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LAURENS, S. C., MAROCI 9, 1921
The local delegation to the General
Assembly followed a sound ipolicy in
providing for the essential needs of
the highway commission and leaving
to the people it decision on expendi
tures outside the original program. To
bur mind, however, it would have been
better to have made the extra bond
Issues large enough to take care of
needed improvements on other imu
l)ortant highways of the county, the
completion of the Laurens-Greenwood
road, for instance. lowever, the dele
gation had strong representations for
.the smaller bond issues and could not
Well avoid doing something to meet
with these demands.
s * $
In a lettet' to editors of paners in
outh Carolina asking them to give as
tnuch space as posible to the acreage
reduction movement, A. B. Jordan,
()resident of the State Press associa
ion sizes up the situation about as it
is, as follows:
"With mills closing down every
where, with the cotton jobbing trade
in the North practically at a stand
still, with the demand for cotton goods
.falling off every day, not only in the
~United States, but all over the world,
a4nd iwith lEurope returning cotton to
America because the spinners over
there are not able to pay for it, it
seems that South Carolina's only hope
fles in acreage reduction, regardless
of what other states do."
The Advertiser could hardly add
more to that except to go a little
farther and say that each farmer
would do well to reduce hi. acreage re
gardless of what his neighbor does.
The farmer who grows a large crop
of cotton will take a long chance on
profit and probably take a big loss
if many do likewise. E0ven if there is
a general reduction of acreage the
profit on cotton will likely be small
and the man who supplies himself at
.home will be in a strong epxsition even
if cotton prices remain low.
Senate Passes Bill ('onierrinme Suffrage
'i' Otfhier Mensures .Ai''ectinmg Wo.
men Pas,,
Columnbia. S. c., .\larch 5.--Three
measures which vitally affect the we
manhood of the state were passed by
the senate tolni:ht anl .e'e ordered
enrolled for ratification.
One by [Represen tat ive Sa pp, of lRich
land county, confers on all wVomen
above th eage of ?1 years; the right
to participate in the Temnocratic pri
nflaries. No obj~ectloll wasii (nt ered in
either h iuse against this bi, as the
federal gov'r::nmn t hol alIready con -
ferred uipoll women t he righmt to vote.
Tlh e samte reguiilat ions in t he dlemo
cratic pri ma ry rulIes will appily 3 to the
womuen as to the men.
Anot her menasureC by llep resenta t ives
Ilyydrick and 114ennticker of Oranoge
b~t, mm ll s womenl froml jury diuty.
SOmle 54enator.'5 nre oif the ('inlion that
the melasre is untIconist itmionlah
llThe tird 1( a:sure is thait by liep
raises the( age~ of ('0n15 ntl from 141 to
16l years'. Senator01 Honham1i~, of Grieen
vill4, tonighit led4 a ,*arm1l debate
against thie bill, ii mottioni beinl that
the mea4:sure lbe (alried ive-r unltil nlext
year The v'ote on mlot in of Sena tor
Paonhlam, to carry over was 'iht to
cont inuie 1unt11ile t session and twen
* ty-fouir ag.ainlst.
* "lhe genetral appr)1opriat ion hill1, ('ar
r'yinlg a total of $G.7 10.000 or $170,0(00
* inexcess of the am~lounft ptut In b~y the
lower hlotus', was retturnedl to the
lower house1 5 by t he scen0ate th is afteor
*noon at 5 o'clock. 'The bill1 wits coml
pleted a'. 2 o'clock this tmotn ing, httt
*the adjusting of amendmenll~lts by
clerks S (1nsumtied th hour011s of thle mid
*day today. Thle hiouise immedliately
*moved 1non- eoan(tirren an l C od t he bill1
was orde red tl free ( 4on1fenence ('om
nmittlee. .\letmbers of thb free confer
entee (0omm11 itte ftom theI s 'naate are
Senators Chrtist enIsen of Iteaufort: Al
ian .John iston, of Newberryl', and1( Wat -
kIn, u.of Amtilerson; from31 the houise,
Speaker At kitson appoiinted R'1Iepre
noniativye lnghes, elhairmlan of' the
Ways art mItieatns (commi11ttee, Represen
taltive Sapp, of Rith'land, anld liepre
iientativ IVC ropuard', of P'ickens.
