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You Do More Work,
You are more ambitious and you get more
enjoyment out of everything when your
blood is in good condition. - Impurities in
the blood have a very depressing effe-t on
the system, causinif weainevs, laziness.
nervousness and sickness.
restores Energiy and Vitality by Purifyinj
and Enrichinll the Blood. When you fee
its 3trengthening, invigorating effect, se
how it brings color to the checks and hov
it inproves the appetito., you Ivill the:
appreciate its true tonie value.
is not a patent iediine. it is simip
IRON and QUININE suspended in Syrul
So pleasant evenl chikiren like it. TI
blood needsQuinine to Purifyit and IRO
to Enrich it. These reliable tonic proj
erties never fail to drive out impurities i
tho bleod.
The Strength-Creatin o wer of GtOVE'
TAST'ELESS Chill TONIC has made i
the favorite tonic in thousands of hone.
More than thirty-ive years ago, fol.
would ride a long distance t get GROVE'
member of their family had Malaria o
needed a body-buildin. s;trength-givim1
tonic. p Th formula is hist the same to
day, and you can get it from any drug
store. 60c per bottle.
of the
The Books of I theI County Treasu rer
will he opet for the collection of
'Slate, County anni Coiiu1tation Road
Taxes for the liseal year, 1919, at the
'Treasurer's ollice 1rom October 15th
to 'December 1llst. 1419. After Deceii
h0r 31st one per cont. will he added.
After January 31st, 1 w) Cir ceit will
he addedl, and after February 21tih,
Sevel per enIt will be added till the
5thll day of March, 19211, w\*hen ith1
books will b elosed.
All persons 4wiling proertly in
more than onl" t ownship are reqntested
to call for r-ceiph: ill (ach of the
sOveral olwIlips in which the pro
lerty is lor:i tl. Tuis is illporltant. as
additionlal co:sl arnd penalty mlay h
I weeni Iih )w ! 1 21 and 1) yas of
al C tiabI Io pay a ;-0!! a \ o!
St.0 , exept old :,Iitlirs, who -1re
ox'mipt .11 :1.1 ar of a~ge. Conannia."a
tion Roii Tax $1.50 in lien at' oal
duitty. All m1enl now inl militaey :r
aleC are 'e\iipt from road tax.
The Tax v ' is 'Is follows:
Sita Ta t..................9 xills
Ordinary Comint Tax .. ..I mills
toad and 13idge........1 mills
Railroad li(Ind.......... I mill
lAoad liind i:........ ......... inmills
.91ill lionds . ... .. .. . n m ill
(kIstiltitionza! School Tax . I. mills
lPermanoiieot ro8(a anId blrhiger. 2' inlls
Total ..............25 %. mills
Speclal Tchwoh-larns Township.
Plaureis No. 11 1.. .......1% iilla
Trinil.-tidge No. 1 ......8 % milli
Ahlddens No. 2 .. ...........I mills
Narnie No. 3............ mills
Ralley No. I ..A.......... .4 mills
.Aills No. 5 .......... ..4 iulls
ttak (rove N.).. ........2 mills
Ora No. 12 ............ ..8 mills
*Special 01:uoii --Yoi nngs Township.
Yoings No. ! .. .. .. .. .. ..4 mills
Veungs No. 2 ............8 mills
Youngs No. I.. .........11% mills
Voungs No. S............8 mills
l4ountain in No. 31. .....20 mills
Painford No. 10 ........0 in IIlls
Ora No. 12 ............ ...-mills
Youngs No.........,. ..; mills
Odtitral No. ; .......... ..2 Viills
Youngs No. 7 ...... .. ...mills
Special Schiool s-Dials Townshiip.
f'reen Poan d No. 1... .. .. ..7 mills
D~ials No. 2 ...... .. ... ...% mills
$hilohi No. :3.... ........2mills
dray Court-Owings No. 5 . .12% minlls
Qarksdale No...... .. .. .. ...5 mitlis
mals Chu rlh No. 7. .. .. .. ... mills
Ifotlain Innti No. :1t........20 mills
Mertna No. S .. ..............t inils
19lals N. t .. ..............I mills
rnti. Itethiel Nr. :' .. . . . . ilt
IPrince.oin No. I. .. .. .. ...2 % mills
l'oplar -Sin'im: No. ::.......12 mills
IUlekor Ta : '-i No. 17 . . 8 mit s
Brewer( ton No. 7.... ......4 mills
Sullivani Townshi,) it. R. hoods :' mnills
Sp.eciat Schioe Maierloo Tlownshlip.
