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l(oschee's Germitin Syrup.
Why use ordinary cough remnedies,
wlien losehle's (erman Syrup has
Leen 1sed so sueCssfully for lifty-on1e
years in all p'arts of the Uinited states
for coughs. bronehitll, Co0lts sel
iI the tiiollt, especlilly lung tt1 Iiles.
It gives the tlilieti ' ood-n'ght's rest,
itree fioin volighillig.-)Yfili easI3y exIpe
toratlioll ti e it,111W i . . u ntti re
it (hitl ) i o oltk0tie Ohe iitllatnield i'its.
il1t'ow otT the tIse:ee tilping Ithe Pa
tientl 14, ret i i vis ealt . LI., :and 7.
("et Lottles. S:htd by I'owe D'lu2 Co.
Magnolia Balm
The beauty secret of
wVome'I.1 'nwlio Jbnoyhow
to tkc'of h' com
le:.i on. liot be
b Icletuew H eals; Sunl
bu(horn,st s Tanu. Sootlhing,
coolinil re--vshing.
(4 , 11rb. WhAile, 'Pone-Red.
r 75c. c bun:Wj or by rnall dirct.
Sample (eithcr color) for 2c. Starup.
Lyon Mio. Co., 40 Souh l'ith St.. BrooVktln, N. Y.
Will cure Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headaches, Cram ps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, puts,i irns, Old
Sores, Tetter, 13inwW orm, Ec
zena, etc. Anti, 6ptic Anodyne,
used internally or externally. 25c
.~ r. n nq nl' to i C I4 1' 1'
20wn 0. t!-, !:v( C v.
Cdoue and doe I ::o: oeini o: :ir
There is iiore Cntarrh ils this se(tlon ot
the ('outit ry th ti ll ot her diseases iput
tuogetit-r. andi until the I nst few yetars
was sipposed to I)1 ineur1able. F'or a
g4rea t 111111 y ars d -r. 1 111I 4(un d It a
local disaseontprs--ei.-:1 11'0nt renn
deu,(11and ut on tnl41 .11 [I. , t iocure
with111 14 t*II 't 1tIInt, pt I':. -1111q. 11i I-r
iI) . S ienv lit. 1b'. 0 v 4 -I 'at Ir ti e aI i
co ti ti1t I It' te t. r -
Ci ll-nS rti' Stl titni al t i iment. [( ni1's
' t11h111 1 ' 1 r . n111 f: 1 ill d b wy V,' . ,
.h22e 11 '.' T-444 h142( -1 . I (lio,1: is'he 1nl
t I i lt rl I I t r I ho
Ulm -d t !t! 41 n: :: 1, fa.. ft y .
T'h2y l2le 1 E1 iri.% I.1 oli2 t 111 o uIn-' 1 2.'
-t" .. zj.d fIr ,rIlr.
Itlif i f ei i
rs. . 1i & . Tod. C
Ib l o w:t1 . a
r I.1l'o i onit t the11 R IIon.
nex. I suffeR rd with m
backan bagdw
misey. I
1 . could o endurethe
pain . any . Jone, d Io
gr Aa~fl, got wo)e (,rV
Nothing seemed wito elp
"Fro utilhoe tame . n
ecded into w n
The Woman's Toni
b iakn fearngown
r. netieslife to a
* sayu"ld not enoueth -n
paineatly rloevl huan r
notauain. go* . . I
No"thgseee n o eenlp
year sticoe day too .ad.
andecded til ingo
vie anWoman oi
toaus ad who Isly
sufrer fromevd any eale
trubhfllysa. ha"hv
Ifnou uferin .. case
if yot h nbeed to
years strngeinon dic
toaud up yourruln-dowd
syst emlth.k thewul adic
ofs. anJon rgar
touuse Caelpedwher. We
AUo Doa rubesor
Ifyu eiihIne o
lius Employed lemonstrator to Su
ierdise (Sardeniing 1nd Yard IitI.
lifying 1i 11 Ii1 Village.
