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'aeialist Leader, Serving Syltenico ir
Atintai Pei Itent Iary, A( lowed to
'Plead Is Case in Was.ilngton in
Vashington, March 24.inattena-1
ed and withont the knowle'lgo of the
public FEugene V. Debs, tu1prisoneI
Socialist loader, carrie to 'Wf'ahinoon
today from Atlanta ptentniary. and
for three hours discussed 11il cahi e
with Attorney General Daughe'r *V. The
.unpiccodented trip of Mr. Debs war
m11ade with the upproval of Presidlent
H'arding who r(eently retuested Mr.
'Daughlerty 'to review the cuse of the
Socialist loadi-' and make' a recom
mendation on It.
The attorrry general in announe
Ing late today that 9l0is had vinited
Wushington ;and was (h his way back
that 'while There 'was ho -precedent forj
Calling a vurSoner to) Nolthout a gauar4,
It had 1voen decideal In conference
with Ivesident Hurding that lunu
much ia's 4Oobs ha -ilefended him.lFT
at his 'tilal 'he shMild come here -)
-answr* In perstni such Inquiries .s
the Mvernment *dcsired to 1tsk. .Xir.
Dauj'fbielity added 'thatl he -believd he
had tle -authovity to place -the 'prI
oner ton .hils honor and that :e !iad
assmined fillI responalbility.
(16bs arrivvid in Washingtom 'Unrly
in ithe iduy, welit to the departtiuent of
Ju'tice ibout -0:45 o'clock, monferredI
wItlh 31r. Daugherty and Guy M. 'Coff,
.assistam to the attorney meral,
fiton about '10:30 to 1:30 o'eniodk and
left -Washington at 3:30 yesterday
'were 'kept strictly secret vxtript 'to
a "tow rdlhetils of the deirfttnent of
justice. For that reason, jmwspaper
men who gathered late (in the (lay
.for i(he.Alttorney generals widkly con
:ference, 'gasped and re.tasai! for a
;nintute t'or two to believe their owvn
'ears -"hien they heard Mr. ZPmanghrty
sy: "l don't believe I ihave imich
.news i'or you, Gentlemen, 'bitt re
'gardingDebs' visit, I have liiua state
Iment ;repared." Then Wilh :u brief
'ealauntion Mr. Daugheti tgave out
ithe following st'atement
"'in 'conneotion with the iinvestiga
'tien W1 'the Debs case, amb atftor conl
'1erence 'with the Presiderft :andI with'.
iis -pproval I had iDebs unme here
1ar tshe purpose of making em~ietain in
$3.00 Duncan I-ed Sprea
lhelding Bros. Silks and ,S
1. ele'ar the shelves ..
$1.50 Men's Dress Shirts
$2.00 Men's D~ress Shirts
$3.00 Men 's Dress .Shirts
$4.00 Men's D~ress Shirts
4$25.00) Men's Dress Suits
$30.00 Men 's D)ressq Suits
$35.00 Men's Dress Suits
$40.00 Men's Dress Suits
$45.00) Men 's Driess Suits
100 'pairs Hamles and -Od
ait record-break inug prti
For0! men, wvomien and
this lt-Shoes and1( E
25e pactkage Tlhed ford1's 11
30e~ Vick 's Salve', for les's
60e) Vick's Salve, for~ less
painls.... .... .....
30eh Foley's Iloniey and Ta'
- and1 ,olds ......... .
$1.25 set' White P'lates, spit
$1 .50 large Wash Bowl, sj
90e (hovered( Steak Dish, sp
0(1( lot of Crockery, speci
1 lot 35c dre'ss ging
"hams on sale this week
at 15 cents a yard.
=Limitedl 10 yards to a
20c Tall Can Salmor
Eat Fish Now
quhir'1 t him.returnll
Atloft'a, I have 'as5d him 4t) re
frain iro1 saying aything rol' pub
Ihtd3h or otheMise regarding the
subjlect of the inquiries made. I am
sOre no well mIelninig person 'Will urge
:JlIn to discuss this matter or anything
that took Plate on his journey or dur
ing his stay *here. Debs presented his
own case 4-o the trial court and jury.
