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Hastings Seeds
1921 Catalog Free
It's ready now. 116 handsomely 11
ustratcd pages of worth-while seed
nd garden. news. This now catalog
we believe, is the most valuable seed
book ever published. It contaii
twenty full pages of the most populai
vegetables and flowers In their natu
ral colors, the finest work of its kind
ever attempted.
With our photographic illustrations
and color pictures also from photo
graphs, we show you just what yot
grow with Hastings' Seeds even be
fore you order the seeds. This cata
log makes garden and flower bed
planning easy and it should be in cv
ery single Southern home. Write u*
a post-card for it, giving your name
and address. It will come. to you
by return mail and you will benoighty
glad you've got it.
Hastings' Seeds are the Standard
of the South and they have the larg.
est mail order seed house in the worlc
back of them. They've got to :b' the
best. Write now for .tfo 1921 catw
log. It is absolutely frdo. 41
First Stiep i Treatmcnt Is a Brisk
Purgative With Calotabs, the
Purified and Rcfined Calomel
Tablets tat a:-% ITusa
Doctors hefound b:. c:porieneo
f1at no me(:'Cino for (! O''i nad infol
l'n.'a e'in hoe d:-) ::deI u-tn i11 ef
detiven;ess umntil the ]iver Im: thor
oughly ne tive. That is - th2 first
step in hlie tren eout is the IwW, imnm:sea
less ciomel t : C0:::110,l C.itaba,
whichlno frec fIont th. OM e- nd
v~eakrine. e' scts of tho chl t: calc
J"el.. .imoi n:"o pr'nt oft t!.- fact
V 011 "a n '-.0 1ii r I. : go it I, ., way
tmownrdla pirVe'::a i 1!1;1 ifam l i oe
of thte most, i . :-':.n'; .::et-- : en
t.bling tl h l i pat : to ureo: .'ti11 -ith
Et an1d 11n1 anttack. n.td vard ofe pneut
Ono Calotab oil t'o to11o at be I
imo with a s-.:allow of water-that'.4
all. No salts, io nit:L nor the slight
est interferenco vith your eating, )le.S
tire or work. Neat morning your cold
lis vanished, your liver is active, your
pystem is purified, and you nro feling
fino, with a hearty appetite for break
fnst. Druggists ;ell Calotabn only in
-riginal scaled packages, priceo thirty
five cents. Your money will be cher
fully refunded if you do not find them
2 Suffer?
SWonders for Me,"
Declares This Lady.
"I suffered for a long
time wItlywomaniytveak..
Sness," says Mrs. 3. IR
Simpson, .of 57 Spruce'
St., Asheville, N. C. "I~
finally got to the place
where it was an effort for
me to go. I would have
bearing-down pains in
Smy side and back -- es
Specially severe across my
back, and down 'in m
side there was a great
deal of Soreness. I was
nervous anid easily lip
The Woman's Tonie
"1 heard of Cardut and
deeided to use it," con
WItinues Mrs.S$impson. "!
saw shortly it was benme
filing me, so 1 kept it up N
me. And since then I
have been glad to praise
Cardul. It is the best ~
woman's tonic made/*
Weak women need a
tonic. Thousands and
Carulo benefit to'them.
By Francis Kirkland in C
'This portion, eighty-three -thousind,
three hundred and ninety-eight
acres, iwas formerly
Pisgah Forest
established by George W. Vanderbilt
In 1891, and the earliest ox
aniple of forestry on a large scale on
private lands in Ameilca.
Acquired by the United States
May 21, 1911.
On October 28, 1920, a bronze tablet
hearing the above inscription was
placed at the entrance of Pisgah Na
tional Forest. The tablet is eni'bedded
in a giant bowlder of Pisgah granite,
and is the tribute of the Southern
Forestry CongresA to the menory of a
man who rendercd great service to the
public by preservinig this large area
of st cams and wooded mountain-land
in its natural beauty. Constructive
forestry ajnd not ruthless exploitation
has always been the rule followed oin
tile Pigahi preserve. Through the far
sighted devotion of one nature-lover
the United States Government has for
a comparatively small outlay become
possessed of a 'heritage of wonderfi
The far blue i:eaks of Pisgah are the
fIlst mountain views to greet the trav
eller arriving in the city of Asheville,
N. C. Quaint 1Illtmore village is only
a few miles distant and the Vanderbilt
chateau can be seen from several
points; but it is to Pisgah itself and
its surrounding hills Ih'at the gaze
oftenest turns. Pisgah snow-capped,
or, algain, faintly blue on a day of
mountain mist-these are but two- of
the varying moods of the mountain.
but no one fully knov-ws Pisgah until he
has seien It blue-black 'against a lamni
ing 'sunset.
