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be aXen AYMti2e9.
Minim'um Passed and Furd
Steadily RWI9g.
Following the 3eetinigs Held Last
Suni'day lig Drlive All Over the
County Brings Wonderful Results.
Campaigin Still Progressing and no
Lhiit Set, to TOMtl.
With nearly all parts of the county
rallying to sipport of the boys at the
front. Laurens cotinty's minimum ap
port iol ment for the Hlundred .Mlillion
Dillars Red Cross fund i already
passed and as someoie said yester
day: "Tliere is no telling what the
lotal will be". Contrlut ions of large
und small aitfounts have been show
ered utpon the solicitors so that the
total for the county Is already ar'ound
$20.000. The Laurens chapter with
its branches has reported over $17,000
and the report from Clinton last night
was that $2,000 had been raised in that
city and the campaign is hardly begun.
Chairman Todd, although he has sot
no limit to what Laurens is expected
to subscribe before the campaign is
over, has hinted that $30,000 is prob
ably less than what he may be able to
report: The county's minimum ap
portionment is $16,000, of which Laiu
rens and its branches were expected
to raise $11,000 and Clinton and its
branches $5,000.
The table following shows the sub
sei-Iptions reported to the central
committee here u11p to last night, Clin
ton's repoirts of course being omitted:
Apportionment Raised
Laurens City and
Laurens \1111 ..$ 1,200.00 $9,002.50
Trinity 'Ridge 250.00 51500
Prospect.200.00 No eport
Ora ........ 00 681.00
Lanford .. 200.00 No Report I
Langston ......150.00 19600
lBkon W. O. W. 150.00 119.75
H 1arnony .. .. 5.00 11200
Princeton .. ..* ..50.00 203.00
Sandy Springs ... 150.00 No Report
Narnie .. .. .. ..5700
Rock Springs . 200.00 No Report
Poplar Springs . .150.00 202.50
1 -lehldship ......100.00 No Report
Ilenderson .. ....50.00 No Report
Mt. ethel ..........20.00 No lReport
Owinig-s........I,r5o.0 $ 1,32 ;.P 0
Gray Cour't 1, .200.00 1,i1Gl.00
Cross Hill . . 1,500.00 19.00.00
Momvilie ..........5i25.00 595.00
Waterloo .. .600.00 790.00
*olored Branches.
Owiins........$1,050........0 $1.00
Cloea (lle ..r..e150 175.00
Antioch - .. ..........$.18.00
Total .... .... .. .. .. $17,09-1.85
The ea ipaign is being continlied
th roughiout the coiunty an(] will he 'on
I inued thi'oughout the' week. Next
Sunday speakeirs will addressq con
gregat ions In the churiichies whleh were
not visied last Sunday. The follow
Iig priogiram, wh lehi is not complete.
has been madle out s0 far by )3 thle
speaking Committee:
I tenderson chi ireh -1. 11. Nickels. .1
p. in.'
Tieulaht---C. Ti. Rlopeir, 11 a. mn.
Friend~sh ip ( Pres.) --J. TI. Suli van.
11I a. mn.
Hockv &-prings- A. C. Todd, 1i a. mn.
M11. Vernon01 (Col.) --A. C. Todd, 3
ii, in,.
IlupwellI (Col.) - WI. P. Thomnason.
1i ia. mi.
A mass metinug was held( at the St.
Paui l atist church (colored),* in the
city' Sunday night and $'A03.00 was
Lirompitly suibscribed and committees
app)Iolinted which have increased the
51ubsinilpt ion greatly3. At thle Duncana s
(Creev Dapti1st C'hiirch (colored) sub
ncr'iptlins of $185.00 were obtained,
andl at Antloch (colored) $128.00. Very,
jratlfying reports are being re('cve
fr'om the negro churches.
The commuit ils men~ftiOned~ abolve
report directly to the par'ent chap~tr.
Oitheri' omnmuitles report to theIr r'e
specctivi' 'iranches. The Owvings and
(ray Cour't branches send in very
gratifyIng and encour'aglug repe)rtr,
and1 it Is thlouught that they will d(out
ble their apportionments, or (10 Over.
better. The same thing Is true of Wa
er'loo, .\otuniville and Cross Hill. The
campaign was not really nnched in
the tetrritor'y of the last two branches
until Alondaiy.
City Selools Closed Friday Night with
Address by Dr. John E. White.
The commencement exercises of the
Laurens city schools caic to a closo
'riday night with the annual literary
lddress by 1)'. .John E. White, pies!
dent of Anderson college. Superin
ilen I.': rkinsron , who presided. sat
w 1ih the ins.alebrs of thc graduating
- lrny.tt wa: offered by Rev. J.
