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,0%j.AI&WliV Vill YAWJUIV1
df you are thin and want to*. bo
plump, if you have wrinkles in your
face that you are not proud of; if the
skin Is sallow or subject to pillples
or blackheads, take Mli-o-na stomach
tablets for two weeks and notice the
The maior ity of the thinU people are
thin because I he stomach does not per
torn its dti4ies propoerly. I I. is not
seretuing suficicnt of tlle natural di
gestive .iices and in consequence
loes not extract from ith food enough
nitritive matiti to nourish eveylY part
of the hody.
Mll-o-na stomtacl a a 1b ; tre intend
ed to biild tip (tic stoimiach so that it
will act properly and extract from the
good the clmn lt s necessariy to form
if you ire thin try two weeks treat
ment of Mli--o-na stolmach tablets
-they are small. easily swallow.cd and
aile sold on the gtuatantc of money
hack it tihey to not over come chronic
in(di estioll, acte e or ' chronic, stop
sonmach distuclaince. helching, heart
birtin. sour stomach, and any after
dinner distress.
iFor sale by Laurens Drug Co. and
all leading druggists.
of the
Trhe Dooks of tie. Comity Treasurer
will be opeln foi the collection of
State. County and Connutation Road
Taxes for th lisctl yiar. 1919, at thle
Treasrtir' s ollice- from October 15th
to 'ceemrber :st, 1'1l. Ater DecemiI
beri 81st ont lwir ctl \ ill be added.
After .i:nntar :'1 . I Wo u''r cent will
he adh tI. :111( aftkr F hliary 28th,
Seven pkr ('in will bo aWded till the
1.~1l day of.\ a rah. iW'. .when, the
Iooks N% il be cI h a.
.\Il pers"on 1wn propert y inl
Imorte th u i li 'iw ar11. reittiiested
to call to:- rad l 1h of li the
se.var:il town.a ip a n 1 ii the pro
mci izl, It intiyn,.1
tt a hi r.
\ l a e-ii zen~1s he
n n ill yars of
a h 1ll a' I I ..t 1 I II
t I - \two ' a Ili o il
duty. \ n nnilit my ilr
I!(.a11 T x .. ..tl
Oerd inry ( o5 l :to !'-g s2/' il
Raimls ... .... .....I ti
Jtail alIlds.. .... ...... nl
.... . .... mills
N4). H .. ..' mills
Miuldell..1 NA niills
.Natn-ie NO 5I111Is
N? I. . ... mills
A!iIs N.... . ..1.' mills
atk (; ro3 No. G..... . mnills
onri tNo. ution-.! . Tax....S mills
Peri nent.t rN ;; a tb dg s 2 mills
iTtl .. .. .. .. ....... 5 inills
SpcilSchoflm -Ylliuns Township.
Laure1n No. A1 mil....% inil
Trinigl i.r No 8 m ills
)loadn;1s No. 1 ........10 .. mills
oaie 2 No. :. ......... ..s..5 mills
'l)iy Na. .. .. ........... mills
U311 it No. 0 .. .. .. mills
Oak Grovt N. ...... ......2 mills
Ora No. 12 .. ......... .8 mills
Sp(ca . -!:,I -ou g Towns;hip.
Yonis No. " ...... .. .. amills
Y ils No. -' ................ mill
lYoungst No ..N.. .. .112 millk
You'.ts No1. . ...............1m1ils
Pountai lini No . :|.... .... mills
LanfordtIi No 0.. ........10%1 mils
Ore'a No. .. .......... ..S mills
YoInnIs o. I................I ill
('entraliI N............. .......millai
Youngc('o, Na. I ..........1 . mills
Gree13n ' . n No.'-a .. .......7 tolls
D ials o . 2lu .. .7. .. . .8 i,'. milli;
lSheiotNo '.. .. .... .....mill's
iat (o~ n-win. No. bon.. 1 mlillsI
.li ak i~b N . .. . .. ... mills
\iial 1 hurc N' o ....... ........-I mtills
1 -'olluniain N...............1 inlls
I lerna N.................S1 mill
Di' als a N. a......... ......." mill'.
