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Inds Catarrh or wnoney .back. JiW
breathe it in, Outfit includes iultale-.
Vetra bottles at all druvalsta
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
The purified and refincd
calo-el tablets that aro
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain-.
ed ald improved. Sold
only in seald packages.
I'rico 3GSc.
Million Packets Of
Flower Seeds Free
We believe in flowers around the
homles of the South. Flowers brighten
up tho home surroundings and give
pleasure and satisfaction to those who
have them.
Wo have filled nioro than a million
packets of seeds, of beautiful yet
easily grown flowers to be givon to
our customers this spring for the
beautifying of their homes.
Wouldn't you like to have five
packets of beautiful flowers free?
1921 catalog Is a 110-page handsomely
Illustrated seed book with twenty
beautiful pages showing the finest va
rieties i their true natural colors.
It it; full of helpful garden, flower and
farm information that is needed in
every home, and, too, the catalog tolls
you how to get these flower seeds ab
solutely free.
Writo for our 1921 catalog now. it
is the finest, most valuable and beau
tiful seed book ever published, an!l
you will bo mighty glad you've got it.
There is no obligation to buy any.
thhig. Just ask for- the catalog.
This Is Better
Than Laxatives
4on. NR Tablot rrch Night For A e'Jek
4 i Correct Vctw Constipation and
Jako Constan'L Dcsing Unnac-.
:'y.Try it.
or dientl-m .:.I asnimilatIon
i a -. pooriy rbouIv rsh bodlI : au:l
low vitaslly. l'cra lan I. nt h~n roeanat
Clogsed bls., iX r um;tatiLon, putr-.
:factli o an tho lc-matilon (D' pitsonio
att9os which ire ab~sorbedct by the blood
.n care t hrough I the body.
result Iis wecialme:, headachetu
iness,(S Iote tngue, iniacdAve hve:-,
4 18119attaks. lu of Ouorg5y, nery
S,' alowi ompli, Vphpe, c:In
dl20s, rnd often tlmou ceriu-s ill
Ord~Inary la~satlvcA, Durge1! alntt er..
4 te,-satooils, caineluv rnd the
2nyrelieve o' fe t, e horu, but
real, laseting boneit can only como
through -tme or mecdinoxI tha.t tone-'
an5tr-onathet:a the di;-stivo n
1asthe eliminative org~aus.
'ci. (6 !h- h)or of Nature c Reedy
i 1Tablete) and tako onte tilohec
,lt~ fo' n. ww-kc. Relief wl~t fono..v
'the very fist doso, but a. fewi d -i
'nilL elapo beCforo yVou i, 1 and
the tfulleat. benent. \ .in y~m
strab htened- out rnd In,.1 jno I i
-05.Ll you 'need niot tako loni'' lxr
every day--an ocea0lonal -Nt. TIabet
waitl th( n keep, youli- Oy-xtexo in goont
condilt Ion aid yeu wll aVtt flwiay.; iful
Toue bet. ]temember-, kterjor; weI I.x
Natur&'s itemedy (NLt TabIlett; o~re
itohl, guarnaxteed and. .reC Inaninded 1,y
your drur -:st.
-~e I
gI Lost My liest Customers Through
RA'lTS," Wries 'J. A dams.
"Used to have the busiest Rtestau
r-unft in, townl until news apreadI that
the Kitchen was infested wtithx rats;
lost a lot of my best customers until
I -trIed IRAT-SNAP'. Haven't at hest
in the pilace no0w. Restaur iants should
sise RAT-SNAP". Three sizes, 35c,
6r1e., $1.25. Sold and gutaranteed by
ixmurens lI ardwar'o Ce., Putnam's
Drig( Store, Koneinedy Br-os.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough meicicne which stops the cough by|
bealing the in~named and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Qoup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and threat
of children auffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of linyes' iloalin g lioney In
side the throat c-ominend with the healing e ffect of
Grove's 0-Penx-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skIn soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed in one carton and the
cost of the combIned treatment Is 35o.
- Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Temporary 'teceivers Appointed by
Judge Watkins for Spartanburg Con
Slartanburg, Feb. 17.-The Sout4
Carolina Light, Power and Railways
Company, owners of the Gaston Shoals
power development in Cherokee coun
ty, the gas plant, the street railway
line and electric lighting systein f the
city of Spartanburg, was placed In tem'-*
porary receivershli-p this afternoon by
Judge H. IH. (Watkins of the United
States court of the Western 'District
of Sout'h Carolina. The court appoint
ed Geoige '. Tripp, vice president and
general manager of the conany and
J. B. ILee, president of the Bank of
Commerce, this city, receivers.
The action of the court iwas in the
case of the General'Isleotric company
of New York complainants, against
the South Caro'lina Light 'Power and
Railways company, defendants, in
which it is alleged the company is in
debted to the complainant In the sum
of $13,358.58, the -payment of w'hich
.-um has been duly demanded 'but re
mains unpaid.
The complainant alleges the cow
pany has a floating indltedness of
upward of $2S9.616.51, alo that it
vawswd dividends oi out stanlding )'e
ferred stock :payable Octohor Ist 1920,
anid on sibsequent dates aid that its
diculties are "more nellte by reason
of the plresent nancial sil ation.'"
It is set forth ill thle Complaint Ihat
the company has an authorized capital
stock of $5,000,010, of which there has
been h:sued an ouitstanding stock to
the amount of $250,000 common, anid
$700,000 preferred" and that all of the
property of the company "is subject to
a mortgage dated Nov. 1, 1912, in and
for the sum of $5,000,000, and also to
the terms of certain indenture dated
September 1, 1918, securing the sunm of
$650,000 being an indebtedness repre
scntied by that amount of three seven
per cent gold notes maturing Septem
ber 1, 1921." The ompany in Its on
swer admits all allegations of said bill
and "Joins in the iprayer of said bill."
The court's order naming the receiv
ers conclles with directing parties to
the case appear on March 17 next, to
show cause twhy the receivership
pendency of the suit.
It is understoodIl hero tonight that
the receivershi.p will no -way affect the
opcrationns of the company, but will ei
able it to pass over a crisis in its af
fairs anid meet Its obligations.
Mr. Tripp, vie e-president and general
man:ger of the company, -who is one
of 1the reeivers appointed, said tonight
it was his opinion that all creditors of
the corpanay won Id he paid inl ill as
oon as reciver.i have been given a
re:'onlable tiim. to work oIt a solution
of the finllli al anI usiness problemnmh
of Ilhe i at-n
Th'le Sonl'h ('arolinla ~ight., P'ower &
jaiiways t'Coripany is controlled lby A.
i. Leach & (t'miinp3 of New York.
Iavils A out (' 14n11
co~n:Iad alliiiiat ( xluitvely to tile
h:inth- princil'es of 'Turlkest an and
Ti rsc::iucasia.
int 1911 iiroducltion~ oft intlionu in lIussiaL
(11 oll gro~wn ouit side of' the I 'nited
Statis, accoingii8 to lI ster, was5,
of' wold's mill suiily (of en(ttonl (01n
Sibtl by m'achi (lountry was as foml
i sh India p22. 1 ecet . li~yp '.9 per
en.('hinai .. roIt m i, lirazil 2.s jier
('li, Hiussia 2.2 ercen'it, alli it her -].3
d!cacted by I'. S. ('ensus 1igureIis to hiave
Woriild prodnelitio 1 of (0otton for' fac
torly consumptIon11 11 -in 191~t9 was I ,100,000
balos igrIeatelr than the amioiunt con
World consumption of American cot
toln Is ruilnning 25 It'eret -below what it
did( last year but the estimautedI produc
tion, governmnent. ilgures1 , is 1,662,000
bales gr'eater.
