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Pursuant to An Act of the General
Asselbly of the State of South Caro
lina, entitled,
An Act to authorize and enipowoi
the County Board of Counilseloners
A f Lau'en, County to issue Coupon
ilonds of said County iII the sum of
thirty thousand ($30,000.00) dollars
for the puriose of improvement of a
certain road tor *Uid County and to
orovide for the payment of same, ap
proved ?th Mafrch, 1921, alid under
and by virtue of a resolution of tie
County Board of Commission'ers duly
adopted in pursuance of said act, an.
election wvill Iy 'held 'in ULattilens 'Ciun
tyr. S. C,,,on 'the '4last Tuesday:in April,
921, being The 'flfth da..? 'of the a'onth,
it which' election shall be ithbanitted
to the, quaiffiied WMi8's of laUtirens
County 'the question ef issuing Bonds
of said'bhnty in The sum"'of, Thirty
Thousant 1)ollara, the pr Geeds. of
which '81all be tfted for minahent
Road 1AIprovement 'on road *fruit.'the
Town 40,'Cltiton to lmusgr6ib ill,
said 13Bhds tQ be iesubd at such time
and in such denominations a% the
ILure'-ns A Clounty 'llighway Combisifsionl
shall ()etcrmine id dlirct, and to 1Iar
.nterest at a rate not .exceeding sixi
per ''enlt. per annum. payable s ni.l
annual-y, July 'Ist, and January' lst;
of 'ch 'and every year and mialilng
within forty years from the approvil
of said act, provi(ed however, that
sti(l '[Ronds nITay 1)0 issued in such
X'r)ict(itial series as may be deteri'nl a
('i by 1aur''xut County 11ighfwvay COn
1fis4ionh. Said Bonds to be issued,
-execlited. sold, -and the proce-eas 'dis
lo)seil of under and by vlitue of the
'tefis 'df said act, and in rursulance
thered'f, Provided a manjority of tile
Ilectors voting In said elecion shall
vote in favor of the same.
In 'sid clectlin, those in favor of
the 'issuance of said Bond-s -.hail 'de
u'sIt a ballot on which shiM -bc; writ
ien or printed the words '"londs for
Road from Clinton to Musgrov'e Mill
-Yes." AnI those opposed to the
issuanlen of said Bonds shall 'deposit
a "billot 'on 'which shall 'be plainly
C. C. Fentherstone W,'. 'Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
All Pusiness Intrusded to Our Care
Will Hative Prompt and Careful Atten.
Office over Palmetto tiank
Mr. Featherstone will spCl( Wednes
day 'of each week in Laurons.
0. Langdon long
'EnterpriseNational Bank Building
All Legal Puniness Given
Prompt Attention.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worni have an un.
.healthy color, which indlkaten poor blood. and as a
74e. there is more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich the blood.
-improve thedigestion.and ctsa generalStrcngth
Ivening Tonio to the whole system. Nature will then
throw offor dispel the worms.ad the Child willbo
Ilajerfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
len Gref
I Con
As You
Accurate Cf
N 1edpath (
&Just One of17.
Chautauqua Week
written or printed thereon, "Bonds for
Road from Clinton to Musgrove Mill
The following named persons 'nre
hereby . a-nginted Managers to eon
duct said Electlon:
Laurone-Jas. M, Clardy,* I. H.
Roper, I. L. Wolff.
Laurens Mill-J. W. 1ellAins, Johli
Monb3omery, Thomas Bramnlett.
Watts -Mill-J. F., Stroud. Luthor
Corbin, 'A. F. Coleman.
Ora-Jo'h \VIallace, 'W. E. McClint
tock, W. J. Bryson.
La'nford--Rissel Patterson, J. 'S.
Ilgins, -Walter .Prinee.
Yougs-J. H. Abercrombie, R.' A.
Harris, Paul Bobo.
* Pleasa'nt Mound-'. E. Olurdette, G.