On the slepes of this Ixon derful
mounii tain are giant trevs, oais, tullip
ploplars, chiestntts, halsams, and other
famnious Carolina conifers. Deer and
hear roam this forest at will, and in a
preserve of their owh a few buffalo
are carefully guarded. The liberty of
the woods Is even accorded to wild
cats, and sometimes these fierce ani
mals abuse their privileges and leap
-from an overhanging limb upon the
haunches of a passing ranger's horse.
Occasionally a mountaineer violates
the laws of the national preserve, and
tways dearly for his daring. A recent
case of this kind shows how the courts
deal with such offenders.
"You have no more right to hunt in
the Pisgah National Forest than I
have" a judge recently informed a
poacher; "and I'm going to fine you
fifty dollars and give you a jail sen
tence of thirty days.
"President Wilson has gone so far as
to refuse the members of his cabinet
and members of the Supreme Court of
the United States the right to hunt in
the national .forest. It is the only
Laurens County's Most Attraci
Sent to Columbia for
March 27
WYho will represent. Laurens coun
ty in the contest for Queen of Palma
festa (i Palmietto tate Fecst ival) to lbe
held ini the capital city .larch 27 to
Apii 2 11y mieans of a poipular i volt
lng conttest thriouigh local noewsi ppers
dlitrinig the next, foitu' weeks, cad 1idate s
will be ('bosen from every couty3 in
South Carmoli na who wi 'l go to Colum i
bli as the guest. of the Palmaresta As
sciationi, which(1 or'gan ization will .de
fray all expenses, including railrioad
traspsor'tatIion, hotel bilIls andl en ter
tainmnent. The young woman wvill be
('haperoned by sprou~inen-t Colombia
society folks andl will feature in a
week of enter'tanment and social gay
ety which promises to rival the famous
New Orleans Mar'di Gras, ll~uring the
iecek an election wIll be 'held In Co
lumbia to determine the most attrac
tIve ando piopular young woman from
amnong the dlelegatest assembled from
the various' counties. The wInner of
this contest will be proclaimed Queen
of Palnmafesta, 'andl will be awarded a
grand pr'ize consisting of a complete
Sprin's trousseau of the finest apiareol
obtainable, One of the leading moving
picture compannios wl-ll fillm the queen
and her entire court, -and thIs special
ly selectedl galaxy of South Carolina
beauties will be sent far' and wuide via
the movIe screen to advertIse the Pal
metto State.
P'almafesta is to be an annual
Sprning event held in the capital city
Queen of
My choice for Queen of .Palmafesta
Nan~e . . . . , . . , , . . , , .
Address . .,.....,,
'This *tupon go
liristian Endeavor World
-place .where we can prevent the ex
termination of deer, elk and other ant
mals. You know as %well ats I do that
you killed a deer. It is against the
law even to carry a gun On the pre
A wvellbuilt motor-road makes the
ascent of Pisgah an easy .pleasure. The
,United States employs forest rangers
to guard against 'tire and other dan
gers, and in lieu of the State taxes that
would accrue -to North Carolina were
this preserve privateproperty the Gov
ernment sent -to the state a chcck for
$7,16 1, representing -twenty-flve 'per
cent of tihe gross rCce5;)ts of the for
est prodticts. 'I'This entire amttoun t 1111y
be used to improve the roaua. anitd
(rails, and 4on additional ten per Cent
will be vn)p'Otud by the Unitedl States
for-estry serl'iee.
Nach year ail nilcreasing number of
travel lcis enjoy the woliderifil Pisgahlm
Scenery IInd tis lew national park
il fair to 'become as well known as
other faious Federal tracts, for no
one1C who has once seen Pisah wilt be
conteit iit tie repeats tihe ptlea'su re
and shares it with his friends.
Asheville, N. C.
* *
* MT'. (ALL1A(Ulfl NEWS *
* *
.\It. Gallagher, Feb. 12.,-The friends
of Alr. Richard Knight will be sorry to
liear he Is ill at Li; writing. We hope
for him a speedy recovery.
'.li. Jerry . Martiln and faitly were
the guestAs of M\r. Walter Manly Stin
day afterlnon.
Mlr. and .rs. 11,aimes t.tvetpor't, of
Ioiten i'athi, visitCd their pare(nts, .\lr.
and Mlrs. W. 1'. 1)aven',ort, Sunday.
.\tr. John .\cNell.y has imoved to tie
old .cICKenzio place. We are gla1td to
have them in il olr comuinity.
W e deeply symtiplathize with i l. .111nm
.J1ones and family in their sore afflie
tion, caused -by the death of wife and
Miss ll'arriet Knight is quite sick
at the present writting.
Mir. W. P. Davenport has erected a
new barn on -his -home place.
We had the pleasure of meeting
Governor It. A. Cooper one day last
week. He was up to attend the fun
eral of his sister, Mrs. Sallie Jones.