M. Steadni~ia of the Methodist church.
D*'. White discu ssed the ono big sub
leet of the- da, saFyiing at 1he outset
that the wa was the miahIn b'.isin!ss of
" !!e. D.. White s:'id that not on
l.v uinst Gor:iany be defta ted on tho
b:ttle field lin the Geran idea must
be banished. When the war is over
and Ameilcana soldiers return ]iome,
they must come back to take ui1) the
work of reconstruction and not as
army men and teachers of militarism.
A complete job of the enterprise now
calling for the best there is in this
Country and the allied nations is the
only thinkable conclusion.
After the address diplomas werb
presented by the superintendent to
the members of the senior elass. all
If whom have completed the cleventh
zrade, as follows: Annie Barksdale,
Nildred Counts, James Dunlap, Edwin
P-uNller, John I-udgens, Frances Hud
zens, Margaret Taylor, Calvin Teague,
Vargaret Wright and Dorris Young.
rwo diIlomas each wcre piresented,
me from the Laurens high school and
h1e other from the departimcnt of edl.
'ation. Three young ladic- who have
-ompleted the normal course were giv
on certificates, these :heing IMisses
Dorothy Fuller of 'Mount ville, Mary
Arnold, of Princeton and Annie Bell
Poole of Clinton.
Wednesday evening ?(v. C. T.
Fciuires, pastor of the First Presby
terian church preached the Baccalan
reate sermon to the graduating class,
als masterly effort holding his audi- 0
nee in rapt attention.
Thursda yafternoon class day exer- t
Ises were held by the seniors. John t
Tudgens, president of the class, pro
4ided. The salutatory was delivered I
v Miss Mildred Counts. The class
istory was read by %Iiss M'iggaret a
Paylor, the class prophes by Miss 1
4argaiet Wright and elars statistics i
by Calviv Teague. The valedietory
sas delivered by MIss Annie Barks- v
tale. In addition a program of In- 11
trumental anl vocal muislc was
-enlderet). tI
Friday afternoon prictically all the t
rmpils- of the different grades par- 1
icipated in a grand pageant given on h
he school grounds. Following this 1
iromotion cards were issued, perfect 5
ittendance buttons (list ributed and an- 1
iounemen t made of the honor pupils a
n the various urade:. Sixty-flvg, p- s
ills madle a perfect record this yeari
'or attendance. andl two, it was an
tolunced, hiav P!erfect records since a
hey entered the first grade--Margaret 5
rake anad Ii rue i u Tihiomn 5 hav~ing
his distinction. C
Firiday night W. L. Gray, of the a
ieard' of truistecs readl a s( t of resola- y
Ions c'oimmilendIng Super intendenten
irinlsoni for his tine wvor k here as b
ha nid puh!!te 'pitI ed eili'.'n and n
cs peak inc for hiIm a fullI mca surie of
mecess In his anew field.
TIhe Laurens Mills 5(chool closedl a e
!teeSSful year Friday. Its closing
'xrresei'ees were h1(1( the wveek befotre,
l owver .,. whe n the oppIortuanity, W ws
a ken to honor those boys from the
1n111 who have igone to thie front by
'nising a service flag. Interesting ex
reises were held( in conn tonwt
his celebra tion.
Then 'olored s(chool has also closed.
su(C(essfuil Sessiont tunder Superin
('ndent Thos. Sanders.
11. A. Cooper (Oets thle Button.
Hion. RI. A. Cooper, whto wals diree
or of district (chalIrmen in this state
It ring the recent Liberfty Loan dIrive,
vhich pu'rl such a grtellt suiccess.
ins .inst received fronm Lierty Loan e
ienduniarfors a handsome gold hapel
ol tton in Prf'p !nitloln of huis services.t
3nly tw~o ot herr sueuhbut tons were jiv
mn in this state, onte to E. W. Robert -
ton. of Col iluba, and Mrs. Fred S.
Wunisell. who was director of the wo- 0
iten's commnittees.
Mr. RI. W. Briggs spent Saturday in at
Voodruff among friende and relatives. '1
Zoundly Denounce Disl<
Makes Speech.----Cc)nv(
of Patriotic Rally. W
Columbia, May 15.-The State le m
cratic Convention, which conveyed I
i the halls of the I lonse of e(sen
itives here at noon today, was elt
rifiled by all address d(iveled by W.
. ollock, of Cheraw, p rman- ;
resident of the conlvenf'tionl W h 0
eathingly attacked the rwimted utcir
nees of ex-Governor Cole E. lE1case.
