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Red Cross Drive Brings 13 i
Magiilcent Respolse to the Appeal of
the Red Cross Made fin This County.
Waterloo anlld 0wigs Triple
Amounts Allotted to Them. Others
Closevly Follow.
Without a sianle exception every
auxiliary to the JLurens U city Ied
C 'ss chapter1' and ever branch of the
bpter sub: ser ihed the quot allotted
to it in the recetlit Red C ross ( rive
which ( loiw"a Monday n ig-hilt, and in
10st instances the quotas weret dou
bled. while Iln the case of Wat( eloo anad
Owings the quotas were tripled. The
total amount subscribed through the
Laurens chapter, its branch and aux
iliaries, is estimated at $31,471.50. Lat
er figures may run this up even more.
The subscriptions of the Clinton chap
ter and branches, which amount to
aiproximately $10,000, are not Includ
ed in lhat total, so the total for the
county Is nearly $42,000. The county's
qjuota 'was $16,000 of which Laurens
was apportioned $11,000 and Clinton
$5,000. A considerable proportion of
the contributions, as will be noted by
the table below, came from the col
ored population. Committees return
Ing from the meetings at colored
churches reported a tine spirit of ,)a
griotism provalent at tlic meetings
fand a splendid liberality. The young
est subscriber to the fund so far re
)orted was a two year old colored
child at Mt. Vernon church.
:Detailed reports as to contributions
by gAmiliaries cannot be reported from
' GVy Court, 'Cross 11111 or Mountville,
as'.their subscriptions were gathered
in a general canvas over the territory.
The subscriptions by auxiliaries.in the
Waterloo and Owings branches are as
Waterloo Branch.
Waterloo............$ 775.00
Negroes -............ 502.25
Iethlehem ............ 126.40
Alt. Pleasant ........... 146.00
Mt. Olive ..9....... ........96.00
t. Gallagher-Kings Chapel .. 250.00
0wiigs Bramch.
Qu1otaL Slubscrilied4
Owings Station ...$200.00 $ C1 G.25
1i rmony .. .... ..100.00 5.00
Mt. Carmel (col) (11-1.50
Blramlett's-Youngs 75.00 170.00
Friendship.... 100.00 5 1:1.2
fIreeiond--eulah 250.00 600.70
flcthany .... ........10.00 -193.10
Grays .. 1.0.7. .
Duirbln (white) . . ,.100 12
Liberty ((.ol) .....
1)11 ..$200.0ol$) 11.00
'Po a ...... .. 100.001 31 01.00
cootri a ed 1.00)I a 25.00 P3 00.70lmo
th eiayesatt. . u Is At.5h
WIurb i el) I.. .. f. 102.00il~~e
Total subscrpt.on totalling.0 $3,1.01.0
Antbe response .~lis orerde $60oma
Sbioewl io nd te lnto tiIerritory.
contk veyblwr asribut~100i ery few.00
Th ia et~sIn the iyo arnatoa markd
ar.1e ofaibeality has re0ore aong
the epoyeeslat haestmrdy. 'r ho
det a subsredyn toln it,42i.40.
- t (oten .\)lil C10ls over $0 was
.C) th ei an at110i)o te Lauren Ulassi
Works everyi blater usrbe 50
Theli tfiiaeslt in litho~e na oat and
stat I camag a o enanu
ed p o lae (ou yteay.r The
natyif h~ad alrady . one tits $1 uota.0
.Trinity aftdeno.n.and.expecte 629p.0
Or a........1)0000 800d.uar
t1r: tio lumb....iareotd ovr 0.
I~to rton.1......r..wic tle amount
byor thVt. .m r. of 1th.0 230.00m
1larmilony and .mL.
