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First Steps All Pain-Then Peels the
Corn Off.
Don't try to fox trot on corn tor
-tured feet. Get rid of your corns. Il
make Yetr Fuo fg7 Remove Thwe
you have never seen a corn tickled to
death, just apply a few drops of "Gets
It" -to yours. Then watch that corn
die-peacefully as if it had gone tc
sleep. Soon it is nothing but a loos(
;piece of dead skin that you can lifi
right off with your fingers.
Get after them now. Your drngist
has "Gets-It". Costs but a trifle or
nothing at all if it fails. Mfd. by B.
Lawrence & Co., Ohicago.
Sold in 'Laurens by Laurens 'Drug
Co. and Putnam's Drug Store.
Money bnck without qucotton
- tre tm CH t
If HUNT'S Salve falls In the
Try a 75 cent box at our risk.
Latens Drug Co.
Yours is a Willard
Threa'ded Rubber Bat
Fine! Then you're
free from separatcor ex
pense and trouble, be
cause Trhreaded Rubber
*e Insulation outlasts the
-But you need Willard
Service just the same.
Our service is here
for you to use, and
when you do make full
use of it you'll find your
battery not only lasts
longer but serves better.
Drop in. Ask about
Willard Threaded Rub
ber Insulation, and why
it means so much to
car users.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Lauren. St
Phone 446
John Willianis, White Farner, Held
for Deaths of Negroes Found in
Atlanta, Ga., March 24.-John Wit
liams, a white farmer of aJsper Coun
ty, wais indicited by -the Newton coun
ty grand jury ait Covington, Ga., to
day, chaYged with murder in connec
tion -with the deaths of three negroes,
recently found in a river there, and
according to Deputy Sheriff Johnson,
a negro employee of Williams con
fossed that eleven negroes In all had
been Idilled.
The dead negroes who had been
held in peonage on the Williams plan
tation, had threatened 'to inform the
authorities of their condition, accord
ing to Deputy Johnson's version of <the
confession -which the attributed to
Clyde Manning, one of the two ne
groes whom he broug'ht here for aafe
keeping. Many other negroes were
forced to work on .the plantation, the
alleged confeslon said.
..The bodies of three negroes were
found recently weighted down with
rocks in Yellow River, Newton county,
near 'where Jasper county adjoin"
lowton, and 11anning's alleged confes
sion stated that six negroes in all had
been -weighited down an'd thrown into
the river and five others killed in
other .ways and 'their bodies buried.
Newton counity atithorities took the
stand that the negroes found in the
Iriver had been killed 'by drowning,
their death having lbeen caused in
Newton county.
The grand jury investigation at Cov
ington 'was extIected to be continued
tonorrow and meanwhile Will,lilms
and the two nogroes 'were ordered held
without ball. Williams was in jail at
Covington tonight. The nogroes .were
held as material 'witnesses.
United States District Attorney
Alexander said ihere tonight he had
learned of alleged peonage conditions
In Jas~er county, but that it is in the
southern district of the federal dis
trict court of Georgia. lie recently
indicted the sheriff of Jwawper county
and the latter's lel)lew on charges
of peonage, the indictments being re
turned on the ground that they had
come -into the northern '(ij:trlCt, and
taken back to Jasper county nogroes
who it was alleged had escaned from
veonage there. Their trials are set
for Apwil *th.
'ovington, Ga., .larch 2-.-Two
negrocs 'who are said to have ftrnlsh -
')d 'loine of the information to .grandi
Jury under whiclh .jihn Williamis w-c
arrea'ted today ave been rujed to
Atlanta for safekeeping.
Wi! allis, 'who has beent talken to the
Newton cointy jail, denic that he
knows anything abolit tile cilling._.
Following, the discovery of three
to l orny:.m; n S.)Yeo.... River,
two of th.: bein 1 e..inlcti togeh r
and all thrce weigh :ed dwn, thete
have hea t eristent repor f.11 el
through this ter ritory that t hcr are
as many as.eenteen 'bodle-;~ of
negrocs in the Yellow andI Ocmulgee'
Newton county omilals have been at
work on tho inviest!gation for several
(lays b)ut have unot been able' to locacte
more than three bodies.
13ureauii Issues Permit to .Mattnufar..
lure NonS-Heverage Wine Out of
Washington, .\l arch 23. --A :eri
to manufnet ure wvine out of e awr:
ries for non- deverage )1 purpose:; wats is
sued( toinight 'to thte Strawberry Grow
0ra asociation of Louisiana by the
'burctau of01 in te rnal revenueO. 1 rtovision
is made in the permit. that no suigart
shall be addedlot to in:c roat the aleo
hol Ie content of the product.
Wie no ex planation of the isai..
'mee .i the permit lias made 'by thle
Lu roau, oillelals said that the straw
berry growers 'had appledlc( to the
prtohi bition aut horities for Permission
to sot up a winery in order to care for
their surjilus crop which was es!.imat
ed to lbe worth about $5,000,000. (Un
der' the Volstead act, it was exiplained,
it ia iegal to establish wineries for thte
manufacture of non-beverage pro
ducts for sacramental or medIcinal
pur poses.