F. Pulloy, Eilgal Garrett. -
Stowarts Stor-Laftayotte -Wender
son, 4. J. I-ughes, C. 0. Jones.
'CAiks Store-Zady Coopew., J. B.
Cook, .W. N. Stevns.
(Irays-F. L. MIntire, N. 45. Thorn
as, W. A. Godfrey.
Thompsons Store---lamp '1el Iams,
TROY White, L. IWV. Gillllan'd.
'Owings-R. 'V. Curry, L.L. Temple
ton, G. M. BieUoks.
Gray Coui't-L. Z. W11ilson, W. II.
Barksdale, T. F. Babb.
)ials-John Simmons, E. D. Harris,
C. M. Thomason.
Shiloh-M. G. Wallace, F. F. lil
-anms, Clyde Wilson.
Woodville-J. E. Wham, W. R1. Put
nam, J. :D-.' Terry.
Hickory Tavern-'i. 'M. Bolt, J. A.
Baldwin, *W. Al. Aboterombie.
lrinceton-W. 1. Freernan, A. J.
3Nenroe,'M. II. Traynhai.n.
'Poplar Springs-W. 13. Davis. Eu
gene S-Impson. Twyman .Pitta.
Daniels tore-Joe Odell, M. W.
111, J. L. Martin.
Mt. 'Pleaant-Troy F. Moore, A. 1.
Fuller. W.. II. Williams.
Tip' Top-W. R. Sims, S. A. Taylor,
.John' McIDaniel.
'Ekoni-S. E. Williams, J. G. Coopzr.
J. F.'Walker.
Waterloo-J. H. Wharton, Jr., Her
bert Nelson. S. 'L.' Moore.
'Cross H 1Il. H. Fuller, W. E.
G riffin, Willi-am 'S. Atkins&.
Mountville-B. At. Fri'ler, W. .1.
Oluck. W. C. filipoK.
'-lopewell-T. T. Brown, D. -M. WVD
hlams, C. F. Buford.
'Goldville-lames Bron'-ing, W. E.
lIAlock, Will Hain.
Clinton Mill--I-H. Y. Abrams, G. A.
Campbell, J. D. Ward.
A'linton-L. D. McCrary, .1. W.
Leakie. T. F. Millam.
Lydia Mill--C. N. Manning, C. 1.
Ilairston, WV. Hi. Turnef.
Ienno-)avid W. 'opeland, W. A.
M fla .1J. H-. Bell.
Langston-i. M. Donnon, 'M. NI.
Poole. 1). A. Glenn.
Secure boxes at Clerk of Court's
ofilce from W. S. Pc 'er, Sec. to Com
minIsioners of Election.
Said election shall be con(ueted In
all respects in accordance with the
laws of force governing the conduct
of Gone-al and Special elections in
the State. and at such elections all
duly riualified electors of the County
'tualified to vote therein unflder t he
laws governing General and Spec!,al
elections in this State, shall be per
mitted to vote.
T 1he man 9ers shall make their re
t!lrns to the County Board of Com
missioners for 'Laurens County, who
shall receive the same and declare
the result.
.1. 1). W. WATTS.
County Supervisor.
County Board of Commissioners.
Pt Players
re's Great
Like It"
~hautau qua
Big Attractions
$2,75, 9LUS 100o T AX
Here April 2Od27
Government to be Xindful of Sarific.
'e% Delivers Twt Talks
IWashington, 'March 20.-President
'HArding combined an errand of pnercy
With first hand study of one of his ad
niinistrative problems today .by spend
ing moj'o than two hour% among 'the
wounded soldiers at Wh'ter Reed hos
Accomrpanied by Mfrs. Harding and
Dr. C. . Sawyer, his personal pihyal
clan wbOim he has charged with an In
vestigation of the igeneral problem of
publIc 'health and *social welfare, the
president lo6ked through the wards
and entertainment -rooms of the hos
kital, greeting scores of the patients
and asking them iw'hat could be done
to make them more comfortable.
