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After Every Meal
SealedT(hit Kept Ripht
WRIGLEY'S has steadily
kept to the pre-war price.
Aind to the same high stand
ard of quality.
No other goody lasts so
long-costs so little or does
so much for you.
Handy to carry-beneficial
In effect-full of flavor-a
solace and comfort for
YOung and old.
Why don't
'you useASEPOO
T HEY will help you get
back to pre-war costs
of production and enable
you to sell your cotton,
tobacco, truck and other
money crops at a more
substantial profit.
'The American Agricultural Chemical Co.
Ashepoo Fertilizer Works, Charleston
BUP to astanDard
SOLD BY to a price
M. J. OWINGS, Laurens, S. C.
CLYDE. T. FRANKS, Laurens, S. C.
Prompt evica. Reliable goods. Real mechianical condition.
Charleston, Miss.-Mrs. R. V. Heins, of tis place,
says: "I have niever had to usc very muCh medicine,
because if 1 felt headache, dizziness, or colds, bad taste
}in the mouith, which conmes from torpid liver, I would
take a dose or more of Black-Draug~ht, and it would
stralgghten me out and make me feel as good as ncw.
We have used in our family for years
and it certainly is the best liver medicine I ever saw,
It has not onlly saved mec money, it has helped keep my
system in shape, and has never weakened me as so
many physics do. I recommend it to my friends and am
glad to do so." Black-Draught i5 the old, reliable liver
medicine which you have doubtless heard much about.
When you feel badly all over, stomach not right, bad
taste in your mouth, bilious, or have a headache, try
Thedford's Black-Draught. At all Druggists.
Always Insist on the Genuine!
OverwhelmIng Preponderance of
Sables Born to Wives of War Vet.
crans Are of Female Sex.
French physicians see in tJe 'nerv
0u1 renetlon following the trials and
perils of war the explanation of the
epidemic of girl bables which has
swept France fi the last year.
They base their conclusion on the
reimarkable fnct that, while over 80
per cent of the children recently born
to men who served under fire are girls.
(30 per cent of the babies of war prof
iteers, slackers and ien physialtly
unfit for conhatant service have been
Soelologists looking into the future
predlet that it the present dispropor
tionail fenilni'e birthrate continues
over half of the girls born in Franee
in 1919111id I920 will be doomed to
silllist erilod. The proportion of -young
annl niiddle-aged married mnen in
France wh-I -vtw no sevi-vce on the
front is so small that the hoy libles
born in their families nre outnuim
hered more than two to once by the in
fan t <hi urghters of the war veterins.
While at a Ioss to (xpnlin the wvork
ings (if the iinysterlious influenle pre
d ertnning thre sex of the children
born1l to ex-sohliers, Frzchcl iiyslals
:lgr'e fhlt the rilaXtioll of meni'tlsq
nerIves, Sulld($ly relieved fromt lthe
iiIgh teistonl of constant perlis and
1111disips, is at the hotto n of the )uz
ZlIng (uiestioln.
So Iong as tilt' wnr continued and
1mien reininied keyed to i high irvoius
pitch iheir cildren were iore often
hoys Ihn gIrls. Sixty-five pe(r ('(lit of
sidiers' hables born (iring tlie wnr
weri boVs. Now tlit tile lI('tic Ialy S
of shot anid shell fire over tile peIr(ll
Iinn of gra vty h is swung to t ie (it hewr
extrena', arid th% pares of Franii'"s
birth regselrs are tilled iargcly wIth
til11111s of iow-horin gir bhiies.
A 1liflroe News.
In City of Johnstown, N. Y., Three
quarters 6f the Wives Are in
Gainful Occupations.
In a survey of family incorneS in
invarly ono huirleid cit ieis of tile Unit
ed( Stat(', the del11tmirelnt of inh or
folind 11ht lin .loistown, N. Y., three
11111rtrs of the wives earn money.
The Iiholr lIeview exlla inis that this
reinarkalble coIllition prevalls in Johns
town beenis glovetlailking is tlie pin
elml indlistry thri aind flrnmlishes
w%-ork which woriir Van do at hoiie.
'This appenin'lr to 1thier1, beeaise they
ar'e ibe toI V.arti gool wnges itholt
li'aving t heir household.
Ii aniriost one-sixth of the New Yoilk
city h1411ries vlsit wonill cntrlitiId
ca rninlrgs toward (Ile support of tire
hoille. In HIIstol. oile tf out of
ln works; in Tbilalr. one in twenity
elight ;in iCv'lvelatl and Cliiinrati one
in sevven, Anrd Iin Pittsburgh only one
i fifty. It is tntercstling to note thalt
investig:ators foriri tit a surprisingiv
ilarge pe(rtage of town dwellrs do
rvi sorne inrinr froin gardens iand
poiltry. Ninety-tl hroee wr cent of tho ise
visited lin (lvelind hait a garden or
Fresh Egqs.
The pert pioprietoir of a grocery In
EaIst Twnty-liih street, is notihng if
riot gooal ait reparte c.
