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Money back without question
if HUNT'S SalfH fails in the
treatment of ITCH. ECZEMA,
other itching skin diseases.
Try a 75 cot box at our risk.
e .:sDru; 01.
Palmetto State Festival
Columbia, March 28 to April 2
to Death
First Stops All Palin-Then Peels the
Corn Off.
Don't try to fox trot on corn tor
tured feet. Get rid of your corns. If
Make Your Feet Haeppyt Remove Thosr
Corns With G*eta.t."
you have never seen a corn tickled to
death, Just apply a few drops of "Gets
It" to yours. Then watch that corn
die-peacefully a-s if IL had gone to
sleep. Soon it is nothing but a loose
plece of dead skin that you can lift
right off with your fingers..
Get after thorn now. Your drulefist
has "Gets-It". Costs but a trifle or
not-hing at all if it fails. Mfd. by '10.
Lawrence & Co., Ohicago.
Sold in Laurens by Laurens Drug
Co. and Putnam's Drug Store.
+ o
Look for
the Name
"Willard" on a battery identi
fies it as the product of the
pioneer in starting and lighting
It stands for the most im
portant battery development
the Willard Threaded Rubber
When you buy a Willard Threaded
Rubber Blattery-the only battery with
Threaded Rubber Insulation-you buy
freedom from old time separator
troubles, because the plates of this
battery are dnsula ted-not merely
separated. Saves trouble and expense.
Ask about the Willard Thrended
Rubber Battery and how you can
'e cognize it.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Lauren. St.
Phone 446
(Icsture Mtrks ths mith-a ~ d Wh.
tle ,l'udito of Audienzs, A
ntrding to ThiW Writer.
Irn-to sha'C1% Virl list whenl mah
Fni 'ntpeCh InI publi.
It is b)e44n suil of tlhe Amcrienn
ptoplNe that they li1ke a 1t'. who is it
11ight1. All vleoneoal symbol of fightl
is it wel-shaln 1ist. lins ito, e dioII
(hte deiitle views? tins he I- llivie's?
Iits h contruNie b'inoats? Nc wot
I er. lie shnkes iS list. Ile is a light
er. Cheer h1im31.
The shtiikn list is flnt enIihlem of de
stiletive crIIsm. It Is a threat to
de'Stroy somletingl.. Is destructiv cri-t
tleisT a goo(I kim41? No; telling how
S3331ke 11lg right Is ttich better
ihit merely saying It Is wroig. liut
it is a1 ttighe'r .o 111111 toligher. And
it ialforIs little oi)port titlly for effec
live gesture. The mobl,% wIll not ask
you for it constructive pirograil if only,
in) a big, virile, outdoor wily, you con
vey the impressloi that You are there
to kiock somethtng'dovn. nd knock
It lilt IA. You are a fighter; it igiter
of "t(e people's battles." It is proved
by the fact that you ire slhaking your
Thlie greatest of our great men might
i have been greater. For example, take
lihncoln. I:e had a isplenld list. tile
result of hard, manii Inhor in his
youh). Ifid le chosen to shake it and-A
131'enii photogrphied, even without mo
vIes lie wouid have come down tr, us
of tIhis diy Is it man of "the virile
type." rather than as the ptiten3t 111m
of' sorrows4. lie missed Ilaly chanes.
"With malice towarl nione. with char
ity for all". -how tunch more effective
mtighi t that have been, for Instiuie,
h3(ad a gnarled and sinewy fist elo
quently pimncttinted It! As it was,
in1y goodl people (idn't even ippilud
hill. hey tought im waveriing.
Aid wenk. And wngged their heads,
saying there Wasn't elnouigh of "the
lighter" in 11colni.
Leairn the lessons of history. Shake
your lht.--Arthur 11. Folwell in LeUs
Flying Above the Clouds.
Tile full majesty of the aerial per
spective can only be realizeil when (lite
Is above the clouds and the earth is
shut off from view. In flying on pi
overcst day. when heavy banks of
emiiulouis clouds lie at 3.000 feet, it is
possible to experlence within a minute
or two every degree of fog and sun
shine. Whell one is pIssing into the
clouds the lower surfaces of which
are almiost perfectly llat, there is an
instantaneous transition fron. shadow
to complete itmospherlc opacity, sln
liar in appearance to a deise fog at
the ground, but differing somewhat
from It in feeling, for the interior of
a lioud seems to be dfler, the air less
siturited with water vapor, than the
fogs which are met with at sea or
ashore. If tie ellimt) Is continued a
few hitlndred feet farther, the airplane
imsses again into clear air, but into
lilt now of it clarity and brightness
worthy of Mediterranean sies nnd not
at all to be coipare(I with the sky at
ssn level.-Ediward 1. Warrenl inl the
Ohlio State Jourl-1.
