunson, are
visiting Mir. and Mrs. Jas. It. Sullivan,
havin- come up through tle country
by automobile with Mir. Sullivan last
Mr. S. W. Heath and famtilly. of
Winnsboro, spent the week-end in the
city its tle guest of Mr. and It's. R.
F. Fleming. ir. Heath is a large
land-owner and planter it Fairfleld
t'ounty andt~ Is giving conalderable at
tentltin to Htock ralslitg,
Mr. and Mt's. L. iR. lBrooks, of Gray
~Court, weire visltorsx In the city Mlon
day, htaving COmeO downl to cairry back
with them a large "I laynes Twelve''
blh I r. 13rooks purchtased firomt the
L 1aurens Mfotor' Cat' Cotmpany.
'Mar. atnd .\irs. Clyde RIddle and
lIt tie diaughlti', Mists Agnes. of Colutm
hIat, motorgd tup to Hpend the week it
andl~ around Larents, t'eturn'tng today
Thley' wer'e accomplanied home by thteir
nIece MIss Neil Chteek of Narnle.
Mr'. atd Mt's. II. ii. Goodmait, MIss
V'eli Goodman, MIss '(leo Walker andi
a Ilessirs Fred Goodman,. Fuliler' Good
ta n anti D av'Id 'hitirnside motorecd to
Spar'tanburtg and G;lenn Spings Sun
'* ~day.
AltsH. 3I. L. ('opelatnd anal dautghtters,
Ileautfort and Marty, left Monlday morn
Ing foi' thte motuntains of Nor'th Cai'o
.lina. Mt's. 'opteland andI Mar'y wi'll go
to Mt . MlithellI whIle Milss Iteautfot
w4~~ Ill joIn a gi's ('amp al 1aittle SwIt
Hont. I. A. ('ooper' wentt over't to
Greentwoodi Sun day where lie itade ant
addiess at thte First Baptist ('hurchl In
thle ab lsence of thet patstor1. lII wen('t
t hr'oughi thte counitr in lihis autoitobdile,
lbeIng anecompattiedi by Dr. and NMrs. TI.
Mr a. ilund Mr as. .1. 1F. Medlock, of At -
latnta,' have been vislitng ielat Ives In
the uippetr pta't of thte counity for some
tIme and were visItors it I~autrens
FrIday. Mr'. Medlock was foi' a nttm
'ber of years an employee of thte Lan
rena Dru'lg Company anti now, witht
his brtother, condutcts a fiout'ishlng
drug business In Atlanta.
'Mr. C. R. Moeley left Monday morn
ing for Spat'tanbturg to jolin a pat'ty
of life Iusur'ance agents, members of
the ''Huindred Tihaoutsand Club" of thte
Mittssout'l State LIfe Tttsiirattce Comn
pany, whoti have been treated by the
company to a wvester'n tr'Ip becautse of
thte lartge amounit of busIness they
hiave done dui'ng the ptast year. Thte
'party wvIll go to St, Louis, Denver, thte
Yellow Stone Park antd othiet' places
of lntes'est In the, west, tetuning by
way of Richmond.
Cotton on Exterior. CROSS HILL CHAUTAU
The Advertser has received a let- QUA OPENED TUESDAY
ter from .Ir. It. W. 'Conpton, of Atlan
ta calling attention to some discrep- Address Delivered by A. 11. 31Iller. of
an eis in t he report of his invention G re'r. 1111on. It. A. 'ooper 1n11 1 e1 ,
to counternet the ttIac of torpedoes. '. Vass on the l'rogralin.
in tle first. place, Alr. Coinuptol stItes Ci.ss ill \ieg il
that. fihe cottonl which he( would use 11 ndalrayfo eool
shoul d go on tile ouitside of the hull 1 ng o ir l I:ijig.; i' oii ite (i
with li thin proletive coveriig ini- *i.ti" Oit N'ill oieii up Tllv
slead (0 (in the insiie. I le als o
'-fates wtat ht senl I mw fi i(h lu, LA I' il
Isrints to "See. D)anliels ilmiuediately aI*-f-.~ ~ f( - . W dw;a . ,11
Iter 11'vy were coluiphlted mlid receviv-c lom a n l Ililfalr f
('d an 'whknowledgmIlent from himn with - ,l 10.11p x iem ,w l vfl-.(
in live davs afler it allie oul of' I ho e n. im . . ;V (* (tim *'iuiiit
1110dy. Afierwards he mge lpli- 1.L. Vs.
iaion for a palent, whiI ht isli nww ote:
L11n1erinlininent ali Woodron Wilsonjl. \i h ild w i I v r btIItc
Till 1,:lllics' lInIprovellnent Ass o c ia.. 111c: !I ip ri
Hill of thev \\'tmulrow \\ilsonl 1.Schoo-.l c T l -Id tra n
vill I " 'ollyanna, \o ila" at thile I
iii Ill I ie iuteli (. tl~' c~ut Ci. ossf ill u g . ri.- The blifg tent is
up(I l it ll: thIn . I r ead for1 thn op n
l'(Fit.ingo huaqawe.T ewe'
atlt'a ti o s ill open ul] Tuesda
;0rai r of Gn i r wiltii.. W i dn l i. l Id .