-In a short talk from the front steps
of the administration 'building, he told
in a-;semblage of patients and nurse
that he wanted to sce a government
)olley that should fully recognize what
the soldiers of the great war gave to
their country, and later at the Red
Cross hut he iade a speech ,)raising
the services of 'women In the winning,
of the war.
Trhe (luestion of proper hospital fa
cilitles and medical attention for
wounded soldiers Is one which has
beuen much in 'Nlr. Harding' mind since
his election and during today's visit
he asked about muany detal1la of hos
p1 :it a hunistration. Among other
things he studied, the vocational train
ing system for the wounmded, -and Mrs.
Harding brmight away as a souvenir
of the vocational plant a hammered
Wlver jewel case ma'de and presented
by her by Private Joseph YurkRunski.
To all of the wounded men Iwith
whom they taThed the president and
Mrs. Harding extended the hosilptal
Ity of the White House, suggesting
that those from Ohlo 'a'rra'n'ge to vome
In a body soon to c'ail on them.
I In his talk from the hospital steps,
Mr. llardin'g reealled the example of
a Confederate war veteran he had
known, who despite the IoEW of both
arms aind one leg 'always kept talking
cheerfully of the future and of the
opportunities It might bring.
"I offer to you men," continued Mr.
llat'ding, "That samo compensation.
Look forward aways. to the morrow.
I am erry the Imrden has come so
hard t you hut you may be sur'e the
government never will be iunmin-dful
of you and your condition."
At..the Red Cross hut the presidenti
de(l-Ired the work of women in the
!Nr and the aftermath of war ranked
as the greatest. service ever rendered
by the sex to humanity.
"1e greatets thing women has
done in history," he said, "was the
fulfillment of her part in the winning
of the war for civilization. When I
bring that tribute to yoii i know it is
the tribute that has been in the hearts
of the mon in the armed forces who
felt that you ministered unto them as
only angles of Good Almighty could
FOlt MOIIE 3l1ii
A~t NiIElT'I'El li 1E A LTI'l
Greenville, Alairh 18.--There is a
-movement .nowv on in Greenville .City
andl county which holds intter'esting
features for every family in the state,
viz., a movement to use more miik.
The scientific reisons for the necessi
ty o~ more mIlk in the dliet of Southa
ernl peopile, especially children, are
b'eing fluliy demonstratedi and il lustrat
ed .by ai 'or~ps of specialists uinder the
leadershipi of %l iss I loover, of thlie
Dl~nry i~vision, U. S. Deoar'tment oi
Agr'icultu re, who has been asigned to
this state a-t the requmest of -the Stmte
Board of I [cal th. Dlespite the fact that
it is just beforie i'a ster , thle Green''lviilie
met'chants are giving ft'eeiy the!ir win
do'w space 'ta bec used by the lI ine
Demnonstra tion A gents of Win h rop
and lie Dalr i ' p iecial Isis from Clecm
Sont, who a issisting Milss I loover in
the many :onstrations and exhib!ts,
which arc on fotr the entire week.
Surveys Shiowi k~ow ('ontsiumapt in
A ipteliminary survey of Glreenvillec
county in which 3,114' school child ren
wet'o examined showed 'that 598 clii
(lien, or -19.2 iptr cenit wer'e 10 per'
cent untderweightt. Of the 1.987 whlile
chiidren examne 430( 1 t7, or 2 1.5 per' (cint
wVere 10 peri cent under1Cm 'weight, whtiJr
of the 1,1 27 negrto childhrena ex:umi ne:
116, or 1 1.3 potr cent were underweight
to a simil"ir dgree.
In a diiet'arty sur tvcy by the WVinthriop
agents it was found that i4 per cent
of the white children dtrink( some tmil k
riaily, while thle s: me percentage also
:Irink tea or coffee. Only 32 pet' cent,
however' drink as much as a pint of
milk a day. As many as 007 chilidrotn,
or 17.3 per cent, draink no milk what
rever. rThese figuries . re perhaps fair'
ly tyr~ical of the whole state.
