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County Almshouse, Count
Visited by Secretary
Charities and (
Report Ma
Tihe Advertiser is in receipt of the
rep)orts of Albert. S. ,Johnstone, secre
tiry of t he State IBoard of Charities
and Correct ios, on the cointy alois
houlse., jail and elm ain gangs, the re
ports bellig nide following the ait -
al intspection l iade iII lPebliary'. At-1
ta hed to the report was the follow
Th t tache1,10 d Is a report oiltith inl
"tit'ion ianmed. It is sent. you he
(ise o yoIl. ilntie t. Yoll are at
libertv to publish it, to disclss it with
others, to ti'eat it In any way that will
incireae:; its conistructive vallue. If it
coltails anly errol or is iu.inlst inl any
way, please let is k now. Our earnest
desire is to help in developing this -i
slillition. and ot hers like it tIIrouglihott
the State, accolding to the best of
moder'n standards.
The following ari'e the reports by the
latturens Countiy .Almshiouse.
Visited lMarch 5. 1918, by Secretary
.loistone anid Assist ant Secretary
roylves, wit i tev. W. S. llolmtoes 11141
Superintendent W. It. Alotte. Paupers
present, 7; 5 whites and 2 colored. A,
vrage population for the past two and
a half years, 8.
We desire to commend fihe efforts
-qiperinenlident .\lotte has made to el
force tihie rules of personial hygiente
among tie Inmates of the almshouse,
and also Ihe Couity Coimissioners for
the nedieal atention they have pro
vide(, for this institution. The sym
pat lletIc attitude of the management
toward tle iniates Is also pleasing
It is imprwactIeable foi individual
counties to provide adefluate County
homes, with imedical attention, nurses,
facilities for properly classifying ti
ilmates according to race, sex, age,
and state of health, except at too
great a per c1pita cost. In fact, tli
counlty a Insliouse system is out of late,
)lays a dolbitfuil. role in dereasing
pallperism, and amiliouints largely to a
pine of hulinil slorage iiinder' Ilsals
factory conditions. It should be abol
llhed. In it.; $tead should be devel
entied district hospital homes for the
sicko poor and the aged infirm, aelh ot
such honies to enre for tile tloor frolnt
the several coulities composing the
district. t xle exilenst therefor being
urolated according to the number of
inmates from these re'spective coul
ties. There is a sI Iog sen i mIIet
workinig toward this (ind and we are,
therefore, discouraging large expen I (ii
tI's on present almilshollses.
llowever, there are certain minor
reiair's and1( othier changes t hat we
recommioend lie mad1(e at Ithe 1Lau1reiis
County hlome:
I ) Screen thle second story of thle
siuperit] eindet's residlene 11a1int cx
teror ; put all se reenin g, flooin g,
porches, step 'i'In t horough ropalir.
(2) Pgt all1 inmai~te$' Clurt(ers,
liorches, ste ps, scrteenfIng In t horoulgh
re pair;12 paint exterIor of lot ta ges ;
scr a le. an td Jua int intIeror wallI s and1(
('Pi101g. A fter all11, the cot tage sy3stemii
knowing for' sure that your
WE JO (AN-'1
Opposite Postoffico
mi nd County Chaingangs
of State Board of
:orrections and
le of Each.
which obtains inl oulline at least, ev
en if uisatisfactory, at e( I a urens
County tlome affords these old peopile
a i li more Ilike tiat to whe tiley%,
have b'en aecusiolmetl Ihani woul a
ongreia tIuilding of the type pwo
I 'rovile ' neat Ily-Iioof comli
I'uodo for each room inl Ihe pauparis'
ij<tiuarlcrs for-the itse of those especialnly
oild and in1firntl, and inlstall vither a ;vp
i i 1ank or attrfate closets of the dry
tY-proof itye, spa'lrtie fori each sex
a rac, with one for the exclusive
11s4 of the superinltendenit's family.
I Ii Tahe soime sites to beautify the
itonds of the home.
A .\s may prove nieessary, build
an intexpen(sive k sine foi tile care of
ithtircilar liniates that, while sufli
vnitly far away to lroltect the healh
fl' others, will at Ihe saie ime be
n1a enough for thle patienils lherein to
bh wa\vitei vd uipon con venlienitly; a '11
pos):sibly anl additional two-rooml cot
a for white inmates should Ilte
prIiel factillis becomlie overcrowded.
( t) 'rovide a competent colored
seri'vant to assist the matron in cook
ing, Washing, etc., and In caring for the
paupeiitr.- and tleir rooms.
