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8ss by Grail Master Lainham.
0y Lodges Active.
arleston, Feb. 23.-The 184th an
communication of the Grand
Oe of Ancient Free '.\lasons bf
a Carolia opened in duo form this
ni1ng in the. Masonic temple, with
d officers -at their stations and a
rcpresentation of the many
6s in the state 'present. The fea
of the morning meetinig nwas the
ess of Grand Master S. T. Lan
of Spartanburg. Reports of Grand
etary 0. F. Hart of Colunbia and
nd Treasurer Jesse Sharpe of
rieston, who was appointed to fill
vacancy caused by the death re
ly of Grand Treasurer W. H1.
oleau of this city were presented
referred to proper committees. It
expected that a matter of much in
st for consideration at the even
session would be the report of the
ding committee, there being under
y plans for extensive remodeling of
Masonic temple, involving an ex
diture of between $50,000 and $75,
to provide accommodations of a
re satisfactory nature for the 11
e lodges and various other Mlasonic
dies of Charleston, and to improve
grand lodge accommllnodations. The
o)osed plans will bovete tho sec
d floor exclusively to tle uses of the
ld lo(ie and the third floor to tihe
etings of blue lodges. 'T'here would
otliiI iprovements, with an ex.
ision of the hiilding on tile two
001s, and the installation of ai ele
toi- ser-vice. TIomlorrow anulelec
ons 'Vill be held, the same officers
olding over another year. It is like
tiat Jesse Sharpe will be elected
rand treasurer. The grand miaster's
ddress showed the state of the craft
be flourishing with sOlle 25,000
emlbers and over 3Q0 lodges in South
?lasonic lodges in South Carolina
,e lost 364 members 'by death since
eember, 1919, according 'o the an
Ukal address of the grand master, S.
T. 'Lanham. Palmetto lodge of L.au
ens lost 6. -The comprehensive e
Ort of the Masonic leader gives -
resting Information relative to the
< tivities of 280 blue lodges through
t the state.
The grand master reports that four
es were constituted since the last
onvention as follows: iuality, Pa
c, Pleasant 'Plains and Panplico.
lodges are workinig under (ispen
tions as follows: Johnsonville, Wan
mILker, Lafayette, St. Johnson's,
Unset and Hllammerton.
OrVvpand Master Lanhami directs at
ntion to a imovenent begtin in
rallce to erect upon tile plateau of
lallont on tile battlefield of Ver
un a ineiorial to the soldier .lasons
hlo died for ,t enu:w of deloernwy.
he ieiorial is to be the gift of
aIsons, of tlhe world.
litle lodges ill all par1 ts of Soiti
arolinia are iv i laealtiy condition,
cording o tihe granl Illaster Th
80 lo.e h Iave aL menlhbershlip, of 2:3,30 1
ndl s eeral lodges are plannin ilg to
rettem1lpies. 'The granid mlasteor says
*Gxperience hlas shown thalt 11he11 ation1
f t h e'.ranld lodge in ral iing 11he
111nin211n fees 1;wats a foiward step.
Th''ie grando master inl is report di
'cots attent11 onl to thle ex tradordi 1nary
m;an h:E!dl inl Coi11h11nb la nJanutary
LI8. 1ben1 tile three degrees (of sy..
belie 10 .lasonryi' were I0conlferd upon I )12
tihe lit. l?'v. William A. Guerry,
hb o o~ t11 h dioes~e of SouthIi ('aro
11ina.'il The trand ma1str .ii -ays tis was5
aI IIonwa:tos rln,i epoe making rocca
lowinlg deaths m1 I i'a1~lmetto lde of
.'I .\ es, illht e~i., I'i 'raveJ
31ADE AT (.itEElNvIIA.i
Nalrcotlles Valued at Six TJhiousand D ol
hlrs TalkenI by Police of (CIty.
