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Ilolland Does Not Think That Ilohei
zollern and Son Subject to Extra
jlition. lave iiBeen in that Country
a Year Today.
The Hague, Nov. 8.--FormeV EiIp
cror Williiam camne to Holland a year
ago next :Monday. Since thit time
there has been no demand officially orl
unofficially for his extradition or de
livery up to the allies, norhas Hol- 0
land at all changed its viewpoint to- -
ward him. b
*'rhe Associated Plress learned this
today from sources that are inques- 01
tionably Holland's viewpoint as re
gards William Hliohenzollern may be tN
stated frankly as follows. il
The Netherlands, which for cci- '
turies has accorded political refuge to 11
all, considers the former emperor and
crown prince as refugees-not as roy- b
alty-but as persons entitled to the
same rights as any plain Johann Sch- b
midt 'who fled to lolland during the tl
war. This principle is so strongly held f
by the government, and also by the b
iress of Rolland that nothilug Is likely t
to change it, it is asserted.
The Dutch government has reached
a determination as to its conduct in
the event. the surrender of William ,
Hlohenzollern is asked for. . No offic- C
Ial statement has been. made in this t
connection but the Associated Press r
learns that Holland considers the
foiier emperor beyond extradition as
there is no possible way legally to
hold him as a criminal. If they de
sired to insist on privilege, both the
H1ohenzollerins would be free to go
where they liked, as they are in no i
sense prisoners. lowever, because
they feel that they would embarress
11olland even further they apparently
have agree to remain where they now
are-the father at Amerongen and his
son at Wieringen.
.If the one-time emperor and crown
prince desirod to return to Gerniany,
they would be permitted to go. While
it is possible that Frederick William
some day may return to Germany, of
ficial circles in The lague are inclin
ed to the belief that William Hlohen
zollern is content to settle down to the
life of a country gentleman at iDoorn,
where he has been permitted to buy a
small estate because his long stay at
Amerongen seemed unfair to Count
Von Bentinick whose castle he occu
Although a number of purported in
terviewR with the former emperor have
been published, the fact is that he
never has spoken for publication since
his arrival in Amerongen, and to the
reqiest of the Associated Press 'cor
respondent. for a statement. on the oc
casimi of the anniversary of his tak
ing refuge here, he sent a reply saying
that he had not changed his determina
tion not to speak.
Jones, Nov. 10.-iMr. andh Mrs. W. T1.
Jones, Jr., are teaching near Trenton.
iWe are indebted to the following
friends for recent kind favors: Joe|
South, Langdon and Boyce Bloland,
Robert :Redden, Alien Arnold, Mrs. Al
ta and Wistar Cooper, Jeff Jones,
Thos. Duck worth, Robert Williams,
John 31edlock, Edgar Madden, John
Ballew; Ernest Craft, Jeter O'D~ell, WV.
C. Cobb, Eugene Elliott, J1. C. Gaim
brell,, Johnnie Browvn and many oth
Born October 24, to Mr. and Mrs.
Wim. Sharp, a son.
Mirs. G. WV. Jenkins and sons, WVih
11am and Frank, after ' isit of sev
eral weeks to the fox 'i -parents,
D~r. and Mrs. WV. T. Jlones, recently re
turned to Columbia.
Messrs. George, Walter and Frank
Jones attended'( the State Fair..
'We weie sorry to hiear of the recent
death of Mrs. Joe Anderson, of Coro
a~ca. She was born and reariedl in this
commiuinity and was hieldi in the high
est esteem by all of her acqiuaintanes.
-lion. and Mrs. .J. F. Morrison visited
their daughter. Miss (Coker and son
Frank, of Trinity-ltidge last week.
.Judge B. i". Mattison was the rec na
guest of Gov. IR. A. Cooper.
Mr. andl Mrs. Vernon K~ay, of lHone0
Pathi, were the recent guests of Mr
and Mrs. .J. (C. (Gambrelh.
Mir. A. S. McKenzie and son, Wim
* have returned from Oklahoma.
WVe recently met the followini;
fiends : Thos. Jones and IHal PrattI
of Greenwood, Dr. Mac Glymph of.An
dlerson, Col. Mac Cochr'an of Hlodget
R1ev. J1. M. Dallas, of DonaldIs, Cap)
J. B. Hlumblert and Robert Arnold, o
Princeton, Broadus C'ooper, of Ekoni
Lou and Wmii. Moore of Waterlod ani
(Ed. Knight and D~r. Knight of Grieen;
Our nephewvs, Sam and Preston'Wi
lhans, C'aldwell Bros. and Mir. Tay li'b
of Lauirens wvere at WVare Shoals
rfew (lays/ago.
- Several attended the conferenec
the Methodiists at Gireenwiood.
The confer~ence of the Pentcosta
Holiness Church met at Ware Shoa
On thn 7th inst.
