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* *C * * e e e . . S S *
Miss iva Orner of Kinards, was
siopping in the city yesterday.
Mi. I C. Gray, of Gastonia, N. C.;
spent the week-end in'the city '-ith I
Srelati'es.' -
Mr. F. W. Grissette, editor of The (
Woodruff Naww, was a biusiness visitor <
in the city yesterday.
Miss Frances Davis has returned
to the city after taking a special
course in music In New York City. 4
M r. 0. C. Tollison, of Colunbia, I
spent the week-end in the city with his I
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tollison. 4
.4 Mr. and Mrs. Walter H1. Finkbeimer,
of Guthrle, Okla., are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. C. H1. Gasque on Laur ap street. i
Mrs. Carlos R. Mosoley, :Spar- I
tanburg, with her two chlMden, has 4
bedh visiting 'Mr. and Mrs. ' C. D. 1
Moseley for several days.
The friends of Mr. W. H. Gilkerson
will be sorry to' learn that he has 4
been quite sick at his home onf South
Harper street"tor several days.
'Mrs. .Hugh A. Sanford, of Mocks
ville, N. C., arrived In the city last
week to visit Mr. and Mrs. William
Gelder and Mr. and Mrs. 1. P. Minter.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCravy and
Mr. James McCravy are spending a
few days in tle city with their mother, 1
Mrs. Gco. C. McCrdy.
Dr. mnd Mr. T. L. Timmerman, a'nd
M1r. and Mrs. L. L. Moore spent last
week-end in Spartanburg visiting rel
Mismes Lucy iPrimrose Whyte, Fran
ces maddox and Norma Hass, mremhers
of the Anderson College glee club,
have -heen sponding several days with 4
Miss Lucy Mclhail.
r. an( Mrs. Earl Wilson came
down from Gastonia Sunday to visit
relatives. Mr. Wilson returned Mon
day, but Mrs. tWilson will remain in
the city for several weeks.
Miss Mattie Poole, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. T. 'P. Joole, who live a faw
miles from the city passed through
the city Gaturday on her return home I
from Ander college where she grad
uated "rday'ight. 1
14r. Geo. C. -Hlopkins, who is in a I
Columbia hospital in reported to bO
making satsitaotory progress and is
expected homse in a few days. Mr. 1
* Hopkians was erroneously reported
last week 4,g already returned, but he
is still it Columbia.
Mr. J. D. 'exton was called to In
man Menda"'to attend the funeral of
A his brotherin-law, . Mr. J. A. Lynch,
'ho died tiere the day before. Mr.
Lynch was !jk -resident of this county
aebut 45 ye4a ago.and is remembered
.by the old itisens of the com
Lanford, April 4.--Mr.. and Mrs. J.
,11. Cooley have returned from Spar
tanburg and will spend some tie
with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Lanford. Mr. Carl Herry returned
with them and iwill be their guests a
few days.
Miss Jennie lBurg,ess spent the 'week
end with her friend, Miss Pearle Raw
Mrs. J. S. H'igins has had very un
favorable news as to -the condition of
her brother, Mr. llenry Ferguson, who
is In a Baltimore hospital in a very
critical condition at .present.
Mrs. J. W. Johnson is in Spartan
burg at Steedly hospital and wvas op
eratedl oni M\onday. We hope she will4
soon be able to return home and in
goodl health.
firs. Walter Odelle anld little daugh
ter. Nell, are spending a few dlays In
Asheville, N. C., where air. Odelle was
-called on special abusiness.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garrett
epent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S.
Mr. Jlohn 13. 'larmon, of Laurens, I
was a welcome visitor in our midst
last Sunday, greeting old.-time friends. I
Mr. Loule Larnford, of Furman Uni
versIty, spent the week-end with his <
mother, Mrs. Kthel Lainford, le was
looking well and was loud in his I
praise for Furman.
Mr. D~ewey Langston, of FountaIni
Inn, spent the week-end with his sis
ter, Mrs. J. T. -Patterson.
Rev. J1. 1,. Watts will preach at thei
Baptist church next Sunday mornIng
April 10th. We hopie everyone will
cope $~ndi hear- this younesg man, as it
is his first sermon here, and -we want I
a laige congregation.
Mr. and Mr~s. 'Don 'hurns, of Harks-1
dale, and Mr. .Jamres Pattersou. of Eno-4
rec, spent Sunday with their grand
heMrs. 0. F. Fowler.
