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EIJe Aiabetlet
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
1utblished by
Liuretis. .4. C.
Adverislung Ra..3 s. Applliatioin.
Obitua tries anl ('ar's of Thanks: Ono
Cent i Word.
Entered at thO postolliCe at latreins,
. Ci., as second class iail matter.
Le.W'IENM. S. ('., FElII. 2:1, 1921
The fru'it vcnders who have conto1 til
der th ie tire of a city ordintalice have
contrilmtitd( considerably to the( redue
tion of the cost of living sii'nc they
have beln selling liere, and at the same
time have been assiltilng the growers
of the fruits ini diposing of their pro
dIIct s'. The Adveirtiser believes it un
fair and undtesi raibl e, from a civic
standpIioint, to allow these venders to
use ile street s for friit stands, but to
place a1 prohlibitive license up1onl them
striks us as be'ing unfair to the great
body of consumiers its well :Is to the
orange and apple "farmers" whose
PIr oduicts are eeking an outlet.
1'lacing in the baids of recei vers of
Spartanhurg's street railway, lighting
and gas system is an inlldication of the
prk'earious position wiich the public
utilities occupy and appears to us
opght to cause people to think a little
more and demand less in -the way of
improvements which are of doubtful
prol11lt. As will be seen by the com
plaint asking for the receivership, a
large part of the trotlbles of the Conl
C'ern was brought on by governmental
action, forcing extensions of doubtful
value and of iIIIrOven'nts fronm
wyhich there Would be no correspoild
ing returln.
The Advertiser may he considered
dd fashioned, out of tune with
( tie timties, slow and lnprogre
slve, -bill it refise; lo join iti the cur
r'ent pastile of trying to inilk every
tping in sight and consider any de
fthseless money ch1est as fair prey to
bi6 pim-ed open, filched, bankruipted and
tilen left to tle fates for revival. In
the face of the greatest stringency the
inltivtry of tie nation has known in
yea's we hear itn the l(dislature, all
over South Carolina and all over the
nation demands of the piblic utilities
Wlh ich Wo 1(1 reqirie su perh-ittIman
strength to imect Erection of costly
railway ,iltatiorn, ryovlof gradeo
ing.r, redut ian or , es, ad
ditions of n c -trins-, all og rtthe
business jud rgminilt of ra ilad tlhe
'ln. j!T di-nai-ded on every hand
il le I:a. o . I ay saf
ly be( puill - :. th t wh r :uch <h..
1-1o ra ''itali : :i . 11I
tur s d no t ' Ir ihi l(i Dii'
ti',':; dh)
We i iv v , ' 1n for ih. c .
.\!. . li t I iiI Dii n uar ii as thn
thii'9 nood and - is Li' rprour
in' ai \!x -. 'il:.nin . Il:l -r o of th-e
Ii liK ~ f- I l. .'yfti tel''h
t'~'y I'l', iii>i'edti in, or i' v on: io
sh h r eti i ieknI-t b' e it avi i tig both
dou rl' (1. Oi ' it 'WitdP to matchi
[l:c, ist -.li ritfoile ':. n w ' hiv p rst
Ont hi:.:l: to iti o the li i; i ti e handi
inrt [nsath t to riyo l e mai !n' a' t from
sa l i n to ici OIs l iiesm; i - ~ he hp
tDo a laeo ni 'a e i c'n r'k hei Ielf
tnh:' lakfor the fult"e. 'dii
Mr. I 3' t'oe ria t'viDi rt''in liioit theroods
vler id eii lioi' leilt i' eI1 p elhetin is
fwisenoyghied andlI the'' anilaed~i
oute at i' i zes.it Wi'iiith i~~ this en
has titt maI tializedI, warI nd l- h
theviti rldck ten Doe havingD be
the ir Inuth lil'kilfor (2 - irs. W 'h-ive ours
wn tofa foor ttitmone wo'n fro
'lalevo eenher lco)untis ithe'' whicht
es for instances, that would have tak
k n1 up the loom \ ends. To do this is the
proposition that We face this year
ail to produce Itore of any one ar
tie le, such as cotton, than the purc'ehas
ing part, of the. world iwants will l6e
There may not be such a thing as
ovel;; roliction or better times may be
alhead, bit we do knnW that the safer
policy will he to diVert SOme of our
enei,ie-. front cotton to somc other
Counlt Agent to llrect ('amaillIg-n for
.olnoiileal 'se of Fertilizer and
Home .llixing.