The estimate on 'the precsent use of
milk in Greenville county is 3-4 of a
cup per person each day. It is the
opilnioin of the .best autthorities that 25
per1 cent of the children of Greenville
Goiunty (and this probiably holds good
for' the whole state) arc underweigh-t,
rind that by ,griving a child a quart of
milk per' clay normal w'eight would be0
obtained in most cases,
Prohibition Officers ilaid Pufllman Cur.
Bankers Go Oin Bond.
Tampa, Fla., March 20.--Charges of
conspiracy to violate .the Volstead act
-will be pressed against Harry S. Black,
New York millionaire and his two ne
gro employees before the federal grand
jury, United States Attorney Herbert
S. Phillips for the Southern district of
Florida, said here today. Accordinig to
Mr. Phillips, the -grand jury will mcet
In Miami the last Monday in April to
take up the case.
. Miami, Fla., aMrch 20.--llarry St.
Francis Black, New York multi-mil
ilonalre, rearrested last night in West
Paln -Beach tunder the state liquor
laws on orders from Cov. Carey A.
Hardee, was released today when Ed
w'ard C. Romfh, president of the First
National bank of Miam1. and Theodore
G. Houser, trustee of the same bank,
an#.eared and gave their personal hond
of $1,000 for Black and $1,000 for the
neg-ro porter emiployed on Black's pri
vate Pullmnii car,
Black, who was uiken into cust ody
early last TJ1mburaiday morning after 1I
cal and federal authorities had raided
his priva'v car -and keized 55 case:4 of
lirtuor -,fored in, it, was rcleased Fri
-day .hy inited States Coninissioner'
John M. Graham. 1. It. M.andley, the
negro porter, te;ififled at the hearing
that he had placed the liluor .ab'oard
without ilack's knowledge.
Although JBlack was still under $500
bond to appe-tr In Coconut Crove I,<)
lice cur tomorrow, he left i:unnedi
ately after his hearing here.
Yesterday Oovernor Hardee tele
graphed Sheriff Allen of Dade county
asHlng i'forination as to the dispOsi..
tion of the case -and in a later nessage
Informed the sheriff that Black's re
least by federal authoi:lie1 did not
exonerate him under the state laws.
The sheriff at once swore out wair
rants for lack an'i his porter, .J. It.
Alandley, and :-'vi red the West I'a lmi
Dleach aithorlIties to holid the infIlion -
ailre. Black -stu:plied :: cAh r i: of
$2,000 for himself an? purler. T1,is
bond .will be retirned to hWnt today.
'lbei ng atitonmatically cancelled by that
of the Miami bankers.
Mlck and Iis .:ir ret urncd to Alia I
this norning.
'When Illack appeared in Coconit.
Grove police court he also will fae a
charge of storing liquor in a shak
near here on Ali.vayne iay, said to be
owned by hilm.
4 * * * * * * * * *' * * * *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mt. Olive, March 21.---The death of
Mr. Travis IRaldwin, Thtirsday evon
ing, 'M a reh 10, left a vacaney' in Ihe
hoie and in the Commlintility, the grief
of 'which still lingers in the hearts of
'our people. Though taken at the age
of 17 lie was a young man of such loV
able qinalitics that he had already' on
decaried himnsel f to all who knew himi
best. 'Tho funeral was held at .\lt.
Olive churii'ch, of wvhichi he wa a amem.
ber, ler'iday afternoon, condluct ed by
Dri. J. 0. :.\artin, anid thme bu1rialwg
ini tihe cemetery at that pilace.