Air. Tot Ducldworth and family
were the guests of Mr. J. R. Brown,
Our mail carrier is compelled to
travel in a buggy on account of .bad
roads. He can hardly make the trip
in half a day.
Mr. W. P. Davenport is suffering
with a pain in his chest caused from a
fall during the freeze.
Mir. Roy Manley has built a nice
ive and Popular Young Woman
Week of Social Cayety
to April 2
for' the enter'Ltinment of attlith# pea
ple1( of Soiitth Catrolina. It will tbe a
week of mamny atnt varied atttrt&itonts
in atludIitg the Staitte-wXidte auittomtobilI
show exlibit ing~ tie tate imodiels of
'a rs, trucks and1( tracltors; tine sping
xityie shaau, featurini g the tatest ('re(
a i tins fromi the realmi of fashion lby
irfiesslitnal mltsE1 to be imp torteit
froti New Yor'k totr the occaision;t
(ail ban c~i~t(ontcerts by onte oft Amter
ira's prteieri itsicaI or'gaizations;
iloral, tradt s, auiitoimoileI amtnd baby
',aradnes; fetes, dances'i', social event
and1( special at triact ionis at alli then
tr'es, with nichitly exhibits of fire
works in which wvill be featured
sp ;ecia-lty designed set pieices depuictitng
imiportanit events in South Carolina
history. The auto show, style shtow
and fireworks display wvill be stagedi
at time State Fair' Gr'outnds.
tn ot'der to secur'e the imost upopular'
youtng woman in Lautrens County as
cand~idate foi' Quteeni of Patnmafesta,
ther'e is printed below a pioputlaity
voting coupon which ts to be filled out
andt~ mailed as per' instrueltons con
tained therein. Voting coupions twill
be pri'ntedi in eacht issute of this news
tpaper' upt to andil includ~ing thte tssue of
Marcht t2th, at whicht time time votes
wilt be countedl and announcement of
thme winnert made. Ther'e witi be no te
striiction upon the numuber of votes
each puerion may e-aut~t. 'Ever'y coupon
fr'otm this inew'i. atet' is good for' one
Palma festa
nd for n 4ate
iouse on his pl-ace and has also bought
t tine gray horse.
Mr. C. A. Mirley, of Ninety Six was
he guest of his brother, George, last
A colored nman of Ware Shoals,
ihile unloading a car of coal, caught
, live elecirle wire antd was severely
Ohockedl, but by skillfully following
he instiuctions of the tralled1 nurse
\lMs E10mory and Dr. .1. B. Workman,
to Is recoverIng rapidly.
Mr. Pernell, of Helton, was a visitor
n this community last week.
The bride and groom, M. and Mrs.
Wardell, left for ioree last Satur
The Fe
and potasi m:
mixed mad proper
and chc:.ical tat
food throughout t
Swift & Comp
right: trained chei
Buy Swift's R<
Atlanta, Ga.
*r4'f - '
* ?.: \
day. We hope to have then back with
us soon.
Waterloo lonpr Roll
'First Grade: Alyne -McNeill, Janie
Campbell, Laawton Snilth.
Second Grade: George l)avenport.
Fourth Grade: Roy Andtson.
Fifth Grade: Hart Both, Kathicon
Campbell, Leonide Fuller.
Sixth Grade: Jenell Deshields, Lula
Smith, Otis Smith, MrskinCe Morrow
and Harold Anderson.
Seventh Grade: Katherine Wharton.
Margaret Booth.
Eighth Grade: Il-dna Smith, Robert
rtilizer Thai
the Most F
rtilizers containing phosphc
ike you the most profit. T1
ly proportioned from carefu
rials. This insures an evc
he growing season.
my has everything necessar
mists-agricultural experts
,d Steer Complete Fertilizers
vift & Compa
Charlotte, N. C. b
F. S. Royst4
Norfolk, Va. RIchmond, Va.
Charlotte, N. C. Washing
*partanburg, S. C. Atlanta,
Montgomery, Ala. Balt
E Money bnk without question
If HUNT'S Salvo falls In the
trentment of ITCH. E-CZEMA.
other itchsina skin diseases.
Ln::rcils Drug Co.
Ends indigestion,
It relieves stomach misery; sour stomn
achl, belching and all stornach disease
or inoney back. Large box of tableta
-it all druygists in all towns.
t Makes
>ric acid, ammonia
wey must be evenly
1ly selected organic
n supply of plant
y to make fertilizer
modern machinery.
and make the most
[ew Orleans, La.
w Guano Co.
L~ynichburg, Va. Tairboro,Nt. C.
ton, N. C. CohrmbIa, S. C.
Da. Macon, Ga. Columbus, Ga.
lrmore. Md. T'rnd,t Oni..

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