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..go A
This County Asked F o r
'Over $15,000.
Itepresentatives Met. in the Methodist
Churelh Last 'Night /tind Formulated
Plans for the Campaign. Every See.
tiont of the (County to be Canvassed
for Fullds. Each Comnuiity has Ap-.
Rlepresentatives from the various
, branches and auxiliaries of the Lau
rens Red Cross held a iceting in the
Metiolist cliirci last night to formu
late definite plans 'r the big Red
(ross drive which is to be held in the
county next week when the Cottnty's
a pportionment of the nation-wide
$100,000,000 Is to be raised. The meet
Ing was presided over by A. C'. Todd,
chairman for this county, anid a iu ge
number of reiresentatives were pres
ent. In addition to the regular busi
ness meeting a light lunch 'was served
by the ladies of the local chapter.
Chairman Todd, in a brief address,
)ointed out the sallent features of the
campaign ani stressc( the need of
organized effort. lie said that although
tihe nation was being asked for $100,
000,000 it wa> hoped and expecte(l that
this sum ly1ould be largely oversul)
scrihed because when the campaign
was outlined by the national commit
tee it was not foreseen that greater de
mands would be made onl the Red
Cross on account of tile speeding upl)
of the war program. lie referred to
the increase(l number of troops, that
are being sent daily to France and
pointed out that the increase of troops
necessitated] an Increase in the help
which tht Red Cross was called upon
to give. Informal remarks were made
by other representatives in attendance
with tile result that ari utndersmaTd1ifng
of the whole program was arrived at.
The cointy's apportionment is di
vided into two amounts, one to tile
Laurtns liapter and one to the Clin
ton cbapter. The Laurens (hapter
with Its auxiliaries an( comlunities
Is apportioned approximately $12,000
an(1 tile (' liltol chapter approximate
ly $5,000. At th meeting last night
tile appr01tioillllnts for tile Va Iiouis
Laureis units was read out andi as
signeWd to tile ropres(entatives prescnt.
It will be n l04(1 that ill 1om Instances -
fihl apportIonmont-11 thi.:-4 tjine is4 less!
than Iho u.111,1 c on trilu tio; 11a-f year,
wiile that oOftr is somfwha t more.
Cha11iran Toddicxr~dwhp
thlat ovoryv lInit wN mbi urpa its gag.
portioonm and that the tounty w(abd
;o "over the top" as it a' tione in
r 1041vio s emn pa ign:.
'Tie folowing, at'the apiortion
InIts of tho va' lw.; un).i ;hth Lai
rOns jip V0re apter:
ju2n Ior?)? ('htI: u \jj
* I,.e lireel.
I'as . I .. .. .............. 4444o
Sh lo . . . . .4.,. 1.
Darke ale-Ih~hhtd Ilo o4.. 00.0
Warri....... .. ..1 14(.0
- Tole.. ..... .........,.00
Townof O n.s...........200,00f
Fiendhip' 1...............0.00 4
ree Pond-lbu...........h... ....2..00 44
Durban ..,. ....,,......J,5 0.00(
Grlays.... .,,.-..... ...7.00
Harmonye' ..e .., '.. .... .....10.00
Annual High School Athletic and
Declomation C o n t e s t s Were
Held on Last Friday. Crowd
Was Small But the Contests
Were Keen.
The annual high school fieid day
,xeiises ad(] declamation held Fri
lay afternoon and night were not as
argely at teided' a's in past years, nor
vas the number of contestants as
arge. lowever, the contests on the
leld aind on the rostrinm were ier
forils and deserved heartier suppor,
rom those interested in school mat -
ers. The majority of the honlors of
he day were capitred hy tihe Lau rens
ligh school thouigh the other selools
wvere creditably represen ted. In the
Ith letic contests only three schools
vei' represented. viz.: Laurens, ('ln
oil and Shiloh. Laurens led the other
wo school;s in the total numinber of
mlints won with a score of 8S. She
vas thereby declared the winner of the
"I cleming elup Offered to the school win
ling the highest score in these von
ests. This being ithe third successive
'ear in which this school has won this
ionor It was awarded the cup per
nanently. Presentation of the cup was
nade by Mr. 'R. T. Wilson of the Gray
,ourt-Owings school in a very happy
;peech after the declamation contest.
tt night. Clinton won second ilace
vith 38 points and Shiloh came third
vith 6 points.
