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Ma nolia Balm :
The beauty seerdt of
womenwho knowhow
to take tarc of the com.. U
plexion. Cannot be w
. deedted. Heals Sun- 's
burn, stops Tan. S gatrig,
cooling, refreshj . * 1
Pink. Whlfe4 ']Rose.Red.
.r '75c. a tV or bymal tre.
Sample (either cojdlo) for 2c. Stamp. I
LyonMig.Co.. 40Sodh Fith St.. Brooklyn.N.Y.
Paint B3ook
"HomesandHow to PaintTim" I1
Contains illistrationis of attrac
tively pailtetI holmies, floor plhns,
specificat ilns how to select the right
-I olr, alo infr - for piti ngtibor
enits, rfinia i d. d oik and I
floos rs, (Lecoati . e 1 lls about ,
IMmsT xt- 4 PAmT
"The Kind 'iThat Lasts"
beaitifies your pIropertya nId enhianlces
its vahkie. Mantic Paint contains
highent percentage of ZINC.
Peanslee-Caulbert Co., Inc.
Louisvil. Ky.
Laurens Hdwe.Co.
No. 666
This is a prescrilition prepared espeelally
Five or six doses will break any case, and
if taken then as a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on the liver better than
Calonmel and -does not gripo or sicken. 25c
Two Stores I
J. C. Burns&
and winter. Tb
ments to the ceil
ble merchandise
pared today witi
in the history of
Houses of mercia
you will find in <
less on an avera;
Red Iron' Rackel
your brain wasj
to Red Iron Rac
motto is and wil
ClothIng for nien, clothhin
qjuality, style and worki
Ieed and our prices are
nee-we want to shiow:
No. 2 Store N5
The union of the Fourth Division of
urens Baptist Association will meet
th Beaverdam church, Saturday, I
qpt. 29. 1917.
:00--Sermion by Rev. 1. 1). Bass.
1: 00-3Organizat ion. Intermission.
00-Do Our Baptist Churches Prac
tice the Bible Doctine of a Con
verted Church Membership? If
Not, Who is Responsible? W. P.
Culbertson, W1. P. Turner, J. H.
:00--Sonie Practical Lessons from
the 19th Chapter of Luke
1. Verses 1-10. Benevolence, Re
stitution, Unexpected Conver
sions. iW. C. Wharton, W. K.
2. Verses 11-27. Parable of the
Pounds, or No Cross, No Crow, .
.1. L. iloyd, S. 11. Goggans.
:1. Verses 28-48. TrIumph Throlgh
Tears, or Victory Over the
World. Ij. I). B3ass, J. Hi. Motes.
Sunday Morning, Sept. 30.
0:00-Sunday School. Supt. T. .1.
0:45--The Organization and Equip
ment of a Sunday School for Effec
live Work. Supt. .J. 11. Wlharton,
.1. lH. Motes, J. 'W. Fowler.
1:00-Missionary Sermon by Rev. W.
K. Collins.
W. P. Culbertson, Sec.
Home Uses for 3uscadine Wlrapes. *
I . .* . . .. .. * 5 * *
Unifermunted Grape Juice.
Secure sound, fully ripe fruit, crush
he fruit and press through a cloth
mek-or if preferred heat the crushed
'ruit nearly, but not quite, to the boil
ng point and press the juice through
i cheese cloth bag. Having obtained
the juice strain again through double
thickness of cheese cloth, then place
in fruit Jars or bottles which have
been t-horoughly sterilized. I laving
placed juice in Jars or bottles, put
lhese in water hath and sterilize by
heating until juice has reached near,
Init. not quite, up to the boiling point.
(Don't forget to put cloth or wire
-anze in bottom of vessel containing
water to prevent breaking of bottles
or jars,). If bottles are used cork
them with new corks that have been
thoroughly sterilized. Have cork even
a Laurens, S. C
Co. two stores are i
ese two stores are 11
ings with the world
at prices far below
i our two huge stoc
the Red Iron Racke
andise in any tw<
comparison of qua]
ge than others ask I
:Stores. Come anc
given you to think-a
ket Stores and buy
iO. I.
g for rthe boys, Laidie's Hi
nanship guaran- Petticoat
25 per cent less Sport C<
Iue. (Come and and look
out. see thev
No. 1 Store
orth Side Public
vith mouth of bottles, and dip in
(jual parts of beesvax and rosin or in
ielted parallin. Sugar may be add
d to juice before bottling if preferred.