Whitel t
~ i
= CA
i1lMa""'' " lill
)mtinued from 4th page, this section.
lieve her eyes, for they showed her
canvas wash basin on stilts, a clean
wel lakl over the back of a chair, an
her chair before a caimp table laid
ith a clean cloth and burdened with
vo sizzling fridd eggs, hot toast, mar
alade, a pot of tea and an absurd
lunt bottle with the stems of wild
owers rammed down its throat.
She took off her cloak and Bathtub i
romatly hung 'it to air over a low
rancl of the tree; then, while she j
athed her, face and hands, he stood d
y with the towel, and when she was h
rough with that he drew her chair s
)r her and pbured her tea. Children
egan crowding around. le drovo
ien back, and, dragging his toe,
iarked a wide circle on the ground a
rIth the table as center. e
Up to that mark and no farther
nine the children and squatted in a
taring but silent ring. Andrea sat
own and gazed over their heads at
lie kraal in general and at the white
an in particular,'for from him ra
hlated an activity incredible in com
)arison with the hnguor that had pre
!eded it. Her eyes fell to the table
md she realized two things: she was
mnusually, marvelously hungry and
he table was set for one.
"Doesn't your master cat?" she
isked of Unthtub.
"My master makes ready cala for
"What is 'cain?'"
Bo thtub frowned in an, effort to
2atei up. with a word that was on the
verge of escaping from his meager
vocabulary. "Housel" he suddenly ex
ploded and grinned with satisfaction.
Andrea lowered the fork that was
balf way to her mouth. "Makes ready
a house-for me?" Her eyes nar
rowed. "I will not need a house. Tell
Bathtub's grin broadened. "Sorry,
Missis," he said, "law like that; ev
ery Missis one hut, every hut one tax."
Andrea stared at him open-mouthed
and therk blushed furiously. "I mean
that I will not stay here," she ex
plained angrily. "Tell your master I
wish to, speak with him-at once.
Wait a minute. You call him M'sungo.
What does that mean?"
"White man," said Bathtub, and de
parted to call his master.
The white man gave a last order
and* then obeyed Andrea's summons.
As he stepped into the shade of the
acacia he took off his hat and mopped
his wet brow. "Too bad we can't keep
cool, like the morning," he said.
"I didn.'t send for you to talk about
the weather," said Andrea. "You have
been raining orders; now let me give
just one. You are to get that machine
in shape and take me back now
The man's eyes met her gaze stead
ily but gradually his body began to
tremble. Ile put one hand out to the
spare chair as though to steady him
self. "I want you to believe me," ho
said in a low voice, "when I teli you
that wvhat you ask is impossible."
Ile turned as though to leave her.
"Wait," cried Andrea, There was
something in the way he spoke that
oven went beyond persuasion and
robbdi her of her mainstay-her an
ger i1ainst him. "But-" she stam
wsegengd atopped. "Oh. what is to
becomo of mne?"
"If W could take you back I would-'
now," said the man dully. "When you
asked to come with me I knewv of.
course that you were unaware of the
fact that I was not returning. An im
pulse drove me to grant your request
on, the grounds that it is really of very
little consequence what happens to
any given individual. Impulses pass
but decisions ar'e often irretrievable;
this was one of them."
"Why?" asked Andrea earnestly,
and then repeated more urgently,
"Why is it?"
The man's eyes wandere& toward
the airplane hut he did not answer
her insisten~t question. "No real harm
will come to you," he said instead,
"but even so I am sorry. Logic ia a
treacherous thing," he added absently,
"when applied to humanity. I told
,ou that I dlidn't deal ini personalities.
I lied. There is something about the
warmth of an individual person that
mlts cold reason."
Ho left her abruptiy and disap
peared within a near-by hut. She
watched hiin go with a feeling of par.
tihi desertion that gradually was ab,
sorbed by a sensation that was new~
to her-a consciousness that when this
extraordinary man spioke he left hii
words behind him, not as transient'
-but as permanent guests of the mind
,There was something stark about him
.frankness as though it had beem
fcaught in seome whirlwind of life anm
been strippeCd of conventional clothel
lin the way of meaningless phrases
-but for all.' lts nakedness it Inspirei
not fear but ( rebellious trust.
- (To tho continued.)
Rheu atism
is compjI~leey washe< ouit of thme systemi
thei ech-bratedl Shmivar \l ineralI Water. i'i
it ively gumarantee I ii .;- moneyback off
Tiastes fine it a trifle, Declivered ar
whiere by ouir i aurensI Agents, J. C. Sih
Too Much to Bear. n
"Amelia," said old Mr. Binderton as b
flnished his dinner. "1'i going to b
k you to (o ie a favor. I want you o
gi.e your young man, Mr.-Mr.
rget his name-a message froin ie." P
rnelin bluslied and 'looked (own at i
-r plate. "Tell ile," her blutY old
irent went on, "that I don't object to 0
s staying here 1iud running up mny
is bill, but (hait I (o object to his
rying the morning paper away with I
In When lie leaves11"
t(e of South ('1ar4liil, a
County of Laurens.