The oilher dlay, rat her early in the
tflirn oon, '1114 of thle good wvlves in
"A ny real fre'sh eggs?" ((Great em
tlrisis 0On till "'real fresh4."')
"( )i, yes, niii'nin," h' ie l'li ed. "Somie
IlSt htIii tis iloring."
A (liy or' two lalter, somewhat earl
''ir in thre forenoon thanir be'fore, the
gotaln wife rignir droppedi('( into theo store
andl iniqirer:
"Any mrore of thlose real fresh ('ggs?"
Whceruion the grocer (-rie'd to his
"'Ituin to thre hinerk room, hloy, and see
itf this moin~lIig's ('ggs are cooIil enrough
yet toi s('ll."-I rrdintmripolnis News.
Famous London Tree Gone.
A~ fir louis oldr iin mlheriry I roe inr north
yeairs ago it is sahd tire Amriinn I lr
hirint ion (if TIndepicn'lce was flrst
re'ad in iha t ('(11ntry', hras firlen tr1 I r'
theC we'ight o(f Its argi. Amrenn'i boy20
scouilts alt 1n'linlrg thi irrterrnatioli
til'e tre'e only3 a few days brefore It
('rnshed('(l ilIts historry wats tol to :tt0t
uof themr. whlo had i thlir rlhot ogrphrs
taken'I breeathI its branrrrcs. Ther tree'I
mray3 con(renc'''ie halrlI. Alan ry rel igrlius
drlir its atupleir shne'e. I hundreds oif re-'
trieel aire' binji. recei ve'].
No Gr'eat Harm Done.
.Jurnnirti, knoiwing tirirt hr' pinrymite
onei~ <1ay whlenu i starte'id to follow hr
md. ~ ming !t overi to .inr(k, sold It
to I hin for' fie pei'iies.
Iing' out whnat shle huml donei' "d'tiot youEi
kno1w youIt have no' l right to 5sell or evi'n
yve away a kitty t hat isn't your1
"Well1," srid h e i young husr.,ess
woinmrn, "'I guelss it ('nni go hiome whien
It gets rendy 13. cr1nn't It 'C'
immersion Heater.
ane0(1 for ia moitheri is iit elec(t rienrt imn
willi heat waiter orr miilk for till hlahy3
orr invall'd inl ai momenllt t, any23 t lin'.
dy13 (or niiht . Thllis c'ylhleis . u si 3
plun.-)Zed anl.tO the' Ilird and thre pluir
makfi e tire Maid ilhlln hot
That of Maryland Was. Adopted in
1648-Enshrined In HIstory of
the Commonwealth.
The Maryland suffraglsts who pro
pos altering the state's niotto, "Fattl
Maschy Parole Fewinne" (to use the
old spelling), are proposing to put
rough hands to what should be sacred.
The offensive translation, "Deeds are
itisculline, words are fetinine," is not
the only one possible. The secretary
of state could readily be directed to
give ofilcial approval to "manly deeds
and wotanly words," which would
give women a recognition they enjoy
in no other stato motto.
But the best reason for jealously
guardlng Maryland's motto is that it Is
the oldest the nation can boast-the
(late of its adoption Is placed In 1048
-and Is enwrapped with Maryland
history to a remarkable degree. Throw
away the Baltimore motto and Mary
land might as well turn the portrit
of George Calvert, first Lord BaltI
more, to the wall.
There are other state mottoes that
are open to attack. Alabtina's "11ere
We Rest" suggests an obvious joke.
So doles Washington's "Ily and By."
V'lrginlia's iotto recalls John Wilkes
Booth, Now York's the rather tawdry
dennlaatiion by Longfellow whieh It
Inspired, and those of several other
states-like Kansas' "Ad Astra l'vr
Aspernt"-the rhaetore of commence
ments. Wilie tlese. states Cleave to
their mottoes inrylanel may well be
bolastful of hers an11d Its assoclations.
-New York Evening Posl.
Probably Woman Wished She Had Not
Irritated Mr. Dobson While
He Was Worried.
Mr. )obson came hone enrly in Ujie
evenling. but 17 sheets In Ole wind. Ife
negolinted the steps to hIs front door
on hIs hantIs and kiees. Filiidly, when
le rea'he'd the top, be flshedl his keys
froin his pockot wi(hout much (11ill
culty, but the keyhole, of course, could
not he found.
After several attempts to ie to It,
In whleh he failed miseribly, he hap
li'itel to look over hits shoulder, unwl
<ltseovered the wouImiti next door
watchIng him.
"Vamsh you inn'?" he lematlled.
"I don't winnt anythin," site repietd,
but illdn't go away.
The m1an moade iaotiher attempt to
fintl the keyhole, blt be'ing again un
sinersSful tined l ills'2ut 0li nse'd
the' iigllhbor If she hld horrowe'l the
"()f eourse not. I don't know nny
thinz abo11ut your keolecle exe)t that
yol, ennl't finld It," salshe.
"WNell, you've horrowe-tl everytOlhing
elh wve've got. sho I tholit ItnItyhe
you111 borrowel uri keyhol caie the
Peter and Paul Were In Rome.
