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Aur~tit to iU tfG newt
Assembly'of Stae o.Uth Care.
linaa nt e ,,... w:.*.,-.,. .
An Act to authorize -and -.enmowe
the.. County Board of Commias oners
-of Laurens C.o.unty to issue Coupon
Bonds of said County in the sum of
thirty thousand ($30,000.00). dollars
for the purpose oilimprovement of a
certain road for said County and to
provide for the payment of same ap
proved 7th March, 1921, and under
and by virtue of a resolution of the
County Board of Commissioners duly
adopted in pursuance of said act, an
election will be held in Laurens Coun
ty, S. C. on the first Tuesday in April,
1921, being the fifth day of the month
at which election shall be submitted
to the qualified voters of Laurens
County the question of issueing Bonds
of said County in the sum of Thirty
Thousand Dollars, the proceeds' of
which shall be used for permanent
Road Improvement on Road from the
Town of Clinton to Musgrove Mill,
said Bonds to be issued at such time
and in such denominations as the
Laurens County Highway Commission
shall determine and direct, and to bear
interest at a rate not exceeding six
per cent. per annum, payable semi
annually, July 1st, and January 1st,
of each and every year and maturing
within forty years from the approval
of said act, provided however, that
said Bonds may be issued in such
periodical series as may be determin
ed by Laurens County Highway Com
mission. Said Bonds to be issued,
executed, sold, and the proceeds dis
posed of under and by virtue of the
terms of said act, and in pursuance
thereof, provided a majority of the
electors voting in said election shall
vote in favor of the same.
In said election, those in favor of
the issuance of said Bonds shall de
posit i ballot on which shall be writ
ten or printed the words "Bonds ofr
Road from Clinton to Musgrove Mill
-Yes." And those opposed to the
issuance of said Bonds shall deposit
a ballot on which shall be plainly
written or printed thereon, "Bonds for
Road from Clinton to Musgrove Mill
The following named persons are
hereby appointed Managers to con
duct said Election:
Laurens- Jas. M. Clardy, R. H.
Roper, R. L. Wolff.
Laurens Mill-J. W. Hellams, John
Montgomery, Thomas Bramlett.
Watts Mill-J. F. Stroud, Luther
Corbin, A. F. Coleman.
Ora.-John Wallace, W. E. McClin
tock, W. J. Bryson.
Lanford-Russe' Patterson, J. S.
Higgins, Walter Prince.
Youngs-J. H .Abcrerombie, R. A.
Harris, Paul Bobo.
Pleasant Mound-C. E. Burdette,
G. F. Pulley, Edgar Garret.
Stewarts Store-Lafayette Hender
son, A. .1. Hughes, C. 0. Jones.
Cooks Store-Zady Cooper, J. B.
Cook, W. N. Stevens.
Grays-F. L. McIntire, N. G. Thom
as, W. A. Godfrey.
Thompsons Store-Hamp Hellams,
Roy White, L. W. Gilliland.
Owings-R. W. Cury, L. L. Temple
ton, G. M. Brooks.
4 Was 4
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
wri'es Mrs. Mattle Cross
white, of Glade SprIng,
Va. "I was very ill;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak i
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of water. I
took . .- medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Cardui."
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one hot
tIe of Cardul I was im
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhiite. "Six bot.
ties of Cardul and . . . I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. .I belIeve I would
have died, had it not been
for Cardul." Carduf has
been found beneficIal in.
many thousands of other -
cases of womanly trou
bles. If yviu feel the need
of a godd, strengthen..
ing tonic, why not try
Cardul? It may be Just
what you need.
-C.'Tho mson
vodVille.-J.E. Wham, W. R. Put
nam, J. D. Terry..
Hickory T avern-- M. Bolt, J.' A.
Baldwiig, W. M. Abercrombie.
Princeton-W. I. Freeman, A. J.
Monroe, M. H. Traynam.
Poplar Springs-W. B Davis, Eu
gene Simpson, Twyman Pitts.
Daniels Store-Joe Odell, M. W.
Hill, J. L. Martin.
