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Secretary Predicts U. S. Will Recog
nize Nen 31exlenin. Gpoernmient at
Early Date.
Washington, Oet. 29.---Early recogni
tion of the new goverilumtt iII Mexico
was forecast today by Secretary Col
by. Whether' it wiUl prcerIe inaugu
ration of President-elect Oboregon next
December 1, was not stated.
In 'revealing that "'discussions"
'have been in .progress with Roberto V.
Pesrqueria. confidential agent of the
Mexico City government, however,
Secretary Colby said that these gave
proilise of a speedy and lappiy out
The announcement came as a stir
prise. Elurlier in the day a repiort cir
culated in New York that recognition
was imminent met wth emphatic do
nial at the state 'departmeqt. A few
hours later, however, Secretary Colby
made public a letter from Mr. Pes
4iuerla as the basis for his announce
ment, saying it afforded a foundation
"iupon which the preliminaries to rec
ognition can confidently proceed."
"I think I am warranted in saying,"
Mr. Colby's formal announcement
said "that the 'Mexican question will
soon cease to be a question at all, In
asimuchi as It is about to be answered,
not only as it concerns the United
'States, but, Indeed, the whole world
as well."
MIr. Pesqueira's letter told of his
earlier informal negotiations with
-Under-Secretary Davis at the state do
vartment, and said it "was a new
.\lexico" which, "subilitting herself to
the recognized iprinciples of interna
tional law," now sought recognition
by the United States. Mr. Colby de
sciibcd the latter as "a very signifl
cant and a very gratifying and reas
suring statement of the attitude and
untrposes of the new government of
Flying Visit
Mr. .Pesqueira, formerly Mexican
finaniicial agent in New York, recently
returned from a flying visit to 'Mexico,
whcn he was appointed confide'itlal
agent o succeed Fernando Iglesias
Caideron, recalled. M'. Colby's an
ioumncement said Mr. 'Pesqueira "came
to Washington bearing the fullest
lowers to act and speak on behalf of
his government."
George Creel, former chairman of
the coImittee on public information,
tecompanled Mr. Pesqueira to the
\foxican capital. 'Before his'departure
%Ir. Creel had a personal interview
-vith iPresident 'Wilson. 'Pu-blished re
)orts that he was making the trip as
i ersonal representative of the Pres
dent brought repeated denials from
the state department, where it was
tated he had no oilcial status and
that his application for, a passport
showed the purpose of his Mexican
visit to be "business and pleasure."
Friends of Mr. Creel said lie had gone
to get material for a magazine article.
On his arrival in Mexico City, Mr.
Creel had a six hour conference with
Provisional President de la luerta,
and was qloted by 'Mexco City papers
as having said he would returii to the
United States to work for immediate
recognition, taking the matter up di
rect with the White -ouse. Mr.
Creel again saw President Wilson
yesterday and later conferred with
Mr. Colby. Following Mr. Colby's an
nounceient of impending recognition,
officials refused to discuss Mr. 'Creel's
status or activities in any way.
Concrete Steamtner Cape Fear, Sinks
When Hit. by Steamer, City of At.
lanta. Accident Occurred in Narra
gansett Bay.
Newport, 'R. 4., Oct. 29.-The con
crete steamer Cape Fear, a United
States shipping board' vessel, was
sunk in the deepest point of the Nar
ragansett Bay tonight in a collision
with the 'Savannah line steamer City
of Atlanta. At a late hour 19 of the
crew of 34 of the sunken vessel were
unaccounted for. rhe Cape Fear
sank in Ihree minutes about half way
between Castle 11111 on the Newport
shore, and Rose Island, going down
how first in 125 fatthomns.
The Cape Fear was outward bound
from Providence for Norfolk in bal
last and carried only her crew, as
(lid the City of Atlanta, which was
bound from Savannah for Providence
wit.h a cargo of pig iron. Just how
the accident happened was not dofl
nitely determined tonight, especially
as the weather was clear, with only a
slight cloudiness and a light sea run
''he City of Atanta's bow was badly
damaged, the result of hIittinlg the
Ca-pe Fear amidshi), but although
there was a seven foot hole above the
main deck, the bulkheads held and she
mnehored In the bay.
Of the 15 men saved from the Cape I
[i'ear, five slid down lines to the City of
Atlanta and the others were picked up
rrom the water by ropes or by boats
that were lowered for them.