Canned Urapes. E
Use firm but fully ripe fruit. After
volghing the. berlires, separate the :
k(ins and Iuips, then place the hulls el
n 4 closed vessel. adding one-half ti
oint of water for each six pounds of
rull. Cook until quite tender. ileat W
he pulps and juilee in another vessel "
Intil the pIull)s break down enough to
ree -the seed, then put pull) through
I colander to get rid of tihe seeds. Put
Lhe seedless pull)s and softened hulls
togther when cool and add sugar and
water at the rate of one pound of
sugar and one-quarter pint of water
to each six youtids or fruit.- Then
bring the mixture slowly to a boll,
and after boiling for eight to ten
minutes pack and seal it while hot li
Mterilized fruit Jars.
Sleied ( rapes.
After colunlng lie softened hi lls
and seeded pultps, for every five poids
of fruit used add the following: 2 1-2
poun ds of sugar, 1 1-2 ounces of
ground cloves, 2 ounces of ground vIn
nanon, 1-2 pint of vinegar, then boil
the mitixtire until tender, about one
UIve "CalIfornia Syrup of Figs" if
cross, sick, fierisi, constipated.
Look back at your clildhood days.
Remember tie "dose" mother Insisted
on-eastor oil, calomnlel, ca tharis .
How you hated them, how you fouglht
agalnst !!akinhg hem.
With our children it's different.
\lothers, 'lo (nling to Ihe old form of
physic simply don't realze what they
(ho. The chiiliren's revolt. Is well
founded. Their tender lilt insides"
are injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only deli
eioni,% "California Sy ruti of Figs". Its
lett>n is posilive, but, gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this haraui~lless "It
laxative" hliandy they kn ow childreill
lote to take it; that it never fails to
.c.1n the liver and bovels and sweet
en the stomach. and that a teasoonmful
given today save:. a slek child tomor
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent hot
tic of "California Syrup of Figs" whIlch
has full directions for hables. chil
drn of atlI ages and for grown-ups
plainly on each bottle. tlewar ot
couniterfeits sold here. See that it is
made by3 "CatlifornmIa Fig Sy rump 'om
pany'." Refuse any other kind with
Two St(
sow receiving car lo
OW being piled and i
's best and latest cree
today's cost of manut
ks in Laurens to sers
~t Stores, and are und
) stores in any city il
ity and style our p
or the same -goods.
I see. Your eyes ia
nd-act with. Now
your fall and winter
its, Coat Suits, SkIrts, Walsts,
s, Cotrsets, I'nderwear, 1Hose,
)fts, Long Drmess Coats. Come
through Rcd I ron ltacket and
alaues we have Ia store for you.
210 West Laurens S
Square, in the Bur
I'll Show You How
Corns Peel Off!"
retr Iete a linuna Skin. Tkl 'lit's it!
"I should Worry about those corns
I just put sOlie 'Gets-It' on." Corns v
aed to pester the worid into a frenzy,
iduring pain, digging, slicling toes, s
1(ering With plisters and tale, try-- c
g to fix a corn1 m) ii wo hilil't lilt.
Li owt no one inl tile world sIould
ol'l-y", heelluse I tl l i n el t t yolu puit
.ets-li" oil, it iileans the il of a
*(se m-14' I'4u4 Vour Feet lin Clover
-it inis cors( Qe''kly.
ornl. Th'lere is niothing.' inl the World
ike "Gets-i" nothinig sure anid
(rtilaill -- nothiLng t hat you cann count
m to take olf I torn or ,1 ealius evry
tuie. anlt without u1ht.luvr. The orn
level grew that "(h-tis-i" will not
;0. It. never irritates Lthe f les , Nv
r inlakes youi r to '. sor1e. .,ust two
11ops ofrGes-it anld presto! the
orl-:-paill vainisles. Si1ortly you canl
eel the corn right oft, \w-lit youtrP fin
er and ltere you art Iorv-re and
011appy with ith! to as sllool It an1 (1
-or- ree am you pall. N4ter ha p
eied before, did it'! (.1ess not.
Cet a bottle of "Gets-It" today from
ily driug store. yout need pay nio m1or1e
hanl 25_. Or sen1t. oli r tceii of price
)v E-. Im,awrenlce & Co., lhcago, Ill.
Sol ill 1,au1 ells and r'lecommeilnilded
1 the worbi's lites orm11 edy by
Naureka Drug Co., 1,ailrenI ru Co..
