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Ekom, April 5.-The farmers are
getting blue over so much rain and 110
'plowing scarcely (one, but cheer up,
for all things will come out right.
The many friends of Mrs. Jane Cul
lbertson will be sorry to learn that she
is not doing so well.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Moore are right
sick; also Mr. J. Marvin Moore is not
,loing so well.
Miss .Myrtle Culbertson hns been ut
home the past week suffering with anl
abcessed tooth.
Miss Lizzie Ashe arrived Saturday
to finish the school, taking the place
of her sister, Miss Janie, who had
to give up her work on account of her
,health. She has had a successful op
eration and is now getting on nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Culbertson have
been with their mother, Mrs. Jane Cul
bertson, the past week.
Mrs. Wallace Is <with her inother
this week.
Mrs. W. L. Cooper is with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Cooper visited
Mr. W. 1W. Culbertson and family Fri
MIss Louie Cooper andl Messrs. Jay
Cooper and Roy Culbertson spent
awhile Friday night with Miss Lau
rens Culbertson and mother.
Mrs.. G. Cooper visited Mrs. Lu
rante McDaniel one afternoon last
Misses Nell an(d Janette .Pinson
spent Saturday afternoon with Miss
es Grace and Lonie Coo:er.
Mr. W. P. Culbertson, Dr. J. G. Coo
per, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cooper and
little Julia Katherine, Messrs Carl
Culbertson and Edgar Burts and lit-tic
son Calvin, and Mir. Roy Oulbertsor
were callers at the home of Mrs. Lot
C'ulbertson Sunday .afternoon.
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Laurens Hardwa
Lauren--, S. C.
Mr. Marion Holcomb, of
a long while I suffered w
have pains and a heavy i
disagreeable taste In my i
butter, oil or grease, I wou
regular sick headache. I
after a course of these, I
seemed to tear my stoma<
no good at all for my trout
recommended very highly
me. I keep it in the hout
liver medicine made. I t
stomach trouble any mc
the jaded liver and helps
throwing out waste materi
tern. This medicine shot
use in time of need. Oel
- sluggish, take a dose tar
* morrow. Price 2.5c a pa
J "0A "~I~ iN DE .R BAND
Opera House Tuesday, April 13
Brown Emblem of Mourning. RENEW FIGHT
In Egypt yellowish-brown, the hue ON PEACE MOTION
of the dead le-af, is worn as the e om.
blem of mourning.
Wa r. To resubutit Treaty?~
ce_____________________ Wshington, April -The flght In
congress over formal termination of
the war will be renwed this week.
With the failure of the senate to
ratify the peace treaty, the house Sill
vote on a resolution put forw'ard by
Republicans, (declaring the wvar ended.
There were indications today, hofver,
that this might resuti In further de
velopmnents in connection with the
treaty, possibly Its resubmission to
the senate by the 'president as the ad
ministration's counter move.
The peace resolution Is to be brought
rebefore the house Thursday with a rle
expen- calling for a vote Friday. Reiblicans
n~fionbelieve it4 adoption Is assuredl, while
MIth vetoed by President Wilson without
prosiect of omtining a two-hirds vote
to override the veto.
hIn many well informed quarters the
Simpression Is groing that either be
the Surfa tore or more probably along with a
t d s o veto meofe the rsd 9ight -
trthtraty to thessenfroe whthsas
Albenevhoshl mtveepesin arln e
: akg oa.I yo feetol.Ide i ol ntsr
orht Youc will touhfiteelhesifatonsh0)to-th
Cogts ConsherslutormathEnitull
ar. vTosumt heof'retug it
re ~2 adosigon 1 prth 4ose.-This wash in
conress toay form a termation th
Sth. Senator b rewtchikso (lweek.