.t.Ih-he a'............ ......8 mtih
P' la r Sp im N . .. ..1 ils
Ilc or y IT a-;- No 17 1.. . mill'
(treerta No ..... ..........4' mlla
.\ ra No.I N'................ mill
W aterlo Na...............-. miall
311. Gallg'rNo 4'.. ..I ..S ill
I t hlii hem Na. . . . . .1 4 mills
Ekomt No.n:a.. .. . ....S mills
1'211t4r'oin. N............... mills
Odkelh- No. .-....... .... .....8 mills
I. Iii'!allc N . ';.. ...........3 1 mIsl
Shad. Oli'Ve Ni; . 2......... 1 ills
.('ros No.e ... ......', % niIs
('rcks No. 3. . .... ...1 ilis
('a sli \' nrc N. .. .. ......* Iilh
(cf'rowm iNo. :I.........,...2 inills
(~'rosi4 N. I... .. ..... .. mil's
lluna No 2.......,,........M mills
S'iamho N o.... .... .....il
(' lto n No . . .. .. ........I 11 m Is
tiunter No. -w ..i .. ..y t.ei. .. mils
ll rute to It ..i ., by ,he~ , .. o.. y mils
dSpec.a col ak onhp
Odel'so. sen,,t .. ..s.. o. n.amels
Uo errien Nc.f ' .. ,, t,. e, ..3 milns
Shady earyagve the... ..wn..", mil
Jactk s to. ". .. a .. r.. .. . ..5y miils
Jatksino. th.. ..i.. ..of.D..emmil.
Seuffltown N . O . ..). ..OI ..Om ll
Lanford N. Cou..t. ..r..tsurmi'
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"Oh, no. She's abhout the prettlest
w'lomnl I ever knew, but she was just
like him inside. Try to head him off
some time."
"The best way to head off a woman,"
fnosed Andrea, "Is to marry her."
"'T'hat's so." agreed M'sungo prompt
ly, "but friendship has limits."
They were nec'essarily walking in
single file on the narrow path and
Andrea was behind Will. She looked
quizzically at his back and wished she
could see his face instead. 'But her
attention was soon drawn to other
things. They laid come to the fringe
of the forest. Spaced from two to
three hundred yards apart and set well
out from the shadow of the trees were
mysteriotis piles of something or other
that shone straw-gold under the morn
ing sun.
At the first of the heaps M'sungo
stopped. "This," he said, kicking at
the silky coils, "is tile greatest sub
Stittite for lellp and sisal that tile
world has yet produlced. Tile war has
made it worth--well, not quite its
weight in gold. inless you measure it
by sieer profits oil the cost of pro
duiction. It is nothing but the bark
of tihle telaim trees vilich m hake uIp tile
bilk of ill tie( forests it this region,
preparl by land (oil i process of iny
Andrea looked at the endless pile!,
of fibe. tolis at l tolls of it, stretlich
ing awy like tile posts Ili I prairie
ferne. "And([ y()u say tiiis is a secret ?"
she sklell Incretltillously.
lie ini!etd. "It is so tfamr," he :t
swO'ird. "P'uit if you klew :11 Ohe facts
yout wouldn't li1 it -o Io lilirfiul. Itn
thl first p0lace Ihis sjpot is cut IT (n
ly all sides by .tt (res wihlur
n 5 . IIIn it iily dire itin tiat isn't
trit whi h i is taight 'lwn the liver,
there, is- .1 w\-Ih zion Illtt inl 11,4ur h1111
(1r1d ye.ars las niev'r beeii Pacified by
Ih EIlhoa <onainle of lth ptrov
inee. Timste inisiih(hiod triibes have
been lly friends ill tiines past and11 are
my :!lies t oday. No white mti bu tuy
self, ha.Is ever cros4sed their Iiut)(laries
and lived; coriseiun0tly they (ni tell
no tales to my hario. Do you begin to
Andrea rioddld.
"Tlon at (ite coast," lie contined,
"Jist within Ilie iniuth of the river,
I have a bliud it the way of a sisal
paintation. T'lait g;ves the Ceuse for
i steaner with mnaelhinery, say, to
coIn. ill without aroutsing suispicioln."
"so you are a profiteer on the way
to maI:k iiIg a wiar fortine," coiinented
I Ic thishetd mnore thoeply than she had
yet sien hii. "If yoll stay leire long
eno11gh." htle sald stoutly, "yo m1111ay
hie furned frorn liv'r anld p0iliud at
rght irt.es Into the forest. Site -,o
lowed hn inl lie clill air Oert l.