I liI........125.00 31.00
Princeton. ....10.00 221.25
S..5y Sprin 1 0 285.00
Narni .0.00 109.00
Iocky Spriims .... 200.00 -135.00
I'r'u~iW~) .S .O0o 27.50
FrIendship i) II
( ni 00 111.00
Ta. o Zi ...$16.359.75
1 .0i1).00 10i ).0
0 5200.01, 9
.. de.. on .. .. ... 0 1 . 0
Colored llraniches.
I..; l~i*.......................:'712.7.7
Itnlean Cree k i iatist.. .. .. I 76.0o
.\nioch .. ................ 128.0q
Mt. \'e 101.. 2.. .. ........ 1.
liethlehe t . . .. .. .. . 176.00
liolewll .. ............171.O
tlothel I3al..0.. ............50
White Plains ............ 78.00
Mt. Zion .............. 257.50
Poplar Slprings......... 325.00
Total ............$2,313.25
Grand Total ........ $31,171.50
Clinton and
Branelis.... $5,.000.00 $9,600.00
Total for County. .$16.000.00 $11.071.5)
A Week of ('ombitned Pleasure and
Protit Fittingly Closei with Paitril
otic Spectaele.
What is Come to be looked 111)01
now a.- the "-Annial Chaltauqua" came
to a fittiln close Saturday evening
with a combined mIslical and specetav
ular exhibition in which the appeal to
the vatriotic emotiqps was the out
utanding feature. The evening was
divided into three parts, the first two
parts affording mostly an entertain
men0ft In vocal and instrimental n'nsie.
The last part. fron which the eniter
taliment drew its Iame, "Dunbar's
Revue," in which local young ladies
appeared to represent cacti of the na
tion's allies in the war, was a patrIot
Ic sipectacle brought to a elimax with
the appearance of the spirit of Joan
of Are calling the allied nations to
united effort in behalf of humanity's
'h Ilrograi throughiou t the week
fully meauiirviled up to the expectations
of the audience. as judged by the re
ception the artists received, and tile
annoncnmeint that the contraCt had
been renewed for another year was
given volumlinois applaus Fridav
In making his farewell announce
ments Friday iight uII peri lit indeit
edll m nade a happj iy little spedechi of
thanuks. for thle rece'pt ion accordled him n
and2( the( othier Chiatatitia workers
while here and eompi~limiented thle comn
11nuniily upon01 thle priogress:4i ve pii
prevail inig lhere as ex pressedl in Its
siuplport of t he ('haultauqua.
TPhe fina nces of the 10o0 IChant 11anii
(Ilua organI)iziatloln were con)slierably
;t rength lenedl by Ihiis season' s rl'C) ts.
Tlhe net pr~otit to the local or'ganlza tion
this ye'ar was in the neIghborhood of
$300. Thed organiizatIion already had
$60 in the treasurly, s0 after dlonatinag
$100 to thle Rled (Cross thle orga nlza
tion still has Cfunlds onl hand.
Threi'sing Comimittee Formned.
Puirsuiant to a call from Mr. W. D),
IIyrd, count)11 food adm inIstriator, a
nmlihelr of (owners' of thbreshers met in
the cour't house Tuesday~l mor'ning and(
forml~ed thle ~aurensl ('oiunlty Tlhr lesingi
c'omm~)itte wh v~ose ac't ivit ies will be dI
reet ed t owarid cornserlvinig thle suppily
oif .ia in thIirough avoldanlce of was to
i thrieshing. M. A. ('annon, oif M\ount
viille, was electeid chairman and JTno.
.\. 'Copeland, of Ronnmo, secretary.
The'e two otlcers withI the ('oilnty
Coed adlminis'tr'ator', .\i. Ilyrd, will
forml ii5~ a 1la 1 1ommittee' whIich( will
keep !tself Informed as to the9 pr1odule
Ition of' distr'html ion of ur'ain in thit
('ountly. Mr I. flyrd requiests that all
threshers in the coulilty send him their
names io that lie can assist them, or
they assist him, In the common work.
Cadet Warren Bolt, of Clemson (c01
lege, has arr'ived home for the sum
Severs Connection For In.
definite Time.
