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Grove's 'rasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its!
Strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks (and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's. Tasteless clhill Tonic is simply
Iron' and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUiNINE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Don't Prod Your
Liver to Action
MR 4Qtti!dy Overcomoo Di3tousnoso,
Conctipation, Gick Meondacho. No
Oriping or Pain. Quarantood.
The organs of 0igestien, nasimila
'tion find l imuilnatiol-tho stomnaeha,
liver aind howeli-are closely allied.
and the proper netion of any of theso
(IrgalS is lar rgel% d pendent uponj~ri tho
'Corrot funltiollnig of l11 the others.
"whipping" your liver into action
with caloiel or forcing your bawelaa
with irritating laxativen or- strong
enthnrtles Is a great isitake. A bet
ter, safer plan is sfrengtheninig and
toning tho whole dI9gcntivn aid eliinia
tive system with Nature's Remedy
(Nil Tablets), whvi not only brings
Immllediate relief, but geniniiie and last
ing benefit It nets oi the Stomutch,
liver, bowels and kidneys, improves
digestion and axx-sI IiI Hat tio, overconies
hilloutsners. Corre(ct' Conlstipat ion and
Ilckly relieven xick ediehle.
Get your systcn thoroughly cleansed
and plurifled for eo; ntonvch, liver
find bowels working togetlier in vig
orous hiai1rmiriony, and you vill r t have
to take medieinao every day-just tako
one Nit Tablet oceauiio:miiliy to keep
your' syritem good coniltilon anrd al
wnays feel your best. Itemember it is
easier aid cleaper to keep well than
it is to 1t well.
Get a 25.' box and try it with the
unde. tanitnvg th: t it must givo your
greater roitef anid benefit than any
bowel or liver mydicrinetn you ever us0ed
or no pay. Natura's Remedy (Nit
Tablets) is sold, guaranteed and
'econimended by your druggist.
LAURENS D111'4 (10,
U/L A'l 0
Be Sure It's a
Make sure of that, and
you're sure of full value for
every battery dollar.
The Willard Threaded Rub
ber Battery brings added sav
ings because it does away with
wood-separator replacement ex
pense. Threaded Rub~ber Insu
lation outlasts the plates. It
doesn't warp, puncture, carbon
ize or crack.
We're headquarters for the
Willard Threaded Rubber Bat
tery. We give authorized Wil
lard Service. Drive around.
Let's get acquainted.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
WV. Lauz'cns St.
Phone 446
I2cok ei C-C r:ncica of Ihat Countr'j
D-ls With Musical 4;riticism
to the Point.
Ti( hunt fLu' tle origltl of ja:z h1as
led to the African jungle anid to the
HInsic of cnnnibal feasts and orglastic
(an1ices. 11it, further back It (.1nn L e
trieed to tile beginnhiugs of eivilizat 1(n
in C1na itself. ConfueluAs, who livd
nit:tlIy '.500 years ago, e(dited it bo
(if ceremlonlivs Called the "Ll KI." Thle
book of cereiionies was a venerable
(?hinese eltissle long before- Confueus
gatb his at tention to It. The smayinigs
In tle "IU Ki" represent n1 Viewpoint
of musint crI(itelseimiIn C'11hin Whvilleh
perhaps correspoids to the (ndate ns
signed by the Jewish chronology foz
the Garden of Eden. The "L 1(l de
ribe5 miiusic as a poverful iIluillence
for good or evilI, nnd pletilres the pre.
ilstoiie sylopat lon ls follows:
"The a irs of Klng go to wlb ex
(es' and (ehnuclh the mi1ind; Ihose of
Sing speak of slothful inlulgeniles
end of wonien and subnierge the imind ;
Ihose of Wel nre strenuous 111d fast
11114l perplex the 11111d; an(d those of
Khl arie violent and depraved and
manke the mind arrogant. 'T'le airs of
these four states all stimulate lihidi
Dous desire an( are injurious to
If not jazz, what else falls In with
the description? (nnig. Sung. Wel mind
Khi--all their scores have beern lost.
Only the monotolous drum heat whlh
they doubtless eontributed to prehis
torIe jazz remains in modern Chinese
musie.-Toledo News-Blee.
It Dates Back to the Time of the An.
cient Romans, and Probabty Is
Much Older.
It was a custom of the Iomans to
paint a rose on the ceiling of the hn
(luet hall, Nignifying that what was
toldf at the feast was not to 1,e re
imated. Froi tihiis custom originnteel
the expression, subrosa, the )etrolt
News reen-ls..
The rose Is the queen of love and
beauty 1111d Is tle m1iost eloquent of
all In the language of the flowers. The
red rose is a token of love and the
white of purity. A moss rosebud is a
confessIon of love, while a rose leaf
says, "You may hope." A white rose
signifies, "I am worthy of you," and
the yellow rose asks, "Are you jeal.
