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Ait In Read with Baseball in Tim.
monsville. Weath Causes Grief.
Timmonsville, March 31.-s the re
vult of a distressing accident in a ball
game played here yeterday afternoon
between Timmonsville and Florence,
J. Kirke White, the 17 year old son of
Capt. and Mrs. Lawrence 'B. White,
dormerly of Florence, passed away at
2:30 o'clock this afternoon in an auto
mobile while !being carried to the
Florence infirmary.
In the last inning of the -ball game
yesterday Kirke White, who iwas bat
t[ng for the home team, received
with full force near his temple, a ball
thrown by Manning Brunson, pitcher
of the Florence team and devoted
friend to young White. Althouigh the
blow caused unconsciousness, the iphy
escimi (lid not .anticipate serious re
aults until today when the patient's
qondition grew alarmingly worse.
Kirke White was a popular boy with
sterling qualities and brilliant pros
pects, and his untimely death has
eaused general sorrow -here and in
Florence. He was a tenth grade stu
dent of the Timinonsville high school
nvhich tomorrow will attend the fun
eral In a..:iody.. 'lie ball team has re
quested that they serve as pallbearers.
No definite plans for the funeral will
be made until Captain White arrives
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Quick and delightful re..
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipatior, hendaches
and stomac, liver and
blood troub'es.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitations.
W4 Torpid
9 Liver
"Black-Draught is, in
--imy opinion, the best liver
' medicine on the market,
- states Mrs. R. H. White
-.side, of Keota, Okia. She .
Scontinues: "Ilhad a pain
ktight, uncomfortable feel
Sing-and this was yer
disagreeable and brought
Son headache. I was con
stipated andi knew it was
liver. I began the use of
Black-Draught, night and
Smornin g, andl it sure is
splendid and certaiil
F or over seventy years
e this purely vegetable
. reparation hias been
' 'sands of persons suffer
; ing from effects of a tor
Spid, or slow-acting liver.- -'
Indigestion, biliousness,
Scolic, coated tonggie, diz..
ziness, constipatior, bit- '
ter taste, sleeplessness,
lack of energy, pain In
back, pdlffiniess under the
eyes-any or all of these .
symptoms often indicate .
that there Is something ,
~the matter with your~
Sliver. You can't be too .
careful about the medi
cine you take. Be sure
Sthat the 'nante, "Thed
ford's Black-Draught," Is
%% on the package. At all.
-.' Accept Only
the Genuine.
Enforcement of Prohibition Far From
Easy. Letter From Kramer.
Washington, March 31.-DIfficulties
in enforcing national prohibi'tion in
clude 'hostile publfi sentiment, lack of
cooperation by .the states, 'bootlegging
on the iborders and issuance of too
many dealers' permits, according .to
John V Kramer, federal Iprohibition
commissioner. What he terms as his
"honest views" on prohibition were
given iby Mr. Kramer in a letter to
Senator Capper of Kansas and made
public today by the latter.
Commenting on charges that liquor
was being sold openly by 393 New
York saloons, Mr. Kramer detailed the
problems of the "dry" enforcement au
"In view of all these conditions
and circumstances," said Mr. Kramer,
"I believe we have made remarkable
progress during the year or more in
which 'the national prohibition act has
'been in existence. We still have much
to do and will have for years to come.
You can't turn the current of history
overnight. Anything that has fastened
itself upon political, econon.$c and
personal history of our country as has
'the liquor traflic can not be removed in
a day or a year."
Mr. Kramer said the Vols cad law
itself wiuq b d, that lie 'wn not ad
Vocating any radical revision of the
law .by congress and that enforce
ment problems largely were adininig
Too many permits for medicinal
i;relarations containing alcohol were
issued originally, Mr. Kramer said.
These have been reduced. Permits
for inanufacturing industrial alcohol
also are being curtailed and refused
to those selling illegitimately.
Summing up, M1r. K ramer saild lie
believed failures of enforcement dur
ing the past year were "due to the
administration of the law more than
they were to the law Itself."