Ir. Pollock, however, did not nam in
1t4 former governor, but the in eec
vas unmkitAkablo. T e convention(
'as rocked by chvers at. (Ai': .
old man's austlie and biting reimarks.
Senator n. R. Tilnman, on hi'ita
o0n, read at address to the (onven
otn, in which lie briefly outlined his
olitical carveer, anid told of his serv
to the nation and his dlevotio11
te national administration,. He
tated that duty alone dr(ided him (o
.k for reeltecion to the Siia: tor
fifth time. The Senator real his
peech itn a clea' VOice and fr:ue ntly
iterlined It with extrancouts litd-.
le was ethitiast ically rceived an i
oft atn ovatIon fromn is followers antd
W. P. P'ol lock. of 'hlra w, was, un.i
pllosedl for elect ion aIs t4eipora
nid lPermanent (lhairmlan of tihe (4on
enitiotn. It. (. Senteey, of E-harlees
11, andl~ J. WX*Ilson Gibbet4' . 0of Colum
ia, werie elected temiporary and per
on, .\. IX. lluhiso.n. of PoCk i1ill,
-as unianimlously 1ho-el reain-.
'Thtet o nt ion,.1114 in its lenia ty was1
nstrated tha! it was'twhol h-Ill? I.
In favor of the wvar, behind the na.
onal1 adtmin !'ra tin, a'j 1 wollbh toi
rate nt0hing but untad ilferatsd .\me:'
-anisml. Thle tommit tee on ala: a'
nd4 tesolutie (4)nsideredt a rain~1
'(n1 Inlstruetf!n g the (en4 eaI As - -
la: lie ithn 4queCtil n1 of stffrate for
1)44d it by a majoue ty voteC.
A\ll it ion cf the <aunty '-to-44untiy
'e. hat'. d114 nti eel as fa as a1 mo-. *1
on. Noither' qu'st ion wa S iny Ut-h) on:
Io floor of the convenlltionI. Thhe aftr- .1
001n the ('1 cve tlon cietO d .'I h J u4)1 4
ary Evans of SpatnhurtlP. (lhalrmanl
f the State (xecutive c'(omitItee, tnd t
ie latter body elected Ashley C. 'To--4
ins, .lr., of Columbia, as 54er( tat: at
nd (Gen. Wille Jonies, as trleasurer).
ho cofmitteon itslt mee(tin1e. deid
)yalty.----Senator Tillman
ntion Assumes Character
P. Pollock is Elected
d to invest $1,000 of its surplus funds
i Liberty bonds. This was done on
he 1m10t1io1I of Legare' Wallkor, of Sumill
The dat of the opelli g of ,i ii (alli
:i ll, the fixlg of the a.sesments
utd tO arrangcement of the county
-onnv Iitnerary was left with1 a
uhb-chinmittee, comn posed of IEd-ar A.
:rown, of Ilainwell .1. M. Moorer, of
Va itrbor, fand Gen. Wilit .ones, of
'olumbihia. The commlit tee expect.s to
rn! r)ort in the next :few dyays.
' fo:owing platform, breahiini pa-.
vioti. m aid iplihollingL the wal aims
Sica ,nd. President Wilson was
dlopted 1, 11 ".onvellion, reamrm111ing
s alhuiallce to Ihe' prilcipl1s of the
arty as expressed In that platform
do:ael by the national convention In
1" 'his "ren: criis whilh colfronts
ill , er0'Qnmllenlt iand all jovernments
Seiv ili:' d nat I ins of the worldl, we
in gra(tlato (lie people0 of the 'n ion
hat theliir dhest in ios are In th" handls
Sa db'oatile leader, w hose love oft
Anl tiv Ization has been (xhiblitedl In
mnannler to commaniid the adiraiiiltin
iid iresOeet of the ele(t1 of the wvorld
-respect ive oft race or nat iolnality.
1 rea li n re(o~gizeI/ t h:i we a re
oirna eI in a'n Aruieaun wvar, a wvar
insif t imperiiali ba andl militartim
'her'evor exi-tinL:, a wari tor the pros
rvat in ad uerplet uation (If Amer
an pi nie and . lid heals; for the free
ill of ti nl); rea! l t 'itio s that illh
ice I, (iur armlirS andt iroldneers the
it'hi to 'Ill ter produets ini th mar lii
(!M lif 1- W rl and1:111 tu obta in t here
ir a1 Iir!in obtaiinled by honest com
Ieos hih mlust l'ad flially to va~'s-.