The yellow bu'ttercup is dedicated
to the memories of childhood and -
riches. The Greeks and Rtomans used
one variety of buttercup as a remedy
for leprosy. It was also sai( that the
root was a sure cure for insanity if It
was gathered at the wane of the moon,
wrapped In linen and carried around
the neck of the afflicted person.
Pained and Surprised.
At the time it was more painful than
fumny, but the years leave only a ree
ollection of my intense surprise when
I hit into what I thought was a bright
red apple.
Always I had loved apples, and one
diy When I saw a dish of bright red
objects in the pantry, I took a couple
of the largest, and silently left the
house-with wilat hatppy anticipation.
Safe in the biik yard I proceeded
to take. a large bite of a red pebpper.
Such shili screams of agony Its
re'achied miy muothler's ears. She rushed
to thie Vescue to fhind rie, not content
withI ha~vIig fIllled Iny' mouth1 i withI thle
fiery pieppuer, rubbing frantically at my13
Not knowIng that oIl arnd not water
shiould be1 u)sedl to remlove tihe burninlg
sensaition, ict dlatinpeid m11 into the
hiathlub1, an Ilstarted..to scour. It wasl
manlly ai weeCk before I again appr
iniitedi wvhat (did1 nOt helouig to ume.
IExchan go.
Electric Hatching of Chicks.
A third of a millIon chickens a sea
son Is thle p~ropoised capneity wlehlo a
eust omier of thie IElectrIc l'ower nom-i
painny of Poruitiand~, Ore., int etiods to at
tini in his electrienii 11'(periatedl chic':
ein farm known as "Ih(I*ers."' Ills
output this season wvill be in (lie neigh
hiorhiood of 100.000 chIckens, us comn
pored with 415,000 for last year. This
farm started with 0one smnll electic
inetthator in 1015 and now~ is equippiied
to opleraite on a large scnle, haiivinzg a
single incubator with a capacity of
20,000 eggs. The totalI connected 10ond
for- this planlt ('onsifts of 33.5 kIlowntts
of heating and 3 klowatts of ighing.
For emergency service, cont Inules thie
IElectiena Review, a 20-klowatt direct
current generator is installed at the
farm and( Is so arrangeod that It may
be dIriven from the owner's truck.
Magic Carpet Up to Date.
A plan for seeIng strange sights
comues from Firancv, In the anunotnce
nient of thle Comfpngnlie Latecoere.
T1ijIs aerl line will take yotu from
Toulouse, ut 8 :30 a. mn., over the
P'yrenees to Barcelona. Spain, by uch
fimie. Next (lay yout lunch at Malaga,
then fly across the Mediterranean to
Taingier-s. Then you sail above the
Atlas mlontains to far-away Rtabat, a
greeni onalis of thie Saiharat, oir (eento
Fez, where, it is said1 the comlpany lias
opened the grndo vizier's painace as a
hotel. These are Indeed thle days of
niagle cnrpet anrd thei sevo'r-heaigue
hoots to those who rear not adhventure
Inl the air !-Thel Outlook.
Wanted HIs Money's Wor-th.
MorIlher - ielen's mus! * ' tenheri
seems qite ipre's:ed wIith lher. It
looks to mue l!ko- a i:'ve ifl'aiir.
F~athet -- Whati's thia t ! Now see here.
I'll lbt-yn .hi:t 'youn-iZ m0:1 uindorstaind
l11ii Oato d~i.o h'ii fiou--th:g ei~ renem
an otwil 'mpuyr; . an
Not Much Worse Than Those of
Go;iaer Days.,
Writer Answers indictment of 'These
Wild Young People"-Frankneos a
Striking Characterist!c of the
Generation of Today.
"We of the yotunger generalIon,"
ways John F. Carter, Jr., in tho Allan
tic, ansvering tin Indlictitient o? "tIhose
wVild young people," by at certairn "'r.
G1rundy" in the same tumg.ine,"we
are frank vAth each other, frank, or
pretty narly so, with our l'.nlers;
frank in the way we feel toward life
and tis badly damagCd world. It may
he nt disqilet Ing aind' mlisleulding"' habit,
hbut is I ita had one'?
"We find someo few t hings in he
world that we like, and a whole lot
that we don't, nd we aire not afraid
tq say so or to give reasons. In ear
1ier generations this was not the case.