Sn.vs Island (oiernment is Obligetd to
li('ttate 3lesui51rs4 Affectiig .lexiean
(t.over In ment and l er ('it izenIs.
Wouild Rteduce Tenlsion,.
.MlxiCo City., .\ay 2 . .l C o has
seVer11(ed diplomatic rclations.; with C(l
ba. This was learn1ed ofiicially lawe
10o1,%, after at reporl that thi .ll xican
Charge Iffaires it llvana andIII the
Cihn linistelr he4re hadIl been1 reccall
ed from their resctive posts; had
bwo colfirimed aI lie foreigl oiice.
Tihe recall of the .\lexican represen
tatives to MidC and Sit Supdin g fot'
an indefinite i ime of the sending ot a
llw represiltative is explained oli
cially as (lle to the fact. that becauise
of the war in which Cuba Is involved,
that governtment has been obliged to
dictate measures that effect the inter
ests o' the Mexican government In
many instances.
For this reason, it is declared, the
maiking of representations that the
Mexican representative would be
forced to make to the Cuban govern
niit would be useless and would re
strict Ite liberty of action of a frielld
ly liatioll "which is nlow inl all aillcted
Thee.\lexican elharge at lavana is
Alherto C. lPranco.
(in. Candido Agiflar, iniister of
foreign affairs, tollight gave out a
statenliellt for the anniolunced lpuirjpose
of avoiding a llisinterlpretat ion of
.Alexico's action. The statement fol
"The President of the reinIblic and
the cabinet, at a special meeting, have
decided thlat it was an imperative ie
Cessity to recall the Mexican diplo
matic represeitative to Cuba anld to
su1spenid fort an indeflnite period the
eidinlg of a new representative, be
'auise it was considered an indispens
able meiausre for the high ideals and
interests of the two nations in the
actual moments of an acute world
crisis. Tile state of war illi which
Cuiba is involved has obligod the gov
erimiient of Cuba to dictate measures
which ill maninny cases affect the inter
ests of the Mexican govermilent and
her citizens, anll for this reason the
Mexican legation would he called 111)011
to make frequelit. reprcesent atiolls to
the Ciban government which would
only be useless and which would re
strict the liberty of action of a friild
ly nation whilic is now inl all atflieted
"in consequenUce, our1 diplomatic ef
forts would not produce at this tinle
any liractical results and would only
prlodu1(ce ten)isoil ini our relat i Ons,
which woldl have to be cleared u11
later to t he .\cxiCanl unlbroked lihe
fraternal11 sent iment s of solidarity
which haCve' 'ilys bound1( us5 to the0
ieoiple of1 Cuba) andi all La1 tn-Amelricanl
mll rep111resen tat ives fro t'Cliubha, gives
ieliIPient p roof of 1her (contsidlerli oln
and respeict for Ite Sovereignty of a
friendly governmlent1 whiich his now
imssintg Ithrotugh ai crit iCa li Cerod. At
the same timle, It furnishes proof C
(coinfidenice, ill virituei of whllichi thle 1\iex
ican igiogern~menit Cxp1cCts her( I ci t iznls
Will he trleatIedi with al l t he benevo
lence that thei laws oif ('uba andl her
institutions permIfit, under wiche pro
I e;t ion they w*ill rin i inl that re
11uli c tihe Same lilt heS ir own nii ona llIs.
"tn so doing thle .\lCx icanI ~V Cover
men~lt comiplies faithfully with thle Iline
of ConduilctI~ wich III'rieient (aCarranza
hias prIo(laimedl up on iniumz raleJ1 oc
(nslins as5 tihe ighe(st idieal of a true1
soc'ity of nai ons , thle eqit 11y of nla
tiona11 ls and fortignlers 111k like an comn
I dote su binissionl of all to the niatlial
sovereignty 3. Th'le crisis h av'ing palsedl
as the 0one in Wliich ioriginiated the
recvoluIlin In outr ('ounl ilry isissinig
0overi. .\exiho and1( (Ciba will b~e ill a
betaer conlditilonl to irene*w dIiploma)11tic
reClattons up'.on thle baCsSitto just ice an~d
equl~ality otily and1( the grea? aspiraC
1(ions of the AMexican gove'rlnment in
he'r neCw ilterna~ltional rel atilonls.