. Captain Garfield of the City of At
lanta, in describing the accident, said
that he picked up the light's of the
Cape Fear and signalled 'with one
whistle, which was aiswered. Ile was
bearing steadily to port, he said, with
plenty of clearance room, when sud
denly the Cape Fear swung across his
bow. He blew two wistles as a signal
[or the steamer to pass on the other
ide add ordered full speed [stern, but
::ould not avoid the collision.
The City of Atlanta struck squarely
with her bow, the blow cutting a deop
hole in the Cape Fear and shattering
the concrete. 'Lines were immediately
thrown aboard but the steamer sank
so quickly that the majority of the
crew had to dive overboard.
Man Attempting to Break Up Sup
posed Spooning Match Lands in
New York, Oct. 1.-Detevtive Wil
liam Kenney of the Rockaway 'Beach
precinct 'was seated on the sand tin
der the Boardwalk at the foot of
Beach Twentieth street, 4Rockaway
Beach, last Wednesday night about 10
o'clock and by his side was a charm
ing young woman.
They had been there only a few mo
ments when a man walked up to them,
tapped Kenney on the shoulder and
"-What's the Idea, spooning on the
beach like .this?" g 1=1
Kenney scrambled to his feet and
the man turned a flashlight on him.
"I'm a detective," said the man,
sternly, "and you're violating the
law. You get away from here quick.
I'll take care of the young lady."
Detective Kenney backed away
from the man and hid behind a ipillar
of the Boardwalk. The man who had
accosted him then turned to Kenney's
companion, who by this time was
"Don't you worry," he said, "I'll take
caro of you.'
"Thanks," said the young woman.
"I :an take care of myself."
The "detective" did not notice the
young lady was quite muscular. 1ie
grinned and stepped toward her, and
he smashed him in Ithe Jaw and
anocked him down. He tried to get
1, and she knocked hiiii down again
tind then Detective Kenney came from
)ehind the pillar and handcuffed him.
Nfter that he was taken to the olice
station and searched. The police say
1e had in his pocket a loaded revolver.
ie gave his name as Arthur .Jaycox
)f 51) Central avenue, Far Rockaway.
Young Jaycox was arraigned in the
lamaica )olice court yesterday when
it developed that the "young lady"
who had knocked him down and
riven lii a 'black eye was Detective
::eorge Raeburn, atired in sonic of his
ister's clothes. Kenney and Raeburn
Iad gone to the beacp atfer the p)olice
lad received litinierois complaints
Lhat coupile sitting on the sand had
been interrtipted by a iman who had
;aid lie was a detective and who al
ways chased the Men away and then
tried to make love to the young wo
men. Magistrate Miller held Jaycox
for further examination today iN the
['ar Rockaway court on a short afl
riavit charging himin with having at
tacked Miss 'May Goodwin of 231
Twenty-first street, Brooklyn, after he
had frightened away ho' escort by
displaying a revolver.
Habitual Convtipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates a Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Made Young
Bright eyes, a clear skin and a body
full of youth and health may be
yours if you will keep your systema
in order by regularly taking
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles, the
enemies of life and looks. In use since
1696. All druggists, three sizes.
I nok for the name Gold Medal on everr box
and accept no imitation
Kill That Cold With
Colds, Coughs LOM La Grippe
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Take no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for the first sneeze.
Breaks up a cold in 24 hours - Relieves
Grippe in 3 days-Excellent for Headache
Quinine In this form does not affect the head-Cascara is best Tonic
Laxative-No Opiate in Hill's.
To Our Customers!
Beginning September 22, 1920,
our charges for ginning white cotton
will be $4.00 per bale.
Bagging and Ties $1.50 per bale
....FOR SALE BY....
The Purchasing Strength of the Mighty Dollar is Again Restored at W. G. Wilson & Co.
In all the diversified weaves and desirable colors. They embrace Messaline, Taffeta,
Peau de Soie and Poplins. Where former prices lose their identity.
No Irregularity in quotations as every price is marked in plain figures. Weather conditions may change over
night and the scarcity of coal is predicted. Before the cold nights over take you secure a pair of good warm
BLANKETS here. Like the silks mentioned above they are marked in plain figures.
Ladies' Underwear Table Linens
We make special mention of one lot. They come in sep- Have not escaped the general mark
arate pieces at 70c a piece. on all Domestics. Our Loss is You i
While we adhere to our old stock numbers in goswehryupr
goods whether you purchase or not.
No samples cut or goods on approbation and are offered only for
a decisive cut in price is abserved here. for which there will be no deviation.
W. G. Wilson & Company
Laurens, South Carolina

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