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Money bek wvithout question I
if HUNT Snive failo in th
treatment of ITCH, E CZEIMA,
other itchirif P I-n dlscaues. I
Try a '5 cent box tt our ri.
Llrell' D1r.g Co.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
stops the 'ough aind lennhe and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVIS signature on each box. 30c.
Ends Catarrb or rnoney .back. J14-t
breatbe it in, Outfit iicludes ihaler.
'extra bottles at ill drudvtefvN
Way to
Buy a Willard-a Wil
lard Threaded Rubber Bat
tery. That's the first step.
Because De plates are
insula ted not merely sepa
rated. No chance of punc
turing, carbonizing, split
ting or warping, and no
bills for replacement of
insulation. It outlasts
the plates.
Next--keep your battery
charged, and put in water
every two weeks.
Finally - drive around
twice a month for a battery
test. You'll know us by
the red Willard Sign.
-Ask about the Willard
Threaded Rubber Battery.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Laure as St.
Phone 446
The&ir Mediciine CI
IT is characteristic of
Ifolks after thcy pass tho allotted
"threo scoro yearr and ten," to look
hackleover tho days that aro gone
and thoughtfully li-a thema over.
I find miyrelf, at seventy-one, frequently
drifting l-ack a quarter <fa century, wvhen
I aco myself in the little drug storo owned
at iohivar, Mu., nra':ing and eling a.
regetablo comipoundt to rmy friends and
customers-what was then known cnly as
Dr. Lewis' Medicine for Stomach, Liver
and Ilowel Complaints.
For many years whnile I wvan ptorfocuni' moy
formula' I atuid r':'I inivestigatedl the
larativen nnid cathxarties on tho market anid
becamuo convinced that their main faut:t
wyas rnot that thcy (lid not act on tho bowols,
but that their action was too viole it and
dlrastic, and urpset the system of the user;
which was duo to the fact that thof were
not thorough enouigh in their action, somo
simply acting on the uipper or small intes
tines, while others wvould act only on the
lower or large intestines, and t hat they
almost Invariably produced a habit re
quiring augmented doses.
I believed thiat a preparation to produce
the host effect moust first tons thre liver,
then act on the stomach and entiro alimnen
tary systena. If this was accomplished, the
medicine would produce a mihld, but
thorough elimination oft the wanito withoii
the usual sickening sensations, and rwake
the user feel better at once.
After experimenting with hundreds of
ifferent compounds. I at last perfected the
frmula flint is now known -i Nature's
pedy, which I truly b)( lievo goes further
N33C **1CE
Not In Polities and Not. Going III, Says
Man Mentioned for Harding Cabinet,
Sharply Denounce's Present System
of Conducting the Federal Aovern
ment, "Evil of 100 Years." ,
Washington, Feb. 2.--Declaring he
was not in politics and was not going
in, 'Charles G. Dawes of Chicago,
former chief of suipply procurment for
the American army in Prance, bitterly
attacked today what lie charged were
political attempts to discredit tile
achievement of the people who ;won
the war.
In the cotirse of a ilve-hour examina
tion by a house war investigating comn
mittee, Mr. Dawes struck with sledge
hammer blows at critics who had tried,
he said, to detract fromn the glory of
tle great achievement by picking
flaws, and parading trivial faults three
thouisand miles away. At times the air
was thick with a streak of oaths for
w-hich the witness frankly confessed lie
had neither apology nor e:;cuse.
Late inl' tile day lie reiterated an
early off-hand statement as to his
own part ini politics, which was eccept
ed to IluCal that 'he woild not become
a Ilim her of Mr. .llardiig's e-i11 et, a
position with which his name has been
linkeI. Even 'efore his views on this
subject were expressed. %Ir. Dawes
sharply denounced the ipresent system
of coniduc(t.ing the l'ederal govern mllent
an evil of a htndred years standing, he
(eclared, wiith wilclh investigators
miight better aff'orid to deal instead of
tryliug to scoop III w ater already over
the dam.