on0e1-half ounIces of narcotic dirugs,
*valuedo at over $61,000 were sebsed and
Sa man11 givin'- his name as S. FEpstein
- of 'Wlashlington, wvas arrlestedl at a~
local hotel her'e tis afternoon bly tile
* lity police andl tturned over to federal
*attthorithes. State internal Revenue
InIIIector' W. Rl. Bradley of Columbia
hlas beent notifiedi and is eOxpectedl here
tomiorirow in connection withl thle
sel zurel'.
lpstein dlenied knowledge of the
n'iar'cotics and declaredl that thle hand
b~ag in -which thley were found be
*longedl to another man 'who shlared
ils roomi, and wilo was registeredl as
J. Morton. The police watched the hoe
tell all tile afternoon but Mtorton (lid
not retulrn,
sa.Ctarrh or n30'ney ac. Jut
-breathe it in, Outfit incliudes inhalet'
'ttra bottles att ill drtuQ'l'tQ
Sulphur Spring, Feb. ,28.-The farm
ers haven't done anything on the
farms on account of so .much rain.
Besides, there sceens to be a tendency
toward baclowardness that I 'have
never seen exist before. Most farm
ers say they will not use any guano
or plant a cotton seed' this year, but
will plant their lands to corn, peas,
and potatoes and other forage crops,
and hold their 1920 cotton to sell this
fall, as they can hold cheaper than
they can raise another crop at pres
ent 'prices.
Messrs. Robert '1L. McPherson and
Joe 'W. Saxon attended the -B. Y. P. U.
at Mt. Pleasaut Sunday night and re
port an interesting prograin.- The 3.
Y. P. U. meets every 'Sunday night at
7:30 o'clock and the ipublic is cordial
ly invited to attend. Come and bring
your friends.
Mr. Sammie Jones is representing
the Greenwood Marble Works and 1s
putting up some -beautiful iionuinenta
in different cemeteries.
Mr. FIdd Teague, of '.\lt. Olive, was
In our colimunity last Saturday, shk
1 lot Sea Island clot
per yard-.......
1 lot Calico, sale pric
1 lot Ladies Fine Sho
Boots, sale price. - - _
$5.00 Shirt Waist, Georg
Crepe de Chine, Sale Pi
1 lot Ladies' S-hirt Waistu.
of a kind, some worth ip
in this lot, to clear tl(
i lot M:Nen's Overalls, goo
weighIt. Blue Denim, $3.(
to clear the tables
I ])ot A.\e's Overalls, b'
malde, heavy bille den in
v*'alues, to lcear the tabil
2.0( Lenox aI (I1
$5.00 (old I'IAted Wateh
lIoys' (Overalls, good he;
1 lot .\len'is he'avy W\ork 8
5(0e I md aiid b~assie ('1(thi
ni t terns, Pt')..lear...h.
lirki' llrs an~iC.........
:; - bu le !oue on I-:xtv raiii
bafCco).... .... ....
35e sac1(k Ilontey De(w Smiol
baico.... .. ......
Somie plecl1 dlon't
se'Jl goods at snel
bult t'hat (10on't. wor
1 lot 40-inch fancy
voile; sale price, per:
No. 1 Store 210 Wi
Ing hands with his many friends.
There seems to be quito an epidemic
of flu in our midst.
Mr. William MoPherson is quite sick
with the flu. His friends hope soon to
so him out again.
Mr. Dupree Sha and his sister, Miss
Anna Sha, of Greenwood, spent yester
day with Mr. J, 'W. Cannon's family.
Mr. D. W. Covington and daughters,
of Mt. 'Pleasant, visited at Mr. W. G.
Martin's last Sunday.
'Mr. Bob Cunningham, of Cold Point,
was in our community Friday night.
Mr. Claud 'Finley -has a very sick
ch'ld with the flu.
Thie people of this community have
-put in four days working the road in
lieu of six dollars road tax, and our
roads are in very good condition.
