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Citation for Letters of Administrator
State of South Carol'ina,
County of Laaurens.
By 0. .. 'Thomupsot, Pr'o)atte Jldge:
Whereas ienlry Grant and W. 1'
Gant ialde suit to ute to grant tIhen
Letters or Administration or the estate
ni([ effects of 'Tylor G(1ranti.
These are. therefore, to cite and a(
Imiontish all and siigilar the kildrted
and reditor.s of the said Taylor Gant.
deceased, that they be and14 appear be
fort. me. inl the Court of l'robate. to
he held at Isaureils (ourt lioust, Lait
rn. S. C on l le t day of I i)obru
airy, 1921, niext, after publienioni hevre
or, at II o'lok ill Hlthe foren.itoon, to
show eause, if anly they. have, why the(
saii diiinisitration should not be
GIven tmider my haind this 7th day oi
'i ebruary. Annto D)ominii 1921.
0. U'. THO.\MPSON,
j. 1P. 1,. e.
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't aliow
yourself to bQcone a victim by
neglecting pains and aches, Guard
against this trouble by oking
*he w nz s r idard ren-dy for kidney,
liver. btdder and uric acid troubkes.
holland'a national remedy sinco 1696.
All druggias, tlirea sizes. Guaranteed.
i.o.k or t.w n ".01 ! Gold Medal on every box
und acojt no imitation
For Cotton, C
Grain, Peani
QUALITY in plat
QUALITY in ava
QUALITY in me(
QUALITY in big
QUALITY in pro
Dry and dri
Analysis as
Prompt, cou
Subsidiary of The America
o C'
\ 0 c
,Aein be,
a IC feral/4
JF ire and burglar proof va
the United States Federal
mnoney, safe when
We shall be glad to have
ness with us. When you
in and consult us. It will
We add 4 per
Make OUR bar
The Enterprise
N. B. DIAL President
Maltimore, Md., Feb. .12.-"Ultimate
ollilet 'between the United States
aind Japin over the Jawanese prob
lem oil the laclfic coist unless a t em
Icdy for the present condition is found,
was .)r(Ilted tonight by inited
iStates Senaitor. .lamies 1). Phielani, of
California at tle banquet of the llal
i lt)ire capte'r, Aieriecan institute of
ba 'nking.
"Th'll is alin(. illvasionl is thieaten ing
tle lire of Caliorniai a av Ie coi
ionwealth," the Semator said, "and
the only protests by white Califor
nins being made agaInst Callfornia's
efforts to rid herself of the Japanese
linmnigrant are made through selfish
(lphiity an11d not by patiiotkism.
"'TPhere are nlow 100.000 Japanese in
iailifornia," the Senator said.
"They have sixty-Ilive Chin to tei
pIes in whilh their ehildren are
trained to worsiiip the em peror, of
Japan. They own or control 163,000
acres of arable han1d. or, one ale in
(very eight. One child inl every 13
horn in (a lilornia Is a .IaI:alese.
"I'le .Japa)ne1se control lbhe builk of
liro(i(letion of m11an1y vegetables and
fruiits, fixing the prices. Lasl yearl
theIi y look $61s.416.0 11, ) out of (alitfor
nia soil and sent it to .lap ia to build
up .Lpanese inlustries to c(omipete
against us. anid to build ships which
may fight against Is.
"This tilt imnatoly veans conflict if
the problem i n1o. settled. Cal i for
nia will light for its land. The o1113
way var enn be averted is by remedy
Ing the evil and the only time to rem
edy it Is now.",
orn, Tobacco,
ts and Truck
it food content.
:hanical condition.
Fitable farming.
lable goods.
teous service.
n Agricultural Chenical Co.
on, S. C.
ray Court, S. C.
,aurens, S. C.
alIts and stacks of gold in
Reserve Banks make your
it is in our bank.
you come in and1 talk busi
0vant finan~cial advice come
>e a pleasure to serve you,
1k YOUR bank.