Declamnation Contests.
In the declanation contest for boys,
'aslh P'hilpot, of ithe Laurens school,
vas designated as winer of the Min
er medal offered for the declaimer
-eceiving the highest htonlor in this
ontest. Allen Stokla, pf Clinton.
vas awarded the Contest medal for
ectiring second place. The other
;peakers were Rufus-Wolff. of Shiloh;
tnd Curtis Teague, of Mountville. The
udges stated that they had much dif
leulty at arriving at a deelsion as to
he winners in the contest, as in the
;irls' contest which followed. In the
tira' contest, first. honor went to Miss
nnie Iatton, of the Clinton school,
tnd second place to Miss Met tle Sue
Yofford, of the Laurens school. .liss
latton was awarded the lledal of
ered by the association for tiis pur
Jose. Tihe liresentation of these
nedals was made by Prof. 1. 13. Ken
iedy, of the faculty of tile Preshy
erian college, who was one of the
udges. The other two judges were
Ir. L. A. Searson, of Columbia. and
Ir. Ilattorff, of the Chautantqua hi
.Athletic lIesilts.
10t Yards Dash --1st, Langston
Lautens); 2nd, inrgess (liiiton)
rd. Ilichebouirg (Clinton).
htunniniig lIIfigh .Imip-AVolff (Shi.
fh; 2nd, Crisp and lhurns i (aurens).
lialf Mile Run--Gasque (Laurlens);
'onng (Clinton); lyers (Clinton).
Discus 'I'lT row--RIch hoirg (C'Ifin
on i Flurns an 111 rish fii (Luenis).
22') Y ard IDash----Lan11gs to (it Laui
ents: [arigess (('lintoin); l~lhbourg
Potle Y'atlt-Lak~ne t [aureiw) Crisp
iiiurdles---(risl, (Laurenis); L k
Clinton):ue risp L aurens);:tot Iun
lta~ny--(ooks................ 150.00)
Toal .............$1,*05'.00
Watecrhoo Irancm(h,
ow \Viof Wa terloo .. .......$ :5.00o
ft. Olive . . . . . . . 50
It. Pleasant.............50.0
'(:li. G 'llagher-ing' yle pe.... 100.00
ledh.ehemi ~l....,..... .. ;. 25.00
Tek otal.. .. ....... .....$0h.
.isho .. .... .. .... ..... .
'('ros hu ll irnch.
'own of ('ross 11111 .. .....$1,275.00
'line Iluiff.. ... .. ......7..00ttw
Va e . . . . . . . 100.00
<mng View....... ..... .., 50.00
Total .. '.. . .. ... AtOnnOn
Exercises Tonight, Thurs
day and Friday.
Rev. C. T. Nfiinires to) Deliver Itacca.l
inurente ermon Tonitit and 1)r. .
1'. M1ann, of (Jrecenlville, to 3in1ke lit.
irnry .\ddress Friday NIait. ('lIss
Exercises Tomorrow .ifternoo .
Th:11e closing exercises of -11le city
schrools will h'rin at the graded school
Iilding this evenintg t S:30 o'clock
with Ihe l,(l'Iacal areate sermilon deliv
'ered by itev. c. 'T. Sqiires, pasmtor of
the Firs: lPrelbyteian entureb. TFhur-..
day afternooni at 6:30 o'clocl a
pageatii pa rti cipated in by mallny p -
pils of tite s.hool and directed by tile
teach ers will be held on the graded
school grolinds. lPriday afternoon at
S:.'10 o'lock the class day exercises of
the graduating class will be held In
the School auditoriumin. Friday even
Ing at 8:30 IDr. J. L. Mann, superin
tendent of the Greenville city schools,
will deliver the annual literary ad
dress, and diplomas to the graduating
class will be delivered. To all of these
exerclses tle public is invited.