Waterl oo No. Il. .. .-. . I mills
Alt. Galla.trN........... ....mlls
IHothu(lee, . .. .. . ...... I mitts
laom N..... ..............8 millis
(41nterponit No. I... .. . ... ...1 mills
W1.t i'leasn N....... ....4 mills
Mt. Oliv. No..7.... ........ mills
.'ecial sehoals- I ross.I-till Township.
@foss Ilill N.>. 1:3..... .. ...10 % mlls
Gross 11111 No. ... .. .. .. ....2 mIlls
'*oss 111ll No..:.. ... .. .. ...2 mIlls
ffross 111l1.No. 4 ........... ..2 mIlls
dross 111li No. 3 .... .2. mIlls
Speel.al Schools-- 'Innter Tawnship.
Motuntvill No:' 16 .. .. .. ....I mills
19unteor No. 2 .. ...........4 mIlls
HIuntor No. :3.............6 mIlls
Minton No. 5 . ..... . ..1 mIlls
lMunter No. 4 .... .........4 nills
ihnter No. 1 ...:.........2 mills
-Itmnter No. I;.... .........4 mIlls
Special Schools--Jacks Townashiip.
ioll's No. 0.... .. .. .. .. .3 imll
IWuti~cano No. I5 .. .. .. .. ..3.mIlls
Mady Grove No. 2 .. .. .. ..3 mills
,incks No. 3 .. .. .... .5 mIlls
JIheks No. 4 -. ..... . ..:.. mIlls
Spooclal Schools, Se'.ufflotown Trownship
bangtton Chunrch No. 3. .. ....3 mIlls
Soufflet.own No. 1 .. .. ... ....8 mIlls
lanfordi No. 10. .. .. ....10% mills
E&a NO. 12.. .. .. .. .. .. ....8 mills
Settfleltown No. 2 .. ........4 mills
Soufflelowvn No. 4. .. .. . .....I )nills
Prompt at tenition w~IllI be given
those who owish to pay t heIr taxes
I hrough t)he miall by cheek, money or
dher, etc.
P'ersons, send(inlg in lists of names
to lie taken off are reqtuested to send
t'hom carty ; and gIve the townishin of
eah, s the Treastrer is very busy
dut llg the month of Deocem~ber.
She felt herself struggilpg as Ugainst
ant unjust accusation. Under her
trembling hands, her fieart beat with
great Irregular throbs. A lump rose
in her throat and it seened its though
It must strangle her if Ie (1 not let
it 1nt-. In her desperatlol she hurled
herself forward, threw her arms about
M'stungo's neck, pressed her face
ligallist him and slobbed.
"Oh, White lan," si gasped, "I
was so lonely-I am so lonely."
The embrace, of a woiatin Is one
thing; the elinging of a child quite an
other. The sternness in 31'sungo's eyes
died suddenly ; the hard look In his
face faded, vanished and gave place to
one of great tenderness. lie gathered
An(rea 11l) in his armnis and carried
her quickly through the coveret way.
Ile told himself there was every ren
son to hasten, for he could feel her
soft warm body, shaken with sobs,
wrapping itself round his heart and
crushing it beyond repair. He laid her
on the (ouch In his roomri, 11111e a nest
for her In the mnny pelts vith whilh
It was covered, pillowed her lead in a
bundle of furs and drew over her a
ga'yly figured sarong.
"You were cold," lie said, as he
tuckod her In ; then lie knelt beside
her, took her hand in both of lils and
suddenly laid his face .liu her open
palm, still moist with her tears.
Aidrea drew a long withinIperig
sigh and nestled downt against the
wam furs, iIer eyes gatzed iltipersont
ally and a little wonderingly at M'sin
go's bIowxed head ; then they wandered
21hot Ih room. So this waIts wiiere he
luit liVed and wvorked (liing many
luolit s ! It 'v it a bachelor's roomt1,
arran11ged ait once for Comfort, utility
anild sloth. On one side was his cot,
)rtnliently inclosed in mosquito net
titg d111(t Itavilig at its leid ti lantern
for it adig it b'd. Next to it, catie a
high tiaughtsan's desk roughly
itade of pao'king (ases. Ot each en(I
(it U4. I-uttering c-Ind(les, still lighted,
rose fromi ttlysterious pelevstals, empty
bottlcs, disgtufwd utider cascades of
molten wsax.
