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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, February 23, 1921, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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.Ukf3 AN Ut TJ4ES
* ~ ~ ~ e a~w~ t -i T44g . ta"
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To C rea God i on y
'4 !. .rk uw n < - . .
L. 4.
The, Brand. 4
baury 7E us yVu/ill re.
cogn''~iz theii f Will rd
Threndedj JR( <ubbler: Balttery.
/f uy this~ brand'j~ 'And~ you
1.hst isi fr':e frornf the famnil
ex iir wood 'epIrato troubcrle,
carboizingr, perforating,
The Willard T1hreaaed
Rubber Jittery ila the only
blattfery thatil con be shipped
onel( at1:ocked1 ibaol utely bo~ne
Drive in ondi get ac
quainted~ wit h Willord Serv
ice. Ask un gibouit Thread
ed Rubbler Insla11~tionl.
Lauirena Storage
Battery Company,
W. Lauretns St.
Mt~sga ottr.ia I ~p ar A~raa
('h~ra iI 1 intio Nurcisti Act
h. ti '' tat
- *- *
*- -*
* V '
* *~,~~*(W4; 1%a
oi- mi' 110"6
: '2
* '.' *;'. ' * y -
Ov I. ~ , '" ~
y j : - . t e l' i 1] It
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-~~ t
Si I , a- I j "':.5 -~1'
hwt, .1 , ieaar Isors ad 'woorhtd I,'
tIE n-h~ '-ahi'e that the' ':uljjrlt w/ill beQ
W EA N .9w~ LDVA''if
'I'wo, killed Wim 'I'rain t4Irim~*, A uto
Hoffuolk, Vaf., FebrI. 17 . Mis.s Mary
i'Icr:a, daug i ht Ier oft Mar. andJ.'~ Mris. JIohni
Ti. J' 1E of Myrli I, Nanniem~ionid co'un
Wy, VJ r': n i, andia he r alJ.ster-,in -Iaw,
VMa brid' of ones ruionth i, wera a .frauck
&k W/a 11tr 1 iain ..t Myr II' i ad baoth n
niantly kil l d. a h 1,o% rs, YIO ./l.s ,l' a~i I10
cinr, had bl hus ead c ru nbedt :and :al fIour
Ilitlnbs broken.,. I ti star'ai heg [ n
ternI~ally hjinued lif wv.n i, r.ad 1(o
thbbi clly tanda laka'n Io 'a 'eUa'. Thl.
sauil uaied. The aenginesofathe aitoi,..
ihls lin hllivedv to hav' nial led na Ihes
car renebiedl 1v~u Ibe aioad Iria ('
Palmetto State Festival)
Columhia. March 28 to Amu ii
01 TL Vkt "II k-. '-:L J1 --vt. jU tit(
kljll.% MWI. ! &C ''&'11 t t(
k.II t' k!? 1. ~ ' L V* l. til
* j V. 'VtX I
10.11. 0.
lit 1!9 .~k! V1
~ t~w' . t
~ 'V y~* ~ .~ ~ %
\1 1'I
* ..9. '.~'i'.' i~ I~~.~r- J~V-tU
"i I *M () it Yl KQ UIf
0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 4, It it t t i i
f~f'' ~ . ] .!
9w ~ ;~~:I~vfirdI
.INAL KIV'1TLEEENT froni m1y trunt as Adninistrator.
Any Jbormon Itndlhted to atti.l entate
T.Lt- ttiew titut Lov tkc, .1711 day of' iv, liutified ont retittiret to makem uv,
Mv.l.t I WiviSj reikder a final at- nien oli timi (iit; nito ull 'voromlo
ct(I)Ijit of mY acts 4nu1i (oilmg. iu. Atl-- huvUi ciluini> Iug st Haid P tat '11 1
nifilnhino t(l oW the e,.taa t of::.t oi gen ul eOm ti: oil m beif'o( ui t e dan,
uaVn ti'' ettt, iU '.io Ofit . 11 1 .Lt itly proe o' h a o )i'ruivd. r.
.1I1,(1 4 ii . I .. VI U _ of'eh . M; A (Pr1i111 of utr i u q
FThr R 7. y n.b 24 *
I nz.
P1-an fj*or Profit
OUR poprycr 1921 depends upon growing your
Ycrops at the k , we cter pound or bushel. This means
thlat eve--ry acre must I~ prdueore pounds and more bushels.
The crop y.ield isr iE ropotion to the plant food supplied, so
be sure you supp!lenyo in od
The increased 3yield from the-- liberal use of Swift's R~ed Steer
Fertlizers bring yo-cu a large pro~fit. Buy now.
Swift & Company
Atlanta, Ga. Charlotte, N. C. New Orleans, La.
41.** 1
r aeA r a e
opiv ieofabee raea.dsyr: ouhv
-et. oe reur pe acemnA !. ;adatg
Plla rinr hdyvait o an expectfi
ro.Clc cairod ate pro-e kh e . :: resu ondoltse.shs en
thot qat eueriy. Or.c aret bred by mthe pud n oebses
Thes;pdge copn Wel have roctnt the plargeodstppier-s
ibe en buren exyrou any .peeony inpatfod
Threredn erc tmrel~ y ed deaers Ouriealueo SitsR te
o<eryoueby furhing yeedaofage er bet.Byn .
SwiBit ofCCommon
Sense AdAcrea e Por
S. A- ;' 1 '1 etJh1ei)Thoughtful.
'' Departmentq r 50Bi-EfConrno
risvill, SouohCarolin
': ~,o1 - lilyr- ! ' Li:,reidy. Our .s' cester...e..ly th
uer-d4r ' pngree. (Ih(otnnerW. a.e -h. ..,.ch4.or
ii' r t1kerl f-c rrceroternerrly .ce. .l.....,s..Ou
o o emv ot-b f'edigred rng seed of tishe mc.,...,st
Coke's'iedir41 ixi watite~up ~
Vri -o urn writrmngr(..analogc
KE.P. cn IJ E BE,(e.M r. =muenmm anmem~meu==ums~um--- a e
D .jpArtZm$ A!Ac ntl|Q 500-EkMM~

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