Practical Aid to Industry.
Ti years ago no 113411ustry existel
that ' cis puble of inng Aiiericlan
gro(wnt'.t vrIcelIes of' 'i Europienn grapI es
upon13I the inu~rket for (ChrisI mais Irl,
say marke0ting experti's ofi thle Uitti'i
States delmr3. tent of atgrlettitur1.
''Then the. de4l3.tnen't devised5~ n mieth,
(34 (of kin I~Iig Ithe grape3s ini redwood.434
34nwd usxt in veineeriecd drtlum.3, and1( of
banet ll ing t he prou'4eict unde ril''uefrilgern
tlnon ini transIt 3and( in stolrage from31 the
timhe of htarvest Iing until the lpeiIod oif
thle holiday1 313 mrket s. TPoty thte in
dust5 ry3 sips mtore thlani r500 ca)rloadsq
oIf grapiIes antnually. A few yeairs ago
the'il suply of r'edlwoodI wats I threatenedll.
Once mlor'e the de(pa1rtmten t of agrlicul
rlius klinds of woo.004 and1 dlemionlsttedl
thalt 1'pru'ice coul3d he satisfactorIly
utsed. TheIi supply of spruce is prac
ticailly iniexhaustible.
Detects Dirty Work of Huns.
At the start of the reconstructIon
work In the dern.'istated coal regIon
about3 Lens, F'rance, the F'rench~ were
tatughlt by severnl dilsasters that the
r'etreatling Germans, before floodilng
the muines, hadl concealed along the0
walls unnumbered "booby traps," ac'
co(rellng to a story appearinlg In Pop
tular Mechanics Magazine. Conse
quetly, in ordIer that tho dlIvers,
charged with prelminary inspections,
malty "look before they lenp," the gov
e'rnment .recently puirchlased froim Eng
land an interesting apparatuis for suib
ma13rin11 photography. Lowered down
the flooded shaft, thIs alpparatu3 i1.
luaminates a 10-foot zone ; thenl. as
switches are pressed at the mouth of
the shaft, it photographs simultante
ously 'ench of the four walis.
FIrst Medal Award.
Charles Lathrop Pack, presIdent of
the American F"orestry aissociation of
Washington, ID. C., has been awtarded4
the GIreat doid Tapling medlal 1)3 the
lIoytal Philateile society of Lontdoni.
''Te medlal was given to Mr. Pack for
r'esearchi work(3' on the half-length por
trait stamlps of VictorIa and~ tor' his
leadership In scientific plhilatele Inves
tigatIion and3( original dis5covery3. Th'le
T'pl)1ing maedah wins estalishecd In 1914,
but Mr. Pack is the fIrst one to whom
It has been'I awardled.
Gave Himu~e!t Away.
Dorothty-Mr. Spoonter, are you In
ov.e wIth 1my3 sister'?
Yo;ni, XIpooner-Y-yeCs, hut what
tiade you)t thInk so?
LDnrothvy-'Cntisn you nct o tunw.
P?0 I IN FAV3i V1lTH V111T' ISr
Bubjecta of the Sultan Havo Little Ue
for the Fork as a Trblo
Aerorrling to flyitres voatplied by the
Anrienni Citlery hureau of lieima.
tioll, th nlerage ::enly requiremeits
of Constantinopifle before the war in
the way of cutlery w.re .50.000 dOzensi
of .ohle ni ives, 30,t0)0 lozenls of
spoons. 20,000 loens of forks. 50,000
dozens of selssors, 2.3.00:1) doziens of
ra /.ow of ill kinds aid 5,0)0 do.zeis of
hair elippers.
As will he q-vn. 1, Inuhlll more spoons
are sol thain forks, whli s ct Is voltiary
to the experience lin other countries
where, as i rule, more forks are Ie
quired than01 spoonis. This IS expitilned
by the fiet that Const iut illople sll
plies gieilt quialititles of ent levy to
Asir Minor anm other outlying regions
of the former Turkish empire, where
table tuannil1lers still hiave not vbeen de
veloped l) to tihet standard of Paris.
The Arab is fond of the spoon, he
cause it is hiandy in enting his cereals,
but he prefers to deal with chops by
wty of the fiigers, whieh Is n more
simple procedure than piercing one's
eye with i fork.
So it 1. tile spoonl that stands on the
top of the list of the cutlery orders
coming from Turkey to Uncle Sam.
It is conceded in ill forelen countries
today thatt Americnn tabhle eutlery
holds the center of the stage in point
of quality.
Matter of Mistaken Identity Promised
to Make Things Warm for Entirely
innocent Man.
A certalh resilent of 1m1itInpolls,
who is o of iwinis, in oplllny with
1Ils wife aRil son, visited his twin
brother, wl-o lives in the northern
part of Ill- cIty. ''e faitmily wis re
tur-ing home aind liad just reaclhv(d
WVi lIngt on and Illinois streets when
tht wife .nw the Car, lo wilitch they
welre to transfer. rountling the corner.
