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\nes, Feb. 10.-Our cousin, Mr.
hos. G. Smith who recently passed
wayt at Anderson, was born and
eared at (Brewerton, and was greatly
dmired and esteemed by all of his ac
quaintances. In all of the relations
f life .he measured up to the full pdr
ormance of his duty. We tenderly
ynpathize with -his sorely bereaved
Mrs. -Jas. Jones passed away on
January 31st and -was laid to rest at
Mt. Olive cemetery In the -presence of
a large assemblage of sorrowing rela
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tives and friends. The tenderest sym
pathy of all of our people goes out
to her husband,. children and all the
relatives in their -bereavement.
Mrs. J. A. McGowan, of Waycross,
Ga,, Is visiting her parents, Dr. and
Mrs.. W. T. Jones.
Our venerable friend, Mr. Richard
Knight, a veteran of the Civil War,
more than 80 years of age, is still en
joying very good health.
-Master Wi'Aiam Jenkins, after a
visit of several months to his grand
i:arents,. Dr. and "Mrs. 'W-. T. Joncs, has
returned to Columbia.
The Ware Shoals 'basket ball 'team
has recently won games from Whit
mire and Piedmont.
We are indebted to our igood friend,
Mr. Eugene Elliott of Ware Shoals, for
a recent kind favor.
The abundant rains have retarded
farming operations.
We regretted our inability to attend
the taxpayers meeting at Greenwood
last Monday. We heartily endorse the
resolution adopted. It is the duty of
the General Assembly to abolish all
unnecessary omficers. and do all in Its
power to lower the appropriation bill
as much as possible.
The taxes are almost equivalent to
confiscation of our property and we
should be given immediate relief from
such oppression.
Meeting of Woodumin (aip No. 98
Laurens Camip No. 98, will hold its
regular monthly mceting on Thursday
night, Feb. 17th at 7:30 o'clock. At
this meeting delegntes will be elected
who will meet with Head Camp In
Florence in March.
These delegates will elect Sovereign
Representatives; 'to Sovereign Camp
w'hich will meot In .July and make
laws and rates which we iwill be gov
erned by for, the next two years.
' We ask for a Pull 'attendance as
this is an important meeting.
.1. W. THOMPSON, Clerk.
Palmetto State Festival
Columbia, March 28 to April 2
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Alleged iStatement 'Arousets Senator
Dial. Calling. for Facts. Said to
Jave ' Justified Embezzlement by
Young Man ink Chicago.
Washington, Feb. 1-2.--Senator Dial,
In -a most .emphatic .way, today deliv
ered a severe rebuke to Federal Judge
Landis, for havinig released on his own
'bond Francis J. Carey, -20 years old,
formerly receiving teller of the Nation
al City bank of Ottawa, Ill., who em
bezzled $96,500 from that institution
and pleaded guilty. .
Judge Landis, according -to news
paper stories, told Carey, whose sal
ary nvas $90 a month, that such n
statement as to his salary wias as
tounding. -He further said, "It puts
the responsibility entirely on the
bank. You were not getting any
more th'an the elevator operators in
the federal building and they are no
toriously undenpaid. Francis you go
home. I'll send for you again."
Senator Dia'l said: "I have 'been
practicing law for over 'a third of a
century and that is the, most outrag
cous 'ronouncement that I have ever
heard issued from a court."
Senator Thomas of Colorado of
fered the suggestion that Judge Lan
dis Is perh'aps the most conspicuous
crank now tholdi.g so high a posi
tion, and Senator Dial rc plied, "That
is what I was going to say."
Senator Thomas, continuing said,
"Judge Landis Is enjoying outside
compensation of 'an enormous
amount. ie is a sort of supreme
arbiter in the baseball .world and
has assumed and is performing the
duties of that position and at tihe
same time assuming to occu-py his po
sition upon the bcneh. In other words,
he is drawing two salaries, one from
the government of the United States
and a princely salary from the base
ball world." -
At this ipoint the South Carol na
senator iyaid his respects to .Judge
Landis In the followin4 terms:
"I" this prolouellment is true, he
1,%ill only draw one salary in the
naear future if I have any Influence.