1r. )awes was called by democratic
mnembers of thle .ommllittee to rebille
testimoiony reiting to waste and extrav'
acuttl' :'11d partivilhtrly with referience
to !'iqidaton of American accounts ill
r-i.nce anid ale' of mliplls sto.'k to
I the lellech governiient. AnTswerii nV
icharges that food and clothing supii
plies nmight have'. 1::olj.l'htt more thanlu
the 100000.00 aid by I rance. .\ir.,
llawes; 0(irned s.rlyuponl one of hi:;
(IIIestioniers, l'emresentative Ifland, r'
Iublican. of Indiana, and shiouted:
It is just sort of fool argument that.
forced Great iri'Itaini to hold on to its
stock and attempt to drive a-'rd bar
gain. The stuff is there today, rotting.
You cani not discuss ain ex yarte ques
tion 3,000 miles away. There is no use
to try and throw mud when you were
fiot there -to know conditions. England
lost billions of dollars -by listening to
that sort of ta'lk-listening .to a lot of
people who were afraid of muck rakers
at home. They are raising the devil
in England now because England did
not sell its supplies when we sold."
Mr. 'IDawes said as a imitter of fact
he thought France was charged too
muci h.
"lli're you come now and charge,"
lie said, "that we -should not have
old sugar. The war department or
dered the sale. The sugar went in a
lump lot with 'the junk. Everything
Palmetto State Festival
Columbia, March 28 to April 2
Iloandsi into cash, see(' liiimie TIrust 'o. at
liest For 20 Years
and doeo mioro than any iaxative on tho
market toomay. Tho thtousandsi of letters
fromi users havo convinced moo I was right,
and( that tho uiser of Natura's Remedy as a
famIly tiedlicine, even though lho may have
u-ed( it for twenty-fivo years, never has
to increaso tho dose.
My L:nowledge of nmediclno 'and the ro
nu:s of its uso in my own faitly and
amcong my friends, be'foro I ever offered it
for n:.,O, caused ime to lhavo great faith in
fUturo's lRomody from the very firet.
And now as I find rayrelf nearing tho ago
when I imurt bo0w to tho inevitablo and g~o
to anot';er life, my greatest pleasure in to
sit each (lay azid readt the lctters that each.
mall brings fr'n pee:)lo n old or older
than 1, whoe toll of h'avI,~ used Naturo's
temed~ for te'n, f!Lcen ral t~Aty yar
nd~ how they and t':eir children and
grandchildren have been benefittcd by it.
It is a consoling thought, liy friends for
a man at my nge to feel that aside krm
isl own success, 01n0Ihas (done something
for his fellow jman. My greater.t satisfac
tion, my greatest hiapptness today, is the
knowledge that tonight more th an one
nitilion peple will take a Natstre's Remedy
(NR Table) andI wIll be better, beslthier
happier people for it. I hope you will
be one of therm.
S-r, Louis, Mo,
was second hand. We got four hun
IreA million dollars for it. We liqui
lated every acount, and 'we did it be
ause a lot of big men quit t'heir own
jobs and went over there to help. We
cleaned the slate and Congress today
still has ipending clainis that- date
back to the Revolutionary War. It
was a big Job, and we'are proud of
It. In finding fault and 'hunting re
sponsibility you don't have far -to go.
Pershing was the commander-in
-hief and his shoulders are big enough,
thtnk God, to bear it."
.\r. -Biland questioned Mr. Dawes
about excessive pi-ces paid for equitp
ment and material.
"Sure we paId," lie said. "We didn't
sLo) to dicker. Why man alive, we
had to win the war. It was a man's
job. We :would have paid horse prices
for sheep if .the sheep could have
pulled artillery to the front."
Quite a lot of the questioning re
lated to Great Britain.
"I ant no more ashamed to stand up
here for i'ngland than for the UInited
States," said Mr. Dawes, jumping from
his chair. "It seems to -be fas'hionable
In American polities to attack E'ngland.
1al not in) ipolitles and I ai not. going
to be, and I thank God, that in a crisis
like we had there were no bckering,
between the lEliglish speaking people.
England took over -10 per cent of our1'
troops. Of course Pershing gave thiem
five divisions, bu1t. It had to be done
to save the 'allied line."
The line of <itiestioning shifted Con
st'antly, but all the time It came back
to irievs and vast stores on hand
w'hen the armistice was signed. Thea
dl domats wer mentioned.
"The diplomatic systemt of appoint
ing men vith pink tea experience in
war tiles," sid .li, i)awes, 'was a
rotten failure. Shanlp iwas all1 righit,
btit the rest of iiitem were utter fail
ures. It w:s all due !4t the appo'nt
ment of ,ociety men- --pink tea fel.
lows. Whly, we couIldin't get anywhere.