;&i treiMs. All too suoo A eliren vm'io
out with him1 into .1 wide 4it-nring
which, sinli Il 1tiously wviti their ar
rival. b'egain to ving to the b-lows of
litany axes. 'Throuigh all Its lentgthl it
tiwarmed0. withId blek :tt work ; ome
fi'llintg trees, s'ome strippjinig the'm ofi
harkI, other 1s gathering it, ail still
otthrs stalk ing thie bared iilwoodJ andl
cleaniin tup the genral litter :ie('ord
intg to te miost apptirovedl rules of mod'(
the' eiieiring slowly, with manyit stop.
(on th imi 'irt of N M'Slingi tol encour nie,
dIr ect or cr11iiize. They passe hS'Ile
y'ond~ the riniging of thle axes into a
regi~lon puingrn t withi thte sm et of burni'
tng greeniwood. Aloit one side, the
sidle av-aay fio1rn the fringe of I le for
est, v.'ain a Ilong lie ot smiOke 01piralIs.
Hi waived it thetm. "'I) you see what
they'ire doinhg? Our' us 0s rari Out. so
hre w(e're felling ini thei ol not ivo
way3 th al in of tire .? the' foiot of
l'y3 iim o''lo'k the 'sunl was ni its
fiull ii ra t h and At ndr 'n w: t hak fulI
ind, o 'It r bhr-r pi't l hl l 1 yO ('n lh
g''v'T coni'. his:wi', was too on-i'
Iroll wiI hi I (0ii illk ~lt o nt she lier.
looked at hier fece' gone whit' inl spite
of the leat anid (tursed( himi tii(loitud.
Hie led her' thr uouigh thle finige oif the
forest to thle deep1 shiad( ait It I (ipeni
edige, made her lie do(wni anil showedl
he(r thIat a helmet, rIght sIde ump on the
groundll makes tin e'xcellentt pillow.
"I'm otf. Promise you won't be
lone'ly, for it will be hours before I
get back."
Andtrea's lower lip trembled. "Aren't
you e'ing for luneh?"
Hie lookced dowln at her and shook
his head. "There mnlfy come days of
Jpi(enics, youngster, hut they're a long
waly otf."
"Please come hack," she insisted.
Hie meot lher ey(s w~tith a hardn~ened
gaze. "There's not a wonin living."
lie said( slowly, "that will let a manlf
work when she's aroutnd--if she can
help It."
"You're thiraking of people In love,"
saidI Andrea to start an argument and
gain time.
"Of course I was," said the man ont
the instant. "Can't you let me work?"
"Beast," said Andrea and rolled over
on her slde. one moist hand for a nSI
i&uUUno o meu- usim si lni ad
Bathtub and another boy arrive with
table, chair and lunch basket, all in
a single small load, for before it hap
pened she was far away in the land
of Nod. WhenA she awoke she was
sorry, for awake the hot hours passed
on laggard feet. At midday she ate;
then she tried to read, but by four in
the afternoon she was desperate for
something to do. She determined to
sleep again, and just as she wis dozing
off a whisper came to her-one of those
carefully measured whispers that
reach the intended ear and go no far
"Missis !"
She turned. "What is it?" she
"Gashly I Missis," breathed Bathtub,
and the agony in his appeal to her
to go slow was so eloquent that she
caught the spirit, if not the meaning
of the word.
She raised her head ever so care
fully and looked out over the plain.
"Oh !" she murmured.
A quarter of a mile away a band of
sable were grazing, and in a moment
she could tell that they were feeding
directly toward her. "Oh i!" she
breathed again, "oh, you beauties!"
Closer and closer grazed the herd,
stepping daintily from tuft to tuft of
fodder. Their black and white faces.
the sweep of their arching horns, their
brown bodies that glistenel In the sun
as though they had been groomed,
their nervous flicking bbbed tails,
their incredibly slim legs, combined
till the attributes of foseintion
beauty, vigor, strength, mnotion-und
Illied the eyes of the watchers to over
In tlle van of the herd stepped a
mighty blil, his tiny hoofs liting high
its th ough Ie boasted thlt ils wtiglit
was really nothing. Strlight oward
the forest anld Andrel ho led his little
InIly unitil pre-set-lly she oub m neI
thel sA~hble. (dor ofi thirt Vl lies. ;i( .1r
heanrt was imatin'g liike v trip lultnIllner.