National Bank
C. H. ROPR Cashie
* * * * . * . * * * * * * *
* .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
hanford, Feb. 1-.--The da-te renhinlds
us that St. Valentine's (lay Is here and
Ctipid's darts are [1he Order of the
Miss Nina Lewin gave a very inter
estinug little Valentivne party to the
boy.; and ;rls In her grade -and they
a!l enjoyed it to the fiullest extent.
Nuterous anis and 'contests were
lljoyed atid thiien delightfui refresh
nilnts were served. Allss Lewis was
assisted in the entertaillnillent by .r.
and lrs. J. .\. lleinilug, .who fiurin
ished music on the I'Xlisoln, and Misses
.J(ni1 ' llurgess, l't.I .e Chapilall and
Nannie an1ford.
Prof. Joe lturgess, Supt. of the
Gr eer sehool, ..pent th' week-end with
hi.s sister, Niss .tenn ie Burgess.
Messrs. Yates an( CUharles Waldrel),
of Wofford College, spent Sunday with
their parents.
Mrs. C. L. Waldrep gave a party
Friday night In honor of the teachers
and the visitors in our nidst. They
all report a delightfil tilne. I
Mr. and Mirs. J. S. liggins were in
FI.arltanblu. Sunday visiting rela
tives and to be at the bedside of 1Lr.
ii. T. Ferguson, wito is not any bet
t.r. Itis condition is very critical
ait present. A3irs. liarper Iliggin s and
littlle soil returned hoine with) 'them
and will spelld soille tillie with theim.
AIrs. J. W. Lanford and .\Mr. W. A.
Thomas are stIM on the sick list, sulf
foring an attack; of grippe.
M1r. .1. T. 'Patterson has Conmpleted
his residence andi he and Mrs. Patter
son are Very happy in their new comn
modious dwelling. this being their
first housekeeping.
Mrs. C. L. Waldrop and Nir . C. 1).
('ox spent a very enjoy ble -lay last
week In the home of Mr. W. 1). Pal.ter
son, who continues to imrovo and can
t.Alk on crutches without assistance.
We are so glad .to see tills improve
ni1ent and licoe 1he call soon lay Crutch
es asid(e.
Mis. Marie Patterson went to Spar
tanburg Sunday to so'! her illishand,
ir. .1ohn 31. Patter-son, who han; been
tit're some tille for treatmen;. IllsI
condition remains about thle salle.
Mirs. Al. (. Parson and daughter,
Aliss 3lary Joe Parson, have beeln very
sick tills past week, bt are some bet
r at preselt.
liss Carry Fowler spent Tuesday
with .iiss Nannie Lanford.
3lersrs. J. . Flenitr!, .1. W. Joln
sonl and Frank P. Drummond wore
bludiness visit:>rs ill Iaurens Saturday.
31r. .31. 11. Hlurnett and family w -ro
guests of .\Mr. and .\is. J. It. Williams
.Nir. and( Mirs. Powler Burns and lit
tIe son, of Ilark sdale, spent Flriday
with their brother, .\r. Clarence Gar
.\ isse.s .11lie Alae 'ox and Ma rgaret
Waldrop wer wt guests of Misses
Vivian and Nellit I rnett last Satur
da y.
(la.e . . Willi:ims andl sister Lee
Nrto Wilihalms, wVere guests of Afr.
Wilkes 11u1rgess at h1Is bi1rthday Iparty
Febru2-ary 11.
31 Iss I rene (Carl ton was the charm
in~g little gllest of 3llss i'thel Ibanford
days iln ln1i this 'eek onbunes
.\lss uthCooer asret urne(d
honie after' a Iletasant visit in Cross
An21b10r Ito her sister, .\rs. I oydl Ilobo.