.\iss .iuie Alae Jessie, 'who at
tenldedl Irenniu tihe past yearI, is at
hloml1 for tfie ummer manthb.
Increases Over $300,000,.
000 Annually.
NEARLY 2,000,000
Womneni Will PlfetiN.e, br r Name
Pay as .[(,it for t he Samo Work.
31111111111int of 55 ( cnts an 1liu 1.S.
3Dilgal' il, 1t -
probably w I.- o
006 , a1y ar, 2a1. o h wil' b. i. .
tibtedl wvithin2 a : ' -.'.uek1s as backi
pay as lum1 1 .11 S, ; m p)ing froni $ i4)
to leiarly $2(0) cac(h. The di IecI rec
general parited fturm the wage corn
11 isilon's IccoIeu ndation in tihe fol
lowing particula rs.
The principle of the basic ight
hour day is recognized; but ow
ing to exigencies of the war situation,
Pours of em ploylmcnt 1 e not actually
reduced and1 ovvi t'ime is to be paid to
pro rata; so that adjusutnents of pay
are to be mtade on t! ba! is of eight
In addition 'o tie ordinary scale
of inicrease, da y labor( Is eliploye-d
mainly o) tra(, WOk are to get at
least 2 1-2 ccints an hour more than
they received laszt D(ecimber :1.
A mininum of , eviits a liour is
established lor th hll op trades, in
cluding machini!ts, Li.ilirmtakers and
black smithsw.
Women are to i c(cive, the same pay
as men for the same work, and ne
groes are to get the samile as white
men for similar employment4
To work out a mitultitude of in
ettualities and oth r iijustices caused
by varying rulks of employment and
condition of organization, the director
general created a new board of rail
road wages and working conditions
consisting of thie a'bor. reprsenl
tatives which will conidct vXtensive
investigations and re(coimiend wa,,ge
and other employmlin(at ('hanges.
All increases now tordered will be
determinned according to a percentage
seak. based otn Pay reCi'.'ved in D -
evitmber', 1 17.. and ant tinreases which
have been allowed wibin th:ti. kim
will by dedulcted.
In many cas.s i'aim itn pay itn the
last t o yar a171d a 11 1' ar abolt
etiual to the ier.a 2 now approved
anl, consequtily thi. 1i., "e ;em1 ploye10Vs
wvill MM little, or DU inorie. To cor,
,reet just Such -,1t1 ( wh 1n illjus
tices are a1pparen11tt wil b(e one of the
pinitpqal dIut1ieS 01 th newtI wage'
boardl, wlhose t 2.tion was Sutgge'sted
nto e'ases ate wa.:2 1 to' eleucdl.
honruily, piece w.o'0 anI tr)! ain utile
basis will ben ti: I vfy thenw' allow
11ay3 was ralis(ed 1 othgh epe ationt of
the1 Adatmson m ,i 2.e to k ('eive from2I
ictrease thani th:y :al askeli of rail
Thet wag e: nter an.i'll to all emt
pl1131: of t he Iilti roads now underi llt
feder'atltianalenn 11, hur nhot to the
soi-Called short liines unless thety aire
retahe y t ht'l13 e glen t en (It a1fiter Juliiy
I.It affects employ(.s of union sta1
tion1 21)1d swuin2l h (oini an2it I , lighut
It'S, f( rrties and11 tu- oIwned' by 22ai1
r'oads1, butt ntor el oye1)2 (of 1railro0.
boat lintes ont the lake., river' or' (1 cos
w1 ie (ra I'. Ato g u m ner
now arteit (undeon rin1 n eat io 1211 n,
Sidesevnaly t otg rtinIt ma~neong
Th 10 embers l of Tte sLaires Coun-I
tint il the af~ttoon htour is. All t hose
intero 'pstedl ini singling are ~ ited to
hre nrtewnt.