The all1p11oitment in thme senlate crc
atedil ha rp dehate, the raidieal grotup,
1led by Senator Cliftotn, of Sulmter and
Senato0'tr l~emanti, of (Cl'rndon, con
Iendling that those who hiad stronu
ductions were without representation.
President Wilson G. Harvey. after
considerable debate emphasized that
Senator Watkins had procured more
reductions than any other senator; he
had led the fights which reduced the
bill $98,912. 'He had first contem
plated -putting Senator Williams, of
Aiken, on the commission as Senator
Williams had voted consistently with
the radical wing for reduction. Son
ator Williams asked to be excused. He
then thought of putting Senator John
son, of Allendale, but Senator John
son was absent. He then appointed
Senator Watkins, who had achieved
more in his efforts to reduce the bill
than any other, and so far as the
chair was concerned the atppointments
The procedure was unprecedented in
the senate, and the protest against
free conference committee appoint
ments was the subject of much dis
cussion at the time in the lobbies of
both houses.
Senator Clifton took the floor after
P'reident 'Harvey had dismissed the
matter and emphasized that he was
still of his original opinion that those
advocating sharp reductions in the
measure were without representation,
and he did not "propose to be lec
tured by the chair."
The senate tonight continued until
next session the bill by Representative
Simonhoff, of Charleston, requiring a
medical certiflcation of all males ap
plying for marriage licenses. I
Indications early tonight are that
both houses will 'be in session until
late tomorrow morning.
During the lapse, the lower house is
receding from business, subject to the
call of the chair and occasional raps
for order being given when papers are
received in the senate, affecting ad
lustments on many local measures.
('ocessation of Hostilities Between
Two Countries Demanded in Iden
tlial Notes.
Washington, March 5.--Cessation
>f hostilities between Costa Rica and
Panama is demanded in identical notes
which it was learned tonight the state
lepartment had dispatched today. to
the governments of those two coun
tries by Charles Evans Ilughes, the
new secretary of state.
This action was the first of the
Ilarding administration in the roalmn
of foreign affairs and was said to
have been based on the grounds of
broad expediency as the dispute be
tween the Central American republics
involved American interests in the
'anama ('anal Zone.
A peaceful solution of the dispute
over the territory of Coto on the basis
of the WVh ite award is understood to
have been suggested. The notes did
not suggest mediation by the United
States, but were understood to have
eonveyil the imipression that thi;
country stood ready to (nfOrce, if
ne"cessaryt, a peaceful solution.
I lisicatchi of the niotes folloing ex
tentded conife'rencest' be't~%ween Prtesidenti
IliardIng, S'cr'etarty IHughes andR~ Johnu
W. Weeks and 10dwini Denby, the new
scre'taies~ of 'war and navy. Mr.
H ughes took utp the subject of the
dilsplute with i:ndtller-Secretar'y D~avis
timediately aftert his inducetion itito
oilee and( late' r'pet nearly two
11our'S with .\i r. iaridIig at the WIte
I louse.
Secrn tarty Weeks was cal led in soon
after the conference begani and ;mre
sented la test d ispatches from thle Ca
nIalI Zone as to thie sitution. .\l
I tenby dliscutssed the qult'ion latetr
w1ithI the pires'iden t. Ilie is frotm IPan
itma anid (oota Hica to thie niotes (dis
Iatch ed severalI days ago by formier
'ecrretaryv ('olby were re'(eived today
at thie state departmen(11t. That frtom
P'anamai was said to have expressed a
will ingn eoi to ne('ept t he offer of the
good office's of the tlnted States e!
attemtpting to settle the dhotute, but
lhe onie ftrom t osta Rica was dlescritbed
as itnsat isfact ory. It was rece'ivedl
conttemfporanteously iwlth reports that
governmttent still was sending troops
into the dlispuRted terruitory.
it was said that the .\mericani gov
erlimen t had no oficial information
t hat eithetr Panama or Costa' Ric-a in
tended to1 suibmit the diin;mIte to the
leantne of nations as reported in, press
io atch tes fron '(ntral Americ-i end
Paris. Todnry's action of the state dei
patment, it was added. wvas taken
withloot ieferen (e to sutch reports.