".'il lnu'ed the Oonuct of Onr)
''cn loval aldit rlo to Ithc.-e prinip~le's
all ' Ivo ':'-I th i si on ti ol il fotr
.n1' u! ''f P n 1 n -ncl-sfeil to!
j..jjlii !Oi(p 1)11. and whe hall o
a n1 -di 1to1 EPIlMace lhe.
a d~1it uiaron of waraiy
bd h r ml;l or ive ndou
'eloin izeening (li vlctiry that
( a!tud0 Vmanltor Peagtoe)
Happ.% Ontherinit of Old1-Tim1e it
fArs in the Window of Wilkes & Com.
pany Snturday.
Busily en "agel in knillng, showing
that the y1 Irs had not robbed thilem of
n hi ness and dexterity with which
they knitted for the boys of the Six
ties. a group of digilld old ladies
m1ad a scene in the hlrge winidow of
';o: & (co;many audy vnn
' hio tho mtention of all 1:isser -
hy and briought fori luany , xihiiaa.
tionis of 10,: and admiratiu. Smile of
w.-r old( r than w'hl
or.-; and so;ae of thorm would do'tht less
: alled Old at al!, hut. oth
er the're who were old, aditte'
uiof it. They knitted
.i and kinitted some m1ore and
n: lure for a period of seV
era 1.r. and lljoyed every m1iinuite
of the I a. the party breaking up1) on.
ly when the approach of evening
f d 'citheic to diiorse. The party
was a rra by iMrs. W. ). Thml ason,
and she saw ilha' all oi them wero
Irovided with automobiels, both in
comlitig a nd uing. The ladies pros
int were Mis. Kate Barksdale, Mrs. W.
If. Garrett,. Mrs. 7. -\. Sullivatn, .\trs.
-Namlic 11rhy. Wls \. I1. Dral ett10 ,
Mrs. J. It. Smith, Alirs. C. \V. Tune,
AlrS. luey Boyd, .\l r. Fowler Parks.
I-. M". E. Polnd. \M 1-. !). . M.\laaffer
ud .\Il . 11-.4 TeaIgue. ilter
I Z 0. 'is also held a
k hen" in 1Ia sa:me 'lace and
'R; l Ia part o: the work that tihe
Rad (ros loes ill supplying bandages
and wipes ftot' til, soldiers at the1 front.
B'h of the partie'S were gotten up
by Mir.;. W. iP. ThomI ason, JI..as a
part of the Rid Cross subscriptiou
Another attractive Red Cross win
dow is that of II. Terry. where a min
ia tI%&,. 'Red Cross hospital ward is
Shown with nurses and patient. This
display has also attracted much fav
orablo mention.
L. C. D TMIM01I D)1).11D
ionored (tizen of C(pra r ('11t Carried
Anayv S[11ddenly1 Sunday.
Laur icilee C. Dorrolh, a well ii owVin
anit highly riesecte'd citizen Of Grav
Court, died :. sddenly ill his home Sun
day and fuiieral services vliclh We0re
largely attenide(i froni the town and
surrou-iling -romn~lvity, were hivi
Monday alto rnoon. \It. Doirola had
been posntmaster at Gray Court. for
many years. The news of his death
Was a great shock to his hosts of
udttls 2; (;ray Court as well a1s inl
La i-in andii ch ewhereI.
The dieci'ansed is survived by huis wife.
,h. i a native of Uion colntmy, aid
th. followim cig 'ic i hi ren- : i'a) .U of
Mlooreisvill .\N. ( '.;I Iirv, who IS inl
lie armny; D~avid, of ('ha riot e, N C
and Al1iss IEsther, of (hay Court. lDe
,idei.; this. lhe has two brothiers and
threce sisters siriv ing himu as iollIows:
Gho. F. D~orroh, of' Gray Court: D~avid,.
who livis in Texas; iii's. *J. TI. i'cetim
.\irs. J. II. Gairrison and lijss Sailie
D~orroh,. of Gray (Court. lie was also
a briotheir of thet late WN. TI. Dorroh,. (it
this lity. \lr. iDorroh was .W2 yearis of
Ili'irms~ to 'tin Le Jh'porf s,
('lrk ill (ourt C. .\. lPower statedi
ye~steriday thai hoc expects to have ~
lani ks ini a fewV nays ont whtiich mer0
wvith hint the inme or fnim mnembers.
It wii l be rememblert d that at thle la'st
5eion1 of t he legis~hltre a lawwa
na ines of 11ii' taritners h? juosted con
slicuiohsly in fromi of eali ipe~e of
buasitness. Thei law goes linto effect
Jutly 1st.
cc 'l I i o t in
r al the ltda Alill
and1 veif of Greenvill: .i'sleaJn
lI. \'altuhan tt I qu-u- i. h vNn ill alI
from; this ('(0)1ty. Croipy ont, toni
Capt. and 15 rt I. i. Floin g, of
Gireenwoodl, are spending severa! davs
In the city with Mi. nni M's B. F'
Entente Armies Confident
of Early Attack.