I have always had a very high re
gard for the bench, 'and I am glad
to say that in tihis country they de
serve it. We have had very few cases
in the history of opr country where
judges have not been an oi nament to
the bench. But I say, if this is true as
is quoted in the .papers, and I have
written to Chicago to ascertain the
actual facts and to get themi in detail,
I propose to bring the matter to the
attention of the house of representa
tives and ask that this judge le tin
"It is not his business to say what
directors sh'all pay the employees of
their institutions. While $50) may ap
pear small to 'him, yet there are many
ipeople in the United States working in
positions of trust who (o not receive
tny more than $90 and whether their
compensation in sulicient or not is no
excuse and no reason for' them to put
their hands into the pocketbook of
their employer' andl no reason why they
shouldl he encouraged to steal, and
encouraged by sweha statements from
officials on the 'bench, if thi's article
Is true.
"I say that any man wvho makes
t'hat kind of a st'atement is not en
titled to the confldence of the pea
ple and he should .be impeachmed at
the earliest moment. Of course 1 (do
not knowv whether or not it is true.
I have iwritten, as I have said, to Chi
cago, and I hope to 'get a 'report. If
it is true the should be lmpeachedl no
matter who -he is, for he is unworthy
of' the confidence of any man in the
United States.
"The duty of the courts should' be
to admin ster the law and not under
take to tell an employee or employer
what salaries they should be l;)aid."
iIDes Moines, Iowa, 'Feb. 12.--Federal
Judge K. .\. .ILandis of Chicago in a
speech before the Iowa American 'L.e
gion 'hero tonight admitted making
statements simila-r to those Senator
Dial of South Carolina, charged him
with, andl asserted: "I repeat th'at andl
sendl It to Senator~ Dial with my com
Judge Landi3s sent his audilence into
an uproar of hilarity by Ils thrusts at
Senator Dial.
"Senator D)1al says," statedl Judge
Landis, "that ho has writ-ten to find
out if wvhat it i. reportedl I saidl is a
truthful report--that is to say that
the bank was really responsIble for
'm theft because they paad Carey
only $90 a moh'th. I want you to knelw
the case. This fellow won't have to
Inqiuire any further. I want to save
him bhis time for his cotton mills and
,Judlge Landis then wecnt into details
of the case, in which Francls J. Oarey
a 'bank cler'k in the National 'City bank
of Ottawa, 'Ill., was charged with em
bezzlement of 496,000. Carey, he as
seorted, was only 19 years 01(d and was
paidl but a little mnore than $3 a day
for handling approximately $1,.000,000
a month. Judge Landis declared that
his investigations .showed bim that
young Carey iwas the support of 'is
mother and four younger brothers and
a sister. The Judge further declared
tla't his study of the situation had dis
closed the fact that the bank which
emloyed Carey as receiving teller at
$90 a month, paid "20 per cent 'per
annum, to their shareholders on their
Reading from "Who's Who" on Sen
ator Dial's interests in South Carolina
banks and cotton mills, Judge Landis
"I think lie had better -get out of
banking business or else get out of
the senate," and concluded that if in
all his 16 years of service on the
bench he had not accomplished any
thing else, "I have performed t-he
Herculean task of dragging Senator
Dial from what appeared to be an air
tight obscurity."
Where Your Old Magazines Will lie
Greatly Appreciated and Enjoyed
There are a number of boys at the
United States Public Health Service
Hospital near Greenvile, )vho are ill,
perhaps disabled for life, as the result
of injuries received 'while fighting in
defense of Democracy and humanity
in the late World War. Their one
great source of recreation 'and ieas
tire is found In reading, and since
all subscrlptions from the Ameri
can TLibrary Association had ex
i)ire(d they were entirely depiendent up
onl the kindness of the public for their
literature, and any old magazines
wotild be greatly appreciated. Every
,;erson in 'Laurenis county who Would
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wonran's club, or other oganization i ir the
miad E. . GROV signauio on
which wvoutd be so ind as to take the biox -.30c.
.Laurens Opera House
Thursday Night, Feb. 17
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