Aecording to tihe vlence and dis
'overits of two fitnous nreln'ologists
ref I"t otIe, I l'rofes'slrs (1r'e'isi Coldl an1d
Orzlif I.Nlittlrilthi, hitere not lolger e
ttinins tiny (llt thaflit flit ApoItles Ple.
t111r 1n111'au both wetto 161oni an
sc'hooles ' nrchatologists.
"The A Ipost les Pet(' eri ai lnel Pat,'' tro
fessor j .lru(clhi sabl. ''cud get I t'ett.
I hv fountltd trae's of ther burIal In
i a etne(ombi~ hi'wnt out1 of thlt rotck en
hth A lhin Way, bell the nne'letit
liurIchI of Mt. MehIsti a.
"'TIct'rt arte graive's in tIs ittintler
grouil httryling ltlne', wuhteh of eout-se
proive ntt~hintg. hiut I th're are also wrIt
tngs on the wvalI, titithetse writings all
Invokhe (lie 01b of Ptter andtt Putl, tle
s('rlhed as ly ig t hei'."
Famous MIne May "Come Back."
Th'le I ''tisteek lode', ett-e knotwin na~
the rir hlest sIIve'r min tin te woreld.
antd from wIth illionts of elolliars
were't ltken duing the height oef Its
fniine, Is tihiout to ('tnte l tek tel Ps
own. l-'tr yeatrs te lode was almoest
ailnig in ai hethnriciz thait Itetneel the
slow~ erumbtllig of Its hbleltings antd
he rot t ing, e'f Its sielewaIks, uintII what
waus ee of (le theest c'olorfiil. lalzling.
Utt'l Stte's, ben'e~iir n mouent to
eetd htole's andi a mtckhe'ry of' Its feor
mer' se'C.
It lots be'ent dli scove'red theat thiou
snands ofl teonis of lo'w-gr'ee't tnow
art' sinning In giant elles, atid ytt
othler thoutsit ges of tins rest Iing In the
mintes I'tese'lvt's, ettna he imacde to y Ilebl
as hIgh ats $10 ti ten unde'r mnodlern
miethttds (If extc el(tt.
Bulrushes Found of Value.
As ai re'sult Or a ;e'riloni preofe'ssuor'i
tdis''overy, thaiit t eerots f' thie ordit
niiry blen ruish cotin~l as tichl at, :3o
ifcn t of ennci e sutgar, spe'-cal drtedules.
are now bll"e inelg butilt fet' the purp'oese eef
harve~tst ing t hetm, r'e'piort ste lot'a .e
tcte's Min gnz, ie. 'lhe rotots groew h;
thlek hto'lzontil tiiisses, atdin I-a
Ipatrt of f ittnony iarie he'lle'vted to Ilt
tlerlIt' evertywhe're n Irnt m ar Crit sit'
Ihtiuut'l oinpislnug 500.000t cteres. 'ilThoug(
sugai is' sthet' priluet ltly selu gh:
secemtltirty processes' yld alitohitl ne
ti ntitive enttle fetl. I''rtin thie
jic't thlerte in mie, tilso, a strong beet
resemlin tg poi'ter.
FrIvolous PersonalItIes.
"I~ wo~e:tler If M'ers. (itier knowv'
"Yout'dl betteri tnotimetion the sale
ject to her."
"Why'1; not1?"
e.She. may thInk you are talking
abOta ::,meting tat cani hee rnmde ii
at chie lng elIsh,"--Birmnglhr. Age.
We Will Gin
Friday and Saturday
Until Further Notice.
Laurens Oil Mill
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, . . . S. C.
Choice unshelled White Spanish Peanuts
for planting purposes at 4 cents a pound, f.
o. b. our shelling plant, AIlendale, S. C., 60
pound sacks. Cash with order.
We advocate planting peanuts in the shell,
based upon experience of South Georgia
farmers. We advise planting RUNNERS,
except for stock feeding purposes.
White Spanish peaiits aregpreferred by Con
fectionery and Peanut Butter Manufacturers, and
OiJ Mills pay more for White Spanish than for
If interested, communicate with us immediate
ly, or if you prefer, you may send your order
through the Laurens Oil Mill Co.
Southern Oil Company
Allendale, S. C.
Come To Us
For Tire
Satisfaction I
Thee i st~ n othin bii ut dhap-Iy
made~l~ fIres, t hat arc annonn 101Ceed
ii wonderfu l balrgauins' atafw
dollars 4ach uandl Ihent fall after
brief termIIls oft se ri ce. W~e wuant
You enn1 i&el 4ecetiaf1111li mie
Ili II(X4 hatex ril lo I co. (~ st fromii
(Goodnlyeaur TJires, TIube and.. Ae14 ..
((M.soies, bbiit I if ( oda -e-~~
heed .1 snat rlii anduu ith Eoodl.
year sk1 i(l dere. TIhait Is why
lie SEll them'I.
Mo people rie on (Joodyear
'fihres than ent any othier sklind.
(Come to our Serihee Station for

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