31r. J. 'N. Wright .Accepts A ppoint ment.
of .11ml s(rate Succeeding Jitigo Ri.
P1. TrynaIesignled,
il r. J. N. Wrigh01, one of thei "popu
ia rist young fellers" around town-a
rea:O freinnter ' )ien iC 11nil dinn
part ies where good via nis ar, f mid,
al for yeais Ile chief xponen of
e r!: closing 4- W til stores in) the Pv.
cnin,. -has b)(een appo01int'darsi
1 tisR townuipi b11y fas llor d
Mrvc.\Ir. Wri- ht ' viii he inIe-et !'I-.
( ronl June i .a .r w i h -
s~y ."The boys- hlave g!_ol ..!hI r
hom :*1-1 t11 fill(. t.) tili h hiL. hi
I will hold."
It wvill be recallel ThAW some tim
:( 'I r. WrigIh anno-11n1ce 'hat It
w01ohl et, a anslidiatie. for this oflice
in the sum rlio maries. lie slates
that this appointinent, while very flat
tering (o hii, does not interfre witli
his aspirations for a full term. "In
fact," he states, "a little taste of the
honor and grandeur wh IchI is present
in the judicial atiosph ere and which
gives it its attraction for ambuhitions
men1 will lit me better for the perform
ance of the dillies requirel of a futl
fleigc justice of the peace. You may
say for me, 1ud, that I am ep!y
grateful for the appointiment anl il
try to perform the do luts oi the oel-i
wit.h fairnc$s and( dis:ach"I.
11l.:ASEI WIlL,4 NOT
A%('t03Il'ANY - 1 3'AMl(,3 i:IA
.\nnonunees That Ili D 4e 11e11 no f *ine It
Follow Itinerary Nappe0l Iut
State 'ommittee Ulness Tilma n
1lakes Canvils.
Columbia, May 2!.-- 1 :x- ov rner
Cole L. Ulease, Candidate for the Unit
ed States Senate, in a statc-ncnt to
day, said that lie does not intend to
'follow the regular itinerary, asImapel- 1
allt by the sub-commtnittee of th state
Deiocratic executiv conimit e, -
less S-enator 1. I. Tilli tma, in th e r
for re-elct ion, malks t1 ermi ty-to
coun ity eanvass. The orm1r g0v1 r'-nori
reserved the rIght to lake anv ef :!
regular meet ins he -es flit, lt n
iiou nieil that ho i a pear :m il
those at which Sc-naao *Tilman 'ill
speak. Mr. fle n sa l "hat ht -: .. :.1
annuilontnee his i'th'-(ntiin! 4 m. r.4-- V
l'Meir, whlich will oat-n nar TI::r .~ I,
Clarendon Counti y, 'I ay :1.
"T propose 'o ire - vrman :n
South Carolina who ,vann:4 'q )ar in.
peal.' 'said .lMr. ll-aw' s': mn t.
"6and give hIm th oh. rt :i.
ly to hear me, hu :1 I-% m-:
tion which he dei e' :
olce to any mn:1ri r!:l I - Io
issues of the campan .
,itor Tillmai EnIt '
toin, re(fuising to C a:' ''at' h
peoD1414 of* this stat '. I do4 ''l0
to he used01 as a d!raw i-: ' 0 -
whoi hiave absoiitu'tx no) '-a:
senati al race-- wil ni,
iaui e i rom ll t he ii 'inform:t 1.i 1 -- I
rce''ive ai clear niaj1:-y -r'fi Vh
of all lhe wi te' 'obt -a . f: -
r. Geo. A. lelh n.lei 1) 1 -
tier 'vs da a fial n: 1
II1 a.- 1ie(ty. Il ",
and .~l :n~ a .1 - - .