'o i take the Watts .\!ills v a e ne
of I1w nIonil beaultifuil mI Ihe 1110 rn
its garleIns the III ost productive I le
goai1 41 by .\r. IHaroi C. Stahh, a;:'lr
atil gete ral uanlager (fl he mill, j..d
i"frnm 11hv pians u ra l madec inl
this direction. To h 4 dh41 111(.CO -
Lutus has illo:' . (I a Clem.e ( radt
. i (V . a ri:;m , o 1 i4 ,I rI
day." W, each wek1 it) aa tin::. andt uI
viAling, \% ith Ihel mili lanr la enl
v I i I I I 14 it. 4 7 1, I
IA' 1 4 11 ' it vI I it, I i 41
.\va in; (,41llri iii:: . anl v 4tanta i.if
I v..i 4 I4.'i; 4I4 4
St iint lilm 11111 \4 r. t :n!i < .. li
I.d te :-I e e y fa t y n h
1i11 ;: In 4 t ato ; i ' I : rlt1 41 .
itw a I itrc t4I4hlI l ' 1 II f i nibtgii atI' I \(11
; I Ii 1(I 11 .! , lit Ia 11(I Ii.. un n er
o yal e aind rtas va e iti.. l I ni.
lI I448 I I I \v t It I 11 I rtt~ t Iion, II Io
Iial i o , Ib Is(taI' o f I .
I Ii .n , o Ir, I. I : i . \. . ItI
t t e a I 1an Io h l ifylu i 4.
stIl l i in l ;rtI ,ial . Ti m4
41 a Itl'4xi 4 4"'ilt:20 wor 4'. i der tI .
In n l itsI l eil1 gindirativll.
n 1 nj Oi ce t'- IA aul 'ils o natr a
C111(1 ii~ a A14 41' 11 4 i:. i-_Gov. II. 4'!: (ii
1111 all [loll'e r the )l i anor e t a ep, int
hen(11lh i tsli h or ga:-ilenin' a Tis is
In )linu \\u i the manat w gIi l IeI e m et polily
I he i' %, Id 'f'i 'T e Iu (INSt
of t 1 i-era1 in;h slitht i l mloylde s to
h I!iu in-etI ef a b l a dh.
.\w' o r bo is ra t o il m
snolg cand~asn ho beenind. nn
mi'l'in It. Iw la ' te l r '11 it t t I 14)
thatiteoon may hprioeta ork uir-y
ini 0is o 1 ;he 1ime 11 i t (g fri Ition.
Ivf i rs .\ I h n t etI I a
I v gevl loe, Nd eI l~ wh we :t;(1reo'; I
I o l il Ie A ul . : -;ov. ..\lnnn
(,\*,,I* , It. 1 oi 11 4 1'~ 1i 4v I I
1s hon (I e t ollow ap o int
m n tI I.forl thecIt s(- t fio n 1 :11 d e sil
1id It) uIlItt nt Io. II 1 of A. ;ileiv.
I 1)ill vaI ( t'iii ~ow 1A 1) I vil isa os ill
I1i I11 ait c t task I w li i I 3'oi ha f fte
%r%')to od of a s~I I n Soto (eI I I It (r o
l:a mh st nhre iho aeIt r SI c tulrw s in
pledg r l' i ds ('it it for t'conseia.