He was ptrmIntted to do so here. The
DObs case, as I :have said be'or.,
stands ilone. I could not, o'f otr.e,
go to him. What took place 'nd 'The
information I have acqtuired wIt! be
relirted in due time only to the Pire ..
dot,'aid that in conicetion wth any
reommnendation that may ble ail(e
vhtn -the investigation is qtoneltil.
Debs came here withod -4tard and
sojreturned to Atlanta. 'Colonel Guy
11. Goff, asshsftant -to thn aittorney gen
era!, was -presene during the iniries,
Dr. Daughei'ty refused to comnmema
'011 the presentment 'Made by Debs of
'his case atri decliited to aiswer any
qutesitionS 'as to whitt recoMinendation
he wVouA .mike to -he President rela
tive to the :Socialist leader, Who was
convicFd, 'Ind Hentenc'd in 1918 to
tenl ycnrar im)r;isonment for violation
of the Eslilonage act.
24,000 FEET 110o1
Limit. Aifinir (. Hamilton Sets New
World lTecord by Drop from Para
ChampAign, Ills., .\M'arch 23.-A new
worl'd's record -for parachute leap was
cstablished today when Lieutenant
Arthur '.G. Hamilton drol4;,ed 24,400
fet, nearly 4 3-5 miles, from an air
OIla'ne 'at'Chanute field. He made the
Kel'-itn a Dellaviland 13-4 plane 1
tilted by Lieutenant Harry Wedding
Ion ai'd descended in a rogulation
Parachutc. -lc n!ept during the hour
and twenty-six minutes required to
nike the ascetyt, but kept much awake
Iduring the drop.
"It was Just like any other 1eap,"
was Ilamilton's only comment after
eSta'blishing the record.
'Special arrangements were made
'6r - the feat. The plane and mortor
were tuned up 4by the best experts alt
the field. Lieutenant Weddington
was-dressed for an altitude flight, but
Lieutenant Hamilton wore only the
regulAtion outfit. He occuwided the
1:; to elea' the tables $1.98
afirum, 43.00 qlualit y; to
......... .... .98c
.......... .... ....$1.23
. ........ .... ....$1.89
. . **........$2.48
-.-..... .. .. .. ....$12.50
~~~.... ... ....... ... .$15.00
.. ...... ......$20.00
.. ..... .. ....... .$22.50
I Lots of 8hoes on .saile
ses $1.48, $19~5, $2.89, $3.48
'hibiren. All ikinds in
aick D~raught ..... ..19
mioniey .... ..........25c
t, cures all aehen arndi
r', sur'e cure for coughsa
... ......... .......25e
R4aucers. .. . .... ..$1.19
ecial..... .... ....$1.00
cial... .... .... ..49c
1i.... ......... ....10c
ham dresses, on sale this
week at 1-2 price. Lim
ited 2 to a customer.
rear cockpit. He iwas twrapped in
blankets a'nd the cockpit was covered
with a canvass. A Wire from the
oanvass to Lient. 'Weddington's seat
was used by the pilot to relave the
covering 'the riush of cold air awoke
Lieutenant 1laiti.to'n, 'who stepped
upon a platforn at the side of the
cockpit and when the plane was in
roper Iosit iol leaped off into space.
The parachute opened Iperfectly.
iic'titehifnt 'Hamilton landed seven
miles ifortheast of Chanute fieldl.
There ,wnas little Wid whnii he jliCumped
from the plane, 'but at an altitude of
18,000 feet -a strong current carried
him along. lie said this current was
nbt ililfferent from that. eneountered
in previous parachuto descents. Us
declfired there 1were no peculiar sen
sations at any time during the descent.
Another adirlklane was sent up 'after
the bi- Del-aviland 'began the flight.
It followed Lieutenant 'llanillton dar
ing his descent and carried hii back
to Chanute lield.