P s IdentiI Hard hog and his ad visecrs
we~r~e 20aid to h iave a iven theitr a pptrov
a 1o(f the s;te ' alr eadey taken to tiro
I eel Ame1(riocan I inferco'ts In t ho zone of
hiostilit ion and i; ea ted that iunles~s
th. iwo Amnri(an warshtips now on
Iteir way 5lth !iproved adle'lut'ite to
aceomrb t hiI i pltu 'ose a larg;er force
P'resir't Harding hat; taken a keen
llersontal iterest in the sitiuatlon and
was aid to b~e anixious to see every
hi ng p~oss!Ible done to rest ore peace.
IUeeause of his recent visit to Panama
tnd the Canal hone, t .vr n nId, lie
feels thtat lie mnight ihe in a position
Card. 'of Thanks
We want to express our heartfelt
thanks to our neighbors and friends I
and doctor for their kindnesses dur
ing the sickness and death of our dear
sister and daughter. May God bless
.them all. t
J. S. Knight and Family.
Meeting of W. M. U.
Quarterly meeting of First Division
of W. M. U. Auxiliary to Laurens
association, will be held at Highland
(Home March 19 and 20. t
Saturday Morning
10:00-Devotional. Scripture 32:9-20.
Mrs. 'Ross Power.
Greetings--Mrs. John Hunter.
'Response-Mrs. Ethel Robertson.
Roll Call-Enrollment.
Bible Study by Y. W. A. Girls.
Topic--The King's :ighway- c
I. The herald--Miss Ethel Dial.
II. Evangelism-Miss Ruth Myers. 1
11. Enlistment-Miss Edith Year- r
IV. The Highway-Miss Ruth (wf
Song-The King's Business. r
The W. M. U. Ideal-Miss Amanda Il
Bible Message-Airs. S. M. Benjamin.
Lunch Hour.
1:30--Devotional-Mrs. J. R. Tran
A Quiz on Women of the Old Testa
ment-Mrs. Cora Beason.
What dPart Have We as Members of
the W. M. U., in Making Ours a t
Christian Citizenshitp. Mrs. Sal- I
lie Stewart, Mrs, Claudia Lomas,
Mrs. C. ). Benjamin.
Individual Accountability.-4Mrs. J. W. I
Watts. s
Reports of Committees.
Message from the Word.-Mrs. Will 0
Sunday Morning.
10:00-Sunday School.
11:15-Song by Sunbeams.
Address--Rev, J. W. .Watts.
Wo hope not only delegates will at
tend this meeting but as many women
from each church in division as can,
will come. We will be glad to see the
association oflicers present.
Piles Cured Ili 6 to 14 Duys
Druaggists rund m ff PAZO OINTMEN1 falk
to cure Itch , BI leedingorProtruding Piles.
tPlies and you can -
rritftt r ra appltion. Pricme~s
For Male-Cow, fresh ,heifer calf,
price $50.00, or will exchange for corn,
:,0 bushels. Also eggs froth it. 1. Reds,
$1.00 for 15. W. E. \\'ashington, Ware
Shoals, S. C. Rt. I 31-It-pd
Wanted--About 25 or :'U bushels o
good corn at 75. a bu:shel W. G.
Clardy, Laurens, 'itt. 5. 3.-1t-pd
Notiet-All who have left work at
my shop to ''be repaired must move
same by April 1st or same will be sold.