"''oll, heol Come00- (-Hl enr," she said,
nndl regardless of tile cotiductor's fa
inllar wnarnIng, "Wailt till the ear
RtolP. lady," she jumped ofT Ilekwiaird.
Slightfing with considerable force on
the Pavemltient. Refusing to gIve the
Car crew her naine and address the
farmliy hurried homle.
The next mcn'ning an nito stopped
in front of the brother's home and an
Inspoet or, inotorinan., conductor and a
poll-eiman who had wItnessed the mits
lnp of the nliglt before knocked on
the door and asked the condition of
the woman who had fillen. The
brother's wife volunteered the Infor
hitntion that no one there had fallen
from -it car. After tit irgutiient one
of the car crew renirked, "Well, If
Some woinn living here didn't fall ofl'
my enr. then her htsband was out
with someolle who did."-Indianapolls
Mongoose in Trinidad.
The(? iongoose wats originitly Intro
duced Into Trinidd from St. Liatix for
the purpose of rilding tile iislnd of
boti rats andl(] sniikes, buit at the pres
ent tiie It Is iteilf onlsilered a very
serlois post. Miore-ove-r tle isigar pro
dullct(iol of Triidiil lis dimilished
soAnewiat uiirin the last few years,
(lletly heIanise fof th ravi es of froig
hiopp14rs, sinice th ii'tzards,5 whlieh for
a shillinmg ai hei~'~ for eve.ry umon1goo-e
des5troyed oni thir estaits, andti inanyl3
tlihouisi1l5i are dest riyedt (very year
salve tihe Skin.s. ('nsal Pake'r, t here
fore, suiggests5 tht poibily, theuse monbl
goiose sk Ins i ghit haiive4 411 cosierabtle
ec14 iooti flity ~l it i thlUnited~ Stt.,
a Hkin to 11he b1urentii of foreignri and1
'homestle coinmierce, where it may13 be
e'xaineltld by ilterestedi personsl.'
His Narrow Escape.
Clarence and1( his nurse'5 were prome-~
nadling along th 10verandali nt thei sumi
mier resort hotel. A woman stoipped
themll1( ti eak to the pretty3 childi, andi~,
on1 hearing bow hie had( ac4elnta liy
rotted (down tile hotel steps, was pro
fuse In sympiathietie exclamnationls. "O,
deair ! 0, whaiit ai nalrrow esen'Lpe !" etc.
Clarence enijoyed ther ndliirting sym)
pathy so mutch that hle added anlothter
fligiht of steps to tile tumble whenY hie
relatedl the eisodeiu to tile next woman.
1I3' tile tIme lie reaedu thei ('nd( of tile
veranida tie hiad impltroved his story by
rollang from the top ftoor of tihe hotel
clealr down to the steps outsIde the
veranda, flnisbing off with:
"Anld I camle near cracking lmy skull,
Mere Mediocrity.
"'I uised to thin1k 1 iiossessedi the nr
tistic tempteramient.-thle sacred fire;
but I wa'ls istalkenl. I'm just one
amiong the itllins of commion pee.
"Yott have no rIght to say thint!
You hav e dtonie some1 spieid In lllgs
tings thait youi could14 not possIbly
have'4J done14 if y'ou had( mlereily been-i one
amongil th mii)ll tins of coimmon) peo.
"No, yo'r'Ie misataken. I'ml juist nn
0ord nin'y every-day mana. Wh'y, myI
wIfe iias lived with me for 11 years
wvihout ever on1ce tinkinig of getting
at divor-ce !"
Scientific Research.
"Whyi3 aire youi studyling those anil
so Intently?"
"Sclentficl roses rchl."
"I din1't thin1k there could he any.
thing t!.wer' than thlo hlorse I bet on
yest er daly." -- Loulsville C'ourilei'Jour
There is no economy in cutting expendi
tures which bring you a profit. That is
extravagence. Royster's Fertilizer econ
omizez for you by making your land and
your labor produce larger, finer, surer
See your Royster Dealer
and place your order now.
F. S. Royster Guano Co.
Norfolk, Va. Richmoid, Va. Lynchburg, Va.
Ta-rboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Washington, N. C.
Columbia, S. C. Spartansburg, S. C. Atlanta, Ga.
Macon, Ga. Colembus, Ga. Montgomery, Ala.
Birmingham, Ala. Baltimore, Md. Toledo, -Ohio
It attracts those who are thoughtful
about the quality of the things
they use, but who also keep a
' careful eye on their spending and
'The gasoline consumption is unusually low
The tire mileage is unusually high
Easterby Motor Co.
Public Square Phone 200

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