It is doclared at the field that the
record will stand as otlcial.
Some Farmers Stll IRnrn Corn SIalki-'
.In traveling over the 'county during
the past week I noticed several farms
on 'whie'h the farmers had either
burned the corn stalks or had piled
them litup for burning. I would like t6
call -attention 1to the'fact that on an
avelige 'the land where the stalks
had been iburned -appeared to he below
the nverage *in iproductivity. I know
of Tio 'better'way to'keep this land below
the uverage in producing eapacity than
the contmrnuation of the stalking burn
Ing habit. One of the greatest needs
of our soils Is humus or decayed or
garide natter, which can be derived
in a 'hrrge 'measure by turning under
com stalks and other refuse left on
the dlelds.
County Agent.
W-. Yt. 'I. 'Kink Tells a Wonderful
Ntory Aiout Rats. Head It.
'"rpor -months my place was alive
wltb ruts. 'Losing chickens. eggs, feed.
Frlend -tdid me to try RAT-SNAP. I
did. Somewhat disappointed at first
no1t seeingmiany dead rats but in a few
days did't'-see a live one. What were
not 1kiIle M -are not around my place.
MT-BNKP sure does the trick." Three
sixes, 35-, '65c, $1.25. Sold and guar
anteed by 'Laurens Hardware Co., Put
nam's Drug 'Store, and Kennedy 'Bros.
Boys' Overalls, good he
denis, to clear tables at
1 lot Men's 'heavy Work .9
clear the tables...
50e Ljad and Lassie Cloth
fiul patterns, to clear th<
Barker's Horse and Cattle
20e bottle 'Lemon Extrael
anteed pure) .. ....
45c. bottle Lemflon Extract
anteed pure) .... ..
3 enlkes (1 5e) Vgnetiain Ba
for less mfoniey ... .. ..
69e sack Honey D~ew Smol
35c sack Honey Dew Smuol
bacco .... .... ..
* ome p~eople dlon't
sell goods at suel
h ut that don't wvori
Jus't recceiv.ed a shipment (
dIren's Ha~,ts made iln oun
timnore. TPhe latest er
1921, beautiful Ihata s
1 Jot $1.25 men's un
der shirts and drawers,
on sale this week at 49
cents each. Limited 4
to a customer.
.Store 210 West Lau
Store North Side of th4
* * * * * * * * * * * * ,
* * * * * * * * * * S *' S *
Jones, \arch 26.-Airs. J. A. Mc
Gowan, after a vI'it of several weeks
to her parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. T.
Jones, 'has retu rne(l to Waycross.
'We were sorry to hear of the death
of our good friend, Mr. Tamies Norman.
of Blakedale, and sympathie with hi;
lbereaved fami ly.
Messrs. C. L. Grahamn 'and J. 0. Mor
rison reccntly lost fine cows.
Hon. T. J. Macham and his daugh
ter, Isabel, attended the recent auto
imobile show in Greenville.
Born1 unto Alt. and Mrs. Ge'orge )w
ens on the 21st Inst., a daugliter.
Our pastor, Rev. I1arley, of Ware
Shoals, paid us an appreciative visit
'We extend congratulations to Mr. 1.
P. Kline and Miss Eva MeNceley, who
were recently muarried.
Mr. Wallace Godfrey, of Fountain
inn, passed away last. week and was
buried vwitli llisonle honors by Brucw
erton L-odge, at Unon church. Ve
nevelr knew a better man and sym
pathize with the 'beivaved ones.
Mr. S.. lE". I-asr. of Mountrille, X.
-hee laAt week loolkii after his farm.
lug interest.
The farmers are grateful for the
fine season.
We recel1ly me1t the followings
friends: Mrs. 3. T. Simmons, Mr. and
'rs. Claud Garrett, of Green-wood.;
IMrs. .1. T. Johnson, of Spartanthurg,
Fraik Xash of Exden, Robert Arnold
of *Pinceton, El-vin and Earle Elledge
of Joyds Mil1. Capt. Peter Lindsay of
Anderson, Dr. Todd of Belton and Dr.