Among recommenildations made by
the prohibition director to tighten up
enforcement was; "Removal of wihis
key to a few large and well guarded
storehouses; increase of prohibition
agents on the Canadian and Alexican
iorders, and enactment of prohibition
codes by all the states.
To the specifle charge that 393 sa
loons in New York are violating the
law openly, Mlr. Kraminer wrote Sena
tor Capper that "there are pflaces in
New York city where liquor is sold
more or less ol)enly but in none as it
was sold prior tol;hibition."
T bilk of the people. Mr. Knurner
explained must 'avor enforcement be
fore substantial h(eadway can be made
an( this sentiment he said was large
ly absent in New York and some other
Mr. Kraner said that while con
gress had been criticised for providing
inaldequate prollibition eiforcement
funds, lhe was "disap1)piointed' in the
reduact ion of deficiency a pp rolriatlons,
whiche necessitated diischar'ge of about
I1.0 men.
''lunt I heliieve'" Mr. Kranmer cont In
aedl. ''that the app~lropri1'at ion madO~le for'
the next fiscal ye'ar', of' $7,500,000) is
stiillent to enable the federaol govern
me(nt to carry~ on the work wvhichi it. Is
possible to (do."'
Mr Kramier saido the governtment
had ''to a (onisideirale ex tent lacked
help) iipon the, part of state andl lo'al
Olicials." 'iThis condlition, he saidl, was
iillprovji( and w'ith new state code~s
tion would lhe diver'te'd fr'om fedeial to
State or 0! olice( ('urts. in the end' he
said,. the bilk oft entforicemnt worki
mu't h donii iMy thei stats thi'miselves.
TIhte governmient. .\lri. Krame10r wrote',
ha;s been loat h to inuter'ef. '0 wit h
''home bre'w''"ict iviti's. ''Tihis, hie
saidl, to my ind is a fadi, :inil adve'n
ture. ).lan1y .who hiave engaged init
hav already cnsed, andu it will, as 1
viewV. it. die clut from Its ownVi resutlts.''
al1 o has been "'uineert ain'' regarid Ing
the inmanuifacturet' of ('ideri and frit
juii'es in thle home.
C'ontv ie of Mu arderiig 0 tuard in VI
Orange, V'a., Match :31. -Clarienco
Biown andi lenr ii's a rines, negrio cont
viet s, will Idie in thle electric chair
for the murder of a 'guard, W. N.
Snow, while trying with thi'ee others
to escape,' accor'ding to aictioni of the
jury ti'ying thie ('ase .hereC today.
I lrown, who confessed on thie staond
to the a'tuial .nirder' of the guarid,
will die .June 28, and Harnos two days
'T'le cimen for wvhich the negi'oes
'wer'e convicted took place March 1
The negroes, working undoet' Snow,
sutddenly matde a dash tor' liberty, one
seizing the gutardl's gun and hitting
Poses, numbering nearly 500 men
scoui'ed the wvoods for [twenty mIles
around, searching for the conviets.
Two of t-heni were taken by a farm
er's wife, singlehanded with an empty
I* * * * e **e * *
'Clinton, April 4.-Mrs. R. 6. Sadler
returned -from Clemson last Wednes
lay after spending the iweek 'with rela
Miss Emmie Young is visiting
Eriends in Atlanta.
Mesdames J. .W. Copeland, Jr., J. A.
handler, T. G. Robertson and Mr.
rhos. Jacobs spent last Friday in
Mesdames M. A. Hayes and W. B.
:wens, Jr., spent Monday in Columbia.
Mr. J. F. Jacdbs, Jr., spent last Fri
lay in Columbia on 'business
%Dr. and Mrs. A. E, Spencer spent
he week-end in the mountains.
Mrs. W. B. Owens, Jr., was hostess
.o the Tuesday Club last week. A de
icious salad course and hot tea were
ierved to the following guests: Mes
tames 1W. C. Bailey, Reece Young, J.
r. Young, T. G. Robertson, W. P.
Jacobs, Jenneth Burdette, and Miss
Enmie Robertson.