The commencement exercises t his
year will mark the close of Suint. B.
11. Parkinson's four years of service
with the schools. As has already been
piublished, Suitpt. Parkinson resigned
several weeks aao to enter Y. 1. (. A.
work in tle army. Supt. Parkinson
will leave the rity for iieauititirers
in Allanta on MaY 27th. Since assum
ibg elha -:e of the school here foiir
years ago there has been niarked pro
,ress in every departi meini. Aecord
ing to tle state high seliool ins ilecto r's
(lassilication, the school has be"'en
raisert from B class to A class. In the
fall of 1916, the hih school was plac
e-1 upon the neeredited list of the As
sociation of Colleges and EcCondauy
Schools of ti Southern Stat es. An
eleventth grade has been adiled and
Iiree additional courses have been
added to tile Iigh school course of
sttidy : a four year, commercial course;
one year normai course; a;,d a four
year agricultural course. To teach
tlese courses, three teachers have
been added to the high school faculhy.
Because of these optional tohrses, the'
Ihighi school enroll ment has i ncreased
from 1l1) to 1";:. ThIe Co riso of sIly
for grade; I 1troug 1t I has b'en r
I re" :1 Iinize. ,t Ii v w i 4en. A Ii II
vuoy prog/.aml by, whichl 11upi!N helawm
11hv high"l School preparo their t::.n
ait silool itntder th direction of th10
teachers has been introdlidi. A pro
fvssionial study col-r fo, :
erIs of the0' vity, a nikght school for
adu lts at Iaireis .\Mill .chool, medi
cal inisp l(ionl in the first s ven iad-v.vl
oigaiized playgrounid activities uper
visedi by to.j.chers, and .tandard o
*2;uie i th shoumbet..!al
Th'le griliaduating clas thN i e V r i
Icompo45ed ctt lte.e nw2l':>, as (,,
lI i i 'tlleji
lIernice .\ling
1I2abetle Sulilivani
.\arigaret Tal'~ ior
Of) t he facutyI of I he 1 :ueiulntndrol
and sixt(een lonehers at tihe .entlral
I chlool andt lthre. teariht tM at thle iaut
rilns mtill schotl onily !! . hav~e til, d
appl) i aIonus for Jtositilonls next y \
andl these hatve all hee'n re-'leted, as
.\ is~ .\ 1le(2ne Franlk3. I' - 2ra ..
Ali hs iloria la rpr. '' d grae.
'lis.\ary l'ark1er'.4 2a irade.
At' th'2'e recin meting~i oif .th boar
month liwals granit(d to all lie t(eatth
I(ce ('ream Snpp'ier.
lee crteam wvill be servedi at thle
home of .\ir. Jeff Armstrong for. the
btenefit ot Sh iloh Ried Cross, F~'rday ev
ening from eight to tent o'clock. The
Memorial Day Was Fitting
ly Observed.
Althtough1he ('ermaivnes wlcre Inter.
ru11114-d by a Hln y Iaini. .1idm1irall
Iennill na H1ear b a l.arue
Ni itulier of People whoI hadl (;m4 0 t (isi
to icar1 Him ti a Iitnr 4 th Ih -ad.
Alemory cf the dad (' I ratI
sohlrs was revivil anitd fro lin d
the atnnua .\l mi.ia Dly eM(-m
hJlIl in !:o ceueltery Sunday ater
noont. Th addre:-s of the omtsa wa
deljiv red by A t r l tAdial !ani .li ..
Gowan, ('hief of the hureasu 40 Sup
plh.s and Accounts of the lniteA
States Navy. Admniral AI. iowan pa:d
a glowitg tribute to thef Conicderate
Soldier, but his address was directed
principally toward affait-s of today.
The exeireisCs wer1 i InterriupteI by a
heavy rain in which many cevived a
wctting, bit very few people let! tihe
gronnds and the program was carried
out in full. The exercIses wer( to be
gin at 1 o'clock lit the iouri w\.ai
moved up to allow Adm.. Iral .(Gowan
to catch a train to \\'ashingion. The
(lha ne in the hour also ex iains the
absentce of Ra v. ('. T. Squires, n ho was
to deliver the nintitig player. trv.