In tie shadow of the bigh 0desk stood
tihe ntIrle litterly inceo('tngtotts hit of fur
itur, a glistening inliogany pliono
graph. Andrea's eyes passed it and
thlien went back to hitngetr for atn in
stant in vague won(ler. Why had
M'sungo never brought it out ? Never
l)AIyod It? She was not Interested
eniough to ask aloud.
Andt'eat's (yos finished their slow
circuIt of the room and camtle *back to
the White mnalm's howved head. le had
not moved and site herself ha(d lain
very still, more through latiguor than
by volition. She had been in that .9tate
(if subduied Consciousness which
sweeps troubled humanity hack to the
borderland of childhood, but now her
-ind itwoke. A deep flush staIned her
neck and crept ttp through her checks,
carrying with It to her eyes a loo of
sudd AI age. Her hand, imprisoned
uider tho inin's cheek, doubled and
contracted into a hard little flist. He
looked up quickly and saw the transi
Ilon u that ha n co to her face. "Don't
give it to it," lie said, throwing one
atr'mt &1tr1f.Si her knees. "Don't give in
to atge. Do you think 1 am so blind
that I don't klow where I foftind you?
Wiy do4) you think I ai on m.0 knees?
It's in' reverence ifore the glimpse
thitt I caught of the girlhood of An
drI Pellor. Aly aiim are trembling
hemtsv lit-y have-drd to carry her
leot'e' th touch041 441 thte world atnd
Vetrs.' tuld tny heita' Is :l'ltilg with a
1tae et'e, leatpedi to his feet
riI I IIdu Iaintg upi ati tIown be
- t '-in hi, a1 lokc at thumrler on
It,-0 '. - h ert'Il hettt twenIi ''t' iri
.I a .:-.' .''.s .! ;i n It lit , drew ia
ut,',tl14 ia 1411voume thenrh laredoa
he I1 'oan!l ''ro lwou'd futloe his'
(-r To':b:dl Cotiehd) d n
omor oin ere.li frmhaira
mi iake Sochdoisth pemur
World'sh tmp 4 L ishme dnt
w hre br.ad nrlie ivery tiarow
lie- extenal "bwi. c, tht his ett
wiiers :-aom, enogh tograte hmc
mecy comorthr.in stefhshih
Awas welknd y rae, o te lit
(uercuTo , Cninu edsh.)
Comfo(rtingst re lief from $1a0.
maesSoa' the
Ths amusreiee of emai
from your ferti/iz
if yod
The Fertilize
Fish Scraj
~Owings &B
An A tract
At ai timrecs the artistic dwelling
is in demand, whether large or small,
expensive or inexpensive. An at
tractive, inexpensive house, however,
is an exception. QUIOKBILT Bunga
lows combine beauty and economy.
thoroughly coverIng the nleedis of tice average renter; is especially
built for renting plurposes. It Is well hbuilt, (o0y, convenient, well
ited, wvell ventliacted,'attractive botth inside and out, actd small
<u ozy. It i Inexpensive in construction, btitt ill tbring a'
goicd rent. A houset tio lairge is na much4 ai dirawbhack as a house too
acnall. ThIs Oneo is just the right sizo. Busngalowis are always in
demnand. QUICKBILT itungalow No. -3 ia uneither cheap nor elab
friit. ItaIsd crpial 1111 eisignedi to make the best lnvestment- froma
In erecting this bungalow you wall
.WAST-^" ""'h a 'ater'i In aready prepared and tile iarg.
i) ery loot of i Itii er Isla u. d lcr u no surtplus nined.