(7) As soon as possible abolish the
tresnCit. fee system of employing tle
.Illurint endltenit of Ihe alinsholuse. ;We
have discussed ilIs0 point with tlhe
Colnty coil) ill Isslioners. '1in return for
leeding and caring for the paupers at
tle al mshouse tle superlilteident and
his wife receive a hoimle, tile use.of Ilte
fat im and outhnilings, full, and $2.50
per monlillh for each in ma te aitid $5.00
for those in bed. About one-half the
fam111, iiamely, 150 acres, is under cil
tivation. We were told that. tiIs farim
is worth $10.000.00 to $12,000.00. At (;
pereen t the interest on this would Ile
abtout $700.00. Wbk were told that with
the average population of about eighi
the cash paid the superintendent\ was
a out $3.0i0 1er lionith, which Wouid
he nearly $120.00 a year for altending
and I'tfeding tile inmates at the county
hoille. Tile couinty li lysicianl receive
$Pl(1,00 a Year for sei'vices at tihe coun
tv holi e. In addition Ilie county furi
ishitS imiedicines, the hedding and olh
er (.tuipleiit. All told, therefore. it
semis likely that thw county home rep
resents an annual explenlse t) the Vo11i
(y of about $1,400.0I, In retu r1-in forI
whlech (at) thevse few paulpers are caredi
for, and (b) for a1 portion of'each year,
the chaingang is housed In the stock
ade, which is heated by wood from tle
farm. The county gets no other re
Itirn, we are advised. Tils makes tle
lpr Calilta ctist abioiut $175.00 a year.
Tlh t'er cailta Cost at the State .Ilos
lilt al for thle I nsanme last y'earm was less
thannt $200.00) Wh'ilet we heliteve thle
fee systemii to be wrlong ini piIncIiplt',
we synmpathIiIze wvithi thle counlty ('oml
issitinitrs In the dilictity they have
hiadl in gettLIng a siult'p teritnentI to
manage this lpropety andI ruin thle hiome
ora salar Int'Ihey arie able to pay;
howe'ver, all this but t'iphdasiz/es the'
need~ for' abiol Ishinlg ouriCilr tount a Imis
v. TIhe're is sattisfacetioni in
eysO are allI right.
Laurens- S. C.
house systl alid devvlopIng distrel
Iosital homes instead.
Laurens ('ouilty 4haingans.11S
* Gang No. 1.
.\ r. .1. 1,. .\l Dowell. forenmn:1 . \'isil:
.\larchl 5, 11918, b~y Sect-(lary .lhnsiom
and Assistant Secretary l1royles. Co".
viets present, 9 nlegro inen, of* whenl
I were trustivs. The approxilmal:
daily populationl onl fihe two ILaurlem.
gangs f~or the past two an(I a hall
years Is 39.9.
On out, fourth i nsliection, this ganlt
SCtored 9 points hiigher than last year
due to the kact that Ibaitrens is n(
longer using white men on hier gangs
Tle white conlviets are nloiw s,.ni t(
tle penitlentiai'y or kept in jail, ac
cording to Ile lingthI of' sentence. 'Il
foremiiani deserves credit fl1 his att1.
tionl to plers~nll hyg..iene alnongL iE
!!owf v r, to b t ter the l 'alti h :11 141
Hih-! Iney oftith ri r .;111 w t'elin
tHe iore w (hend that ih Ac-11
iulssionwrs Ifovidtl a aill irih
car. for cooking-. '1114 thenreoIll
prsltpar Ition het weenl tho t i
finlarirs and ki1hnusngh1h1o
thus1 thrown tf;oether as a dor: ;m-on
for the nien. ('t a window itn 1h end
of the enlar-ed roott, and I'o win.
dows in the ireal wall. Th present
luarter:, 1hw ;tockamlt at the coin!v
lione, are 'faifll y close, wi il t .
leIally no vint ilation possihl.
GMtng No. 2.
.\It. .\l. S. (;olfrey. forenini. V. il,
.\arch --, 191N. by Secretary .lohi: onw
and Assistant Secretairy Broyles. (or
Victs present, 17)a negro tenl.
Tle score of this gan.g vIies only
one point froin last year's ''ore, our
rveConnluenIationsa made theni having
been disregarded. \\'e colleniid It
foremianl for th mse or straw beds pro
perly clevatled above thie gi'bind and
for his i'ffuor"3 to keep lis ien clean.
We strongly recoim eilld that Ie mtove
tle ile tent Iartiher fromn the Avlei
Ing quarters, especially during the
s11in1nerl, and thlat hle pile Ilheinur
dailly, ituling it away froni n amp
ularly every week. Further he shoidd
have the I( tchen thoroughly (lealed
11). and should discard the filthy oil
cloth tabl!e cover. Tlle comm1 in ssione
sholild provide eilie- a new teni or
a sereened car for a kitchen. as lit
present lent is in very had r'epair. \\'
filrthler r11o,11n that , rh o!'enian1
raise thlt stores; off tho vro'md on Sills
or logs.