Slit trietd to hot hlier brettilh. Iior
bosmiln1:4. andfl 1In a 11lutterinir
Indulrtion. T i ll] look d 11p m1!
saw er. 114 orns: wentl b;wi: awl
in iHis Eyes Was a Gleam Unbeliev.
ably Wicked.
husq8iatt'l a lgh slt.imblievabi lyt wicked.
Th'eni t er (rak tf a riub', te t hin:
of a bltll In hleshi, a botdy huledl iunte
the air by the dethtl-thirot' and fallin
in a hea p, ltegs doubill di up, tieck t
stretcheid, btltood gurglintg frorn nos
tril. tind mu !
A ntdrea buriied hetr faice in lier lap
t rylkg to bit- tuit t' sitc!ht fromn heir
(3'(el an~d Robbl t d its thliought her hear1n
we: e breutxm mg. Shec did inot hetir :ih
wi bI cry of BaiIli thi, nor sete his ('r'ay
in Iratins ablot te ltrstritei blet,
Itit wittin te v, hiitc liianm spttke hetrt
riit ieauptd to tttwet Ite justIilienitlon
in his wotrds, wit hutt whh-hl slit fill
"Stto ytourt iryin." lie sald sharply.
"Wheni' a sold' Inl gets its tcltse its
Itat, i lire's not telling which way lhe's
('To be ( 'nt inuei(d.)
N4)ll I: T'il lO \I T'
tent t'llei id ini to itute its.
I ea th: .'n i tomi.
II a vi yout a cough?
llirttatle I lyomi ei.
I lavi' y'ou a tobti?
I lreth I Iymnti.
I lyomeii it t' (bit Irea itont for
iii, thoat anad huui ir'h!t's. it dio's
('omeis withl tach outflit.
A ('otmplete' outIllt Costs but little at
I uren'';s I )rtug (Co. or anay t'el iable
diiiggistI anid I lyometi is gutartanteed to
b aihil a trrh, ('roupj, cotikhts, caldus,
soc i toat and1( br'onit fis or moneiy
back'i. A Iltyomelc inhIialt'rm Iasts a life
tme antd exltra bot ties of hi yomiei (an
het obtlaluted from dru'iggists totr a few
In Scene From
cper-a liouse Next Mon
clay Aftrnoon. Usual
"l'iipe*'. I old ! 'ompouta m!'len bireaks,.
Oper 1 oll lin Iew IN urs.
l11lief (onulSs instari lv. A dosi~e tak
iln every I wo0 hiottiu i un i l ire (loses
chlninlenyls al the grippeu' Ulsery.
d ll l d nst rils an d Mt e i r atssage
ill te h'ud. stops noe runnfI ing, r
lieslh henw indalch-e, dulnss, taveih
1 , Sn Iwoin , hors 1 til. and stri ss,
oln .t uffd -111 du- gr Quit low ing
h yNot in 1 de iln Ithe world gives
s Ituh Ii rnpi i hf as I0' eae's old
Col44lmmtt'. wIch I utlsts only a fe
t'-opt drug5q sutr. It acts vi Ih
luiin C". il il upoIn
Twh Tic uo)ll u'%
(ft''-Iw)% l l. sf)I' IfN~ ih
olIt s v l(..v lt il, I(
K, jas.A rC w Ti~
Service Day and Night
Charges Reasonable
Will Appreciate Your Patronage.
Telephones: Residence 201; Offlee 45
Office at Posey's Drug Store.
c a Package
before the war
mc a Package
during the war
oCP7 a ,kag
r Parlor, Bed-room, and Bath
Wherever, whenever, heat is par
ticularly desirable a portable Per
fection Oil Heater provides it in
stantly in just the amount wanted.
The Perfection is clean, safe, odor
less, efficient. It burns for ten hours
on a gallon of kerosene, without
soot or ashes. Easily filled and re
wicked. In use in over 3,000,000
Aladdin Security Oil gives best re
sults. At your dealer's.
(New Jersey)
Walntn, D). C. BA LTIMORE, MD. Charotte N C
chiaanoud, Vi . Charleston,8. C.
Use Aladdin
Security Oil
Oil ileaters

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