To Ikaurens County Farmers:
At a muecting of County Agent.; and
otier Agricultural dIxtension workers
at Spartanaburg last woek, resolitions
were drawn t11) favoring a vigorots
camiaign inl each couity of South Car
olilia for an economical use of fertiliz
ers In 1921, the campaign' in each coun
ty to be directed by the County Agent.
The Etension workers from Clem
son1 College advocate the intelligent
use of fertilizers this year, and recoin
itend home mixing, and where possi
ble, buying on a cash basis. Iiforila
tion call be obtained from the couinty
agent concerniling the best mixtures for
different crops oil different soils. Tel(
cotiy agent can also 'give advice as to
the camparative values of tite different
kinds of fertilizers.
Aecording to in format ion received,
frot Washington, there is no shortage
of fertilizers this year and (lite to a
lessened demand the wholesale prices
have fal len conisiderably. The follow
ing figures willi give anl idea as to the
.trend o' fertilizer pries Fron Sep
teibetr thl to .Jant1nary : 1st., liltrtate of
1o0a dr01ped fron $3.G0 to $2.90 Ver
tnilliteds pounds; :ulphate of am
tmtonlia from $5.50 to $3.00 1per IIIdIrted
pottnds; cotton seed meal from $15 to
$30 per tol; dried 'blood frot $7.50 to
$3.75 per nitit; animal tatkage frot
$7.00 to $2.90 per tin it; bilk 16 per
cent acid pilosphate from $21 to $15
per tol. The alove are -wholesale quo
tations, and the figures (were received
I from J. A. Nvans, oflice of EIxtetnsion
Work South, Washington, 1). C.
Meetings will be held in v'ariouts
parts of the county dIriln.g tle coming
week to discus the fertilizer situation,
and to take i1l) the matter of home
mixing of fertilizers. The farmers will
be shown wlerein they cati save sev
eral dollars per tol by home milxing.
Farmers nn also save very latrgely by
Cooperative buying at casli i.i rices.
Pind out from your school teaher
ju. t v~A' the meet inmg will he held in
[Yr p :' of the coity, and le sure to
aIt d. It may ta."ma se'. .1 doi'!..
mi . a'Ol .N i Ws
but. ;;e t ll' st)(eWllakes; a re.
a- to his wVisdomia.
. lr u . h .\l. I'.-liti n hi return
b elo .w5 roli wekI udr ra
Cen ';iiphy'ui~e nui :.; lie i' :1~ hiii
Xliiier th and 1 ope 1, :-o 'n i l : rn"
::e 1) (nell tiio ast ever. 1) er
Alt's at1ending fatrom slt here
Mt032. an. l . .1.e inr .Vi. R.1 'f raniite
:-:end .s. ln W. opr las .\iixW
h Woman'ste T Missonaryp:- andt
a~l v ary onItybl 'ournionhl me
\lig m Heiii let Patfterso~n i~ in j i t'ran
wllih ill uce anid at, Mr. m' aei M rs.
J. 'I.,itunninham, who hs as tbe veryt
Mrs. Je. T). Vteron and liiti~n hor
ptrents MrI)ht aieis et. antI T ang s.
r. and M~tfr. J 0 ibr ii
M. an M.10 W.t l'g.i Coopent Sn--~
iThiher foman' i ssionaary socwi Iny
ein eaurdhy aftrnton Wenp tht.
ing ier(efllXIst i'and eit is alo hor a e
in ofspcalipo.ne
Mrs. 1. D.' Vernoo andlimtl sontl of
aimoitho herl parets, r. aftdrnos.
Thiss ere IsCheapman forn ther
ve hope all the lartons will attend
and help to add all you call to the anl
nual report and interest. inl general to
the school.
Mrs. C. L. Waldrep and daughters,
Dlisses Pauline and Margaret, and Miss
Nora Cannon (were in Laurens Satur
When Your Farnt Stock is Sick, Look
For Ifats
Disease among farm animals don't
Just happen. Rats are carriers of dan
gerous plagnes---.hog cholera. foot and i
mouth disease and that torrible of all
scourtges-Ilulbonlic plague. Farmler.a
shlould~ thrlow% ar-ound proisej(s IACAT.
