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S(vte ikes New Mve in hicago. Te1o
Seiek inid Ietmnent s.
Chicago. Mlarch 17.-Iniiedilate
1iFiosniition of Chicago tWhite 'Sox
.Baseball playe's and others indicted
in collnectioln With the alleged throw
'int. W, lt, 191!) word series collapjsedI
Loday wIe the statet. thla rging cor-.
TuPtiOln of its ehief wittess, dropped
The cases against seven of the play
era and .Jutdge William E. Dever took
:the otlirs. off the court calendar.
Tonigit. however. the state plunged
dinto the task of preparing a new case
With aillounlcement that the matter
smould he placed in the hands of a
gnand jury again tomorrow and re
idictnent of the players whose
4aaes were (ropped.
.Robert E, Crow, state's attorney,
took charge of the case today aind anl
'nounced that he would handle it from
'mliav on1. lIe ordered thie cases dis
nisa 2 attr his plea for six imloiths
it wIicl to gather new evilencee had
been den ied hy .1u dge Dever and .\Iay
2 set as the date for trial.
T i. in a formal statement, 'Mr.
piow" il ced the blame for the
~offxp:e the cases on his plrede
e s'' i:r ollice. cliarging they had
l :h l t improperly; on anl alleged
coII, lit ::v which he s;aid had de
feat.tj: : it' i t l orr( 1t . o a .ine'k
son I, [,d!lIe Clotte and1 1 . 1('lnd WVi1
liams, the men who colnfessed to tle
eaud jiu:y. lIe annoutneed plans to
4<J :persona lly hefore tlie gral jury
tomiorlr to se'. k novIit iledictetsi*IN t. t it
pod. l hic el to "ueever-y m an
case to justice, declaring that many
guilty persons had not been inflictel
-by the randt jury -and that import ant
witne. ss. W e v vr. : , we
hib WnM (n1hih wo h :1.
%Ir. Crowei's action today r-ele-asedI
W illiams-. !ve \\ ~vr.ON r -i ,
Iromn custody of the law, their cases
binii disis sed. rThe case a tai nst
Chiick Gandil, I lal ('hase, .lose h .1.
Sullivanl. Hachewl llrown, Ala A tel
Umi( W'illiam i h r , fihe latterl .IN(,
chaLre'l witinginetring the alleged
world .;eries deal, :re taken off tle
alendar but may be iroughtiup
again. The cases disissedi wre
those of men who Iad .mirrederd
and gitvn bail. 'Tlherte was little pros
pect or the meurtutrnliiiiig to bastball,
howenc r, ill bein bath uiconditioial
ly releated and on the inleligible list.
Cepper as Money.
It is not su very long ago that cop
;Ker was used Ihi wedeni as the chief
owium of exchange, and at times mer
chi nts liaRd to take wheel barrows with
them when they went to receive pay
ment of considerable sums.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system 'with
Quick and delightful re..
lief for biOUress. colds,
constip aion1, headaches,
and ster.-ach, liver and
bloc z troubles.
T. *. ..e sold
only , 5 packages.
Avoid imnitations.
Orgailzed 18:)2.
P'ROPE IIT i NS~it:l l 0,5,l00
WiRI'TE ORL CALJL on the undersign
adl' &or anyi: information you may desire
about our plan of insurance.
We inisure youri property against de
Btruction by FIRiEF, WfIDSTORM OR
LIGHTNING. and do so cheaper than
any cotmpany In existance.
Rememiber, we are prepared to p~rove
to you that otri isi ithe safest and
Checapetst plan of insurance known.
Our Association is no(w licensedl to
write Inuuranice in the counties of
Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormIck,
*Edgefhid, L'aurens, Sahuda, Lexington,
Reichand, Calhoun, and Spartanburg.
(reenv ille, l'ickrns, l lainberg, I m-n..
'well, Clarendon, .'ut r, Lee K<ersha w
Vihesitrfield, Laneuster.
The ofilcers are: Gen,. J. Fraser
1Lyo-n, President, Columbia. S. C.; J. R.