As aCpphlible to othi In v.;, wt
i'cotnn - i loh comi, 11 io is:
'ay ll . ftl I'llysician for. ai
requlire hh1a1 to, make. a phlvbical rx
amination of* vach -onie(t withinl H
hourls of, commllllmet-1, un1less tis ha.s
leen do(h I previouly in the jail, t)
vaccinate againlstl small-pox whenl in
dieated. and. to mnaite weekly i nsp -c
lions of the conviets' unaters w
food. Send nubetrcitlar prisolners to tw
penlitentiary. Keep inl the supervisor-'s
offlce and at eaip a set of reeprds of
the in1n. 'sowing linie, race, vge,
diate ofl (commitiitment, length of leri
anid wh'len and~ Wihy dis('harged. - G1'
t he men wheat. breadI on1Ce ('a(h dai
anid fr'esh mieat otr fish Ilhree timies
State loat rh og (Charities atnd
Ily .\lhei S. .tliinstonte, St .
l.anrien'is ('o'nnly .lall,
andi~ .\Ssistanlt Seeiretai''ry ioyes, with
Itev'. W.\' S. I lolmtes and~ Shteriff id.
hinmlates pr'esenit,: negr'o miales. Aveir
age2 poputlation forthe 114'wo and it halt
yeats enintg lDecembtert31 191O 7, 0.1.
Thel~ total scotre of this jail last yeari
w'as 5I63 lu~lits (out oIf a plossible l,l10
bit on t his inispeion loly 5:ls'tpoints
wer'ie allowved. Th'le dlifferen'ice is dute
largely to the smiall attenttion bieiig
liaid by the shierifif to keeping the prlis
andti to einfforcini lpersonaihlthgiene
amilon g his I'risonteris. W\e rc~ onnittend (
that the shieriff have the steel cell
workCti~j ioc'ed offtW weekl y . the floorls
swept daly, arnd he bttb and4C~
toilet ho1wIs kep(lt (leanter: have cach i
tiw pVIrisoner' bath Elupon141 ('ntran1 ice ando
r'egutlarly oni-cC a ,week thereafter' as
long as lie remalinis a prisoner, waish
lng and( putting 01n clean under'cloth
lng accor'din~gly; have those Infected
anointed wIth a verminiecode; take moire
pr'ecatilons agaInst the spread at
venereal disease by seeing that all In
fected prisoners have and use septefIflO
bedding, eating 'utensils, and drinkt'
cupls; stop all forms of "kangaroo
court". that Is. initiation of new lni-.
cli by their fellow prison e's in the
Ile colilty should fuirnlish ach new
risoner wi ell, lean jai ciotihs, for
w e 1-coinlendl overalls a" they
11be wo, hield and uIsed againi. We re
r lit li h prisoners are given only
IVo 1ie1al. a day inst Pail of' I hree as wi
hIv reoibilended. Such, lowever, i
o he exeteled underill( the iine-worn,
i .Siineli'-ke fee systein that still oh
tains-Il ain iars collity, though it has
be bovlie Inl whole or- Inl part inl
nile lcoulties with satisfactory re
We reconilinend that the county coni..1
A niceasd
Also a nice
niissioners -provide the JAil withl the
sant( gratie of imdical usedrvice tile
01nishoulso qu InjV-Iten~dent reports. as
riven to that ilstilitiol. This ine( iee ;
service slIf inelIe exatlli'I n tio hv
the voln il. h.8 ielan1 of ech 11 ri Iyel
wit ! .i " I .2 1 ho rs of (onIII itm nllIt, vae
n io?) V-;I nst FmlII -I)ON wh re: -
dIicaieI, aIt - I .. IIy pectio I I of hI I:
pil'ns'arliqrs IInd food ;111( for1
these svrvicts the physician I ho l n11'
loaid han adleqplate .salary. I f any pris
On(er has Ifhmle iosis he shoild ) e
seit withiII i ihree <a( ys after d itagIosis
to the tu 1be(11)losis hospitl a.t
the s,,te p(11en Itiary, where. at a
Greenville, S. C.
For Ladle
rr~ent just arrive
and the prices are
Shapes From 98c
i't Fail to See Th
assortment of floxw
m~ings. Pay us a'
se & 10c STORI
lei'll v i ) d !i e" m
Since' .1 w.'\v .-.;W1 is- to b1w , \
d',) nol (. 1 ).nt o :1 l e - -. Is 9 < ..
\t~wri 1.1b.
To Cure a Cold in Ono Dry.
TnkC LANATIV1-'1IR0 M Q!inine, It :;tops the
Cough 1n1l lend.wIh ii atc ; % ks oI' the C'!,.
~ug i - 11 1 h . . nn , v ii it fN il, to. cu:,.
E. V UROVF.: i I - . t i c k.;b f ox. 3:.
su nscm n 'm.p '''irnimi s . ) E
d-la t e s t
rers and hat

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