The young men yenried to Io gitter
ing generalities, Ihe young vomien to
act like shy, sweet, innocent fawn'i
toward one another. And niw. when
grownti up, they have come to helieve
that they actually were tigures of pris
tine excellence, knightly cliiviiry, ador
able imodesty and 111ipeccaible pro
"lINt I really doubt if tihey were
so. StatistIcs relating to, let us say,
the immorality of college ,tudents In
the eighiles would not compare fatvor
ahly with those oif the 11r'(senit. IIow
ever, now, as they look hn'k on it, they
See their youth through :a mist of fnuts
In, fltiniels, teniis, hicycles, T.'tmiiy
son, Browivtng and the 'Bilte Danube'
waltz. The other Ithms, the ugly
things that we know nitbtt aid Ialir
abouit, nust also have beeti there. Itnt
oilr eldors didn't enre Or didn't dare to
consi(ler them. attd now they are for
gotten. We talk about themi unabashed
nd not necessarily with Presbyterian
dlisapproval, and so they jlump to the
ccmelusion that we are thoroughly hnd,
and keep pestering its to inake us
"The trouble with theni is that they
can't seem to realize that we or( busy,
that what pleasure we snatch must he
incidental and feverishly hurried. We
have to make the most of our tine. We
actually haven't got so much time for
the noble procrastinations of modesty
or of the elaborate rigmnrole of chiv
aIry and little patience 90r the lovely
formulas of an ineffective faith. Let
them (ie for a while! They (dd not
seen to serve the world too well in its
black hour. If they are inherently
good they will come back vital and in
tarnished. But just now we have a lot
of work, 'old time is still a-flying,' and
we must gather rosebuds while we
"Oh, I know that we are a pretty
bad lot, but hans not thnt been trie of
every poeceding generation? A least
we have the courage to net nceirding
ly. Our music is distinctly barbaric,
our girls are distinctly not a mixture
of arhutus and barbed wire. We drink
when we can and what we enn; we
gamble, we are extravagant--but we
work, and that's nbout all Ilat we can
he exprgted to (10! for, after all, we
have just dliiovered that we are st1I1
very near to t he stoniue a ge.
"'Oh, I Suppliose thaiit It's too laid that
wve aren't huiiible, sirtry-eye'd. shy, re
spectful ininocents5, standtiting re'veretIly
at their side? for inst ructions, pinyinrg
pretty little games, in which Ithey nmo
loniger belhve, except for us. Itint we
Creni'(, nnd te best thIing the oldsters
can dho about it is to go inito thlei r re
Spectivye bacitk yatrds andl dig fnr wvorms,
great big pink ones-for the (Irutnihy
tribie are Juist ot Ias Iiportnalt as
they are, andit theiy will doubt less tmakec
c'ompani ty miorie congzeil andit docite
t hin 'thlese wil young1 iieoiple,' thlet titen
nad wotieui of ny genei(ration."
A ljttle lad who wanted a small
broihe' '..ais told by his iuoi ot' to pray
for (one1, itnd this lie tli unt il htope
and pat ience wtete aliike 'xhiauist 0(,
Not long aifter. however, lie was entlied
to his mother's buedroomi and hntyi
three tiny baby brothers ahl ! the
sante crtindl.
itor somie time the little fellow
staretd, then he htenvedl a sigh of tre
"Oosh'!" he remtirked solemnuly, "Just
suppose I hadn't stopiped praying
when I didl I"
"What perfect (denrs !" thte visitor to
the Sunday school excinluil in ad
miration. "Your classi is tinder perfect
conitrol. During your talk on the les
SOnl rnot a child even'i miovetd. You have
taught themn to love their study."
"Yes," agreed the teaeher a bit sad(
ly. "They (d0 very well. Youa see, I
made al rule that everey timie a child
mnovedl or whisperedi I would talk live
minutes longer."
Sheet Muilage.
One may buy tmuclnge ini sheets
ntowatdays. Th'ley arec very convtenilent
for (lfli(c uise.
Th'ie mueilige is spr'ntl on bothl si'les
of thin shteets of pniier, whidch are
made ito it sort (of boo0k. If It lie (de
ilredl to stick two thinigs together'i, a
sheet Is tortn out, maoisteed ont both
sitles ind piIllacetil betweent. Th'lat does
the trick,
"I's too had.'"
"What t?"
"'t~ls.i t maqi alt tbints' inh-o
rmc""ess hl.rmne atre
.n i
an Fondedon dM Barie'aFamu s
Remld t nare toourheat'sdesre?
the onanoulndedhereJthe voice~
Afdthe orddfwa lost.sTumbled n.yJate a~e
Ah , lovbte, coldyo andIwihFtcospr
Tomle n femals thiaugrheme hng nie
atteioer glot the former i obtadte
hadiap.ointd ta naedoorhatsdr?
SOuFTgleiru ed n hemy-wil rbss, a asi!Rsce oe
thand saiNw wee halee woe IspiEoenonhlowd
Thene leadership, ofctheewildwahol
ta ema, lordm an buterlad and thm ndse
gcry ad, ino ancommndi ssdaineedht erce de
ahi foervd lores, thi--formr pinatghetutemnosi
handcaps Poitedoanuntaed The sope, surb n its arld way
andsad:~No w sal se wo aI to "Oide con veos, forlNowdi"
ruls,""Dnto ngDde Yorusbove,"h
The th buler beaus hewas "Fr etters, o Wthe, Til hIl
a man, beame a kin; andeth ComektYo and alle.h
grea lad wh ('rce dsdaned the groancie ascheees
him seved loed im-fouht pou'ln ev, oerfol rge meandsi
with a slavery"flrhisivissfoFeNale!

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