Wither 'the fa'dilurte lehof theet
Ssrato cthes ovaetray the house reoil
vton arsltlnpu ovadb
________ 'IRepulieane telrill the warolonded.
There were nyctinw aody roowever,
tat issmugeh lresuted in futherod
teator osIlits declbissio to n
Nancy Ky. say: "Fr qutethem Isee b th mOresideta the prds
eclingaftermy meas, a ost mdntr'atis coner roeuno. h
iout. I I te aythng hiTet toeace enalteo sotly b ruti
bdsi tu.Ibra ohv eor that hoe h rsda with rruoed
basdplsan altbtee witsh adoptidnt slsurn, hileb
Dolobmostptd.Iusc ratm decarehitocrnlywllb
propet f btInngahwothrdrvt
Tveto mdessagl, -theld Apriden mght re
tunte aset toug thi seatin ealy
so bean t useIt. t cuedrmae byteprosstus egard oingre
al te tme.It s tebsthserains. ofndeed t o ulder not sr
lo o avrikiedchrmel)Oatdi'tation kemenwr kid
re." Blac-Drughtactson-tc stil theio itoatin ahnud the
it t doitsimprtat wrk f 'vhpr landnetur to he vstraywting e a
als andpoison froewtdaysy.
lfighneey o~ehl or tt o the esluen he. irual
a pakagetoda. youfeearm' wAtou ~V hoes wfseenting hick
ight. ou wil feelfreshadotins to both hoses o his emve in
Alldrugists.cantedy. Thenatorew H titedek ofaNs
braskaoin anistatoeladrywo.e
mother of lasahets, Rvepubwlcme
guests cones t ver the. h.ouaereolu
Mr. P. E. Cooper spent Saturday and :
Sunday in Greenville.
Mr. Geo. Bagwell was in Laurens on
business Thursday.
Mrs. IElvira Holcombe, of Liberty,
is on a visit to her son, Anibros Ilol
combe, They visited Mrs. Jane Ow
ens in Gray Court Sunday.
The teachers and pupils enjoyed an
egg hunt on the school grounds Fri
day and found over a hundred eggs.
A nice time was reported.
School will closb the latter part of
the week and the 'parents are much
pleased with the nwork that Mrs.
Rhodes and Mliss Donnon have given
during this session.
State of South Carllna,
County of Laurens.
Whereas, pettions signed by a legal
number of the qualified electors and
free-holders residing in Waterloo
school district No. 6, Laurens county,
South Carolina, asking for an election
uppn the question of voting an addi
tional -4 mill tax upo nthe property in
said school district, to be used for
school purposes, have been filied with
the county board of education, an elec
tion is hereby ordered upon said ques
tion, said election to be held on the
24th day of Alril, 1920. at public
school building in said district, un
der the mannagement of the trustees
of said school disti-ict.
Only such electors as return real or
personal property for taxation and
who exhibit their tax receipts and
legistration certificates as required in
the general election shall be allowed
to vote.
Those favoring the .1 mill additional
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
work "YES" written or printed there
on. Those against the 4 mill addi
tlinal tax shall vote a ballot contain
ing the word "NO" written or printed
thereon. Polls shall open at the bour
of 8 o'clock in the forenoon and shall
remain open until the hour of 1 o'clock
in the afternoon when they shall be
closed and the ballots counted.
T1he trustees shall report the result
of the election to the county auditor
and county superintendent of educa
tion within ten days thereafter.
R. T. WILSON, Supt.
38-3t By order of County Board.
. .
The d era
There is athefto
performane andfli~
therfihe eie.,tlo
Thbie ombiaita
of Maxwell constri
And to obtain t.
sncanis costly steels
steels in a Maxwel
That is why tia
nearly 400,000 hav
this year; why the
We have done it for thousands of others; why not for you?
We believe a trial will convince you.
FOOTER'S---Cleaners and Dyers
Cumberland, Md.
N EVER E1FORE in the history of the world have such aston
ishing opportunities been iesented to young men and wo
men. Make 1920 the foundation stone upon .which to build
years of future success and prosperity. Your future is in your
own hands. Will you make of it a succes sor a failure? We have
started hundreds of young pe ple on the road to success. Mlay we
rendler the same service to you?
Write for particulars as to courses. rates. etc.
GREEN WOOD. S C. Asheville, N. C.
Of Spartanburg
Former Solicitor Seventh Circuit
iierao o h rilatpromneo
eteesaut fineMaxw e lss w pomlayta
y ofthMwlte reasonause for brilliant promneo
ong forawlpfrances stensdo enotdureni
mnake its tasks easier. They flatten out a hill
m of light weight and great strength-the ideal
tction-is thus achieved.
iat rare combination of strength with quality
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I equal those in any car built.
e rise of Maxwell has been so marked; why
e been built; why 1 00,000 are being constructed
sc will fill but 60% of the demand.
dlina Auto Company
J. Y. MILAM, Manager

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