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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, March 02, 1921, Image 10

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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A Store That Is Founded On These Three,' Principles:
===Fair Dealings Toward Its Customers and Employees,
-==The'Best the Market Affords at the Lowest Prices, and
Advertising That Is Truthful Even to the Smatlest Detail.
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S T O R" E S - 'I'Ili is slt.itl aI ;icnpri It 't10( Tlhe finst p11r iII ill ever iuislanc is the tlat st pive N( o 11151 1114 11i is O E
STORES- the Card
In the Carotlinas
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Shelby. ( '.
I I W ls itn . N . (
I lttvill . N. (.
Mhinil. \N. U
Sunsee. (. . I N G N
WhnrintonN. N. c. D RA.
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\lost as-ur-dl Ii nd . we8188 tre jus ly t, Ii
\ v . I. .\ m i hn im .r. W . T .14 W
NT PayN:1n 'Youri k Railrod 1. 11 III Insta-lledha forv~ Your( estlCon- Thei~lt'ililt.'ii .\'''8a
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I " ' i nW8 8 1 4 'i i i N . C .8 ( 1 1 I.* l ~ l 'r s y u r t re l te dI p a t s t rN11 M rt ii T A C K ! o urml lo n em veir i la 1 wcsild li 11 1 111 1 l l t r 1e l i e d .
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pompelleddtthpay.eThese priieiln sions are ineturn'vmll. rnlto<nn' austomer . .\l wse th%0-11
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