Squires had an engagecnlt to i-(-ech
else.'twhere at that hour. loni. N. A.
C'ooplr acted as ma1.ster. of )IImoies.
The exerci!ses began W;11 the lno
"Nearer .\ly God to Thi c". Ptaysr was
olereid by lRev. .1. Al. Str- itan. Iol
lowing a patriotic son g Admiral .e
Gowan imtade his address afltr which
he Iad the Iolor R{oll of (onfederate
de (a d.
Int opening his address Adniral .Me
hownn rcferred feelingly to the ties
that bound him to ILaurens and to his
attachment for the community. lie
then launched into a eulogy of the
soldiers of the Confederacy, both as
warlriors and citizens, and picltured I
tlhe gradual and heroic sItruggle they
made after the war to rebuild theirl
devasted homes and to (net. a civil
ization tomded on truth and jiustice.
And duigall of1 this of liiid (if struP.
gte and sacriltee, it .,d. antother tna
tion, under the direction of an auto
cratice Kaise(r, was humeily im1ilding" and1
'oach"ng a pigaitic war :N!aie with
which it liolai- to mn a.-Itr the world
and to substitute it; friLhfil chiliza
lion of ku11ailtr tor that,1 which thlto t
(onftfdor:tri soldi< rs sitraled lon.: to
1 ,1t. 1 10 h t 1ni:. ds, the l! 'roI :
armb of te "Ilhm ,T .- V1.4 nceh.
iheLv r~s anld ou i e ali llA
ort tre y s .ars :-tood as a bl rist in
I'.~s':n this co-:mty :1,td1 '1h1 i- s
dI a ~tina ;'8r maschine wit it th.s
.4 A~ -o A el i'a XV. .a 2 nh.~ a:8'. it n
T it. I ior.a . ir . t h.' It -
n,14 1 . 1 s - :! . o ..
sa' ~ e I h- thtls
one it heI but no n n o h
lo ed to be. " e ttatd y a
lo t"tatIdo no e i th ls.ir ar
al. biruh, ormely f Ca den un
55til ecently a leain buies'ano
New. Yor huft nn-: 'Iu~o ''r',
Rival of Annual Event in Clinton
Proves a Great Success. Mag.
nificent Address by Dr. Geo. B.
Cromer. Parade a Beautiful
Anniversa ry )ay, revived a1d ploan
ned for an annual evernt, atiact-ed a
I.lrge lliher of ieople from the Sill
ril rlin e. countfry to Clinion Saniurdlav
when mtsie, an inspiring parade, a
patriotie adrdress and 2enial hosaital
ity made the (day an 1injova hh01 and
prolitable one to all v.ho a 1 tfenied.
1:rrly in the day aItoIoI ile Ifm 'Al
5eIction)s of- the county .ndl som.i- Inim
adioilling counties began to ari ive
wvith peoplo who had conle aga in 1o
fillhteth flay which wasI- for1 ytrUs1
a notatle ooccasionl in this s(etion. The
day was an ideal one fron the \eathvr
standpoint and the open Wk 1(e011n4 Of
the Clinton people, with) the prograim
they had provided, cont ributed to nal:
inu; the day a complete and uniualed
The, proLran of tht dav hoy an w'h
the parade of symbolic and adveril-.
ing floats. The parade formed on Alis..
grove street and lead by the Eiighth
Pennsylvania band of Camp \\as
worth. moved toward the lrshyteian
college campus where a stand hail heen
elected. Besides the Orphanage and
school chibiren , thirty-four organiza
lions and firins were ripeseiicj in
tile lille which stretched fron) thei Con
federate monument alnost to the
10.0 callipus. The parade was *: d
ed by thief of Police Masoi on tr.
hue!k and was directed by Geo. !.