WaO a a tI,. iIizh a w l '-- ' kn s n
Tii -i dayi nihtld i timl e . r 4 i nV
nesida: afIternioon. li.wa ab t ' i
Iear of age and !a rv ived by his
younge i tr ' othert. Luita r Ihitfih, th~e
twe l ivlin togbcrh at the old iot'i
nln ae.
Strike Near Ypres and on
(Grounl. Glirlm Mo loiw ils sud.
dont with onl., B-ivi \r-1,1lery Pre.
ir al . Ib
b:V 'i
ina ' l iit
norh o n This is
knowi0W aI the9 .\i~n b" 'Sector.1
Inl Flaildrs the Geram c hve
gained virinall., nothing. HMfarther
sonthi te i, lin oliial .atement
chialins that the German Crown
Prinee's Iro I inte 'arrit 1 Olth whohle
rid.ge of 01h, A'h iln-Des-Dalnes and
ow' ar e fxting n t he . . river'.
The Gerian a ltack in Ilanders is
aginlst 11. 1 ' ken b ;1" Frenchl
I.iY 211, wh n h c a tar !le is
uI 0 1 I.oer :421 -1 tie 4t h ' t heir
lie] I9 .(w I ii i i ,- t~ li vh
no ol li M;i l'
1n t ' \. . a r -I b -
rIe ot af i a t ;
Princ I ura m osIiI!1- l . n agaIn% th "1
cr-1s1he al he : fo. 1,:1.1 :: ts .
ty--live divis i s Wll ed a -- -.1 l i ;
Germianl.1 attacks al ong- Ithi.- 1 n Mrlo
The attack here is really Mn "he Ila
t ifre of I l ine si ra ightenivn g m e: rat ion.
I I is being 1:anneh.1ed from Eaton :(ts a,
tventer and i s :1imnIed at IthI-e ei mow ist
the line formed dt1rng th. ht in in
Picardy il Mnarch and Ap-I!. ii.ro,
how(ever, thle Germanll Is mnlsl famw per
.:tanenj't' works which ho hav been OVen..
lied by Ilh, Frn11 for lonl,- period,
'M19 which can be d11-felled o'tite
M0(- .I E 1 E TO CA 1 IS.
Tell .1ln o Cam p W1 atdsworth anh d :.2
to Camp .111 ckson iRevelntly.
Forty-fwco mor' 19'n1. all whife, left
Larn d in I h Ia-t Ie day.
r ! ting t-:. s. Tel wveni to
"imh aturday aId 12 to
X s:irit :1u4 appear\d anx
'IS tii be it-er t ra ining. AX ilrge
A;!( was vset I to I - a1. T11 of! 1 and
Is .- wrr i.iven a h tliyv fa1ewelh.
Stos Iceavin:: .1 l th'e ampie to n9 hijeh
a ":et tta as follow-:
b' r - '''i b ' c i1. au 11 itz-.
T 99,n J9n. ' re Frnk
\* W I o' a b I ( 'bslpe.' I ha -.
9 .1 Pil a Inutr' n L ther 0'ahhn,
1 It~' I1! 111wn9, Frank. Iox Ds'~..
ar II v.1 Fri kin11lisek, Owicls
4 u \ \ t iard~. G y F llr
ha9 ek on lThot ns -ThomIat .1r-.
na19 .\l9'4tviS' . Taspe iLee Cun-h)a3
.l'h I ab 01 1c laili'.ront ie iney
Ir li Iolker. 'i l iCI (I y Wass1'onv
:j hlt tJo gh iln IIli. W'til o n Frilik
Will 1an9dl . 'C;'Cri .\l' aon OsbVicorne,.
- IhD haui2rtWilr.

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