Illis lurton et ai, Plaintiff,
C. ilopkils, Defendant.
Ptirsuant to a Decree of the Court i
the above stated caie, I will 11 1e
iblic outery to the highest bid e t
airens C. I-I., S. C., on alel in
eceiiler next, being Monday p1e 1st 1
y of the month, during the legal
)urs for such sales, the following de
ribed property, to wit:
All that certain lot or parcel or land
ing, being and situate on East. Main
treet, in the City of Laurens, County
1u1 State aforesaid, containing sev
1nty-five one-hundredths (7i-100) of
When 3
The Ca
Car tha
vince 3
to pro~
ri acre morc or less, bounded on the ti
nrth by ' ast Main Street, on the cast c
y George, lopkins lot, on the south I
y lot of 1). 1E. Tod(l, and west by lot c
Beverly Scof.
Terms of Sale: cash. Purchaser to .
ay for ipers, stamps and recording. y
the terms of sale are not complied f
'Ith, the land to be re-sold on same
tI some subsequent Salesday on same I
rins, at risk of former purchaser.
'C. A. P"OW1It,
C. C. C. P. & (. S., laaurens, S. C.
)ated, this Nov. 7, 1919. 17-3t-A
talte of Smuth Catrollln,
Counit-y of LInurens.
IN COVt'ltlT OF CO.\lMON P I'E.\S.
Irs. Daisy B agwell. 'Plaintiff,
erry P0ichelb erger, Delgnidanit. ".0
P'ur1iant to a C Of t- J 1'rt
11 the above stated c.. Wil sell at
mbliC outlcry to tie hlgliest hidder, at
iuurenis C. 11., S. C., oil Filesday inl
leceimer next, being Monday the Ist
lay of I the month, during the legal
lours for such sales, the following de
scribed property, to wit:
All that certain lot, piece or parcel
)f land situate, lying aind beIng in the
!orporate liits of the City of 1Lu
rens, County and State aforesaid,
Eronlting on llam pton Aven ue lifty
'ighit. (58) feet. and runninig back nine
Ly feet (90), containing one-tenth of
rou own a Ho
easy starting
r that has been
Ls the best valh
Lt holds the wor
nce run. A<
rou--Call No. 44
e these facts tc
lina As
'J. Y. MIL
n acre more or less, bounded on the
ast by lot of George Giles, north by
unds of C. H. Roper and L. G. Balle,
'n the west by right of way of C. 11.
toper and L. G. Balle and on the
outh by Hamlton Avenue which
notes an (lbounds are more fullyeset
orth by 'plat of a survey made by C.
i. Power, surveyor, dated Sept. 21,
TerifS of Sale: cash. Purchaser to
my for papers, stamps and recording.
f the terms of sale are not Complied
,vith, the land to be re-sold on same
)I some subseqIuent Salesday on same
erms, at risk of former pirachaser.
C. A. POWKit,
C. C. C. P. & G. S., L.aurens, . C.
Dated. this Nov. .1, 1919. 17-3t-A
G raiPri*
firea nmmunition
efor catalogej
t Spot Chalmei
and quick ge
adopted by au
ie of the seasc
id's record for:
)4 and we will
AM. Manager
"Pa,1pe's ('old Comlpounid" then breaks4
up i coliI it few hours.
Welief cones instantly. A dose tak
('n every two hours1. 11nt0l three doses
are taken uisually breaks III a Svr
(-Vld and en1ds all1 the grippe nlisery.
The very first close opens YOUr -slUg
ged-ip nIostriks and the ai passages in1
(Ite Ilad. stops nlose running, relieves
the headach!te, diiness, feverisln ess,
sn2 evzing, soreness aId stiiess.
)on't stay stuit'eil-up! Quit blowinlg
and snul1fling Clear your cong-ested
hiead! NotI Ini ieo in I telwrb gives
"ltch prollipt relal. " 's Cold
Conmpound' whIl 'I (."!F !"Ily a few
cents at1 mvt dit fort'. It ai.~it
nto (Iluinine 1nis 1poli l 7 5
unt's Salve, formerly called
unt' s, Cure is especially com
. . pouided for the tt :trle t of
Itch, Eczema, Iting worm, and
Tetter, and is sold by the drug
gist on the strict guarantee that,
the purchase pri'ce, 75e, wi be
promptly refundct to any dissat
tstled customer. Try lunit'sSalve
at our risk. For sale locally by
I,git rnris Iriiix Co.
-s which
It away.
mn. The
24 hours
Will COn
i be glad
ip any

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