1101) (f fo od diesrainC rs
I'irtI. iri 1 o go r Iiathe ' Itn, r o
t(e io l vel rat 11 (aIds e ia..-e ya br f o
exp! atl4 1--i a i: ''It r eto I hat. thge
:thir b n y o the wah' as titilil as
''ishn of th a'it tha Sho ld b tediv. it
wia rd . 1)It e I t u:e Im -r a b a I' I d
pvr.ed lire.hur. of cl ainan ho dl ktar
I''ltrt I. T \Ihe ou t s ou ld be14 sub-4
diided~ 4051(1 into townsip w'(t~ith a chair
lur leit. h 'a'towlshi con'l iittei,
who 'ould' iiercollend thngeitoe
aI le churches't i and' ou scool hoses in)11
hott e, W lonvas I, whiihe ver o t
Sth er jtidgmel0l t.em(s 11 be t. 'i
ISfeveth. lie lnt raf won aso
t hat th e work may(4 h4.e toe qua ikay
olfortet Ol sning3 114 them t gte them11 all
askied o 3 seanth.s Sitrds, ind t'Op what
dttwll le a. lesnt t 4ro J
~'sdighth. Inat the coutry)1, auii'44tmo
binls tltouthe poided Nbyoa 1atrioti
ISn N eachN.W. Wectitgon.ntl as-I'
.'ith . If emembt e hs (I i e tuot im
ileging' it womh'en (fori te onsera
V o ffos
needed by the goVernIIenlt, they will
know (letilitely where to flaid Ilose
(lalified for service. ofr o rs( letis
e is Iiinay no1 coiipolsory.
Irs. I f'. Loui.' .layes,
S. . i., \\' an' Council f 1)e ns
v. i( - : Ii
l'il 6.. T1. p~
Iri l a 1 ' a
dll; nl l 4 -,
I lo- p :1 n
'rice 0 4 I
TOoa Pil fo
inv. il 1H I
4111 li t .\i lt\: * ad t I i' I' l,~ il'Itt.
n ib- - li i . - irt t n ru
tii t:~ s 1it-t h utj tia ai m.aai'll
IliMl. (i :1cn Ortsin w
l .l lT al iin alt n t'. iiv ial
arf a Ilw ..\nier11n in tacn1s ll
1'atla m' i c V11111 ' liatiaand lilt
wci i i ti t ' I renki ih i
t l i t a aih lu ch on or 1nn ,
i vane! of ah ml::elry elmill p'aimo.
dc'i ne. 1 drtI i tire Ait era
er ai fi l I r il -h (, li cer milt -lt .
flit. 1'\ I
-I t ' I !
railTi ; 4!' Il I
Th i e I ;1 .~ r i a, ' i n be
Flit, iAw a v it ' lii hI 111\[ 1w:;
n hl a 4I. W ' a 'i'h bg he. il a i'the .
T h e y i e n : hi ' t , al ' iT l .' Io'a w
1'ale :l ar t i l I a 1 ljvely < a 1aI. ih ,
I Aaa Is Iax I I% )l'al I I I lI t I l:--; 1 t) ( t)l'Il .!z tI II
'aespiit o hli I a tI-t ii te r 'Ther
ner't'~e lltn. liil flime atid to Illuak
l e I it iai:i n h 1 . hli % iage 1ts .(l, it
Ntt Ila k''i I l ie va l oftI hIi I mos t' (' i I i I t has
Itag I'l- i ( Ita --s 4I t (a I -II ,I lit' A Iitt't~ tis
iltm lis o I t i ne t ill t'i','wlis 'al 11(1
gra' -( l h ri a ! t'ssr in t tin se
j !;li I ltaa' att Ili aiag mii IW l
vIe a g iffi t ilt. t bIiel il'l li Itao
fo tl ' 1ap111 1 tt o l aSt lt I is 11
e -r lnli th t naolat o(
t'l vil hiiday \oc' and io make
ill tIl t h, -
The41 I t lie I hte5'l a I ~~a i tIaI
h'lithlliS taf I l(' St latt nItn
at i .\ lmly ia ni (a ti t o hlog i n is
forlts to ei lnlway'fro il work.e'S Il
over theit Asociratl thay ('insiti-p
ikhiakin istealeof athi ~losnttlistin tivi
llooks t trinllta i ke, I th a' tat'nIa liehle
ilitea il~ tittl whl~Vahil thral easonIal.