Mt. Pleasant--Troy F. Moore, A. B.
Fuller, W. H. Williams.
Tip Top-W. R. Sims, S. A. Taylor,
John McDaniel.
Ekom-S. E. Williams, J. G. Cooper,
J. F. Walker.
Waterloo-J. H. Wharton,,Jr., Her
bert Nelson, S. L. Moore.
Cross Hill-H. H. Fuller, W. E.
Griffin, William S. Atkinson.
Mountville-B. R. Fuller, W. J.
Cluck, W. C. Hipp.
Hopewell-T. T. Brown, D. M. Wil
liams, C. F. Buford.
Goldville-James Browing, W. E.
Blalock, Will Ham.
Clinton Mill-H. Y. Abrams, G. A.
Campbell, J. D. Ward.
Clinton-L. D. McCrary, J. W.
Leake, T. F. Milam.
Lydia Mills-C. N. Manning, C. L.
Hairston, W. H. Turner.
Renno-David W. Copeland, W. M.
McMillan, J. H. Bell.
Langston-E. M. Donnon, M. M.
Poole, D. A. Glenn.
Secure boxes at Clerk of Court's
office from W. S. Power, See to Com
missioners of Election.
Said election shall be conducted in
all respects in accordance with the
laws of force governing the conduct
of General and Special elections in the
State, and at such election all duly
qualified electors of the County, quali
fed to vote therein under the laws
governing -General and Special elec
tions in this State, shall be permitted
to vote.
The managers shall make their re
turns to the County Board of Com
missioners for Laurens County, who
shall receive the same, and declare
the result.
County Supervisor.
County Board of Commissioners.
The Laurens County Highway Coin
mission, of Laurens County, S. C. will
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
the office of the County Supervisor
at Laurens, S. C. on March 29th, 1921,
at the hour of ten o'clock in the fore
noon, Fifty Thousand Dollars of Cou
pon Bonds of said County for the
purpose of Road Improvements, bear
ing interest at the rate of six per
centum per annum, payable semi-an
nually, July 1st, and January 1st, and
maturing in series of five thousand
dollars per annum, commencing July
1, 1936, issued under authority of an
act of the General Assembly, approv
ed 7th March, 1921. Sealed bids will
be received to be opened at ten o'clock
A. M., March 29th, 1921. Bids must
be accompanied by cash or certified
check in the sum of One Thousand
Dollars on some responsible Bank as
a guarantee of compliance with bid
same to be returned to unsuccessfui
bidders and to be forfeited to the
County by the successful bidder in
event of his failure to comply with
the bid. The right is reserved to re
ject any or all bids. All bids shall
be directed to the undersigned, J. D.
W. Wnatts, Chairman of Laurens Coun
ty Highway Commissioners, at Lau
rens, S. C., and checks accompanying
same shall be made payable to his
-J. D. W. WATTS, Chairman,
Laurens, S. C.
Take notice that on the 17th day of
March, 1921, I will rendler .a final ac
count of my acts and doigs as Ad
ministrator of the estate of Eigeniia
Davis deceased, in the offiee of the
Judge of Probate of Laurens county,
at 11 o'clock, a. mi. and on t,he same
day will ap~ply ter a final discharge
from my trust as AdmInIstrator.
Any person indobted to said ostate
is notified andl required to make pay.
ment on that date; and all personsa
having claims against said estate will
p'resenft (1hm on1 or' hofo-re said date,
dulyprovn orbe orever' barred.
(111;.I'oefl0 . W.v~ GARR ITT,
Feb. 16, 1921.- 31-5t-A
N011le' of ApliIention for~ .'ppolntiment
TPake not1lee, that -mlN .\archi 1 7th.
1921.* at ten o'clock A\. .., or so soon
t hereafteor as counRsel can be hearid,
I will appli~1y to tie court.L of (ommiionl
Pleas for thn County of 1aurenis in
said state, or a judlge thereof, for t he
lippointmnent of 0. U. TIhornpison, P'ro
bate Judge for haurens Counoty, in
said state, as Pub11Ice Guardian for
Leh Knighit, Meets Knight, Joe
Knight and Sallie K night, who have
an estate of $3,070.60 under the will
of Mrs. Lihlan Owings, deceased.