Blake, Gen. Agt., Secty. and Treas.,
Glreenwood, S. C.
A. O. Grant .......Mt. Carmel, S. C.
J. M. Gambrell .. .. Abbeylile. S. C.
J. Rt. Blakoe.. ....Greenwood, S. C.
.A. W. Youngblood .. . .1Hodges, S. C.
J. Fraseor Lyon . . . . ColumbIa, S. C.
R. H. Nicholson .. ..EPdgefield,El. C.
W. H. Wharton .. .....Waterloo, S. C,
W. C. Bates .. .......Batesburg, S. C.
Greenweood, 8, 0.
Jan. 1. 1920.
Formulation of Policy 1ins Been
Started. Ready for Congress.
Was-blington, March 17.--Fornfula
tion of a treasury Policy on tax revi
ston has been started and probably
will be really for submission to con
gress when it convenes April I1, In ex
tra session. Treaury experts have
been engaged for some days in making
a survey of revenle sources and the
extent to which earch lay be tappod
inI bringing money into the govern
ment's vaults.
It was indicated today that while
Secretary .lMellon had not taken eb
lie stand with ,respect to the question
of whether revenue or tariff revision
shotudi have precedence in congress
he is declared to have the necessary
(lata on the subject ready for use
should congressional connittee call.
Air. Alellon said that no decision had
been reached on a question pertinent
to the forms of new tax laws but in
ternal revenue experts were under
stood to be preparing to make recoml
menidatiots onl sone whases of the im
portant problem.
Formler Secretary Illot's
were that taxation imcastres shouild
be consider.ed allead of all other l'
islation bveeause of the effect on busIa
n1s of challgod tax laws. There has
been no indication of a cange ill
policy ;In fthat respectI heraulse, 1 -v
of the ollicials conneluted with tIhe
taiulon vide of the treasury ha've
bien, rlieved.
.\mong the ques.i ans into which the
VelWV1S have boven delving is that 0;
:I .-:1c; tax which hla.; threatened sev
.nl ti nl to (;lu1 e a um t10 11n11
o :-; o",f eo re'Ss who'.et opinions
v:arcy widely. Th treasury 13 C CCt to
havre entuple11vte . :ite rpielso
h hoing t a11ount ti:tt can be ex
reted frome kuch tax Iog:ethler witl
data concernn1g its effec t on ic..
Charges in the rates on largnr in
comes and 110MLses in extItion.
also are under colsideration with a
view' to detet ining the aggregate
aimont t of revenue. There has been
an insistent demand for Oi the
exeml ption of tle lower salaried, now,%
placed at $2'-,000 for married mwtea atml
$1.000 for single persons.
Repeal of the excess profits tax
Which has been particularly odious to
isilles al. alt rs to he assur'd. Ree
ominwndations to that end were inade
by S'(rotary ('slass and lloustn;a, au
Mir. .\hellot's attitude is ulndirst: i
not to be differtent, a1ltugh it had n1O.
beeni pulicly stated. This tax,.ie
line officials assert, has been di llic!It
of (003 lleion and hlaVl aled ,a: a o
onl commer111cial developmlentf.
In addition to ithe salos tax, th, e.
ports aIr investigatinlg the rE'en
producinlg 11ti:1lities of higher i-miury
ta xvS. .\I#); treastry olicials who
have stildiod th , luxuiry taxe.s believe
that many of those now ill eflfet
should be repeald, partiiculaty those
similar to the soda fouintain drinks
levies. The expeinse of coliecting such
taxes, it has been said, has run out of
all p)roportions 1.0t tihe revenue13 rC
(Iivted Ill the last two yeats while tile
pl)lic was (omptelled at the0 3allm
timeIl t(o pay the amoun131ts eetcribed
bjy law.