Mrs. Janmes Nelson, iwife of Tilman
H. Nelson, passed away on the 19th
and was buried at Mt. Pleasant the
following day, funeral services being
conducted by the Rev. Vermillion, her
pastor, assisted by Rev. Watts, of 'Lau
rens. "Aunt Jane," as she was known
had been in failinig 'health for several
months and was 76 years old at the
time of her death. Sie is survived by
her husband and six children, all of
this county.
Tie friends of Mrs. Maggie Ranupy
h, sale price 8
II------ 10C
s $10.00 $500
'Ite and
I .... $2.98
A few
to $2.00
shelvs c
1 heavy
0 value, $139
t, union
s, $3.50
11 $2.98
icl3 $1.25
hiirts, to
shlvs 25c
Po wl('r 2 Oc
(.l. .. 1 c
. . . 35c
..... 25c
ting T1o-n
see how wve ean
1 low pi-iCcs,
'y us.
iard....... D
Laurens St.
Darneli will be Palned to hear of her
death which occurred last Friday, the
25th. Mrs. Darnell had :been in de
clining -health for some time, an attack
of flu causing paralyals, carrie(i her
to the Great Beyond. She was burled
the following day at Waterloo, funeral
services being conducted by Rev. 'Mr.
Booth, her pastor. She was a mem
:ber of the Waterloo Methodist church
She is survived by -her husband and
five small children, her mother, two
sisters and three brothers.. We extend
to the bereaved family our heart-felt
Mr. Marcus Rampy, of Wilson, N
C., attended the funeral of his sister,
MArs. (Darnell.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see hoiy
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and:Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs an(
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
1 lot 25c apron ging
sale this week at 10
yard. Limited 10 ya:
1 lot 75c ladies unc
and pants, on sale this
35 cents each. Limite
1 lot 35c bleaching a
sook, on sale this wee
cents a yard. Limited
to a customer.
All young men's suits
this week at one-hal
Limited 1 suit to a cusi
A. C. A. feather ticki
at 65c a yard, on sale ti
33c. Limited 10 yards
All sweaters in the I
sale this week one-half
1 lot 35e dress ging
hams on sale this week
at 15 cents a yard.
Limited 10 yardls to a
All shoes on sale this
week at one third off.
Any shoe in the house.
All goods
cauced prices
lots are clos
Hot" Record
No. 2 Store
Why don't A
you useASH71 EJ7J0
FE RT I IZERSfor all
T HEY will help you get
back to pre-war costs
of production and, enable
you to sell your cotton,
tobacco, truck and other
money crops at a more
substantial profit.
The American Agricultural Chemical Co.
Ashepoo Fertilizer Works, Charleston
L U P to a standard
SOLD BY to a price
M. J. OWINGS, Laurens, S. C.
CLYDE T. FRANKS, Laurens, S. C.
Prompt service. Reliable roods. Beat mechanical condition.
hams on 1 lot 30c Sea Iland on sale
cents a this week at 1Oc a yard.' Limit
eds to a ed 10 yards to a customer.
ler-vests 1 lot 30c (shirting) cheviots
week at on sale this week at 15 cents a
d 4 to a yard. Limited 12 yards to a
nd Nain- All men's dress shirts on sale
.k at 15 this week 40 per cent off, this
10 yards week. Limited 2 to a customer.
All ladies and children's coats
on sale on sale this week at one-half
f price.0
:Ie, price. Any coat in the house.
ng, sotd 50c fancy striped shirting on
uis weekc sale this week at 25c a yard.
toa cus- Limited 9 yards to a customer.
- .-..... Best 10c spool thread on sale
louse on this week 5c. Limited 6 spoqls
price, to a customer.
1 lot children's ging- 1h 12 e' n
ham dress:es, on sale this (hrhi'sad(awr
week at 1-2 price. L im- o aeti eka.4
ited 2ttoaaccustomer
9-4 Pepperel sheeting,
sold at $1.00 a yard, onl os sisi h
sale this week at 48c a hue4 e etot
yard.shis anddraers
inth husna graly eka-4
Allllpboys' suitsrinnthe
ed out. These are "Red
Breaking Prices.
North Side of Public Square in Brnsn RBloc,

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