8iiolouii* Viiw- I~i hvil(li'i ('ii lnY sc o i lit f i id .A ).l : id wv fl
Tihei ay' oiiotun i'h iin foh l iet 1u of
thie':0r M rn tiingers wltil lb head
I th o 0 i o. li i lio r ( Tii r --
A SI e l (d a y i i I . . I. \ a s s af ( ;t - n -i
i o F I l i'. \l l;-;it M r. ( le F . Ile wi ll Htrin (,li his 1''ii d 1 yii ': ru il m
windt h an in i.in rotlr. io.i
i''ii iwil. be ild wih i. v. v. elto i'd h
iniM . te arddy tt lit e oi' a e1b s Wi l i t
fit(.o mil. ofti. Th). devera yef Ira Snd
"ou hi'tye:i ar i' eifeitoyh. e h
S lv AhAs e t o i l .\ 11 u s I( h .l w il a t e n d
I ' nl' ' ' lu n and I ae i"I l e ilr1. ' . W'. N. N"Ia and 'it h il
!er e s f 1,111k t y b It f ti- h Io. lu0ie. to N r a \ it, s e in i wi l
The p is o i. 'sof il nvted O ler Whlrcrh i nsti . fr the benely
',. 1 -lt of o io i rs .i itlin on 's ho al b.
-lgiei - \ . . nlMl s . W .f 1)lembi lis visit.
hio Folly' athm'i- V. coSmitle Idale n i's a t u n i vr' l roe a I I h re w v's i it
l'noe 1Simpsonv il'romoleil.ly
A m a Tr m - efINg, A Oihe- dir0t-- ( '1 ".
torsv l ofil thida Watt .\lll .\I Cha le r.
''(sn ho h sbe e ilyd i uii; lse loii'ad.oi ;'tit
1'. W. (Vs. of day wa i reldi's r tof
!11o 'nd ofl.li\r. h n. They aar delishte
.Ial Ier )ofnng ahis irmof hid expect ~ enilft i
to it. aon tnue Fiiadvancemient.ii11(1 'sis(li' h
Give Piny Firidlty lTn g .Irs.
The Y. W. 'A'sof, of h Itiver church.l
will give a play entitled "The p uit of a l l i a it
liis Folly" a. lr. ,J. W. Smith4's at
Kinards Friday evening, August 10 t.
beginning plromptly at. 8::30. r~i"MsJypudJs Mln
C'ast of ('harnofleters. \ d 1%thMIlol, of a
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1* Iiti'iitv1 hi'I)i'iig Ji'sVl'A '. hee th ~~is'lvk Theyi A are
.11aCk llnning, a1 vicliml of his MViown4 slulv.wthrllvsI
Peefo113 - Rlobert Wallace li a d C e iv lociit ,;.1( ar
'erey Ogden. at tru friend t il lii'p vil oe ili
.1. W. Workman.
Ashley Draylon , a man.111 of Ilhe world k s i bitlcttsi' 1111. l
.1in hiWi.s .ala'r. ii .\ts. S. W.
Iir Ih'ni liiter of Texas) iFarrefo
vi lie, Vt. I rwh wlith i fe t h(it hli s brotic - Jl i I livlti.i
S ilia m m l Fl r. anir d ('lhits an foif \\'de r. o
Sarankh W alla S . i d E. itv i n boolkel & (10
IHeolyl Boyd. 's a1 T iac k du lainl.ck f(' lao Iiili l. lali
Bryan Wa tlc e wmi hd J. Iro\\. o.:. oiih e n ian d
o l e t e y i nlie foo lro It li te i ir st f e -s: 1.
fe, u nd a y ea 11t; dl t Cibr i ndh of i citAt S Al niy
25 cents. t'ev ~. liel ra W fotd. AIa hfrd re
tu rtd i'd a rin 1 fe dlay coisi
Piles1 urv I s 6 rto Jui4r (ays faild trs .Jaklevt ielinio l e i'f
Your druggis(10th reurluoasoteyrIillAerytonys(at
OIN MJNTtelstocue an ete o Ic l n erville sn Frta ad Stu
Vln, lte o rt. - PreleWorkill1 th.ome Ther la d u e r st t li
S h ,s I -a~pi tlo s t e -halt asntan .g s1etR .('rioy Ip..l. Tfor ingt e .
worith an .lacg es oletin oimoitg
Served Wallace Raht .letds. hreind sisr r\ei an
Admisio , c ild en nde ;- ye rs, fil fro ll n are here anv istn : thei
"I har yu'v bee fllul:g fr so- dctesin 3. .\iRevs. .ln'. M a imi (;ilin.
ral udys..\lr. ond.\erl. irad the . . J.oyd of TAxay
25 nar. o': i'vse i r-r rawhisdwe Mk . The ar.