TIME- very ph'e~ of niaterial has its own place. Juv ything
S nitmblered anid sySftemiatlzed. The Inst on)s to
110 eadrlenter are 'omle~hte iand the order of erect is aimpli,
No timse Ia lost in lookIng for materIal. Thle tin ordInarily re
uniired lin preilinry cutting andl rImming Is 'ed. As a larg
pot ion f te houe but -ui -op tils, just at mauch timei ani
LA ABR- """ e" entare iean erection isystemautzed
fiiiar.peprt i <uiir ie athe 'rent mutild g "Itugabo(,"-pre
Q11iCKBIr Jiungalow is redusce ai minnimmdthe irefore, a
Wlith no 'isia o .n A ca rlate I Ia -eru feed and experience
houuse will Ia ke almuost as mniy week.. s h odnr
MONciEY- ^"y Aavsin t uncste of miaterhal tume and labor, Is
tow the i!exese a$ s gin rs se. 1ith the QCKBILT Jiunga
pee nut pay a ecatritsr e. i' e ercetc I, so alcprec i
ytn ate t o carmiar oavaeititetwt te and c cann tegrecteit
lislie convenience, ecocnmy anid strength. The cost of lic
ctierl is further reduced bythe fact that you buy It froma tice
rell in r -fataer iscifres Isnoe Onur eomplete plants cover
nodndidle-nman a profit. You buy direct from the source of material
'llepric Isterefore rock bottcu I n (la opete pla in
a t iaof inuat iyciatir, you gaIn the adrantage of h
QUICKBILT Bungalow Dept.,
A. C. Tuxbury Lumber Co.,
Charleston, S. C./
8 No
mmm w
White I
(Continudca roi Page One.)
era.. left for holne andi 11he planingl""
their griass hut. seattered without the
lImits III the permallent (rll, Were'
also st onl fire.
"Withinl :a wvek of tile first rains,"
said M'st1go to a list less Andrea. "the
wIllerness wilt hive retirned a14to
gether to its own to all' olitward 1ap
!earan'e. Threte weeks after f hat,
anlyt-io peietratin t t 1 i t'lea ring we
I Lave imide will finid nothlg btyond at
tlottr:sling shambal),I lir con11 patch. the
very itotural property of the craal."
On a Inight of downpour Andrea sat
in her rootm, hands crossed upon aI dis
earled book Inl her lat) an1d eyes wide
ly lixed on1 some point of' focus far hle
yitlt the Ia' 4'ien lilig walls of IWI' 11111.
Sihe was frightened, for her sout had
oie to talk with her and there was
I) 41"s1ap1. Slht' coulld 11 ot 11ipiole uip
a taxi and a Irty Of four and go to
a .hoiwl :idt suill 1afte-wad, tus
14osinag t he uuniver'sal gue.'1.
With a (hildis g1!,I estulre of lespair..
sle- crept into bel. 'curi ed up with lier
fCe4 neainst tlie lillh w 4111d wept. The
11 e' sII r l. C h t more0111 01 it ' 11ui1(d1
lite 111o it ruinevd, thev 11n4r she cried.
Thelire was no ('nd1 to tit-no enld-no
- SIteep did its best to1 tiake and.141 hol
lie 1111 tolighlt its grip was nitie4'rlain:
anelI lon" bef'ore t ni ng11 it saw~ defeat
1onthIilg 111id 11uie"l a dasaIrdly retiat.
A d rea awoke, 4t slowly, ntt swilI
iing 111) 1 t consIisn14ss th 4rn:1th
r w S g-lr.ttid tion , l zi udbi-nly with
aI snapping f dyeps wifil. openl ()n a
lil. emt' ines. Shte w:1s a4one. tter
ibly 11one. .11141 ho't'lesIy awakv. Sih.,
lay tri up at1 0hr Ilim he-'rful laji-I
twrni tha: :<l-;( 11.1d purpo ely le-t t irnl
in1. I I Its chit4C wy wa4 , 4 '4 :10ii0. )It
She ecid d Ill r :1 fllh' in14re anld
found heebi'.Tcnam had willh
dr~twn bfore aninleh', ulrg.Ie
fac hardeneld. Wo'll. it' slite e4nuin'14I
cry, son1: hililg 111t11; Imh ppen : if lno. on
its owl. Iheit 1 11141t 144' forced. SlIt'
wondereid wlgiit tihe whi te mai was
d1o)1n1g. I Iaps hle \:Is s md asleel;
peirhaps Ie was etvel silrilg W'liat I
(I1ll sht know abou)1t1 this 11:1an, allyVny ay
Was he hum111ati? IhlA het live poinso
conltact: 41r wa.Is hel an itapalpanble cren
tion) 6f her sick brain? il''huips sh
wasn'l here M ia l al If lie sri:anaed,
would Aunty Gwen come rinmualg in
or- Her eyes, follolwing thev sequenceI.
of her thoughts, fe1 upon the brred
She irose, lilt pu1n her Silippv's n11
her hathrobe, walced 4111lertely to
the door, grtsped thle har w\-I i two
tretmhling hands and threw it upl) with
all her strength. The clang of the far
awtig ging rang out above l(- the dii of
tle droning rain. Following it lnstant
l y camttei tlie thild of a flitting chair.
