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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, July 14, 1920, Image 20

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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More Than Humor in Samiples of
Baboo Wrting
Comiunications Evidently O(imcposed
Under Stress--Proposal of Mar.
riage Can Only Be Classed
as Remarkabl.
Sorpeontsb'n, tigr,- nnol other
bav I n k! ot InlfrequentIl y I I InI\ -t rf r l I 10-'t41With1
1t W:'k rill I niii. 1 i mprovetut1et
InI i t (I .1 . Th' tif: V Iwe tl tvi(.rLnl of
glicy of "ilti platform,"
ha n lw i st l' 8ecll'. f11
wascerainy ecusblefor heltig rath
er llp tit. Il In '111 i iitl :1 'ill i li liEau'
The wen pln o a hoo Ollice
cler, n lrese. to the heonl of the
less tojutity isx1' urt'ene y'\ et there
irt 111111ny whot will Sytopat:111z .
"If thi, i' e wV' be on nt ttsly
1,n1" 1 el by vrcily I n un w t
":ww .' nlwl r ''li i 1 wilt 11
.111; -
it I wrs, -Z po lt
nI n\th lv fit i t' iv
;11 t 11 I v w1n I~ i n1 1 S:,]. .I h
it ':-' '' 'ime r n'e Iihn'' I t a' -
nr-lpain E n h
Move fo'rl Sound Currienrcy. u
(In~lher. I f :.y 1.ti 1
channel~ in ti 1 Ta in u.! I myxtn
Is' 1 1 - t
st t; ! n ny wila .e.I ut th
t inin) P01 : t ' il
lis ni l ove -11bv h )n . N m :1ib
I -:. A it h .
i i t! : I r
ru. h. i I il t N - : l
pbilth. i b:i.t l : It I
Imor nho-wnvemi l O bo:.h t i. vall
lov'. As' to 1iy ho ti en h r
nneyholnge!m h'ain to!.he I.'' thi
prlp't :ion 1)n pyor gic pre, lou Itol wh1't1
tDn wttllp enn l(r<!ltly 11' xorr or k."i
)nt your fatay IS irch-.IVour utifulIp
'Tw heget volun - pflluropeaner
ta , t e r lu4Iy is !or tra t1l by
wha is t~iha ~ ne in ('zcho lo
.n i n w . -1 th Ax.ksJnr
7IR. I
"Wi, the ol fellow th'iutht he hl
, 14o J1 l the I o.ther <hy, hIIIIt I ha,-ve
a bttor 411e." saltbI Mlss 31M sk-Ox.
"I It' wlhit are you talking?" aisked
Mrs. Mlusk-t(Ix.
"Your. hu1An.111, n11adaml" Said Mliss
Mitsk-,Ix. "Wh-len I lat\e soile 01e to
talk about I ln't t:alk ablout any onle
S111:11 and of no ini1port-ance,. like it
h1,0by, f'r exiiple, it real hhy or a
litth' hirdllinu, oir a tish, or ii lizard, or
anlything Ilike thaIt."
It's . liucky Olting that a child Isn't
ariutNil to tar 'you 'peaik of it little
baby lotho' or sistir inl the sMIne
vtji''e l- ia y o of a fish or a lizat,"
snIhl lr's. Mlsk-Ox.
"'-: itll thing albout a little bab111y
btiher or 1sit ." - -
"-\\~ell. the bably would beo a bol
It 1' r'>t of the fatiily, if l.. uk.
\A i s i' h- i ! f Iih r ::t4
bnh Isd wouh in ybea : !
1 wo b:tn 1'y1 . hi' a lIt
Luv. o, j
- '(1. but you i n :
1,;:. v. k i l ;1!. 1 mh. 1 o n
"You're a Stubborn Creature."
IIonitir iAis 3a x I uu d '
)'Mt yOU inl L hole. Nfs, I woubdin't, I'm
tl t Ii( for that? H it, nu h alito. nice for
It LIre:t, g':t illitake. Why If you
u'r 'wo Ilifen vr ryoine woniti 111.k:.
ywi iliways talk tI ) livin anid play
--1 A l d' (i'' ..n ilule ler
M o. 111114 so r h f -r 4thers, .1111! 11:1V
inmu a swo-t v jn i~gt\,oil$y
M1s~ Al u ;k-( ix'
I-li! it.'
have lt b e d ispo ite "I - ~ t h i .
A . . ...u , " ' l
totlose th in.
"-\' l idnbb1' in l 31 e k-ook. n
n I~ Inn' "In, " iti ! li s \.(T sk-f 1 x,
"IT, Iot ~ij theti t
Is 'tiu b~e ur e " i'n de ,"t wo l
w'e''ll nIll *ind i' bl M tikox " mak e
-" iis ofn' iV atI ug r:: 'J'-lfyont itial.
WIIe . t "ii o ayr. \Now-if, hacy hoaght
t"hri-4lly h bl-h o alig ino aud
Uey gut 11t mc, it (11y -1"d
Acn of the Merchant Marine of Great
Britain and of Anurica Always
Quietly Hero1c.