There is now enloughI cottonl in the
worild, utnspun, to last nearly two
Cotton is pr1odhuced extensively In
many sections of China. Most of it Is
Hpuln by hand in the homes of tile pO-~
pile, but reliable estimates .place the
<!Ii~lIty of Ch1inese cotton fr'om the
croip of 1919 whlich reached commier
eilal chiannels at 1,100,000 bales.
Durhing the years 1862 and 1863 total
pr'oduiction in tile Unitedi States aver
agedl less than 375,000 bales of cotton
annulally. TVhe world managed to got
FIist cot-tonl seed were pilantedi ini
Virginia at Jamne.'town in 1607. Cotton
wais initroduiced into all th~e southern
('Oolnies by the first settler's.
The Spanish invadr in 1519 found
cotton clolhinig in common use in M~ex
Io, ndt Core? reetvetl giitso i ne
8peclal Schools Laurens Township
Laurens City ........ 12 1-2 mills
Trin!ty Ridge No. 1 .. .. 12 1-2 mills
Profstct 'No. 2.. ........ 8 mills
Laurens No. 3.......... 12 mills
Bailey No. 4............7 mills
Watts Mill Fleming, Copeland 8 mills
Oak Grove No. 6 .......... 6 mills
Ora No. 12 .......... 14 1-2 mills
Youngs Township
Ebenezer-Patton.. ........3 mills
e'riendship No. 2 .......... 8 mills
Warrior 'Creek-R1. Old Field .. 8 .mills
iethol No. 4 .......... 11 1-2 mills
Gray's No. 5 ............ 8 mills
Central No. 6 .. .... 8 mills
Youngs No. 7 ............. 8 mills
Landford No. 10 ......10 1-2 mills
Tountain Ini No. 3B ......20 mills
Dinls Townsip
Gsi(eipond No. 1 ..... 8 mills
Edon No. 2. ........ 12'1-2 mills
Shiloh No. 3 ............ 12 mills
New Halamony No. 4,... .. ...4 mills
Gray Court-Owings No. 5. .20 1-2 mills
Barksdale No. 6 Consolidated 12 mills
Dials 'Church No. 7 ........8 mills
Morna No. 8 ............ 12 mills
li'outnain Inn No. 31 ......20 mills
Sullivan Township
Princeton No. 1 ........12 1-2 mills
Mt. Bethel No. 2 .......... 8 mills
Poplar Springs No. 3 ......12 mills
Browerton No. 7 .......... 8 mills
Merna No. 8 ............ 12 mills
Iliekory Tavern No. 17 . . 12 1-2 mflb%
Loc4al It. 11. Bonds .. .. .. ..3 mills
Special Sehool-Waterloo Township
Mt. Gallagher No. 1 .. .. .. 12 mills
Bethlehemn No. 2 .......... 4 mills
Wikoni No. : ............ 17 mills
Center- Point No. 4 ........ 8 mills
)akville No. 5 ..8.......... 8 mills
Mt. I'lgasant No. 6 ........12 mills
Mt. Olive No. 7 .... .. .. .. 111-2 mills
Waterloo Town No. 14... ....8 milla
!"Pcelal School-Cro-s 11111 Townslhip
( s . liill No. 1.. .. .'. . 2 millS
Crosa; 11111 No. 2 .. .........mills
Wade No. :3 .............6 mills
Old MountvIlle No. 6- ......3 mills
Cross 1111 Town No. 13 .. .. 15 mills
Specil Sehool-Hunter Townshil
Lisbon No. 1 ............ 12 mills
Rock No. 2 ... .. . . .. ..8 mills
Rock Bridge No. 3........6 milLs
':.dsworth No. 4..........8 mIlls
Jeederville (part of No. 4) .. 8 mills
Clinton No. 5 .. .. .. .. 14 1-2 mills
Goldville No. 6 .......... 4 mills
KInards No. 49 (part of No. 6) 8 mills
3elfast No. 6 .. ......... 1-2 mils
esses, Coal
Silk Dresses
In Shoe DE
'ords~ and Pumps ariri
s and kids are now
ted while I have you
cotton fabrics .from the hand of the
great Monteaumna.