March 5th, 1921. 3i-2t-A
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can be as vigo'ous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if ho aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles
since 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
Obregwa iYmousses' Ibt*fl q 'ttkt
- ounty at:Pweie .
Mexico si4 condef-lied. l'esidit Hard
ing' , inaugural address co0t'ained
nothing for criticism, declared Ptesi
dent Obregoui to the foreign ne*OpAper
correspodent 'this aftermioon. He' de
scribed the speech as "conceived in
a splendid spirit for the people of
the iworld; highly instructive and
highly moral."
The subject of a treaty between
Mexico and the United Stateg, the
president said, had never been dis
cussed by the present government of
Mexico, exiplaining that recognition
would not -be urged by Mexico, "but
must follow as the inclinations of the
soveral countrIes dictate.".
'President Obregon had received no
official word on the American .posi
tion 'with regard to i;ecognition of any
Mexican government as outlined by
Former Senator Albert' 'B. Fall of
New Mexico, the new secretary of in
terior, in a letter recently iade pub
lic by the -National Association for
the Protection of American Rights in
'Mr. Fall," he said in this connec
tion, "can exert whatever infliyence
he possesses with equal power either
as senator or as a -member of the
'Rumors that a British mission was
on its way to Mexico -were denied, but
lie declared a special claims commis
sion, which would look after the ad
justment of claims from all countres,
would probably begin operations some
time durJng the present month.
President Obregon spoke to the
correspondents for air.:,ost two hours
at Chapultepec castle. He appeared
in good health and took occasion to
contradict recent rumors that he was
severely ill by asserting: "It some
times is necessary to become ill in
order to obtain a rest."
Turning to M1exico's domestic prob
lems, the executive stated they wore
rapidly being reduced to a minimum,
and that "although the world, per
haps, does not realize it, Mexico is
at ipeace iwith herself for the first
time since 1910."
Pleading for patience by the out
side world before judgment is passed
upon 'his administration, lie declared:
"Three montls is an extremely
short time to normalize a nation
whilh bus b'*en at war for more than
ten yeat's."
He pointed to stabilization of the
national budget, establishment of the
gold standard as a monetary basis,
the invitation to the nations credi
tors to get together -with the gov
ernment for final adjustment and the
rehabilitation of the rall:i>ads which
probably would be completed within
six months as evidence that the prts
ent regime was injecting business
ietliods into its administration and
was honestly attempting to solve the
problems which have been the basis
for previous revolutions.
The agrarian iproblem was slowly
being solved, said the president, by
the return of land to its original
oiwners with iprovision being made
for establishing the working classes
as small farmers. Special commis
sions had been appointed to study all
classes of Mexico's population, par
ticularly attention being ,paid to the
Asked concerning reported revolu
tions, especially one in the north
headed by Francisco Murguia, 'Presi
dent Obregon admitted that promis
cuous uprisings had been noted, but
none of them were of a serious char
.\exico is not fond of swar, he de
clar'd. 'Mexico has become warlike
because of necessity. The latest rev
olution shows the citizens feel what
their duties are and revolution can
Comle only when the government is
"~I am certain that if the present
government continues within .the law
Mexico has seen its last revolution."
The present railway strike was dle
scriled as "IIpurely a labor trouble"
in 'which the government would not
take part unless life and property
were implerled, 'when the necessary
military steps would he taken.
President Obregon made a point
blank denial that there was serious
friction within his cabinet. As for
the national debt, he declared 'Mex
leo coulod not spay at present. He did
not favor a foreign loan if some ar
rangement could be made with tihe
country's creditors. -Nothing dlefinite
has been (lone with regard to the
pet roleum question, but the Presi
dent expected to see some action be
gun in congress this month.
Minstrel at Hickory 'Tavern
There will bei a minstrel .-given by
lBrewerton high school pupils at
Hickory Tavern school March 19th, at
8 o'clock. The admission will be 15;
and 25c cents. The public is invited.