SNAP. It''3 sure1't adl( safe." Tlree0L'
sizes, 35c, C;c, $1.25. Sold and guar
anteed by L1laureis lardware Co.,
Ptnllmlll's DIrIg Store, Kellcdy Bros.
For Sale--125 bushels of Hartsville
No. 12 long staple cotton seed at $2.00
per busIieI. This cotton 1as been) of
ficially graded as full inch and a quar
ter and' pioduced a bale to the acre
last year. b. .\l. Bcacham, Laurens,
Route 4, Phone 85. 32-1t-pd.
Wantued-Position as housekeeper or
nu1)rse by middle-aged white lady.
Phone 215. 332-1 t-pd.
(GIn Notl ee-Ouv ginnery at Madden
,will be running Friday, the 25th. J.
1). Culhertson. 32-1t.
For Sale--Two or three cows, fresh
inl 1111k. .1. 1). Culbertson, .i\adden
Station. 32- It.
Wanted-Kerosene tank in A-1 con
litioln, for stote. it. L. Ramage,
Barksdale, S. C. 32-It-pd.
For sac--'Thrce lots on Irby Ave.,
facing east, at half pice. If sold
within ten days, -250.00 each, irs.
W\. .\. Hllsonl, 1'.aur1ens. 32-1 t1)1.
Lost----Monday between -\lIountville
and iln-1uels, plrobalibly oi South Ilar
per1 stiret, 1921 automobile plate
C-4-1-2. binder Please niotlfy DIr. It.
E. Ilutghels, and r(ive reward.
32-1 t-lipd
For Sale - ;(ood ntule. 'Pr1ice rean~h1
able. clyde 1. Pianks. 32-It
Iost-'ailr of glasses between Laut
rens and Ware Shoals, last. week.
\aluedl at $22.00, Plinde' w ii be r0
war'ded iwitl $5.00. Enloch Beeks,
Ware Shoals. Itt. 2. :32-1 t-p(I
Strayed--Fromlt litching lot neat'
freight (lepot Friday afternoam, blue-1
brown mar1t1e m1jule about 3 years old.
last sceen in LIaurens Mill village. Sat
Iturday afternoonl. Lost saddle between
lot and mill village. Finder of eithet'
please notify tme or T1. B. Suierlc and
get reward, C. M. W. Poole, Laaur'ens,
Route 2. :12-1 t-d)(I
Lost--It 'Laurens or betwecnI LaIt
renI and Cross 111 Thursday night,
automoilI lIcense plate No. C-'714S.
Filnder please notify .1. A. Crisp, Cross
11111, and ('eee rivO tewvald. :!2-It-: I
Notlce-This is to wati all personsa
from buyinlg or renting my land. situ
ated one mile east of Princtweton, ll
rens County, S. . as it is Iy share
of my fnatht' and l)other" estate. Any
one wishing fu rthelr information, ad
dr tess, .\is I2. t'.t Gilkerson, I 'J Nort't
~tt~ i''l hoit0 and tiaitli.
W I~ti Ac..And r~sn.P.C. :32- I
Vcr Rie:-. a in 5 ees i culti
*in . PhuIt-: I,f w os'and ndt lPe
I ( 0 fo l t --ing Colub
..! Ia 'l '1 I I It. Th oug hb ic
i. \'h rl clor i-vr i i k
- tas l ::uartri e d *,true': tyie. I 20
*'urs;;tt' .n l n. Wa~uttd .lieb:
I'et:' h ae I '' P It i i n b-:ofr
hr \\. l i c b. .see ;r o a-Int'e
nte. AeWill exch mhe Ilir t
it d t o i cov . \2th f'r --d
Ni t ii:k th' ar':n 'l t h e i
it nIelis T itiii i : \' unn iual~ v-i r
1)1m1' toI petahit'h it'a theu- ri h i'.
topiton. It o wl :i Iam -o to'mt. ,
e1set hicrl vca., g i.nnscandl arb
i h('nta 1)(;:1.0 hiOi~ :1i -:'.lt-t o
toh Sl ae t'I(lod: Chandled
nt( I's.r$y.J er settig. aill Flatse
)t e i itic n l . itC. Mi5I-1. I'i 0 -- less
titnr Sle Eggs if $ rmupe lto pit o
tou-R 10 I lus.a $1.ur jhorh-o$s.ndo
::lant byr 15.11 Alo Per .\uil -al C. d
Ieln onel Me.gg. W S. C.hn .2-fl
.NIlee -\\-r w.le-ivoe the.' h~dghost
m id trkt. staridc $.0 for I1hrt onh.
