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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, April 02, 1919, Image 10

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"After a trip to Kilauea. the active
volcano of Hawaii, my Ncolin-soled
shovs were the only ones not abso
lut'iv ruined. Many in our party
w" h oh-nniled boots," said I\ liss Jean
1'. L ane of Seattle, Washigton.
h:irp jagged lava of Kilauea
oti .n oranary sole to pieces quickly.
T*:.t NcAlin Scs stood the test lut
basizcs their toughness a ducri
b iyv. These qualities are built into
n- by a Fcientilic process. Women
- 112d men aind children. too-w'ho are
n' rOei sIould b11 them 1w itlh
n ! f c r r
l i wh V f'I Ce- our
C~ C)
i 0 en't myIVta coirn orI
callus otff \ith finrer's
III*sufe! A tinIy b)(tti.11 of Freez
,ntycsts, hui a few cent. n11 !ny dru-1g
s"0r'k. .\pply a f('w\ dro-ps onl thle
vorn. nluse and "hlard skin" onl bot
om . of fret, then lift, the off.
When PFreezonle .0mo11, farns[om
HW M' Calilses from the bottom of
feet. thlt, skin beneath is left nk
and health and neverl Sore, tander or
PaMne, Ok1a,writt - of
. . . II looked~1( w'ithOM d rd io
1 t eso assfrom o th bott o
et. skuffbered~ wisth 1
audback I and boering-don Iro
Lan n ife tomwa _
an any lone, nd
frothn 0seemedit to hep.
pmie until lone toy .e .a.
I dcdd ntedr h
The Woman's Tonic
"1I took four bottles,"
Mrs. Jones goes on to
say, "and was not only
truthfully say that I have
not a pain. . .
"It has now been two
:years since I took Cardui,
and I am still in good
g headlth.. I would ad
vise any woman or girl
to use Cardui who is a
sufferer from anly female
lI you sutffer paird cautsed
fromH womanily trouble, or
If you feel the need of a
good strengthening tonic
to buildutp yourrun--down
system, take thle advice
of Mrs. Jones. Try Car
duii. It helped her. We
believe it will help you.
All Druggists
Capes, Comfortable
Capevs in great force stand read~y to
inswer the demnand for spring wvraps,14
inving gradually and surely Ingratiat- C
Wd themuselves into the likings of fash-I
ollablo Wonmen. Nothing-3 dention-t
strates better the ineXhautl'ible gei-us
.)f desiJgners than the constantlyvay
.ing iterpretations3 of the cape which
nin1ke It, just nlow, thll luo~ist initerrm0 ;ilog
of wr-ipis. It Is shom'n In unlendingo. va
01Capes are1- n or. short, as8 yotl will,
but in1ostlly l10ng. The-y are alwalys fulIl
11114 naturally loose. Blut inl 1n111y new\V
inolldels the looseness' dilmnppears- he
low the knees be-ing restrained by
MUMnS Of cutt1p;i Mr by conflining it
ill a hern that I-s rather tight aibout
the figure. Amnong new capes for
,41ring aire long and short capes of
taffeta withl colhars-very amnple and
cozy looking, of sweater-wenve silks.
or wool materials, and linings that
lend thern warnith. Navy silk with
belge-colored linlings and collars is
the favorite coinhination. Duvetyn
capes, Iin navy and ina1rine blues, InV
brown), henna and tornato red, convince
0one that no4 other fahrte could show
these, colors to Such advanltage.. one
(if the( siniider capes. In nuir11ine blue
Interes3ting Query Now Is, What Did 11
the "Rakes" of Flushing Think
They Were Drinkinig?<
Aninpesieenr i hefinc.i
Cpss the wrda fout stand hd toas
nwr tha doitnd to slyprninent
reidnt o in tlgally d rly dIsartrit
wd ith what ei iothe airig of Cufini
be drunk betn the pies.ui~eg'tu
Prontsitienstrakesi cofstnlyushing
thrngize ito:in the ises a on c
thiing itsinst soon li was18 hlt '''lt up
and runn as it wis smankied nd tnnn v
a11130 genil ty was3e exhage iov3er11 thew
so-1nlledi ol en olh'es consensu jof tshe-U
no 1' le lt en,\ iig st a irnitlred
for aha iais os h trhvate igstock bof
thle Iir. Aetckyn nlwr Fially for
dayin ahre 14mealog ad shlrut cae on
tiroetanith fllow whor ord3j~eedaf
hodr 1.4Of mabteiln nd ig th atte m
beire-cohle hirlive manndr colarte i
the favordiie owbnatihe l e wth
CopShin. nav and sori to s s ver
lrlik nth. "Why.3~ tli~ tohat' nvtince
hntli ld ten." o her exlhdmecldithow
thike anger wsI)sc dai ae n
ofr tirn r of all'n hones24 ii 31enny~b frank.