W. A. Campbell. 34-It-pd -
L0st,-Last Thursday betwveen Rob(
Arms trong's and Gr'ay 'Court, automo
bile license No. A-16191. Finder please
leave in Sheriff's offlee. W. A. Arm
strong. 34--4tpd ,
Wanted-To buy your hens. Give
fair price. E. W. Blakely. 34-It-pd
Notice-I havo a nice lot of pure
Cleveland Jug Boil Cotton Seed. These
were kept clean from any mixture and(
I offer them for $1.00 per bushel. I
also have a lot of Wannamaker's 1919 i
seed that cost me $1.50 per bushel and
freight last spring. These are the
finest seed I ever~ saw. I mnade 1,300
lbs.. of linit cot ton on one acre. Any
one wanting any can get them for
$2.50 yer bushel. See me or write me.
M. A. Sumerel, Laures. S. C., Rtoute 2.
For Sale-500 bus.hels (Cleveland J0g
lioll Cotton Seed. F'irst year from the
originator, 75c iper~ bushel. C. .\. Ow
ens. Clinton, S. C. :M-5t-c
For Snile-1920 model 1 1-2 ton Re
public truck, fully equipped with
pneumatie tires and body to haul any
thing. 1lias not been run over' 350
miles. Reasons for selling, do not
need it. W. B. Knight. .33-4t
For Male-Wannamaker's Jmp~rovedl
Cleveland Big -Boll cotton seed. Ginned
on private gin and' kept Clean. 90c
per bushel. R. M. Langston, Barks
dale. 33-2t-pd
Notice--This is to -warn all persons
from buying or renting my land, situ
ated one mile east of Princeton, Lau
reons .County, S. C., as it is my ishare.
of my father and mother's estate. Any
one wishing further infonsnation, ad
diress, Miss L,. C. (Gilkerson, 619 North
Mciuf11e Ave., Anderson.'S. C. 32-it
Eggs for iHatolilng--Single Comb
Rhode(1 Island Reds. Thoroughbred
stock, rich red color. Every chick
hatched. guatrantced true typo. $2.00
por 15. J. F. Iliackmnon, Watts Mills.
For' Sale-Pure Rhodo Island Red
eggs, $1.50 por setting. 'Call and, see
the stock. J. C. Shell. 30-5t.pd
For Sale-Eggs from' two pens of
fine R. !. Reds, Your choiee, 82.00 or
.f1.50 per 15. Also one A pril-hatcehed
cockerol, $2.50. WV. 8. Holmes, 325
W. Main St., Laurens. 30-St-pd
Notice--- have arranged to be in
Laurens two (lays each month. If your
piano needs tuning leavn ordor with
8.. M. & IH. H. Wilkes & Co. 0. M.
Tully, Piano Truner. 28-tf
Egcgs For .Sale-Rhlode leland Reds
(Reds that st-ay red)h $2.00'- or 15.
W R. McCumen, Laumrens. 28-tf
{otie--Iurens Trust Company
will tnay you. '% for your anoney:
N6-Worna I a HetI ty Child
All children troubied with Wet.- hare a.
ealhy color, which Indk tee pow blood, and s a
io, there Is more or i eoss oh dstwubeno.
frly for two or three weeks willnih the lood.
nprovetiedigeston,andaoctosa -eerel8t..th
ning Tonicto the whole system,,u w h
row or d I Cwor. th iwlbe
a me e .Ploesat to tae obottle.
The County Pension tfoard will meet
n Tuesday, March 15th, Any soldier
r widow not heretofore enrolled will
hen have one more opportunity. .
Take notice that on the 17th day of
larch, 1921, I will render a final ac
ount of my acts and doings as Ad
ministrator of the estate 'of Eugenia
lavis deceased, in the onfice of the
tidge of Probate of Laurens county,
.t 11 o'cloc a. n. and on t,he same
lay will apply for a final discharge
rem my trust as Administrator.
Any person Indebted to said estate
notified and required to make pay
lent on that date; and all -persons
aving claims against said estate will
resent thom on or before said date,
uly proven or -be forever barred.