Closing out clothing at one-half
.crico at
J1. C. Burna & Co. Laurens. 'S C.
Clinton, March 16.-8Miss Heleni
bultmn apopent the miwek-end in Sum.
ter with -her parents.
Misses Blanch Turner and Mary
Clary spent the week-end in Gaffey.
Mrs. John 0. Henry and daughter
of Greenville. are the guests of hei
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Young;
'Mr. J. F. Jacobs, Sr., spent several
days last week In Atlanta on business
'Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Summers of
Newberry, spent Sunday in town.
Misses '1. and Nan Copeland, 'Eliza.
beth Young and Corrinne 'Bailey re
turned to Chicora College -Monday af
ter spending several days at home.
. Miss B. Martin returned last Fridai
to her home In Virginia after spending
several months with Mr. and .Mrs. A
V. Martin.
Mrs. Roger Coo, of 'Rome, Ga., is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Hale Shands.
Mrs. Bray, of Mt. Airy, N. C., is the
guest of her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. R
L. Bailey.
Miss Emmie Robertson was hostess
to the Tueday afternoon club last
week. After a pleasant hour of fancy
work, the tiosteL-s served a delicious
salad course to the following mem
bars: Mesdames W. C. Bailey, W. P
Jacobs, W. B. Owens, Jr., Kenneth -Bur
dette, John Young and Miss Dorcas
Mesdames Thos. Jacobs and W. P.
Jacobs spent last Saturday in Green
wood shopping.
Mrs. Emma 'Little is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. -Harvey Brannon in
Statesboro, Ga.
Misses Emmio Robertson and Dorcas
Mason spent last Thursday in Green
ville shomqping.
Mrs. Irvin Coleman spent several
days last week in Chester visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Toni Carson, of Green
ville, spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Hale Shands.
Miss 'Louise Pitts, of C~olumbia Col
lege, spent the week-end at home.
Miss Emmie Young spent several
days last week in Gainesville, Ga.,
vilting friends.
The Quinine That Does Not Affect The
Ftecause of its tonic and laxative e-t
lets) can be taken by anyone without
causing nervouncas or ringing 'in the
head. E. W. GROVE'S signature on
box 30c.
Iaurens Testmony Remains Unshaker
Time is the best test of truth. Iere
is a -Laurens story that has stood the
test of time. It is a tsory with a point
which will come straight home tc
many of us.
It. J. F-ranka. :318 4Fleming St., I4tm.
rens, says: "My first symptom of kid
ney trouble, which I had several yearm
ago, was backache. When I would
stool) over to pick u anything, a shari
pain wou hl catch me in the small o
my back and I would -have to brace
myself in order to atraighten. -My kid
neya didn't act right and the secre,
tions were scanty anid burning in pas.
sage. I had vertigo and glizzy spelli
and would nearly stopple 16ver 'wher
walkcing along the street. I sufferec
off and on for about six months in thiu
way. I finally read about Doan's Kid,
ney Pills and got a supply. I felt bet.
ter 'after takinvg the first box, and tw<
boxea entirely cured me. I have rec
onmnmended this medicine to others
(Statement given November 23, 1914'
On March 26, 1918, Mr. Frankas said
"I arm glad to recommend Dean's Kid
noy Pills again. I have great faith ii
them. Doan's did me a lot of good sev
eral years ago andi I haven't had t<
use a kidney remedy since."
60c at all dealers. Foster-Milbui
Co., Mir.. Buffalo, N. Y.
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.Back if It Falls
Thirty secojnds after you touch th
corn with this liquid corn remover th
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edges loosen froms the true flesh an'
soon you can peel it right off wit]
your fingers as lpainlessly as you trini
your nails.
Don't coddle corn peats. D~on't nurs
and 'pamper them. -D~on't cut and trini
themi. 10MOVM10 them with "w'ETS
IT". Costs a trifle at any dirug stort
Mfd. 'by E. .Lawrence & Co., Ghienagc
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N. B.r C. Her. PR

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