Mr. and Mrs. D~anil Drummond, of
Spartanhurg, Dr. and Mrs. Vincent4
and family, of L~aurenis, wecre guests of
Mrs. Mamle D~rummond Iast Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nabors, of Laurens,
and Mr. and Mrsi. Furman Poole, spent
Sunday with Mr. andl Mrs. J. IR. Patter
sonl. I
?disses Mattle and Annie Fowler,
of Central, visited Mrs. 0. F. 'Fowler
0 O
kross R inslrsD ato
Contet @ray . Cpertb.*lgg mige
Deoog ation 7Cste~h in4 ..bisteins
High 8chop1 Athfetde 'Oestw,4.
The tovA'ra.of the.:Lattrea County
'ield' Day aTid" Declamation' setests,
keld in this ci4ty Friday afterooen and
vening; dr.qi4. out a large umaber of
ontestau'ts and spectators - besides
)roving a 4ay of enjoyftent jsr botlh
'oung an4 :old.
Threvivof the annual es=st was
o it0tive of the county
eachers' assoolation and general In
erest wasitAhen in It all ever the
ounty.' 'he. 'day was ideal rom a
veather-6aiad-ooint and the decisiont
of the jidges met with lgeneral agreo
nent. The athletic meet was directed
)y W. P.' Jacobs, of Clinton, and a
rroup of Presbyterian college boys,
.he different events being handled
vith dispatch and ipartiality. The
leclaimters' contest wias )resided ov
-r 'by Supt. 11. W. Gasque of the local
rraded school, who made an eacellont
)residing offlicer.
The gir'ls' medal for declamation,
>ired by the county teachers' asso
:lation, was won by Miss Johnella
\ustln, of Cross Hill, her recital being
'Ole Mistis". Miss Marie Crosby, of
'linton, with "A 13111 from the Milli
icr," was awarded second place au
\liss Margaret Knight, of lAurens,
Aith "The Story of Patsy,", caie
hi id. The judges had it announced
,hat they had imtichl dilliculty in coi
ig to a dlecisionl oil this contest.
In the boys' declaniation contest
iharles Johnson. of Gray Court-Ow
nas, with the subject "The 10ternality
Ai 2aw", was n'-warded first place an1
lie 'linter medal l)rovided for In th
vill of the late Capt. 1. R. Ilntar. W
3. Austin, of Cross liil!, was awardet
recond place with the select.ion
'Woodrow Wilson In Defeat". Thir<
lonor in this contest went to Wroc
llitton, of Laurons, who Mote or
'America, the World 'Power."
In the athletio contests Laureni
ig'h school scored the largest aumboi
>f pointa with a total of 48. Clintor
u1gh school came second' with 2:
)ointe, and Gray Court-Owlugs thir
with 19 pointa.
The athletic contests by evente re
iulted as follows:
100 yards dash-Harry Woddside
L-aurons, first; Afiatiie, Clinter end;
Koiroe, Clinton, 3rd.
Rutnlng 'hIg1 jun.p--Roger, Gria
.ourt, lt; John. R. Ellis, L.aurens
tnd; Blakely, Clinton, 3rd.
i880 yards run-Monroo, Clinton, lt
Hopkins, Gray Court, 2nd; Gaston
Laurens, 3rd.
Discus thr6w-'Woodside, Laurenp
1st; Putnam, Laurens, 2nd; Boyd
linton, 3rd.
220 yards dash-Woodside. Laurens
lst; Rogers, Gray Court, 2nd; Blake
y, Clinton, 3rd.
Pole' vault-Charles and Carl Put
,iam, Laurens, tied for Ist ilace
l3alley, Clinton, 3rd.
1urdles-Bllakely, Clinton, 1st
Irred Bishop, Laurens, 2nd; John Rf
FillIs, Laurens, 3rd.
Thinning broad jumnp--C'harles
Blarksdale, Laurens, 1st; Fred Bishop
LGaurens, 2nd; -Boyd, ClInton, 3rd.
440 y-ardhs run-Rogers, Gray Court
lat; Monroe, ClInton, 2nd; Steer
Shot Put-1--~oodside, Laurens, 1st;
Topp, Grijy Court, 2nd; Gaston, Lau
'ens, 3rd.
After the close of the meeting Fri
lay night, Supt. Wilson said that he
vas v'ery much agratifIed with its suc
'ess and that next year' it w-.as hoped
hat the meet would be held on an ev
ni larger scale.
0),000) POI'NDS 01F PO)WDEft
Fr'ederickcsbu rg, Va., April 3.-Twa
non were injured,. at least six freighi
ars were destr'oyed, and traille on thc
1. F. and P. 'RaIlroad was blocked for
tours this afternoon 'when 40,000
>oundls of black powder In a car ex
>loded~ in the freight yards ntear here
rhe Injured are A. W. ohnson, con'
luctor, and A. RI. Brown, brakeman.