Pr -...;. .', Jemhenrs of Is
Or1'ianl1iza2tion id Not IDo N ighirid
ltridlgeot. l'a.. Fteb. i'.--W~hile of
f iel.is are (111uit invest igating thle
rahti of 21llege'd "niight riders'' lIlto
Idgeport and; IIi( the surrounin1g see
tlon a1 week ago. when'l lamb(iwer~s
wer~e ward not(( 10 to rent to tenan 1I)ts
oultide the Ilale of the Tenants' unlion,
oilrs of te union0 Itoday I ssuhed a1
formlaI statemenic~t dlenying an~y COin-.
n11:t11on withI the raid and aCelnsing a
"'disrepumtale".' ganig of outsider's of
Pre'(sident S. 31. Rogers of the Te'n
ants union01 dlela red in a st atemneint
that t' 0organluzatiloll would lend any
aid losile to (ih ar lp thlt mtyste'ry
sturrouding the ident11it'y of the night
rhilers dieclaring that It was the tpur
po(st' of It' rider; t) inlIrte tih' uion.
lite dItola red t hat thet union11 has a
memblllerilp (If 9,lllno andt that It ws
1)rganIiIz( t for t Ittrptose (If binging
ab-oth a rdutlionl Inl rents for fallm
landis and a f-il divIsion lof (rops. It
is (-har ged t hat thIelre ar lai:nd:>wners
iln I his county ra ho willnot renlt lanld
to memb'erhs Io(f thle tunion alloill
thleir .nrrms to go llncultlvated.
It is thi purpol e 110 o(f thle uni on, neC
cordinlg to the otletals, to keep this
land Idle until1 the landiordls agree to
giv' the tenaniits aI "'stquar deal'' al
aillow them to reari t hell fam111lies uin..
(1e1 lilore favorable ci rcumIlstances0.
If you1 want to Converlt yourl JAber1ty
Donds inlto cashl, see 110ome Trust Co. at
Enterprirse National Blank. 3n.2t
Prices Moved Over a Range of Only
42 to 57 Points Last Week.
Now Orleans, La., Feb. 13.--Last
week brought only narrow fluctuations
to the cotton market, prices moving
over a range of only 42 to 57 points.
March traded at 13.57 at its best and
at 13.00 at its lowest finally closing at
13.25. In the close the more active
months were II to 18 ipoints under the
close of the preceding week while Oc
tobel stood net unchanged at 1.120. In
the spot department, -middling lost 25
points in the net results, closing at
1:3.00. A year algo middling closed at.
While the week was eventful
enough, its main features about bal
anced so that market opinion .was not
strongly swayed in eit-her direction,
tis, ,vhile foreign news was consId
cred highly unfavorable, 'both as re
gards politics and finance, and Man
chester trad? accounts continued very
poor, these bearish factors did not
have sustained effect against values
because of the, encouraging news from
American mill centers, where more
mills were reported starting up.
Preparations to liquidate the .\arch
osit ion by the tender or large quan
tlitics of actual cotton were regarded
as an uniifavorable factor of conie
ituence, but sellers were held back in
check by lie Igro(.ing evidence that
fa rmeirs are preparing to iIan t a
m11uch smaller acreage to cotton this
spring than was the case last spring.
lixpectalions of bearish American
consumption figures from the census
bureau the fIrst thing this coming
wek were against the market at
times and it is likely that the opening
session of the new week will have its
trading colored by the character of
tle satistics in this report.
lirst notice day for March in the
American markets mvill be 'Wednesday,
lPebruary 23, and interest in the
March position, .particularly in New
York. will be intense In cotton cir
eles all over the country as that date
FA RI1A E811S001s
W. It. May SlightyI)' Wounded inl Pistol
Exchange iiih F. N. Newsome at
Louilsville, Ga. ..
Louisville, Ga., F'b. 5.--Chief of lo
lice W. It. May wias slightly wounded
in a fleshy part of the body tonight. in
an exchange of shots with F. N. New
some, a farmer living about flive miles
out from the city. Newsome has run
away and a posse has gone out in
search of him.