Plowo Drug 11. t'iu Dru, 1tr
!t. F.'. Potse'y.
A. ('. Todd t linke Addre! t'ss. Alt?rieNi.
iu (ral Course 311 he Added.
School will opell at (ray Coiurt-Ow
ings Thulit(rslay lloriling. Sepi. 11he 13t1h.
All patronls of ite School .1re invited
to be' presenlt ati the opening (Xeercises.
.\Mr. A. C. Todd. f 1 atirens, vill be
presen t oil that occasi(on1 to give an
ddress oil a very vita l uject.
Owinl : to (the n4-ti-Iies of Mlr. 11. \\.
loore an(( Mr. .lames If. sillivatn it is
hitih ly probablev th1at Ibliere will be
giv(en a courIt'e ill ali'riii ire at the
school this year. \iih i tIe placing
ofi tilts ill 1the' programi , a good year is
before the olumun)ity, ill which ) to dt
betteri work thanl ever before.
wes In Laurens,
ads of merchandise
>acked full from th
tionls of staple and
facture. We're bet
re our customers th
oubtedly the greate:
i South Carolina tos
rices are 10 to 25 p
No scarcity of good
rere given you to sa
put them into use.
goods, and remem
Speein Ivalues10 ill PerealesiI0, Gini
Puint s, Serges , l''an 11Pliais. Si
Silks an~d all ginds tof Staple Don
11a11 for' .enI(I alil I oys 4Ue I)Go
unl to $h..)t tor' te $tiA(O indt
ns Block, Our New
esslons to be Held with the First
Baptist Church of Clinton
The Laurens Baptist Association
ill meet in its twenty-first annual
ession with the First Baptist church
f Clinton on Tuesday and Wedensday,
Oct. 2nd and 3rd. In this good year
lben so iiany blessings have cone to
lie various churches it is expected
id urged that every one of the thirty
our churches composing this associa
ion will be fully represented in this
nnual meeting.
In grateful response for prosperity
md spirittual outpourings during the
'ear it Is hoped that every church will
-ome with a complete report of the
vork accomplished and of all obliga
ions and responsibilities fully met. It.
s earnestly desired that these reports,
)e inl the hands of tle oflicers on the
irst. day of the meeting. All standing
omm i itt 'ees will as usual have their
r(ports i readiness when called for.
It is to the cr'dit of these brethIren
that they seldoi ever fail. The Clin
ton people await our coming with joy- I
hul ant icipat ion and a great mecting
Is in store for every one. May the en
thusiasm and hearty fellowship so
characteristic of this body pervade the
dielierations of the 1917 session.
WV. P). Culbertson, Clerk.
S'ee our special values in Daven
S. M. & E. H4. WILKES & CO.
Calomel sickens! Don't lose
Liver and Bowels with
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. It'A
horrible! Take a dose of the dangerous
drug tonight and tomorrow you may
lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
whiich causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes Lnto-contact
with sour bile crashes into it, breaking
it. up. This is when you feel that awful
jausea aid ramping. If you are slug
gish and "all knocked out," if your
liver is torpid and bowels constipated
or you have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath his had or stomach
sour, just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone tonight.
liere's my guarantee--o to any
drug store and get a 50 cent bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a spoon
ISpecial value in
Also hows, Strin
Vie andi.
IFord Motor W.
I liailroad Spec
I Guaranteed GC
I Solid Gold lar
I pair Gold Fill
I pair guarantee
CSIN Collar hlitt
s. C.~. Spelcial values
toe and 15C y
$1.00 bottle Meli
$1.00 bottle War
$1.00 b)ottle War(l
f Ilf Comipound..