The blast could ,be heard ten or fif
ccen miles dIstant. Glass windows and
>Iastering In homes and stores
hroughout Fredlerleksbu rg were dham
Lged. The extent- of dlamaige could noi
eC estimated tonight, but It is thought
he total will be0 hIgh.
Intense excitement was cauisedl herc
ndu throughout the sorrounding~
ountry. Hundreds rushed to the
cene of the blast.
Several freight car's were slintered
y the sexplosion. v"hifeh set thie- oth
'r ea rs on.h toe. 'ihrw Fredrleklshu rg
I re di 1.artment citeir a hard flght,
reven-edr the flinms from spreading,
'or a timhe it 'was feared other caurs
>f -explosIVes m~ghit be on the train,
mut thIs was dispelled -by the authori
les of the raIlroad.
Two water tanks In 'the Immedlate
ricinity were destroyed by the .blast;
tndl two cows in a nearby field were
Y~our dloll-aris willI do double duty
hIs week at J. C Burns & Co., 2 stores
n Tanrens.
OP LiYL I a'
ffmpiroe t fa umig Bufltag lAttl
4frl et M16 Mie Seetlen PetShee
Withi Sound of zer.Kethe,
Mt. Olive, April 4,-Oae of. the mlost
terrible and shockieg tuiedente known
in this section .tor a number of years
occurred near this place last Friday
when the five year old daughter of
Mr..and Mrs. Roe, living on the Aunt
Nancy South place this side of Poplar
Springs church, was burned to death.
The little girl had gone Into an out
building in the yard to look for a hen
nest. The house, It Is said, contained
several bales of cotton and it is sup
posed she lighted a match to see the
eggs from which in some way the
building caught fire. By some un
known means the child was cut off
from the only door 'by the flames and
*as heard -by the excited mother call
ing and crfing in the opposite side
of the house. The grief-stricken anoth
or could give no help as the flames
had already enveloped the door when
discovered. With a heart leaping and
writhing in the most terrible pain she
could only stand and listen to the pit
lable and awful cries of her own child
as the little voice gradually softened
into death. The charred remains were
huried at Poplar Srin gs on Saturday.
Tho family have the. deepest symp athy
of all -people in their grief-strickeln(d
The house with all its contents was
entirely consumiued by the firle.
After winninog invo gai e.s of bh
aill from the it. Gallagher teai I:'
spring, one of which, we believe', was
a shit -out, the Mt. 01ive nin' ii.r theo
Poplar Stprings boys last atula ny
ternoon on the latter's gromd!; inl Ii
somewhat harder fought hatile. The
game was hard fought by both sides
from the beginning and up to the "ifth
inning neither side had mude a run.
The result seeied dovhtful but the
teams grow more anxious and the
game more interesting. In this strain
od condition and with tenseness he
coming more intense during the fifth
Anning Mt. Olive In an extraordinary
effort niade a -break for a soore. But
the home boys continued to hold them
down with a tight grip and a little lat
er in the game they' alsb scored. Then
the fun bega. again with new vigor.
But reaching the eighth inning Mt.
Olive began to pile up enore scores
and the game became ay, cloqing
with a score of 70 to 2 for ti -visitors.
Milton 'Bagwell, Mt. Olive's untiring
slinger, Ditched 'fine ball and was well
supported by his fielders, while Roy
Culbertson stood steady behind the
bat. The remaining line-up for this
team was, Clyde Baldwin, 1st base:
-Hhry Cooper; 2nd bhee; Charles Coo
per, 3rd base; Manning Bolt, short
stolp; Stokes hMartin, left- field; Bob
Cooper, center field; Ellie Lee Martin,
right field. Poplar Springs put up a
Nplendid game and yielded the fleld
only after a vigorous struggle for ev
cry inch of ground.
.Jailor at Florence Wries to Aged'
Mother of etorgin Man Convicted of
,Florence, April'2.--In view of a let
ter -w~hich Jailor 3. E. Cook has written
Mrs. Chapman, mother of -Dr'. Chaiman
who is serting a life sentence for the
murder of Walter Wade in Georgia, it
is not believed that the aged woman
will make the journey to Florence in
the effort, as has been suggested in
press dispatches, to secure from Ed
mundDighm aconfe'sion that he, and
of Wade.
As a matter of fact there are none
here conversant with the case who b
lieve that Iligham could be guilty of'
the Georgia crime. Jailor Cook wrote
Mrs. Chapman several dlays ago that in
his opinrionl her trilp to Florence wouldl
be time thrown away ; that he had no
idea fligham could lbe persuaded to
say a word, and even if he knew any
thing about the dleathi of Wade lie
yvould keel) thIs information to him
Jail officials here do not know
whether AIrs. 'Chapman is coming or.
not. They (10 not believe that she will.