Mrs. A. M. Copeland is spending the
I ake
This I
We I
ial pi
Ladies' $7.50 E
Tan and Black Er
Half Pri
Brown Vici Kid and
l;Ialf Pr
Ladies' $11.00 Pa
Half Pr
36-inch Silk
36-inch Crepn
\r is r i l (ii r eill'.i u
Romper ar
I tan te <lress. Rl~(iz!ing ih
i)pment5 tha~ ar ives one' hil(
upl Jpaniel s. Shoiw ing beauiit.ifC
( )iher I) i'(sses ranige at..
Momue ar e I li ver newi( thr
gt aments exatIly sited to(
,veek In Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. 4 Sp4att had as
their week-end gues a the former's
parents Mr. and Mrs. pratt of Che's
Mrs. J. A. 'Bailey spent Sunday In
Dr. and' Mrs. Jas. . Copeland and
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chandler, and'ohil
dren spent sunday In Abbeville !With
Mrs. Geo. A. Copeland entertained
the Friendly Dozen Book Club and a
few friends last Saturday afternoon.
Delicious refreshments were served
to the guests by Misses thel and El
ion Copeland.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
r.put tid money It PAZO O1MIsT eis
I~oh~ng. lud iceding or rtirudWlavies.
- reeves ItcblaA Pilos e nd you can et
.1.11 fi or t theaOrst nepllcation. rie . e
?doner baok without question
jj!1If H1UNT'S Salve tal!. in the
treatment of ITC*H1ECZEMA.
other Itchinig skin disease.
Ter a V3 cent box at our r!"
Lnaens Drug Co.
erful VC
iave made a
a merchandise t
rices this wee]
lack Kid Pumps
glish, Military heel
ce, $3.75
English, military heel
ice, $6.00
tent and Kid Pumps
Jh Heel
ice, $5.50
Messaline, worth $2
e de Chine, worth $
(Only 5 Yards
set Sale
d Dress Cloth
rh(l over;~ speial ..... .... ,.25c
gainent(li miore1 popuilar ini Spinlg
is fat, weV halve miadle 'very effiort
ings y.oni -will want. With~ each
.4 <1(l ilihted wit th Ile taffetasx. the
foirI more eli liring or 1heoi IIIg
N wit ti Iheiri b)lons.eil flOdIiets, em..
rationsl, ap)roniIL tunies and1( loopewd
iil ones at .... ....... ..$25.00
. ........ .... .... .... ..$35.00
.......... .........$19.75 ny
i inl thisx ne(w colectionl. In fctd,
e n t that are alt 1ogot her diffrerent
'- piee sniitsN. VonI maly fin<,1 thle
yOur need so wi'. O e1( is thle varii(ety.
We Will Gin
Friday and Saturday
Until Fuarther Notice.
Laurens Oil Mill
age of These
special selection of
:o offer at very spec
k. Come and see.
$4.00 Misses Oxfords
Tan and black, straps or lace
Half Price, $2.00
Misses Oxfords $2.00
Brown and Black, straps or lace
Half Price, $1.00
.00, for only . . . . $1.00
2.00, for only -. . . . $1.00
to a Customer.)
Beautiful New Ginghams
Col10iet( line of chet'E 1 , ''tripes i *:I l d 1id ;a :il :II eo1 rs.
This is a i r Ieal l)hIrgd ai; hil. ... ..... . ... .... ....20c
A Rainbow of Colors are the Spring and
Summer Hats
f'or spot wear, for arternoon ov('esions or eVen ing events you
will find anl uili ally interest ing ollit lioll fr auI itlit horitat ive
glidaince. .\hule of, soft s1ira1w, hairbraids an1111dlalines. 'Trim
med il fliits, flowers and Ieathers. ()iur poparm prive $7.50
and - -. .... .... .... .... .... .... .. .... .... ..$10.00
Hat Special
25 Ilats, special thi; week .... .... .... .... .... ....$5.00
Special Sale Silk Hose
All Silk IIose <lrPing thitis sale lit very' speial prices.
Sp..cial Sale of Waists
25 Georgette and Crepe <de Chine Waists, valuies .$6.50 and
$10.00 ; Sizes 38 to 44; look thew over; Special .... .... .$5.00
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