-ie i r1 h C . unin r wit re. tivle on
P~esWre In6 t 14Jthisl and Mr evilemane andar
your 1 lttm' ut mee d.eo a e o n thugirs vii ovr ew
cMS O ut h is. llod' si onnr \ase oa Itc.
-llud. Bleedingori __otr g Ftile of 6ty lie Hef Icn w ier n in n o. t i
Mghtira wNer . tenip'e'ri 1t
"Do you, M. aksohnkl thnith
rillian canry, throuhr e eyeofn,*
needle?" "Idon't'know IWallaowe~ban
leerl, iiithat rmyun lawyer. h-v
draged nc trouh soe ry smalnIUithC PWDR
lichesrandon, a Tseoeaiytseceto
.\lartiakenar ofthmconh
.\lelinda .lane pggeifromCannoipbr
Willce, eu. - tiene NWorkmannsop Tn Sohig
Sarahd-leiram's better .ha
'oresy Teinder, ahlc diaWomnd apl ete clr o 2.Sap
used iternaly orexterallace
I guarantee "Dodson's Liver *Tone" will give you the
best Liver and Bowel clea ing you ever had.
Calomel makes you sick; you lose a under my personal gu.1rantee hat it
day's work. Caloniel is quicksilver and will clean your sluggish liver better
it salivates; calomel injures your liver. than nasty calowel; it wont make you
If you are bilious; feel lazy, sluggish ick and you can eat anything you
and all knocked out, if your bowels are want without being salivated. Your
constipated and your head aches or druggist guarantce, that each spoon
stomach is sour, just take a spoonful ful will start your liver, clean your
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone in- bowels, and straighten You up by
stead of using sickening, salivating morning or you got your money back.
calomel. Dodson's Liver Tone is real Children gladly take lodson's Liver
liver medinine. You'll know it next Tone leeuause It Is icasant tasting and
morning because you will wake ipl doesn't gipe or cramp or make thei
feeling ine, your liver will be working, sick.
your headache and dizziless gone, your I am seihg in illi of bottles of
stomach will be sweet anl bowels reg- [)d~ons Liver Tone to people who
I tlar. You will feel like working. have found thti pleasant, vegeta
You'll be cheerful ; full of vigor and liver medicine takes tle piace of
ambition. (ai-eion bind. Biy one bottle
Your druggist or dealer sells you a on my sound, reliable guarantee. Ask
w0 cent bottle of Dodson's Liver Tonelyour lruggist about me.
Here Is One of the V ery Latest )Style
Simmon~s StLeel Bleds
Two-inch square post, I1-inch square fillers, finished in
Mahogany, Old Ivory and White Enamel. There are
many other new and beautiful patterns in our present
display, havi~ng just received a solid car-load, enabling us
to mark them at very attractive prices.
We would be glad to have you call and see them.
They range in prices from
$3. 75 Up.
S. M.e E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Pioneer Builders of Valve-In-Head Motors
We wish to announe that we c-nin ak d
To-ihe popuaret ost 1hs -icharwe wiers, unised iup
may ther eand Butifeuc pattr inaor Co.sent
dislaye haing uspt recive sasolid wclod enabling ust
tomakprompt dlvertiveics
you ouy.dTherisn grater hvle inoan cal tan e them
Thy Angk prie frmnWoOnn
BucsSr bitinsxe.n furs. Thereisth bgsxCylin
of te, ouit of ese crw eeualosp
pl hedmaCHEN Bu MOTBic or CarC..a
you bu.ahre ilodae s ogr e texivtoneMinut- any car than~ t;hi._n. .
W ANTED---JUNK! VINA 1, Sl'."llL 31 E NT.
Taenot ice that onl Ihc 25th day of Takhe not ict that on thie 'ist day of
Aigit 97 1 will render at final ac- August, 191 7, 1 will render a finial ac
ALL KINDS OF vollif of my acts and doings as Ad- count of any :cts and doings as Ad
m iliistrIO of IIIh% estate of It. ij. aninist rat :ix of theo estate of F". IL.
OLD) RON S-impson, (eeased, ll tue 0111cc of t lie Moore, (lvcased, in the ottice of the
35c a Hu dre<LPoundsJud of Probate of Larenoiy udgv of Probateof Laurens county,
010 ..y tru~sts as adminiistrator. fromt illy t lu1sts as- Administrator.
Brass, opper, Hides, An vsi nvbetostdvaliAypro iee o;adsae
Mise loIfit'd :110d(111v to 1t( pat- !Is notitletl ineui re to makei~77 p~3 &a
etc., at Market
Prices l Qt(Jbe 511 i( (ate, prestilviil or boho'-f-sa d date,
ailv prvn rh forever. barred. dil11y prov('1 ori he forever hairrod.
Tak notite that 25 1417.(o n st t o. th a d n th i 1 0st1a of
OpoieCAyHl uly 25, 191 7.-I willedr fnl. Juls2, 191 7.-I wilrndrafiacc
coun ofmy cts nd oins asAd-cout ofmy ctsand oins a Ad

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