Statements .to the effect that Egyp.
tian mummies were avraluped in cottoni
fabrics have been risproved.
in the first chapter of 10sther deflnitt
wference Is made to the .use of cotton
"'hangliig" at the feast which King
Ahasuerus gave, about 519 B. C.
World carry -over of American cot
ton at July 31, 1920, U. S. Census
figures on the domestic supply and
Chronicle figures on stocks held abroad
was 6,149,089 bales.
The books of 'the County Treasurer
wl-l be open for the collection of
State, County and Commutation Road
Taxes for the- fleval year, 1920, at the
Treasurer's offico from October 15th to
December 31st, 1920. After December
31 one per cent will be added. After
January 31st,. two per cent will be
added, and after Feb. 28th, seven per
cent will bo added until the 15th day
of March. 1921,a whbn the books 'will
be closed.
All ipersons owning property in
more than one township are requested
to call for receipts in each of the
kseveral townships in which the prop
(rty is located. This Is Important, as
additional cost and penalty may be at
All able-bodied male cittezns be
tween the ages of twenty one (21) and
sixty (60) years of age are liable to
pay a poll tax of $1.00, except old sol
diers, who are exempt at fifty (30)
ears of age. Commutationl Road Tax
$.00 in lieu of ro!:'. duty. All able
bodied men betwcon the 'iges of 21
und 55 are liable to load duty except
hose in Military Service. School
Trnstees, School Teacher-, Ministers,
and Students.
The Tax Levy Is as follows:
State Tax.. ............ 12 mills
Ordinary County Tax . 4...... mills
Road and Bridge .. ....41-2 mills
Rallroad Bond.. .. .. ......1 mill
Road 'Bonds 1............ 4 mills
Jall Bonds...... ...... 1-2 mill
Good Roads ............ 2 mills
Constitutional School Tax.. . .3 mills
Total ................ 31 mills
New. D
Taffeta and
Black, Navy, Brown
Grey, Tan
$25.00, $29.75
$32.50, $35.00
New Spring Oxf
in satins, suede
Come and be fit
Lace In Front
$3.50, $5.00
and $6.50
Hurricane No. 15 . 6 mills Propem' attention ill be given those
.\lountvllie No. 16 . 11,1ill1 %ho wish to emy their taxes through
Special School-Jacks Township the mail by checks money order, e.
Shady Grove No. 2 ........7 mill Persons sonding In list. of namos to
Reuno No. 3 .. ............ mills be taken off a requested to send
flatton No. 4 ............ 3 mills tlie arly and give tie townsip of
O'dell School No. 6 .. ..1.... each,as th Treasurer Is very busy
Ilurricano No. 15 .... ......6 muls dlng the month of December.
Spwecia School--Setylet. YOU,
TSpecial 1 1em2i--.cmiitof County Treasu rer'.
Long Branch No. 1.. ......8 mills
Byrd's-M-usgrove No. 2 . 3..... mills
Langston No. 3 :11i11 Ples Cur.d I. 6 to 14 Days
Sandy Springs No. 4 ...... 4 mills mjanIts'refund monc' i A2. OINTMENT tlic.
Landfords No. 10 .. .. .. 10 1-2 mir lhinss, s o Pro'rudluj' .
Or. No. 12.......14 1-2 mills i 11. U.It ~ t fik r it in IPAks, "'J.'
For Cotton, Corn, Tobanco
Grain, Peanuts and Truck
QUALITY in plant food content.
QUALITY in availability.
QUALITY in mechanical condition.
QUALITY in big yields.
QUALITY in profitable farming.
Dry and drillable goods.
Analysis as guaranteed.
Prompt, courteous service.
Subaidiary of Tho Antorican Agricultural Chem~ical Co.
Charleston, S. C.
FR. L. GRAY, Gray Court, S. C.
R. V. IRBY, Laurens, S. C.
Suits and Wrecps
SpringAI Cyti
Dry d d e go
Subsieyday.Th Alria Agitura Chewa Co.
Serge, $ 5and
Poire0 aTwir

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