Bighanm stated- Sunday that tihe Gleor
gia story had been .epread around
Florence county to plrejuice his case
in the killing of his miother, sister,
brother and two clild ren, of which
crime 'he was convicted by a Florence
ceounty jury Monday.
"I have been automioleI ridIng 'with
relatives of Wade after his death and
if these people suisp~cted ine in con
neet('iion with*the case certainly t hey
would( not have con tinued their f r ad
Ily relat ion) withI me,'" said Hligham.
There have been nlo dev\elopments
in the ilighiam ease since Monday. i~e
is 'being held in the Florence conity
Jail plendi1n4g receilpt of orders from the
governor to tranisfer him to the pleni
tentiary. lHighami spends most of his
time readling the IBible.
Mrs. Hlighiam, who faintedl -when she
heard the news of her husband's con1
viction, is still confined to her bed
and is under the care of a physician.
The Home
The purchase of
kind of economy to 1
keep in mind the fat
ture a long time. It
you wear only a sho
hastily selbcted and
ten devel1ops into an
The type of furi
forwas5 sele'cted E.
ter, for eauty, and
on ourfn ors
The designing o
the fine arts, and th
designing are found
there is no reason w
place kind.
We invite you t
S. M.&
"T Never Knew You Could Keep Rats
Out of a Butcher Shop."
What Ralph Watkins says: "Fig
ut-d rats around store had enutvgh to
feed on; wouldn't touch anything sus
picious. Ileerd about 'RAT--NAP,
gave it a trial. Results were wonder
ful. Cleaned all rats out in ten days.
Dogs ahout store night and day never
touch lIAT-SNAP." Three sizes, 35c,
tc, $1.25. Sold and guaranteed by
Laurens Hardware Co., Putnam 'Drug
Store, and Kennedy Bros.
For a Home
100 Per Cent Clean
Red Wing Powder is as neces
sary as soap. and 'wnter.
No matter how spotless a
room looks, it is not really
clean until yu get rid of all
clean until you get rid of all
liere is an unfailing remedly
in Ithe "Hound lHellow1s 11ox
ilth the~ Red anid Yellow Label"
10c 25c
Close room and umf lRed Wing
into all Varts, until air is chock
fuli. .Just like cigar smoke.
Hiow clouds of it on insects;
into cracks; undler sinks; un
decr carpets; In closets-where
ever you fInd iests. Never los
es strength.
Will not harm mankindl or
Kills Rats, .\ice, (Gephers,
Prairtie L\Dogs, Sqirrelis. P'osi
tively no odlor. .\iione'y-hack
guarantee stamped on every
25c 50c $1.00
For Sale' at Dirug, Sced. Hlard
iiare, (Jrocery and Gi(enern I
Stores Ev eryn~here.
lie sure atnd get t he genutinue.
TFake 1no subust itutes.
lIO'fANICAL, 'M!FV. (C., tInc.
Phtilndlephiai I'. .A.L
Which Speaks to You
better quality furniture is really the finest
ractice. In purchasing furniture you should
t that you are going to liye with your furni
isn't like an article of wearing apparel that
rt period and then discard. Furniture that is
bought simply because the price is low very of
eyesore after living with it a s time.
,lture that-, y:>.,u w;,Q s-ee on dip . o'Sour s3ales
ecause was deig~ed for servic':'. c
all the fia qual;ies that hom1erS who
r thingz woud li their fueriture to posss.
t designs of period furnitur.-c are represented
f beautiful fur niture has devcIoped i nto one of
e very finest examples of nodern furniture
on our sales floors. With our very low prices
hy you should be satisfied with the common
o call and see our display and make price
E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Laurens, S. C.
For Cotton, Corn, Tobacco,
Grain, Peanuts and Truck
QUALITY in plant food content.
QUALITY in availability.
QUALITY in mechanical condition.
QUALITY in big yields.
QUALITY in profitable farming.
Dry and drillable goods.
Analysis as guaranteed.
Prompt, courteous service.
Se beidiary of The American Agricultural Chemical Co.
Charleston, S. C.
R. L. GRAY, Gray Court, S. C.
R. V. IRBY, Laurens, S. C.
We now have with us Mr. R. J. John
c son, who comes to us highly recommended
4 as a first clais battery man. Let us look af
ter your battery troubles.
We are selling the AUTOMOTIVE BAT
TERY, made in Winston-Salem, N. C.,
W guaranteed for one year and lower in price.
Batteries Rccharged for $1.00.
WaIdrop's Garage
Phone 334

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