One of the ma1an 1oin1ts iln the ef
forts of theo treasur ty exptert s now is
to avo'(id inlvol ved and( te hn ical ta xa
tiotn meIthlods. Ii1gher oileialis itn the
depar1 ttmlent h(ld thle ('nforcemten t andl
(llectiont (of taxes untder initticate
lawvs is much(1 more33 expensiave to thei
governmenl and1141 tnot ats ip odutIve!P
l;X 'iUC-S'i TI i l-"iS
ON lIl:.\ Al'-.\Ai
able1 (expI'ss shipment~lts alleged'( to have
beenstolen bytmessengrl eeue
lou pay(1oker detsco l'te inl 11ame
mess55eIer inlformeld ai july inl United
States dlistrict (0ourt here this aftert
nloon inl the trial (If morte thban .W pe:
sonls on elharges of conspiracy to) 8tea1
frotm the I nited States govermnen1(lt,
It (leve loped that Ii ugh~es ha~s .been
under10 g11arId for som11 time and1( that
thte court1 hats ordered that he le )0C lose
ly gtatrded thlroulghoutt tile tili, be
aen o(f atllege'd thlreats tha1t have
been mtade upon01 his life If he gatve
damnagitng testimlony at the trial,
iilughes sid that lie had had( con-l
versat iotts with all bitt two of the dle
fondant in t rIlegard~ to stealintg ex press
shtipmentls, lie talIkeod rapidly attd(
coolly, r'epeating w ithl the utmlost Comn
plosutre theC thteft. of thloutsandls of (10!
11ars worth of goods.
On one occai~on Iiutghes said tha-t
C. R. Hakee, a condultctot nlego tited
with hitn for 'the pu rchase of a bp
Cycle and that the wheel was carrieel
up1 andl~ (down the road by C. IR. 11rin
son, -whio wast 01n an oippOSiteC runt, fail
ing to mlake the dlelivery t'o linker on
each trip.
"Otte day," saidl IlIughes, "Biaker's
trinil met mine and 11e tsuIck his head1(
in lmy rdooe anel fur-iottsiy yelledl:
'Where's my -bicycle.'
"I signaled 'to hilm to keep. (quiet."
"Next day," the witness continued,
"I met Baker and told him1 that he
Slayed hell, that there was a route
aent in My (ar. 'I don't care,' he
rluot-d laker as sayinol, 'I want that
bleycle,' %.e iad a .big laugh over it.
ie declared Baker nyas so furioins
that lie would not pay him more thani
Prior to the fall of 1917 imessengers
were 'eir'(ed to account for all ship
nenits l("t, ho said. lie toll of the in
creases in shipmnlits after that time
anid tie impos'hiity of keeIping rec
ord.. hevause.of 1 lth colgestiol.
Ile said that he tOIe from the fall
of I.)1 7 until Angu:t. 1921), when he
was arrestod. Nineoty-nine tlies ot
of, a hundredol he said. he divided the
shipment w-ith the defenlants pres
Through shipments were easidr to
take than short haul shipnient lie
d eelared.
The witness related how doors be
tween the express Cars w6re thrown
open on trips. "That gave us two cars
We Proved It t<
SDo not fail to vis
1 LO ('.O'N i Yard; wde :-mio
No. 2.50, Hi50 Euality: lig I.
Price. 1;e(r holt .... .... ...
Ailli).: I V II.I-- -S;& did fqualit.
Snow white tWill. The kind
elijoy sowing oil. Sold for 651
as you want at. per yard
.\ PION (. NtNlAAl---Ilhe het'
Sold for 30c and :15c. Som1et
y 'il.... ................
2,000 yards 27-inch D)ress Gingh;
Pl'O 1NS ---it) pieces, sollel col
greeln, gray and1(i blue; forime:
60 cents, 3ar'd.... ......
8' pieces PotplIinI, colored plalds. S
etc. 50e anditi~ 6c tual ity, yar
I1A.\M ilt-I.:ESS LINEN---SC)meicth
anld niew iln iWvhito, hello and(
l'0vent Sale Pice..........
\OI L&- foft chiffon finIsh andl ei
fIiih, in white and all ti:
colors. Sold for~ 60e to 75c,
Rose and lihue Silk Stripe vol
hing dlainty 'ind airy. Ileg
$1.25. Big l'vent Piceit...