The door, released. Swing slowly openl
with at long-drawn creak of unolled
hinges. Andrea was suddenly fright
Corn Iiig through the covered1 way
she could1( hear the swift crus~h of hur
M' {ng, Full Dresed Sho /noh
3.ngr 'o trgger wa a ilai' u
1aedof i 9-un'nl-isloginn
Anrea Fully hireesedought Int th~e
ntor, coHet'ioo hand hled.b1
sef he wast te oenther i (Oli tl1y
i the om. Shsad h, w a he
F'yed andf otmbin. Only y hisI s f;lg-i
trkq to onV.Ie sortef'(li'( combt r~Ie(x
.ontly te gr'ow slowly .1enso~ 'agalIn, lie
tuirned(, 11ak4 the shiotguni tisie and1(
came' towariid hel' w~Ith sift sutre
strIt1i . Foru an 'Instant his eyes
waveirdIgut as he drew nearer they
stendiled to tranfix ard hojd her
pinne 6 a ans tije
"f- sats
erwil be greaterz2
er willat grater
a Famous
obo, Agents
[S, S. C.
We House
Casily Rented
At NO.43
A Safe,'Profitable Investment.
Oneo of tihe bemt invesitments obt'ainable is te attractlive,
sericeable, rentabilie ihouso. Th'iat I.A, if thmo coat of tihe ihoumo
la niot too great. it lai difileulit to lower the cost without i-heap
oning tihe imouso. it ls posalbie, however, with time QUICKBOILT'
Itunigalow No. 413, for it Is built for just thmat putrpose.' A ihoua
and( lot costing $1,500.00 andi renting for mun averamge of $2
petr mnonith, ialbringinug 20 per cent. Interest. Taxem, inuttminc,'
repmaira. etc., wvill reduce' It to aboumt 10 per cenit. ('an yomt
maike am iettor hmavestneent 7 Tihe rent Incomes from anm attramtiie
QUICKBIL.T Ittungaliow at this trie of hmighm renits anmd unvrante
demand for ihouses, will mnke it a prmfitlei inmvestment.
Build On Your Undeveloped Lot.
fo Cm~e imiorrmt timimmda oy fomrml ~e i me liimarao
m. 31 anmd mnimyi othmem amttram-time QU lCiKOILT itmmagm lows . i s
Popular for its Convenience.
eas mr- miot ipp e dccli lm rie t w ork Xie with allc
21-frt. x 30o-ft. Thermco mare -two large bed roiinna. omne '12-if. 12-f.
mamd one 12-tt. x ti-fl., a sp'acious living room, 12-ttX f. a8
kitchen, 1 5-ft. x 9-ft.g eiosets amid amn attractive, front limrchm 10-ft.
x 0-fi. Time conmstruct-ionm s largeiy omf North m Crolimna l'o h
'W6od Uivem-rsai," thmorommghly klin dried. E;xcemlm iio'ir them mm
ceilIng. Wmia biilt it mameis of midinmg llmmmd w tmiei floo rin mt
instmro waramiih. Dumrablde, ilrm-re'siatmg. ammdar mmpim teii amloerlo
with mlaie greomn or rcd fiih. Excce(mtmor mm ~ih ll
netcessary mialls andm hmarwaire fuirnished. Jorand mom sh. l x
:erior wails stalimed ay one of mtu0ofe it x
nmbmmler of standaniam colors, or
maited with omne heavmy coat of
primming mait. Exterior iriam andi
insaide fInlahml painmmted wmIllI Onet
heamvy coat of pariming pamint. .
N== = = ==== ==
A. -0. TUXIURY L.UMBER Ct)., Charleston, 8, 0,
itlemen:-Picao sonm-J frt y'suf Book, "flUICKOILT Di n0a!0Wsm
O0-101 m especially intcested Ia a ......, ro; ,.

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