tyncrltngwlQdery Nhot shatn Didy
Hthe naktes f andshn hienk th
Thtn ey Werth rincekin? tin
of hSis'3 Hth. venture milling(13 ly re ltd
fered them'31 anythlms buticlld ten or 'I
Our 3:333'3 proinen a'lke o Finsing, 31
no13 litle 313onfion. till oroughlyi1 S hum( ll of
Ill inn tr. heenuse3 Illil they ' ilhI adIi
been11 trappe Iin tou betray33ingthe'ir 3un
Oterved 33n: m 331 'oko .- lv ln
lOlphii I-ir t43113 ll!1eei P t tjf~
Western Poet Offers Good Advice
When He Says, Forget That Bald
Pate for the Present.
the0 hair3 11n Is 1pate. flOc' tl'k, betgan3
fthi ig tin and1113 sick t"i'il put som131
dtollI 11n that1 thiere halir 13( and soon ve
roiw a to1'1 sor('" [IV('m Im. il't1 .. h
and Full of Style
N, -i.,lj
Hlustration. It Is at practical and
racefuil garmnent part cape and part
iok since it, as sleeve,;. The body of
L hangs fromnia small yoke and It con
rives to haing Iin at the sides where
t slopes toward the hein In the ap
roved wa-fy. As at change fromn coats,
nd beanuse it is nore pcturesque and
refoning, theent for spring deserves
tiention. Inh dlvel, einutnoyon
rownl, hennlla anld tointilo red they ares
Iglelously soft and Hll looking and
elours- oug ht to bc. as gooml a Nvilee
or ieso haors iat the riaps of
o n1111h d1:4istietion.
tlpes are lindth with etpe-de-chie
4) inniteh Iin eolor or with eceked4 or
-r-oss-bl silks; harg cheeks, in quiet
fivs, b1w I everywhere p4iresent in dis.
)lays of new springp-l apparll-.
The evnIe, th re anid siCiple, Is to be
ound, but the c tpe whitc borrows
onething of the coat or Is posed on
t jaIcet onn 14 In renlity a combining
if two wrnps Into one is oftener In evi
lence. Nently aill of these wraps have
ozy 1nd niple colflars. They are sue.
'raesf tnps froin every point of
iew, Coftl) jinl nIM( 11"d fill of tyle.
er(1, but14 the cale hth <rogIst
:fhl wold obrth mort oar iuponedhin
lened. N:ly. alan seeks the fIa sola
do aind rulna his Shilini pate wiof
r -,1(% or rubs I InIid (f)I vaofs tylin e
1, 01 1' 'l II l' ti111t-d b an, r b al
'lwl Nop been ft'o:- suti t the thsil
4114 enlii hisor then: Sitol~ the14 drugist
herl qu r ;441 IiIS I'int si. tll his labo tis n an,
hl i s ''ir li it 1f olonl 444 of4 fe bl i lr
44114 he1 wouhti1411 lookV youn i as lwg usIed'II
44441 eiftw culd~ ton hfis~~ 24l 1grownti
are '41 cotrive'440 anther crop'I f knir0.
tluise Ilhe hair that4 long has4 wi'nt.
'hnit bi1z Is plenyunis1th blz. Use al
be energy.~3 ti4141 Is, and 1all of your
airi money4'. for thei winnIng of this
reafut war I. Iln thIs her'te war41 g~an
oni't you44 kntowI you1 shtoul hle in the
I lI(oustont Post.1
HydraulIc Cutrtridges.
It Is often ' ll li llt and( f441' som tmes~
antgl'rou1s 1(o use ordinary44 e''ixJplosives,'
ir miinlg 24114 4x('nvalintg in conflined'4
f'14tts a(t tat ha le to4l thell
The'(4 alrhlgie contistts oft n si i'd
yliialer4't cotiinig numerout'~ls sma4ll
lato(ils that4 1lnovef at rilgtt angles to
w4 tixis f the cylider'444 at llrpan
-h4en wa%1terI Is inijec'ted into1 4 hemI wIthI
nough1 htote 1the w.orkinieni1 'inrt thei
ylim414'r 144nd tietn set to wor~itk 01 thle
Th'le tIiny 1pist 4ns 4"xpandl 44n41il teir
rI'' exteit ites bear aga4I ist litit ass
t rock1(VI twit (onstanfty inc 44I4'reig
*)r'ee and1( the roc(k Is gradua1l1ly13 fri e.