Priiers 01n th' now silks art
for the I( i'VENT SAGNl'.
-0ood Clua:li'y Sheeting. 1I
P'I iLLOW l'ii',Nt; ---12 Inch wid
*CL~i'AlN .IATIih lA b-We h'ave)
witet, ac ru anld eamin; also
aniid eon ventilial boriders.
- colored't eta:in inIe for sidhe drla i
tor youri 'P0rch dlecorating nIo
warm~ daiy:; are(11 coing. P'
to une0 inI comiihInation01 ,, ith I
for table ruifner's, anid thle
bed s preads thlat. are 4) o ue
right atPt resenlt.
I'N\Iit All''I" NS- -lieady ma'de
saves thlt busybo hosewIfe mantl
L ook it over whenOI you1 co)1
theo lig IAvtit Sale.
Double "S & H'
Green Stamps
All Day
10 S. & H. Green S
of shipments to look ovor to see if
there Iwas anything that we wanted,"
Ie eplained. "Then we often played
Poker together on the runs. I played
frequently with J. L. Johnson, C. F.
McMillanl and C. \'V. 1Pearce,@three of
the defendants.
"We didn't talk much about steal
Ing while wer were .playing, but when
one of us went broke we had to get
soniethitng out of the shlipments to sell
to the winning players so thai we
could get more money with which to
continue the game. One of the play
ers arolid buy sometin g from the one
that wvent broke, if we could find :onie
thing that he 'wanted."
Lu1ke 1111113- S1ys, "The lnt .0lled le.
fore Rleleclilg the Rtiver"
"Since moving near the river two
years ago, .we've always used RAT-i
SNAP. Watched at vicious water rat,
nibbling at RAT-SNAP outside the
house. About 15 minutes later he
darted off for the water, to cjA his1
burning stomach, but he died before
reaching it." Three sizes, 35c. 05c,
$1.25. Sold and guaranteed by Lau
rens Hardware Co., Putnam's Drug
Store, and Kennedy Bros.
Hunreds of Cust
at the Opening of
2he Big Sa
it us this week and i
ith tiniE, S* - of nice:
venl S:.'o wiH pll(le you. 111.
yard wvide. .qJI Nil. !' l' ck and I
pm wIll 'l'hse %vill makeI
[; as nii it t Skirts
.... .... 29c
iade that 1i aci and 1
ling niivv. and trivothie.'i. Jm
.... ..623ewa t fom thl
ti .... .. Se k 'i to th (very
3Is, 1Ose,1
1y ()~uuti (korgette andl Tric
'lV ;M anid
...........39c olo' ihte
utin StrIpe.,t n yltw
ng classy lotii'd'se
pink. Big 01 ~Oa h i
.........3(- A leSijde
i:p smoothSit.Veont
e wVanted ~ O~~ iu~aw
yard( . . .. J2c tae aoigi
s. Some--adcod as
Ihar -price - 't'otI . eolr
....(' ....79e it).......
tightt. over'AtovStI u i'
AN C'OSTi 'ls:ls-A'I os
also (cut goi5jt(ai t.
>tht finish, I (-i ost, :ii
..... I....30e 2.0.......
It int plaini
,vith f.oral ' IO'S It S.X
.o oif these Ld 'uutlhuhe
gt, ef.. 03or'OxOl os
'in vogueo ~ 'iei~7S) o
Unfderwe~Var iru itSts ''c
y a str'itu'h.
a ren.'
NLG(OI) NC.RO l) andr
'amp:.Give to Every(
C-r. 1 1. . -Ik Tells a Woiderftul L061149 kxperlmcilt.
Story Albotit, tats4. ]lead It. "had you i hard tli fit 1110 lios.
"For miionths Iy place wis alive pital?" "had I? I lost weight, they
with rats. LosIng chickens, eggs, feed. gpvq me a weigh the first thing, and
1''r0n(d told me to try RAT-SNAP. I
did. Sqmoewhat disa~ppointed at first
not ceeing n yii' dead rats bit in a few
diys didn't see a live one. What were
not killed 1110 not aroitd my place.