.Not i'ee--A i hae arrnget t!ontbe it
llurny two day eahoonh.r your ie.
Eabbds Plns orsnhOO av
niclistockyin pantd julstoth ritse
t t out I ill payyouto av
th Pfolwen:o SateestCharleso
Cumiad rch2ston Pris 2e
Take notice that. on the 28th day of
larch, 1921, I nvill render a final ac
coult. of my acts and doings a", adin-i-l
istrator of the Cstate of .Jiim James de
ceased, in the ofile of the -Judge of
Probatp of Laurenls county, at it
.'cioek, a. im. and on tIhe sanme day will
apply for a final diseharge from my
trust as Administrator.
Any person indebed to said estate
is notifled and required to maiie pay
inilt on that date; and all persons
having clai is against said estate will
proesent them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
C. A. P1ONVlalt,
Febriary 23, 1921.-1 mo.-A
Moi.py bic: without un estion
if HUNT'S SnIve fails in the
trentment of ITCH, ECZEMA,
othor itching skin diseases.
Try a 25 cent box at our risk.
Ln:rens Drug Co.
The Quinline That Doe'; Not Affect The
ilceause of its tonic and laxative e("t
lets) can be taken by anyone without
causing nervousn'.ss or rlingl- 1 he
head. E. W. GROVE'S signature on
box 3Oe.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* Opening *
* 'Thursday, Feb. 21 *
* ishowinic *
* "Ifl'311 ORESQ'E" *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like It. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
C. C. Featherstonc W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
kll itusiness Intruste4l to Our Care
Will Haye Prompt and Carcfui Atten
Office ojer Panlnetto llank
\1r. Featherstone will spend Wednen
day of each week in Laurens.
Terracing Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
r. T . L. Trimmerman
I.:uren So:4th C~iolina
Oic in: . lnt Pleods Baiik Hilng
S impsion, Cooper &C Babb
n,: i'iPr.ece In all Nitiite ICourts
Proui~ \ i'ention Givn All lHuslness
( )f Tai an d lunips, Air Com
presors ('omputiing Scales, leloor
itrItebuilt Cash ltegisters,
Sa w. tor, l-'ixturmen;.
Tliii EIAI i'LON SA~ Ll'ES C'0
lackwell & Sullivan
"rompht Attention (Aiven All lBusiness
.Aloneiy to Lani on Real Esttei
TiCelphoneC 350
Office In Simmons lildhing
0. Langdon Long
Enterprise Nationnl'Bank Building
All Legal Business Given
Prompt Attention
TIak~e notlco that on the 28th day of
February, lIh wo will render a final
account of our acts and (doings as
Executors of tho estate of Mi. V. Holder
deceased, in theo ofilce of the .Judge of
Probate of Laurens county, at 11
o'clock, a, mn., and on the same day
will ap;*ly for a final diischar'ge from
our~ trust as Executors.
Any person indebted to said estate
Is notiflod and rOqutired to make pay
mecnt on that date; and all persons
having claims emainst 54d( estate will
present thenm on or before said date,
duly proven or ho forever barred.
. .A. 8. HIOLDER,
.Tan. 2(6. 1921-1 me,
It is our desir e to open an AGENCY for our
DYEING in your city. We prefer this -gency to
be in connection with some reputable and estab
lished busimss as a side line to such business.
An excellent opportunity. If interestcd advise
promptly, giving nature of business.
WVe will extend oilur offer on
Type "W" 1achine, shown in
cut. of $1-50.00 f. o. b. olum
bia, un11til MArl first. This
Drag Sw 1 1 is equipped with
Hosch AMagneto 1n1d Lever.
Columbia Supply Company
823 Gervals 'Si reet, 00LU3nIL S. C.
Dealers in everything for the -ome
The largest and )est equipped mon
iuental mills in the Carolinam.
Don't Neglect Your Tires
---They Cost Lots of Money
We Build New Life ii Old Tires
Rim Cuts, Btlowouts, Rebuilding and Retreading a Specialty
City Vulcaniz3ng tation
Oldest---Largeat*---Best At City Filhn nation
She wil lite moeagrl
fo yurknc,.f t' yu
cuto t bin aboo
4'II ibrinl

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