'We hiad Gorgr .\lcF'llen over th lere
and he did in three dlays what the dip
lomiats couldn't do in three monlt:,.
"recklcs" coies to the Lauirens
Opera I louse Fe-brtuary 1 7th. Those
who have read Gene Stratton-Porter's
famous novel of the saie title, and
they number in the millions, will be
even moro delighted iwith this char-im
ing song play which exba-les all the
fragrance and romance of the great
Indiana Limberlost. it is not only the
light of an Inspiration, but it is one
of the most realistic and picturesque
productions of modern stagecraft, for
the beauty of nature and the breath of
romance are found in the story.
You must know Fleckles, the little
red-headed homeless waif, so many
people all over the world -h'ave read
about, ills story and his life, -has
irresistibly appeal ed to anl entirtalled
yeople inl h1alf a dozen langiages,
it is hard to estimate how many
mtten, women and children Iave fo3
lowed this pathetic hiLtie hero from
thie stepis of the founudlin.'. honmii where
lie is f'orsakeni, with one hand cruelly
c:hoppiled off, and froni lhe r, in after
yc'gris, thirought all the vicissit ides of
his firighit against ra'U'ilonia oddls
for a tne and ,ieie of honair in tile
world, and net (i ('an alt o'.I to miss
;(inig whati the;ir ima~gi nat n- plc --
'lThe lerieck;les t hat you will see wh'len
the curtain r'ises, coinig dow"n the'
c'-;rliiroy, i:'' l'ear of thei lielost
is a luicky little rt d-headed creaturie
ini w hiomt nturei seemis to havu e blended
all her' moods, Natiure was his iinothier
S nt endodlOi hitin rith al l Lthe gifts at
her inio;miii. In himi will Ibe found
Li' uth lire of' the raini~ig tempies;t,
he , ity oC the brteez' whenii it sigh.-:
thr ough the ii~iibeirlost, thie joy of thie
,;tzn whien it kisse:; the ripplinug water;
lie brooing o th[le still .nighit and theo
peace of the tw iiliht. To himi the
trees andh floweus an d i'ocks and wa
terfalls slpeal In certain languages.
You wvill list' 1 to the simple story
of his life as lie .el It to his* '"Anagel'';
y'ou will see the Ilight of joy, shadow
:>f saidness, flash of inm'rt, anid ear'nest
tess of desire, playinug in his eyes and
an his lips as lie tells Iter' of his gr'eat
love. You will see him rise frorn a
tu.sly life to one of affluence andI
p)ower, thirough indomitable courage,
;itpi'me' faith and imnmovbhl e hoinesty.
l'hii:I is; not al moving picture.
W~are Shoals. Feb. 10.--On Saturday
-vening, the 'fifth of February, at eight
~'clock Miss Mary IHolt and Mr. It. II
TSielbds weie married at the parson
ige 'of Rev. T,. M., Smith. The invited
ues(-ts at the ceremony were as fol
lows: Misses Molly llishop, Hert ha
FBlt, Sairah C~ooper', 141 ia Rush, Mr.,
Joe Cooper, P. 1,. Walker and D)r. I. M.
T1he br'ide wvore a neat traveling suit
si blue ticotine with navy blue hat
mid veil to match. Aftoi' tihe cereinony
ther party motored to (Greenwood. They
ire now spending a fow days with rel
dtives in Spartan-bung and Laurens.
After thG tenth they will be hack
[uomb at the Annex of the Ware Shoals,
THE FEED No Worms,
THAT MADE . AWpas No Colic,
DAN PATCH No Digestive
A Disturbances,
CHAIOA NBut a Sleek,
Made from Glossy Coat.
Screened $PECIAL Your Animal
Corn, Will Be in
No. 2 White Win of
Alfalfa Meal,
L~ouisiana DAN
Molasses. PATCH
- -
raE eAR
That the lightness of the Business
Car is united to great strength
is proven by the splendid serviCe
it is rendering everywhere under.
widely varying conditions.
The lightness of the car keeps the
gas and oil costs down, and its
souind construction renders repairs
Easterby Motor Co.
-Pub!iz Square Phone 200
f r,- L.,4. lil - F- L I- - .I

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