fort theti lhange'' un ttina' i s the
lI ret'aa tl0 liniplify t heIli S alti' nit' of111
tta exlpe iiiary~ I force anii Ilt at'
al'l the11 ('ltt nn interca neabi aale
IlArrtans tn ntli ave' aetali t maill
whi e byt't II tet Fr~eh (at'Ivlenntt a s r
agreedl(A..~ to Se at tahe A'ner ican A I
n1imber of ltraS intel atitilltry ao l'('"tanll
itala nlases t a ta'sot niia l s. Tat hei
atl''ent hatas an exct s a' upp'a' of that esea4ti
('tatlt how ada the larrangeinen'lts will
t'e a gre1at tail t eto theal Aiian h
wi'lli s.tt atiilale a tl sailone at in
aIta wartitt' wok
Colliniin, Al". Il.- -I wee' ' o' atoe
J. atsono te I'tafe 1)1pare nnt's
'ont (.1n1in1 inl at night with an einply *
itilk imil swinging on h1is arm and l th' Sullivan fatilly, relatives, Iturini the hot weather of the Iam
said, "Wi v, the calf stcked all the OtlnlI io ll ltiitl(m art' itvitell to I filipilli:; -olliv ieend;, r 01 almost.
miik.' Ijithic Ann, statiflin' by. blur i-- tk IM4.1Y 1C) he I ro il
'' Cl C I t e u l h i 1 { ' '>I t 1 i l i o oI i v~ i t S 111 1 1 V '4 c t t 'Cs . ( li
Il it, "kid.wh didn' ott niilk Il th
ilr ind ."-0 l i mhilk back'"I! hovIit .,ll
What is LAX-FOS :1' ir' q d
A Digest Liqi',t tLa:<attive, C tthairtie: a VA
and I,iver olnic. Coiudhsitu Cascoal Pat k, at
liue Fir.g Rofot, tuitbar Root, JIunckl
Root. .\hby: ppl 1C/O, s uniai ,ea'.ec: anld
etps::. O Thi . t i lt ICn ahV
ra C I C"H I C N 'teonia Ite ann11Tu al 1ruo of th au.
aan carai rig Mihnda .ao
PM_ I W 1 %"4 it~
g b :M Ih
ii' _
p -
. 1g
AN Y Months ago we realized that the time would
elf come when an advance in ice cream would be nec
essary, but we have tried to poctpone the advance
as long as poosible. How'vet, the rapid advance in the
price of a1il materialwich go into icecwms anf
t1ure forces us to make a slight adc vkce "t this tine. New
pices go into 2ffCet today and will be .as follows:
Varlla. Cream 50c 90c $1.75
Brick Cream 2.50
All Other Creams 50c $1.00 2.00
W, o I \ C < h-ci t o C not C rI. .te b 1m Cin: I he itdli?\, CWll
CrCaIn CT a clot I pic. U t Wt bl litv 1I: wur 1:t%14, w hin it o: dlet- g
t1r-ialn I:wll 21 w,\aills us to d' l vb( puslll oj anly ('i"3111 on i, a
--and it is (ur billion to Ineet the x a n l' o c UI tm S. i
evil is ourl wvatchword and we dll know 11hat ser-vice, al a1 Ilos, annot b contlin!
lied imlite!nil ely. I .sli: llla
PoeDu C .I
Powe Drug Co.
"Come Out of the Kitchen"
"Why don't you get a New Perfection Oil Cook Stove and have
a little time to yourself?" 2,500,000 American housewives have
found that the New Perfection keeps kitchens cooler and cuts
drudgery in half.
No coal or wood to lug, no nshes to empty, no Ask your dealer to show you this--also the new
dirt. A quick fire whenever you want it. reversible glass reservoir.
The new heat-retaining oven cooks while the ALADDIN SECURITY OIL
cook's away. Saves time and fuel both. for best results-asuperior grade of refined kerosene.
(New Jersey)
Washington, D.C. BALTIMORE Charlotte, N. C.
Norfolk V. MD. Charleston, W. V.
Richlond, Va. *Charlestonl, S. C.

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