A cons~ideirable nunmberi of our pe~o
ple attended the funeral of M\r. .'Wal
lace Giodfrey at U'nion chutrch last
Thursdarl. Mi'. (Gdfrey .was well
known throutghout thiis section11 andmi
was one of the best mn we' ever knov.
lie wais 55 years of age and had lived
on hiumnble Chrilst ian life. Tihe funer
al services wereC condulcted lby his es
tor', llev. .1. 1P. Coleamani, and thle hly l
wtas; laid to rest withI lason ic honors.
Mirs. E':mma ~a lhon of the liabu'n
C reek section is visitIin g her' people in
this community.
Mr'. W. W. Cuilbertson and family,
and Master' Jack IIlainiltor., of' Eko,i
andl Ileni'y G. Culbertson andi family
of Cross lill were visitor's here Sun
'neIc JTohir. Kn igirt sand Mir. Ed.
Teaguie have beenm right sick severial
.\iiiss Sinclair' T1insley, one of' the
teachers In the .\t. Olive school, r.en
last wveekt end with heri home 1,eopile
near' Lonalds.
Tlhme Itli tel (Grove school, tautght by
Drn. J1. 0. Maritin, iWas ilosed last Feri:
('ard of Thanii k s
.\lu. Laurenis lialdwin and family de
icr to cx tend t'ir heart'el t t haniks
t:o thie li neigh boirs and friends for' lie
miiany ki ndnIesses so gieerousy3 gve
dourinig thle sick nc.e andI deathI of thir
soni and b:'othe r, Tr'iavis Bhaldw~vin. Tlhey
cani never foirget ('ither the utiriiing
efferis uind faithful a1(tendanice of Dr)is.
Workmtiian and Deannon in thieir behalf.
That the Lord imay abundantly repay
I hom all with continuied D ivine . lear
Ings Is thmeir most earnfest pra'iyer'.
Thie Quinine Thait Doe: Not Affect The
eFlpnuse of its tonIc and laxative e'*s'
lets) eon be taken hy anyone without
causing ner'vounes~s oir ringle's 'i' the
head. E. W. GROVE'S signature on
box 30c.
Are You
Earning Less?
Are You Receiving Less For
Your Labor and Products?
If you are, come to Cohen's
and we will show you how to
make your dollars go the long
est way.
Men's Blue Buckle Overalls, $1.25 Pr.
T is is~ al st -1(IJIP Overall ond taii11iitt 1)1 lniii ese
whiere foli I(r l(ss than $2.00.
40-Inch Sea Island, 10c a yard
'his is not the slazzy kind. a1t line tlosely vn .
Ladies' Buster Brown Silk Hose, 75c
Thisis a1-vl $159 losv pure s i w it Blac'k,
brownl and white
32-inch Gingham, 19c a Yard
Finle For Dru s i) s preury paterns. ents to advanlage.
Men's Work Shirts, 75c
Fullenlt, donhle stitvheI, roomy.
Ladies' 25c Stockings, 3 Pair for 25c. 0
'rh kind Ion h een pa - 2 .
Before You Buy Oxfords or Pumps See
Us. We Can Save You Money 0
Yard Wide Bleaching 15c a Yard
Men's Socks, 3 pair for . . 25c
Men's Silk Socks . . . . 50c Pair o
27-inch Dress Gingham 12 1-2c Yard
Yard Wide Pure Linen, 65c Yard
Natural linen volor: H1ne 11nijh.
0 Cannon Cloth, 25c Yard 0
1 Boys' Blu2Deni OveraL 98c Pair I
I Heavy Overall Cloth, 25c Yard
$2.00 Wirthmor Waists, 98cI
I 'l'en sItes all sizes.
$12.50 Suede and Satin Slippers, $8.50
150c Curtain Goods, 25c Yard
Table Oilcloth, 39c Yard
I Nrrow Leather Belts for Ladies, 25c
PhonixSilk Hose for L adies, 98c
3 Bla ek an ti brown; a l si.e.
Thee ae dzenofbargains, but space
Come and look around.I
Laurens, S. C.
6 . 3
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