11redf und44er tr'emendous~i pressureI'f. Thle
t)4rat1Ion, It 1s said4, Is niot (only3 f'henp-1
41414an the4 or'dIiniary blatst but1 disin0
'grtes ai largert aren'1 of rock't.
New Fr'ench Slang.
The~f lan444gag of the4 1ol '4114 s naR
414 14InIe 4 faii wi the slang ofCt hie
unre'i at1 home14 thani mo4(st. Iti th4ere7
414o01, SOtne 14iekedl4 up in Morocco, andf4 444
4)mef are' siurivals (of the4 solier '4 1.an4g
ft the4 l'' t'st emp4iret'(. Such'1 a4 word is
'ctl'oher,"'. 1which apparen41tly means414 to
'i nfrter one44 has been'l on1 114e point of
tit'r ing. All explanaltlin give oIIff the
r1igtil (f 11h4 wordi4'4 Is that It Is 4 ('(r-'
irilI d. it Is saId ihn44 the~ tlFrenchI sol
lier's 04n the great rtent''1 f'rim Mos
'OW ('n11ed out ''Pnpn, k~tlba," to Na
DALING TRAIN ROBBERY. engineer he was due to 'pass Frisco 1
train nunibor 108 at 'the Junction, ac-t
Masked Jiandists Hold ip Frisco cording to his story, they told him
Train and Get $6,000 in Cash. they had sent a man ahead to flag
Marion, Ark., March 27.-Two that train to prevent a wreck.
masked bandits tonight held up1) FiscO The express messenger, confronted
passenger train number 801 a)out two by the bandits with a demand that ho
miles west of Dridgo Junction and es- surrender the money, told them there
ca)ed witlh two packages containing was o t he says, b t
about $6,000 in currency -taken froll informed him they knew he had take
tho expeRvs car. When warned by the o currency at lytheville and Wilson
Copyrittcy h e m h
jimmytheibandatsedithth demand thatrhe
bysendertus any mod tem tthn er
waa fami dek S, hen u th
PrineAlertcomng nfoingd et kneph ha anho
terecr. just tosareb sthekinyu c ire or othvllai cilrt
EVER was such right-handed-two
fisted smokejoy as you puff out of a -
jimmy pipe packed with Prince Albert I
That's because P. A. has the quality
You can't fool your taste apparatus any more than yo
can get five aces out of a family deck So, when you h
Prince Albert, coming and going, and get up half an hou
earer just to start stoking your pipe or rolling cigarette
you know you've got the big prize on the end of your line
Prince Albert's quality alone puts it in a class of its ow
but when you figure that P. A. is made by our exclusiv
patented process that cuts out bite and parch-we11-yo
feel likie getting a flock of dictionaries to find enough word
to express your happy days sentiments I
Toppy red bags, tidy red tins, handsome pound and half-pound tin
humidors--and-that classy, practical pound crystal glass humidor with
sponge moistener top that keeps the tobacco in such perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N.
The beautiful lines of The Anderson C
honey-comb radiator gracefully along the bodj
the pleasing contours of the rear.
The sloping windshield and new style to
Anderson its air of individualty.
The upholstery is of high-grade leather i
design over curled hair and specially cornstri
springs, affording unusual comfort.
The 40-horsepower Red Seal Continental
the accelerator with a snap thati delights th
motorist. /
Under never-failiig power the arquietl:
speed or creeps away at a snail's gait, easily a
from one speed to another, obedient to the w
The Borg & Beck clutch is disengaged b3
sure of the foot and is exceptionally smooth I
The best car in its class.
For demonstration phone, write or see
Lnd forced him to give then up. No
race of the bandits had been found
tt a -late hour, according to reports re
'eived here.
Whenever You Need a UoeeralToni"
Take Grove's.
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
ebill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains the
well known tonic properties of QUININE
and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives
out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and
Builds up the Whole System. 60 cents.
rrat, onaljoy smoke
Illi l
ir sweep from the
y sides, merging into
p help lend to this
n buttonless plaited
Icted spiral cushion
motor responds to
e most experienced
r glides along at high
~nd quickly changing
ill oi- the driver.
the slightest pres
ut positive in active.

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