The neremntinarinle h:.; alwiuys
fell the a y.inl t;ren.t B1.r1.011 al Inl
the iltei Stit.es. becanuste the sali.
Ilr's ti.let I-t'e rs frIn411 that of the Sol
diet inl til, respect: As soolh as you
drop the I tlhror lights you Ire always
inl 1t 1 t hl Ibis Is what gives seln
fitting un'i their Oine, Iliheral views.
The sohlidr regat rils Ihe freebooter,
tile colnitadji an i thle billlit as (WIs
titly dllsrepu mtabii le tietinbters of so
vlety-n1 rale, to bie stalinped out and
itt erly disaipproved. The silor re
g:is the irate, th isinuggler, ani
tie gulnIttnntner, Iot with approvill, but
hie apprecliates the perils of thle call
ing. Merchant ships went arned as a
iiItIer Of Ctt'rse 1011ng aftr a1 i parallel
state of tiffir Is hadl tinsed on 1lantd,
anl to this day the nister of a iter
I ltit hip lias rit-Ils inl his siteroom
wvith t the tight to 1150 thein itn his
Stil <isertiott. ie is tttitnrchi of
,il lie sltvv(zi
all1 he-reS, autlals.. tinuch mlore
thanli th14 ininh-rnl Iluonarch's re-sponsil
lilitie's. Whe at crish; coles to you
Ili Sell, , m :111 W "Inn t ) 1. 1 n ia l t lk to it
fro i nel lthIle tnexi streett almttit it;
. uin.Inct" it the.ro :1111 Ohwn, follr
Ihl) isn tinl on b moi i ait ship, for
uli. t1nt1y, rel ju 'the su for
Iii M<asip s for th s'hitt i-r
or te s arpnomisel-on r;(holy arn
h1 lio i i lle ' : I l i I ll.Illatily.
i ol ietintInu tine tofs 11.iL :is- I
a beher it I ! 'rylI t 11ih1 hi th
b r ni l inlw s nilul, lm t t or
i imbe-r that.' takef his sip throutgh
b n tr I :Io out Ps - the1 r Is -,Iof
In(IntiIn whih 'tn tusing- l -r-(i
inan prilnly tay be hillil Mill stnis
wie isdi .zIu;t,.lit '4o his success', the
bredl is always the saine. TI' breed
:is alwayS lite.u :unI alwiays wvIll
lo, If it he given ips nil water;
Tw <l ::er It w\ill att em11j to itself, '111l
the eroiins it will j11::t lw y r itet
ibiiit. ltat If 1iriti ei n give it ships,
.\inei ein t do the s:tine. "Trent 'em
rolt.1h." '.lhe thrive u1ponl It, buit
henitheonl u"Siir.(-('bristia Selence
Chin e Adent at Stalling.
The relfir iieI in (lhitit 'lot's nt Inett
slhart. li -e t tesislinite-, writes
Jihnti I-ey in Aslit Mwgazlie. If
hie lid, he inighit he stltit litetl to fur
tier tCffort. Ie silnply is sitnothered.
Stalling lits heeotrio a 11n art.
A it a 4 t -ent ititionitl tit iletoril
-on-feri-e a r1turt .4 stinos i t ho hing
ln lii pi-i l si eti. 1uoveld h:t thie pub
li te4thile scho l (correisioitlingl to
(turl high -sools) h;- rn co-eluen
t tina. lit. wa\\-s itspitsred by soiuid con
Ademrtio Cui ol ChI il fers froi Ilack
of eatete saIul Fwueunds ari shiort.
TIe itfelm- tinoI Is tso linit girls
to thit( Schoos ton tI-tdy existil i
Iut tih li aropsition wias irtadel
hinotll ion.at Ye it tassoh not tipeosd.
A resziulillli favor was dilly lissi(.
Btit the sit( til flltine t was nuIO le
suitly iII-stol that this wls domn
ut of curt.to sy to titnvetlr, ann that
n) si el t I ctrry ltt e resolutlon Into
viffct !e i ite x- t lti.
This I- I filt Id lulny propose l
sus-in refern:. They are not fotight,
no Itgae it absorbs f. It takes' up
Surgery Pular in ony.
irgentr i lnttioae it.$Xheroingi~t
Imi lri 'n runt.: t-ri es oftc t thel t ei
nI he bedt arett' iio ofpie ni l s-ninyI
.iuelson '. eopng, t Iti sto ndin
nisinrh'lareil ro hool for~ie.
onsiderable prorst is liing Ix ortoein
zl-nli al oteuntio esorte."ntvee
We wish to announce to the public
that Mr. J. D. Smith will have
charge of our business in the future
and will be at the service of the
public.' If in the market for a nice
Chalmers or Maxwell phone 404.
We also have attractive prices on
second hand cars as we wish to
close out all second hand cars on
Is in New York city,
where he will secure
for COHEN'S Depart
rnment Store of Laur
Watchfor our advertisement next week.
"Th~le Stor'e of Betteri'ale.
Posey's Old Stand, Laurens, S. C.

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