'eb. 16, 1921.- 31-5t-A
iotilee of Application for Appointment
of Public Guardian,
Take. notice, that on March 17th,
921, at ten o'clock A. M., or so soon
hereafter as counsel can be heard,
will apply to the court of common
'leas for the County of Laurens. In
aid state, or a judge thereof, for the
ppointment of O. G. Thompson, Pro
ate Judge for Laurens County, in
aid state, as 'Public Guardian for
,etha Knight, Meets Knight, Joe
night and Sallie Knight, who have
n estate of $3,070.60 under the will
f Mrs. Lillian Owings, deceased.
larch 5th, 1921. 34-2t-A
Organs reduced $50.00
Planos reduced $140.00
Players reduced $175.00
It will pay you to pick up one
of these bargains.
O'Daniel & Reid
Clinton, S. C.
I am in the market to buy cot
ton seed in ceload lots, or to ex
change good dry, sound 7 per cent.
mcal for seed. Get my best cash
price or exchange before selling
or exchanging.
W. B. Brockington
'. C. Fentherstouit W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Lau rens, S. C.
LiIl Business Intrustod to Our Care
V'ill Hatve Prompt and Careful Atten
Offiee over Palmetto Bank
Ir. Feathorstone will spend Wednes
(lay of each week in Laurens.
rerracing :: Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Omee in Peoples Bank Building
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
.~:a~rneva,* at Law.
Will Practice i all State (1eurts
"rompt Attentlion Given All Biusinees
Oil Tanks and [Pumps, Air Conm
pressors, Computing Scales, Floor
Scales, Show C(ases, Account Reg
inters,, Rebuilt Cash Registers,
Safes Store Fixturen.
-Coln mbia, S. C.
Blackwell & Sullivan
'rompt Attention Given All Blusiness
Money to Loan on Real Estete
Telephone 850
Omee in Simmons Building
Palmetto "State Festival
Calumbia, March 28 to Apnal2
.W 1ABRO. "ac
Dalors in everything for the ,omre
The largest and beat equipped mon
- - umental mills in the Carolinas.
GREENWOOD, . . - S. C.
Don't Neglect Your Tires
---They Cost Lots of Money
We Build New Life in Old Tires
Rim Cuts, Blowouts, Rebuilding and Retreading a Specialty
City Vulcanizing Station
Oldest---Largest---Best At City Filling Station
As It Should.Be
Bring us your old tires and let us add new life to
them. All modern tools in use and tfirst class work
McDaniel Vulcanizing Plant
Why dn'
4o on. ASHEPOO
T. HEY will help you get
back to pre-war costs
of production and enable
you to sell your cotton,
tobacco, truck and other
money crops at a more
substantial profit.
.The American Agricultural Chemical Co.
Ashepoo Fertilizer Works, Charleston
to a standard
SOLD BYto a prics
M. J. OWINGS, Laurens, S. C.
-CLYDE T. FRANKS, Laurens, S. C.
Pronmpt aerviee. Reliable goods. Beat mtechenlcal condilen.
Coker's Pedigreed
Cotton Seed
You can secure the serv ices of the largest staff
of expert cotton breeders in the South for a few
dlollars Jer year~ by) atdoptinlg the system of buying
one b)usici per1 horse (of one ofl our best stratiis of
* seed each year andI raising 5ieed for your next crop.
Good seed is one of the prime factors in crop suc
cess and in thir way you! canI be absolutely sure that
-this factor is rigt. Don't jeop~ardlize your year's
* work by run.ning the ris!; of plantingx mixed,' run-ouat
or njon-viral seed.
Pedigreed Coker-C eveiand
Yieda 38 to 40 per cenit Lint.
Our Coke(r-CevelorgcI is, we helieve, the highest yiing strain of
evelangie rot ton in exi.tence. It has Em-.y IldedI every other cotton in
our variety ta5tt. If- I is high, yiebt, ighI er. cent and umniform
chairacter yo'u wanm:. ihk is your cotton. PiUCES: IIhahlel $2.50; ton
Jots $ 2.25; 15 Ion lots O6 $2.00.
lnch t ti. es 1 etPI lie riptions of other cottons-~both long and -short
Dept 50., Ha...ile . C

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