C(ern11.a1 (11Itancllor11 Prelimes ]iomec
PeoAle I'r lAin t0d IA 'as(usIatles.
Weather Not. Yet to the I.ikigit of
lie fIe rmns. ('tnr ;-ies Not Wanttit
04d by :ernian ndr Which11(4 11Ii to
';.. v e have(,( p%.a:ssed Since
,!" (:'i'na3l. ofll''' vv I 'In oil .\Iar h
'21, d.ii'l down~i al its linal a(liVt point
(I11 if'~1 l( ' A 1IIv I I it,. it I I vt point
h.I Pwile mut o'1 'he Flatnders
I iltnI. ,In r indi-a' I()n, hiowever,
p)oinM 1.ih ;nn'alit that the com11
in-, wee-k will . re its r-newal.
Tl, e'nitenr 'Ilif d rt 1T;. so far. as
their opinion (In 1 lartn(d. appear
convillced 1hat1 the renn:iy Is about
oide d hiM re'orga'anization and re
liui lstinint of f0ores4 and that he is
only awaiting weatier. suitable to hils
intirpose. to sl trike ie new blow.
Fair wealitler. is report ed from tho
battle front, buit apparently this is not
1o tihie German's liking. It is recalled
tihat he was materially aided in 11,
drive froni St. Qientin in March hy
lire fogy' . iwisly onditio ns; pievailing,
duig whIicl ithe eneimy imasses Could
1)e moved to tie poilit Selected for tho
heaviest stroke without 'oining under
allied erival obervationi. It may
threfore , tIe the enpmy's purpose to
await simt ilar eonslition s before es
Tighie secvond gre'at plush.
rnan pubil i' opinioll is beiI Lprr
Palred byv M.hance.lor %oll Hvirtiing and
other'. for- thle i')lllleoe of renewed
hevv tihting. on itIhe allied side con
fiden ce is ilexprss l in th outCone,
partlir'umlarly witl t In' rm(bians erip
led in reserve powo r hrough tlhe ir
ln:ose Ilint, earlier atak while tholi
:tilies have rec'ived notale rinforce
lm1enlts from the I'n it"d St rtes. which
day by day is in're'isinm the numher
of its men oil te Fi Prano-eltgian front,
The total milea ge of front lheld by
Ale rian 0roops, Indeed, is revealed
to he the third great' t. the Friench
itniding first. the Briti-i second and
thre Amricans ex''edi ing the Belgian
WVh: ' rival frrees are tu
poised for- ti' ('15l11 i: tire wep-; !Im.
poitant developments appear to be M
'"lnding inl the Par Casf.1erman
I'tglre"s ol in0 Rlii ssia hai reached a.
poit w.here lit, entente iir5ss is lin
orin for (oiIer imeaurC. and somo
act ion O i is natulve is apparently
ahm47o to be taken. at l"Inst as far ias
lie safety of flit 'ot e' of tile Far E.t
;i1d probably of sibe Mirian 1integrity is
'I'l atieotn41, it is Illiderstood is to ho
Coifilled for1 hil r IIt to lhina and
lapain wo, with '1t4nt 1sCnt are to
COOra te in prVot('cting \Manehuria.
Wit l he possibility13 that tile operaf
I tins may\ hei 4'tl' ito 11 Sibleria as
'Tli'hebiniong er thle ecn it.
(1:estio O41 a head "''"ms l ie' to
resul iit fronm t ho go Ve I'lmentO 's action
the irolieum as to1 hiow tar' 11rel1ml m1ay
ti:mi lower for t11'Ihe hiht against (Tr
ome's to1 lairens4'l l-'romi \tta
W here lie wat Pi1ri nciptal I'moler
'rl'hl of1 one (If thie largest'M graded4
aatwe lnd his jt' t('ted tire po0si
tii1 m oferd h' i.I W Th k ecin of Air.t
.'cr'tainltv due to1 Ih negoiiJtiatilions ear'
riid (41 w. it h .\!r. 11. 1 . .Jones, whlo
''sked to be r'eli'"e'uedi ofih place whlichl
he~ ((septd a' ~ few das befortte. Mir.
his 'Iatec, antd is ai itradiuate of' thei
'iv'irsity of S urth Car4;,iol in l in i the
I gai sr'liis he har workted'o iunder
(insiideed 01ne oft the~ leading school
i'r. Geco. ii. .\lnlt'rson. (1f freemvood,
Splent several (layvs in the City last
wC('k on business

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