.J. 0. Martin and John Culbertson of
Alount Olive.
Grove'b Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enridhing the Blood. When you feel Its
'strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
It 'brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
iappreciate its true tonic value.
'Grovels Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
,pleasant even children like it. The blood
ineeds QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
'Enrich It. Destroys Malarial germs and
GrIp germs by Its Strengthening, Invigor
aoting Effect. 60c.
4 AT BO1
nvy blue
98c and $1.25
Mhrts, to
, beauti- 2
Powders 20c
(guar-~ 15
. .'. 35c
..... 25c
:ing To-n
see ho we can25
.y us.
f Ladies' and( Chil
work rooms in Bal.
sations foi' .Spring,
$1.98, .$2.50 up to $6.89
All shoes on sale this
week at one third off.s
Any shoe in the house. s
rens Street, Old Stand.
3 Square, in Burns Blocke
Inventor's Triurnph. The Quinine (1 sThat oe:- Not AiYect The
i'or Iatr i wi. hlIlevel tihnt n lead'
w fld wenre wO i ker~1 h iitfkets 'Ia i Je alse of itS tonic an 1 laxative e"f"-#,.
unld ur ve . u I e hlnelne whch pro- BA1A%1 0oMo QUININE (Tab
ducnlwlee. wor ateile which pro let") Canl bo taken lby anyone without
duces flawless work t 30 tile(Y 1110 causing nervoun-ss or ringir:; the
speed of the best k11til weaving IS now head. M. A. W. GROVE S signature on
Wn use. box oe.
Fire and burglar proof vaults and stacks of gold ian
the United States Federal Reserve Banks make your
money safe when it is in our bank.
We shall be glad to have you come in and talk busi
ness with us. When you want financial advice come
in and consult us. It will be a pleasure to serve you.
We add 4 per cent. interest.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank,
The Enterprise National Bank
N. B. DIAL, President C. H. ROPER, Cashier
Me's andi~ Bloys' Hats, samnples anid 0(dd 'lots
Red Hot prtiee.... ..........'.........98c
All lloys' Sits going at r'ecord-breakinig pricess
Mothers ! Nowv is your chance to dlress up
the b)oys for a little money. $10.00 suit . .$6.0
I lot Ladies' Shirt. Watists. A few of a kind, someW
worth up to $2.00 in this lot, to clear the
shelves.....-- ---- . --..... ........98
1 lot Men's Overalls, good heavy weight Blue
D~enim, $3.00 value, to (lear the talbles . .$1.25
1 iot Men's Overalls, best. uniotn made, heavy blue
deimts, $3.50 values, to (lear the tablles . .$1.89
35e. box Paper and Envelopes for..... .... ....25c
1 otSe Ihidspecial perP yard :.........8c
I lot 30e Sea.h In-Didti L. L., best mnade,
at per' yard.---.--.--.--.-...........12 1-2c
5.00 Liadies ' Oxfords, white reiginskin-Goodrear11
hland~ se'wed, ont sale at ... ..... .....'.....$2.98
1 lot 30e (shiting) Cheviot~s on sale this week at
15c a yard1. L.imi~ted 12 yards to a customuer.
.1 lot. 25e A pron Ginghams on sale this week at
10c a yardl. jimnited 10 yards to a customer.
.1 lot 35e lileaching on sale this week at 15c a
yard. Liimitedl 10 yards to a customer.
0efancy striped Shirting on sale t his week at
25c a yard. Luimited 9 yards to a customer.
Best 10c spool Thread on sale this wee'k at 5c.
Limited 6 spools t~o a customer.
25e can 'Queen Talcum P~owder --..-. -.......1c
8e -box Matehes, special.----......... .........5c
9-4 Pe pperel sheeting, I Alby'sisi h
>ld at $1.u0 a yard, on hous boys pert cent ohe
ile this week at 48c a thouse 4 ek. et f
trd. * is ek
0. Granulated Sugar
10c Pound

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