lis. (C1i14 .\larshall. The iloa:- wyr,'
artimieally tbuli'i and sllowed '!w r
silT .4 caefl't it plan niniig and
stlldl. ill briniltIg out the t p-m :
:Oes; of Theimi stroVe' t ele . '
riz'le's haqlw0eneci offered to li.t,
artist i and exprelssive t'uals : t
those were awarded to the (linton Hed
Cross Surgical D!)ressig ils-, the
Tiornwiiell Orphanage and . Ti. H[ot
land's agricnitural exhibit. respectiVe
The parade disbanded oil the cole
Camuis Where patriotic exere tooj i
ptlae. Ir. A. E. Spencer, pre st
Ilr. G I.t. Cromer, of' New.% \ y, - a
the atldress of the day whitch way a
matrfl presenltationl of* the cau!s.
I the dlh'es !In tile wof!!l r -
p t ' whih this co nlilt a' l a 'n
Vlulcitizenlla to 'dlty. 1-. Crom1
V' Va- o 1tspoklel il J.
'r...id. it .1d all oi
Iam;hnically supporiln" h a Yn
nit; , but he coldel n
who dirtofly m- by.n3.
- e\ ri ite
n I -
* II
%VI'.(' abgl Jleel pal rihe la~ e.
tina ae whch wreth o !aw
Secretary Tells of Army's
II-li are F1 111) ' E iipped Biefore, Leat'.
InItI.. Ilredietionl of' I 1en11 y IGunsi - wi1
('41111Ille InI InIcreai, I git, yp
Brn m r-,uis are ( ornin- 1 orward
i n nt. alay s.---. u oro t han hal f
n .\m1 lit r .i1 -ldd iers have .e 1
- >) an.. said Seeretary *k.kalo:
;4 :ri Hz in th st1atemenI wI t. Ihat
I 1 If o C n f11Vs11 .1 lnuarl
. t troops1, n.otid bt dis ttehI
It F a 221 arl '1 y in t he Vilst y I '
. %r. akvr dI i taed the foIIowin:
Ia 'm:nt:
In .Ja:In ary I told (e Sel ('11
0c o tha t there was strong ikli
mool that (arly in the present. year1
'l',21 Aierian troops would be dis
>ad I:.( d :j) Prance. I eann not. either
lw W 'r. orhIlaps later, discluss52 tIhe
S Im ' Anterican troops in France,
ai I InIl glad to be able to say that
he fr i''st i inatde in .1lanuary has
1 If f2i passed.''
As a 0.aflt of a personal investiga
i2'n' .I machine gun prodiction dir
1 t!wt p:'t f(-w days, the secretary
that ther is no preenlt,
- f li;ght or. heavy typ('.- of
- n -i her in Franco or
22o Vlhortat'l is inl pr's..
- aid r h'ac l n fno
'- o2b11 1 p a,s to I I .,It I)
v. u- 1 < minA forward in lff iall
Ih- v.ollhl not s-ay whethefr Ahip
n ns f tlleve gun11s tlo Franc'- had
ewn 1._ id. As to the he'vy Bra.wn
ftL., Ie .id:
1 , autf1I Ili fact uit ' I j" 11in121 . -
ti. pi -h li(on of the w vy yp
r-4 imlore op Im) i2llis i an I .a it
d. 1Te , si af theIfn .1 " o I tte
I 22 rt nt In I in .1,1n1a r"' :!:as
- '1 I i b ing Inet. somell of
I -unls are beingt proi weed
'22 ront inl ue il increi,2. I
I k I' fi~ 'll2 \\($ d- 011 1
V i"allw i, ilnc 0.ber.IIV
*u 2 ho2se11118 21 rd 22 : f.mt~
' 1 -pc ifically a 'k.. I I!!
- is 11 t r aw .
wle t r mi t
- 2 , t 1 I I il ehd an
U : a' theg 222 overn'
allid Insal
no rn
lo'l in
bri2. .f lin
t h 1 i 2t2of
n i I h2''ad211 fo. 2pp
wasnevr d erbe except
b onalthogh a a maor o
itit w ''2con titute intwo d i eiin

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