'IThe associa tion, It was saltd, plans.
to erect in Tangtpahoa paris-h of Louis
iana a large wine mlanufacturiing plant
which swill take car'e of 'the surpdlus
straiwber'ries ot the growers.
WVhether the Principal on which the
p~ermtit was issuedl to the strawberry
men would apply in oilier eases of..
ficials could not say bitt it .was sug
gested that shtould a suttplus of borreca
occurt in other states the producers
wouild -bie entitled to an opportin it y
to show whether' there was danger oV
heavy loss utnless the est-s.bibe~hmeont of
a 'Winery was resortedl to.
Such proc-edurte, ')lllils ittimat ed
woould not 'be con'flned to straw berry
p rodutcers, but wotild in cle .prodte-.
era of ofther juicy berries---blackiber
ries, '1)1limberries and 'the different
shades of raspbcher nc nmtig i.,
the case of necessity cover -vegetables
such as beets and .Possi-bly dandelions
and elderberries.
Of the Ownersldp. Managenent, Circu.
lation, tc., 14qulred by the Act of
Congress of August 24, 1912.
of the
Published -weekly at Laurens, S. C.,
-for April 1, 1921.
State of South Carolina,
County of 'Laurens.
-Before me. a Notary Public in and
for the State and county aforesaid,
personally appeared Alison Lee, who,
having -been duly sworn according to
law, deposes -and says that 'he is the
editor of .the 'Laurens Advertiser, and
that the .following is, to the 'best of -his
knowledge and 'belief, a true state
ment of t'he ownerahip, manaigement,
ote., of the aforesaid publication for
the date shown in the above caption,
required .by the Act of August 24, 1912,
embodied in sectiori 443, 'Postal Laws
and 'Regulations, printed on the re
verse of 'this form, to 'wit:
1. That 'the names and address of
the publisher, editor, managing edi
tor, and 'business managers are:
'Publisher. Advertiser Printing Co.,
Laurens, S. C.
Editor, Alison -Lee, qaurens, S. C.
Managing Editor, 'None.
Business Manager, .None.
2. That the owners are:
Arthur Lee, Greenwood, S. C.
Alison Lee, Laurens, S. C.
3. That the known -bondholders.,
mortgagees, and other security 'hold
ers owning or holding 1 per cent or
more of total amount of bonds, mort
gages, or other securities are: None.
4. That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of the owners.
stockholders, and security holde rs If
any, contain not only the list of stock
holders and security holders as they
appear upon the books of the company
but 'also, in cases where 'the stockhold
er or security 'holder appears upon
the books of the company as trustee
or in arfy other fiduciary relation, the t
name of the person or corporation for
w'-hom such trustee is acting, is given;
also that the said two paragraphs con
tain statements embracing aillant's
full knowledge and belief as to the cir
cunstances and conditions under
which stockholders aud security hold
ers who do not aljpear upon the books
of the company as trustees, hold stock
and securities in a capacity other than i
that of a bona fide owner; and thti-;
afflant has no reason to believe that
any other person, association, or cor
poration has any interest direct or in
direct in the said stock, bonds, or
other securities than as so stated by
Sworn to and subscribed before tie!
this 28th day of March, 1921.
Lawrence G. I1off,
N. 'P. for S. C.
(My commission exp.i:res at plea-u',
:f Governor.)
"The lints Around My 1:ince Vere
Wise", Sn14. .101hn Tuthill
"Tried everything to Icill thoiml.
\lixed poisonc wvith meal, meat, cheese,
Ate. \voildn't touch it. Tried 1AT
iNA I. inside of ten dlays got id of
11l rats." You don't have to mix IZAT
ANAP1 withi food. Saves fusing,
bother. Ilreak a c(!Pke of IA'T-SNA P.
!ay it where rats seamnpr'. You will
4e no more. Three sizes, 3.5e, Cc,
0.'1. Sold and Ruaranteed by Lau
-eiis ia rdwivare Co., Pu ustnam Drug
'Itore, 1nd1 Kennedy Bros.
S Fun-Maker
I of the
g efore the public
jjsinct he was six years
I of age and havinga
-appeared before
more than ten thou
sand audiences, his
-name has become ~
alnost a household
'J Few entertainers
have ever won such
an enthusiastic
following in city
after city.
~3Just One ofl17 Big [
$2.75, Plua 10% Tax
Chautauqua Week Here
April 20.27
You are invited to a special
showing of Co-Ed Dresses,
to be held in our store all day
A personal representative
of Co-Ed Dressmakers will
have their newest creations
direct from New York.
Davis- Roper Co.
The simple explanation of its great
popularity is that the Sedan deserves
all the good things that are said of it
In addition to its good looks and the
protection it provides, the car has
an unusual reputation for consistent
The gasoline consumption is unusually low
The tiro mileage Is unusually high I
Easterby Motor Co.
Public Square Phone 200

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