HiAT-SNAPI sure does the trick." Three
.-Izes, 35c, 65c, $1.25. Sold and guar
lltOCd by Lautrelis lardware Co:, Pitt- Money bnci: WithOut U( Olt
nam's Drig Store, and Kennedy Bros. If HUN'S BMW falttv n thi
___________Itsrenn-t of ICYI , Elr- L'A0
1,1- 0 WiI 0 ROr, 'r;i TI i., -r
'Cloring out cOothing at oie-half 'thot iching okin diur l
-:urlce at ~g'~~.wth~
Twenty Free Scholarships for Women.
Standard Entrance Requirements.
Apply at Once to
Box 117 Due fiest, S. C.
-Sam= EC""EMM
e ther Iigoi doo:P
e. va 5cn box .
Apl t Once to
:>mers Who Came, Saw and Bought
Our Sale Saturday.
le Continues
fet the pick of the bargains we offer.
-sirtsi at pr ices that 08 l - - Another lot of that splen Usle
.id(h for sprling, light Hose For ladies. Al uniteard-of valde
wo lots $1.9s 3mi( $1.19 at the juice. Take a look at tI( :iiaI
luhe Silk Poplins. ity. Big Event 'riev. ;w- pair........
Iice light weight 25 dozei1 or good l'lael I lose. The
... .... .... ....249 hi t stocking yott h eit in a long
tinc ; for ICi 1I. i: . veit S I, ar ....le
avy skiirs inl sorges : t .1 I full ra 9e,
i any kind of 0(irt
lovellest Itialities ined gaite Itl) dii il ug ( lig Event 9e
-day variety (Ill IA)IIJ:N8 RAIN SEN'S-Coat, Cap antI
Sn te('110. Those are p retty 4111(l serIvice
fleta. (larnwitse. able. Price $7.; sizes to 1.1; hrig
olette. Soeio trimmed E .. . . .
.w tarnlishedh 3ralds,
r~ skItst donie ini the ysPoosKil1 onSt.......2
rk on taffeta; still oy lort ntI)rcs"C
ticks, etc. You will l' ootiftt aeVst......e
lie siure to get 0on1ey. aii 0kttlt i ts........~
vent PrIce .. .$11.98 Ba inlIls o ~ihrnllc i~
lIght weight Coat wit' ~uhu~Sc5~1li.ift .1
wvant to carry them ChdrnsftytolS, 11klghbit
Vs usa a Coat Suilt for adnv~ tiectr........2I
the cat, atid on cool Sote(fhhyficy01 xftIieltl035
l'Tey ar mctiade ilupU oa a s o.........
.\ann ishi Sere and i0
black an navy. 1, Sl. M-Schu idw iii frttd i 9
..... ......... ..1.50)j rd~."hWl i lcsd
d to..... .... ....$9.9% o lIEIAll tOi
s No. 6;7. Inadeul of t13 OTkshoitl.tekidyi
'W .nd( ntiedlilm bust Wl ~ei)hc i:.httd Itlt,
)....... ......... ..1.7) 2;Ee 'le..........:9
!ai: toi albove lihe .2 I i iu{''w':.wth e )
.............. ....:; .....).............22
hiiul;and.I hot*lCiIttPtuowe.
..r.for..... .... ............................
Is and .vI 'ity .' i. . I; ai aa rAPtI :(' bx ....
..) f....... .......9
$.... ,..............219 i elyceka 2.5vlie gEei
. hi broen lots . ..litgi ititfr..........e
A:OSi,' --Aot hlr lit. ofShart aplnl ais
it Iu i ~,R Ity. lit ig t ri e 1 er lit air.. ......... c
hea s~okig o han seeni uin a longe
d sis'pr thsul lk 1r1ta.t; wel faeh
gmatch l Thes ar e tt ad ervice
,vent Prc . . . ...o l.. .. . . ..w
Boy's PhrousaKnit 'nro Suitsrn ....n ...i.4s
Har~~e hoVst Ourn llStore Thldenbl Week

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