Newsome drove into the city in a
buggy this afternoon, his twenty-year
old son, Jesse, 'accompanying him. The
chief of police hlad reason to believe
that the man and boy had whiskey in
the buggy and were offering i for
sale. Chlief May conferred with . teriff
1). C. Thomas and the oficers iproceed
ed about 9 p. m. to the buggy to make
a search. As they approached the ye
ieie, Newsome r'an away, Sheriff
Thomas firing at Ihim twice, hut with
out effort, to hit him The ofilcers say
they found l ituor in -the buggy. They
arrested .les',., and aftecr lodging hinm
in jail, went in search of the father.
A btoiit halif-past ten o'clock they came
%foss Newsome 'In the outskirts of
town and1( Newsomie optened fire on
*ief May, each man shooting five
timhes. As stated', Chief May avas struck
(tne timne, sustalining a flesh woutnd,
and, while it is .believedi that Newsomte
was huiirt there is no evidence to that
effect. Newsome agasin got awvay, and
the sheriff decided that lie wvould or
gan ize a posseC and conti nue the search
uintiilihe had found andl arrested him,
"I l-ost My liest ('ustomners Tlhiroulgh
itATN'," Wtrites .J. A dams.
"I'sed to have the husiest Itestau
rant in towvn usntil news spread that
the Kitchen was infested with rats;
lost a lot of my best customers until
II tried 1A'iT-SNAP. I iaven't a post
ini thie pla1ce now. Rtestau rants should
us~e IHAT-SNAP", Three sizes, 35c,
GeT$.2. Sold and gular'antee~d by
1,aurens H ardwvare Co., Putnam's
1)rug Stoire, Kennedy Bros.
-ilaniy Shiilar Cases In Laurens and
TIhiis Laurens miatn's story givdn
hereii is not ani isola-ted c'ase by3 any13
mleans rttI .e(k after week. yearti after
lar' :.ood news, Ask yoiluinighibor'!
I sauretnt, saya: ".\ly ksidneys vt cre
badlly d is-ordered anrd I suft'ered from
hains im the small of my back across
my ksidnecys. I felt nervous aid out1
of sorutits, anid my13 kidneys didn' act as
they shoulId, I would have dizzy spells
and i dull achli in the back of my
head. Th'eret was a sediment ini the
tee etion s, toto. I sur el y w'.as ini ji'et
y bad slape. I rca d of Loan's K Id
itey P'iiis arid bought a box 'at the
baitrelts IDrug C'o. Doan's Immeidiate
13ly.I relie met and1 soon1 fi:<ed me up
int tin' lhape."' (Ltatemuent given No
vtlembe 23, i1914.)
Ott March 26, 1918 Mr'. Heondet'son
said: "I have hiad no utso for a kidney
irtmedy since Drjant's Kidney P'ills
('nro'd, met. I ktiow D~oan's are just
as reprtesented and am glad -to give
another endlotrement.''
60c at all dealers, Foster'-Milburn
C'o.. Aftra. lutffnin, N. Y.
'J V
What your ideas in jewelry are, if! you make the,
known to us we will fill your requirements.
In our line and pride ourselves on our ability I
satisfy you.
What you want or are looking for suggestions t'wi
pay you to see us.
0y I 1*"A- SWF )S
Why don "t A O
T HEY will help you get
back to pre-war costs
of production and enable
you to sell your cotton,
tobacco, truck and other
money crops at a more
substantial profit.
The American Agricultural Chemical Co.
Ashepoo Fertilizer Works, Charleston
UPi.to a standard
13UiLT U N OT Do
SOLD BY to a pr e
M. J. OWINGS, Laurens, S. C. -
CLYDE T. FRANKS, Laurens, S. C.
Have your awning made
now, so you will get
them in time. We will
call to see you soon
with samples and can
give best prices on high
grade goods.
Ifyou want an awning
for your place of busi
ness or residence phone
3 and we will come
to see you at an early
R.L.'R. Bent2z
Phone No. 3, Laurens, S. C.
....FOR SALF. BY...

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