for fal $1.00 bottle Kilt
t0e botle IDodso:
des.r- 0d bottleGrv
250 bottle Chant
ter pre-Also other Stat
an ever tin PCme a
StoreMen's Negligee
Special value in
idSpecial lot Giri
lay and 1adies' and Gir'
er cent 2,000t dozen haV
hiose goinig at
ht ta pair while I
.8 &worth on an
thian we ask
~e w th,90' and ....,
Comemoie l
r oulr $1.50 Cutr, ii
. 750 value Seris
t0e value Men's
Special lot Mer
t60e values Teni
E0Y35ce value Han~io
6; twvists hiome1
35e value Meni
2hest. Sheli
15e jar Vasolitn
shamns, Shoes for thle
t('5 j's, picei(( of mnanuf
v'alue, loot fr'om. 11
$l.,I9, let us flt the
in quality, st
Tlinwai'e, Ci'ock
Tiablets, Po
Bibles, Te'stm
Items we cal
1large Thablet
4pkgs. Cellul<
3 plugs good
8e box Matchto
8e pkg. Washl
8 cakes good
HX 3 cakes Toilet
~ z-aon'te2 nnaue' Pins
lecommended by
Doctor Cothram
Dr. T. E. Cothram is a well-known
harmacist of Alexis, Ala. And when
e gets bilious or needs a purgative
iedicine what do you suppose he
oes? 6ut of his whole big stock of
ver medicine he selects and uses
:ranger Liver Regulator. He says
There is none better." That's a
retty strong endorsement, don't you
hink, from a man who knows all
bout the merits of the different medi
ines on the market? Granger Liver
tegulator is purely vegetable, does
iot gripe nor irritate the delicate lin
ng of the stomach and bowels and
lways gives quick and pleasant re
ults. It is the best system purifier
,nown. Your druggist can supply
,ou-25e for largo box. Accept no
For Sale by
Laure.s Drug Co., Laurens, S. C.
and all good dealers.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Your druggist will refund noney if PAZO
OINTMINT fails to cure any case of Itching.
BllindrBleeding orProtruding Piles in 6to l4days.
The first application gives Esse and Rest. 50c.
a day's work! Clean your
"Dodson's Liver Tone."
fula )d if it doesn't straighten you
right up and make you feel ine and
vigorous I want you to go back to the
store and get your money. Dodson's
Liver Tone is destroying the sale of
Calomel because it is real liver medi
cine; entirely vegetable, therefore it
can not salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which Is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine for months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless; doesn't
gripe and they like Its pleasant taste.
Mlen's F"our-in-iand Ties 25c
gs and Bats, going at M0e,
... .... .... .... .... ..25c
itch .... .... .... .....$1.19
,al Watch .... ........$2.98
Id-Filled Watch Chain ..$1.25
d Ring .... .... .... ..$1.00
ed CulT Buttons .... .. 2 5
d 'CulT Buttons .... .. ..98c
ns .... .... .... .... ..5c
a M.\en's Collars going at
hile this lot lasts-buy now.
Iree's Wine of Cardul . ... sic
mpole's Cod Liver Oil .... &Ic
nr's Safe Cure .... .....&ic
a 10. Pinkham's Vegetable
. .... .... .... .... ....8ic
icr's Swamp Root .......8ic
l's Liver Tone, guar'anteedl 39e
rie Bitter's......... ....42c
's Chill Tronic ..........*42c
l4er's Castoria ............29c
s New Discovery .......42c
berlain's Diarrhioea Remedy
and Mledicines at same cut.
Ve haven't space to meni
id sec.
Dress Shirts going at *l80,
.... .... .... .... $1.48
Wor'k Shirts .... S00, and O5c
s Aliddy 'ries .... .... ..25e
l's .\iiddy Blouses, special
.. .... .....50c, 75c and 98c
les', Children's and Mlen's
10c, 15ce, 19ec, 25c up to 60e
hey last. These Hose are
average 35 pier cent mone
for them.
Vork GIloves; w ih cuff 75e,
$e . . . . . . . . . 1.48
Clock .... .... .... ..2.98
10 inst rumienit.... .....$3.48
i ( full I lb. packages) for' 2e
en's D)rawers .... .... .. S0c
IT10lndervet, nedl hot .... ..25C
's 'Plow Shoes, Ki't les . .$1.98
tis Oxfords, red hot .... ...50e
Bag for .. ... 2.....5
5 Suspenders ....2. .5e
Diraught ....... ......ine
sh, all color's .... .... ..100e
vhoie family from baby to
t less money thlan today's
mturing. Big stock to se
ring thle whole family and
m up. We can please youl
yle and price,
ery, i'namneled WVare, Glass
s, Rugs, Window Shmad~'s,
da1, Soap, Matches, Coffee,
ar s, (Cigar'ettn, Stat ionariy,
is, itox Paper, Alemo [Books,
mencits and Thousands of
Pins .... ..............2.5e
ng Powder .... .... .... ..ic
Washing Soap for ........25c
Soap .... .... .... .... ..19
.... .... ... ... ... .. c

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